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Hair Loss Articles, Tips and Information

Hair Loss May Hinder Your Success

It's surprising how many people ignore the effect of hair loss when it comes to their work success. Take for example networking to promote business opportunities. Socializing at gathering or passing out business cards meeting new people is associated with a person first impression. At initial meeting, a bald head or beautiful full hair style also will be a lasting impression associated with man or woman.

Today use of plastic surgeries like hair transplants ( ) is on the rise.

Hair loss baldness thinning hair is not looked at as an attractive persona specifically hair loss in women ( ). Several researches found consideration for job promotion is adversely affected due to today social norm that hair is beautiful. Old is a taboo.


Like all forms of marketing, personal appearance gives a clear message that measures success. The question that should be contemplated is “What do you want to accomplish reflected with you look?" Youth and beauty oriented society does not look favorably on bald thin hair. Looking at drug company sale reps, most are young looking, well dressed and well groomed. The rep reflects the company products or services. Rarely a rep will be bald while representing major drug company or a thin haired woman representing a drug portfolio.


With personal or career goals outlined, determine what how to improve personal look to gain success. Focusing on areas that need updating like clothing, weight problem and hair can help. Updated outfit styles reflect youthfulness and market trends. Reflecting a connection to today’s youthful oriented society can be done by a minor cosmetic redo like health exercise routine to trim body, or filling hair loss area with hair piece.


Hair style makeover can pick up moral and look. Doctors recommend lots of exercise and meditation for relaxation to prolong life with less stress and less wrinkles. The key ingredient is a youth look. A person’s age may still show the years, but starting with personal appearance changes, gives the journey in the business world one step ahead. And a sharp personal appearance result in something far more significant than just making a promotion or hire… a personal youthful appearance.



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The Many and Varied Causes of Hair Loss in a Woman


There can be many different causes for hair loss in a woman. One such cause is stress. About three to four months after you have been ill or undergone major surgery, you could experience the loss of a large amount of hair. This hair loss is caused by the stress of the illness. The hair loss will be temporary, the hair growth returning after a period of time.


Other causes can be more difficult to identify and cure.



Hormonal problem can cause hair loss in females. An over- or under-active thyroid gland could be the cause of your hair falling out. If this is the case, treating the thyroid disease can help put a halt to the hair loss. Hair loss could also occur if the female and male hormones known as androgens and estrogens are out of balance. Correcting the hormone imbalance could help you to curb the hair loss. Hair loss in a woman can also happen about three months after you have had a baby. This is a cause of the hormone factor, since during pregnancy these hormones help retain hair which you would normally lose. When the hormones return to normal levels after pregnancy, the hair that wouldn’t fall out now will, as the cycle of hair growth and loss returns to normal.


There are certain infections which can cause hair loss in a woman. Fungal infections of the scalp could also cause children to experience hair loss. Once you treat the infection with antifungal medications you promote hair growth to return to normal.



Last, but not least, hair loss in a woman can occur because of an underlying disease, such as lupus or diabetes. Because hair loss canl often be an early sign of a disease appearing, it is important to find the cause as soon as possible so that you can regain your normal head of hair.


When examining the causes of hair loss in a woman, you will find that many of the problems are treatable or may even cure themselves in the fullness of time. If you have recently given birth and are losing your hair, you don’t have to worry. It is just your body returning to the normal process of shedding. However, if there exists no real reason for losing your hair, it may be an underlying disease that will need to be treated to correct the hair loss.


Hair Loss In Women - 2 Effective Treatments To Consider

There are a lot of options that are available to treat hair loss in women. However, due to their massive numbers, finding the best treatment can then be puzzling and time consuming. Some statistical estimates show that in the United States alone, about 25 million or more American women experience hair loss that is extremely noticeable. This article was also linked to the fact that the effects of baldness are far more distressing in women that many have felt unwanted and inferior. Yes, a lot of women suffer psychologically and emotionally because of hair loss than men do.



There are certain medications which can also cause hair loss in a woman. This type of hair loss will only improve when you cease taking the medication that is causing the problem. Medications that can be responsible for hair loss in a woman include blood thinners, medicines used for gout, medicines used in chemotherapy, too much vitamin A, birth control pills and antidepressants.


So if you happen to be a victim of serious, or extreme hair loss or if you have a friend or wife who has been affected psychologically and emotionally because of hair loss and want to help her fight the condition, then there’s no reason for you not to read the following information.


There are about two main types of treatment available for female hair loss. The first has long been considered as the topical treatments, while the other falls under the surgical treatment category. Let’s consider these types of female hair loss treatment closely.


1. Topical Hair Loss Treatment

As far as I know, there is only one specific topical treatment approved by the Food and Drug Administration for hair loss in women. That treatment is none other than minoxidil. Well, according to some claims, this medication is now marketed bearing the name Rogaine. It is readily available over the counter in most drugstores and grocery outlets throughout the world. And, because of its strong popularity, Rogaine or minoxidil is now marketed even online. So it’s no wonder that even single clicks on your mouse can lead you to where this hair loss treatment dwell.


But, how is that Rogaine is very popular as a topical hair loss treatment? Simple! Rogaine or minoxidil is said to be highly effective at restoring hair growth. It also helps to lessen the appearance of thinning hair in women. However, the medication does not just end shortly. The truth of the matter is, it may take you months before the ultimate result becomes noticeable. But, so far, this happens depending on the female hair types as there are some types of hair that easily respond to this treatment.


Now, to apply Rogaine, make sure that you use it in the privacy of your home. Then, continue using it indefinitely to maintain the re-growth of your hair. Note that if it is discontinued, those hairs that have re-grown may return to their original, breakable hair or loss their strength again.


2. Surgical Treatments

Females are said to be better candidates for surgical hair loss treatments. Perhaps this idea stems from the fact that women rarely lose all their hair than men do. However, considering a surgical hair loss treatment is not just an easy process. Every woman should need first to consult their doctor before any procedure be taken. Well, a consultation with your doctor is a very important thing to consider as it is your doctor only who is capable of telling you the truth about the condition of your hair. Aside from that, your doctor is the only one who can tell you what the best solution would be for your hair loss condition. If he or she tells you to undergo hair transplant, it is likely that he or she will also be the one who will do the procedure for you.


So if you are currently suffering from hair loss and you want the best for you hair, then it’s definitely best for you to consult with your hair restoration surgeon first before you undergo any of the possible surgical treatment there is for your hair loss. Also make sure that you understand the cause of your condition as this will help you to determine the best options for you.


Lastly, always remember that extreme hair loss in women may be a warning sign of a more chronic disorder, like diabetes and lupus, so it is very vital to talk to your doctor and ask for his or her help or recommendation. Today, the issue for finding the most effective treatment for hair loss in women continues. Perhaps the best thing women can do to fight hair loss is to educate themselves about the basics and causes of hair loss, the possible treatments, and how to find help.


Dean Shainin is a successful Webmaster and publisher of For more articles and valuable resources for getting effective treatment, visit his site at: Hair Loss In Women

Hair Loss in Men: Myths and Truths

Hair loss in men can be one of the most annoying conditions for many. Most men consider their hair to be an important part of their identity and personality; without hair many men can begin to lose their personality and self-confidence. Next thing you know they start to watch those late night infomercials offering a miracle cure for hair loss, and before they realise it, they have become the proud owners of a medicine cabinet full of useless items. Many myths have been spread about hair loss in men via these infomercials.


Hair loss in men is caused by a number of factors. For some who do not completely get bald, the root of hair loss is highly associated to hereditary and hormonal imbalances. To evaluate your own hair loss situation it is much advisable to talk to an expert whom you think can greatly help you. You can consult a dermatologist or a hair surgeon to help you determine the kind of hair loss situation you are suffering from. There are a lot of possible ways to fight or prevent hair loss from happening.


The Myths

The Real Cause

The true cause of hair loss in men is largely down to genetics. From puberty to adulthood, androgens interact with the genetically determined, highly sensitive hair follicles. This process degrades the hair follicles, causing alteration of the hair growth cycle. This will eventually lead to baldness.


Hair loss in men can be lessened - and in some cases even stopped. However, first you need to have the correct information on your own particular hair loss situation, and then you need to find the right medication according to that situation. Remember, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to slow or stop your hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatment - 4 Effective Solutions To A Growing Problem

Most of the hair loss treatments available on the market these days are most successfully applied by those who haven’t waited too long to do the right thing for their condition. Many of those who have experienced balding at some point in their lives have said that the longer you wait to stop hair loss, the harder you can prevent it from occurring, and the harder it is to treat. Hair loss in men is often identified with the appearance of a receding hairline, also known as slow balding at the crown of the head. This condition is observed to be a progressive that if it is left ignored and untreated, the hair loss will continue and you will just notice in the end that much of your hair has been lost.


Here Are The Top 4 Effective Types of Hair Loss Treatments

1. The growth stimulators, generally, are used in preventing hair loss for the fact that they are capable of working on a symptomatic level to stimulate growth of hair, although artificially. These agents are capable of performing such acts without actually dealing with hair loss at the root of the problem. Note that it is because of this function that growth stimulators are deemed ineffective. But the truth of the matter is, these agents are actually a very successful and powerful way of reversing the balding process, although cosmetically.


2. Anti-androgens are but another powerful fighter of hair loss in men. The use of this treatment stems from the belief that anti-androgens work to stop the DHT from binding to the androgen receptor. The androgens, according to studies, come in about ¾ of the way down to the actual process leading to hair loss, and as they come to the rescue, they tend to show off one of the last interactions before certain damages to the hair follicles occur, then restoring the then weakened follicles.


3. The dihydrotestosterone or DHT inhibitors, as the name implies, functions to inhibit the fastening of 5-Alpha Reductase and Testosterone. This combination is what actually keeps the DHT levels to stay close to normal. Once maintained normal, the DHT inhibitors work to help keep the hair growth as well as loss regulation as its normal state. With this condition and function, it’s no wonder that DHT inhibitors are used by bald men to deal and treat the root of their hair loss dilemma.


4. Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) treatments are marketing throughout the world these days to prevent excessive hair loss in men. Claims have it that these treatments work by way of gripping and controlling the immune response the in body which may occur as a result of the excessive DHT in the hair follicle. The Super Oxide, which is released once a foreign body is sensed by the cells, is then considered as an alien body that is potent enough to help the body fight and defend against the invading cells, foreign tissues and viruses. However, this Super Oxide is reduced by SODs, which may in turn help lessen the body’s desire to turn down the hair follicle. It is with this function actually that the SODs are considered as effective enough to fight hair loss in men. It is important to know though that SOD treatments are a kind of a hybrid treatment for the reason that they carry within them a number of anti-inflammatory and growth stimulation properties.


So if you are currently suffering from hair loss and you are considering treatment, it’s definitely best for you to consult with your doctor first before you undergo any type of treatment for your hair loss. Also, make sure that you understand the cause of your hair loss condition as this will help you to determine the best options available for you.


Dean Shainin is a successful Webmaster and publisher of For more articles and valuable resources for getting effective treatment, visit his site at: Hair Loss Treatment


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