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While much of the information at Cure Help Health Tips can be beneficial and empowering, we'd just like to remind you that the suggestions found on this web site are intended for informational purposes only and are not medical advice.


Hair Loss Articles, Tips and Information

Three Types of Hair loss Treatment

Millions of men all over the world have to deal with hair loss. The main effect of hair loss is not only that the person looks older but it also hurts one's self-esteem and social confidence. That's why hair loss treatments are getting more and more important. We can call hair loss also balding, the reasons for hair loss are numerous. one of them is heredity.

Hair loss can be treated with natural remedies and also chemo-therapically.

Though hair loss runs in the family, the scientists claim now it can be cured by gene manipulation. Men with genetic predisposition for hair loss may have sensitive areas in the scalp for male sex hormones. As age advances, these sensitive areas suffer from severe biological imbalance. The male hormone DHT is the culprit who ruins the hair. Slowly, over a prolonged period, the follicles wilt and finally the hair become thinner and shorter.


The cosmetically based lotions, shampoos and herbal supplements help a lot of people suffering from hair loss. Many patients who used these treatments feel that by using these products, the regrowing of hair is positively influenced. Moreover, these products help to clean the scalp thereby the hair follicles are able to breathe and deliver important nutrients to the follicle and hair.


The second type of products widely used is the topical solution. Rogaine is one of the commonly used topical solutions for hair loss treatment. The main ingredient in this product is Minoxodil. This element is having the skill of growing hair, which is medically proven. Sometimes the Minoxodil is available in combination with Retin A. The purpose of adding Retin A to Minoxodil is to help the hair follicle in the scalp to absorb Minoxodil. But this combination cannot be purchased in drugstires. It requires a prescription from a physician.


The third type of hair loss treatment broadly used among the hair losing individuals is the oral treatment. Propecia is being taken orally by people suffering from hair loss. The main action of Propecia is lowering the chemical levels in the body, which hinders the growth of hair. In many studies it was found that Propecia is having hair-regrowing effect.


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


The Role of Nutrition in Hair Loss Prevention


Healthy diet maintenance is one of the best things for hair loss prevention. Though there are certain factors influencing the hair loss, maintaining regular exercise and healthy diet will definitely bring fruitful results if you are suffering from hair loss. The common dietary nutrients which help in hair loss prevention are copper, iron, zinc, iodine, protein, silica, vitamin-A, Vitamin-B complex (vitamins B--6 and B-12), biotin, water and folic acid. In addition to this one must know about certain food, which may cause hair loss.


You should be aware that most vitamin supplements available at drugstores or pharmacies are not able to get absorbed by the body, since they are chemically processed.


Maintaining a healthy mineral and vitamin intake doesn't mean that you should buy a lot of over-the-counter vitamin supplements and fill your cabinet with hair loss prevention supplements. Sometimes over dosage of these vitamins might cause adverse reactions and toxicity. Hair loss prevention can be achieved best by getting the mass of your vitamin needs from food itself.


The first and foremost dietary component that helps best is vitamin-A. One of the key components of hair is vitamin A. It prevents clogging and drying of the sebaceous glands, which is an essential for hair follicle lubrication. Thus it helps to prevent hair loss. The main source of dietary vitamin A is fish oil, fortified milk, eggs, liver, and orange vegetables. Dark green leafy vegetables are a good source of vitamin A.


Vitamin B is essential for red blood cell metabolism.. Your body needs vitamin B to make hemoglobin. The function of hemoglobin is to transport oxygen from the lungs to the body tissues including hair. For hair loss prevention, it is always advisable to have high hemoglobin level in the blood. The vitamin B complex can be obtained through chicken, pork, kidney, liver, fish, and soybeans. In general, daily inclusion of any one of these items might help in hair loss prevention.


Folic acid will get assimilated in the body via cereals, nuts, whole grains, orange juice, wheat gram and liver. Folic acid also plays an important role in hair loss prevention. Another important nutrient that causes hair loss prevention is Biotin. One should be aware that a serious intestinal disorder or malnutrition might affect the absorption of biotin, since biotin is produced by living bacteria in the healthy gut.


It is obvious that Asians consume exactly the food that is enriched with these nutrients that are an important part in hair loss prevention. Particularly rice is an important part of Asian diets and that's why Asians tend to have strongest and healthiest hair. Although maintaining a healthy diet is the best way for hair loss prevention, consuming these diets in correct form is essential. Moreover the green vegetables and foods should be eaten uncooked, as they may lose trace minerals once they are cooked extensively.


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Stress and Hair Loss- Twin Brothers?

" My hair is falling doctor, there's hair on the bed, there's hair on the comb, there's hair everywhere, except on my head"- This may sound humorous. But it is true. The main cause for hair loss is stress. Stress and hair loss are just like twin brothers. Stress and hair loss are inter related. This is commonly noticed among people who gulp down coffee for breakfast, swallow the burgers for lunch and puffs the cigar to kill the stress.

Most of the youngsters are under severe stress because of an overdose of work.

Stress and hair loss are the important factors to cause premature graying among the youth population. Your hair is the first part, which shows that you are in severe stress. Medication, imbalances in nutrition, and illness are the factors which cause stress and hair loss.


If you have been changed from one office to a new office, you may be in severe stress. At this time stress and hair loss can easily be visualized. Desire to earn and work pressure are the two main troubles causing stress and hair loss. Lack exercise, hectic work schedules and most of the youngsters are running helter-skelter from one place to another. Working women are facing more stress from both home and job. Stress at home and at the working place have a drastic effect on food habits.


Very often a lack of vitamins and thus hair loss is a result of wrong food habits. Sometimes if you have undergone surgery for any ailment, your mind and body both are under severe stress and finally you may suffer from hair loss. This condition can be corrected automatically. So don't panic because stress and hair loss are inter-oven elements.


In general, the young population of the world, if not taking green leafy vegetables, they will go for iron deficiency, which in turn lead to anemia and finally severe stress and hair loss. Apart from stress and hair loss, there are other reasons for hair loss such as cosmetics. Repeated coloring, perming, shampooing with harsh chemical shampoos and straightening will damage the hair shaft and may lead to severe hair stress and hair loss.


Methodical treatment, including de-stressing, meditation, yoga, hair--care advice, and correct nutrition will alleviate stress and hair loss problems. Relax, quit smoking, and manage your day better to feel lighter and fitter for impede stress and hair loss.


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Reasons for Hair Loss


For centuries, men, women and even children have had to endure the embarasment and emotional pain caused by hair loss. There are number for reasons for hair loss. Some people experience higher level of hair loss after illness or some weeks after surgery. The other reasons for hair loss are chemotherapy regimens used in cancer therapy and anticoagulants. The hair will return to normal once the medication has been stopped.


Other reasons for hair loss include too much vitamin A and anti-depressant therapy. The physical reasons for hair loss are over or under-active thyroids, certain fungal infections and hormonal imbalances. Even underlying problems such as lupus or diabetes may result in excessive hair loss.


The common reasons for hair loss in an individual varies from genetics, pregnancy, diet, improper hair care, cancer treatment and illness. Male pattern baldness is noticeable among many men, which is marked by thinning hair near the forehead and at the crown. If it has not stopped by using suitable medications, it can eventually remove all the hair on opt of the head. Hair loss can be inherited from their mother, their father, or from both parents.


The other essential reasons for hair loss are as follows: - · Toxic substances · Severe radiation · Illness and infectious diseases · Heredity factors · Ageing · Hormonal Imbalance · Injury and impairment ·


Nervous disorders

Pregnant women may notice hair loss problems within a period of about 3 months after delivery. This is also attributed as a reason for hair loss. During pregnancy, high levels of particular hormones cause the body to keep hair that would normally fall out. When the hormones return to pre-pregnancy levels, that hair falls out and the normal growth and loss cycle starts again.


Improper hair care can also be one of the causes for hair loss. Excessive combing or brushing, hair styles such a ponytails or braids, which pulls at the hair, and last but not least the over usage of chemicals such as bleaches and dyes. Although these are the reasons for hair loss due to improper hair maintenance, physiological imbalances such excess production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). An excessive level of DHT influeces the growth cycle of a hair by preventing the availability of the nutrients to the hair thereby causing excessive hair falling.


Deficiency in Protein and Iron is found to be the major reasons for hair loss. The hair falling is noticed extensively only after the body recognizes the deficiency. This happens after about three months of deficiency. This can easily be achieved by the dietary inclusion of proteins and Iron. Medications prescribed for blood pressure, arthritis, depression, and birth control pills are also among the reasons of hair loss. Stopping the medicine and select another type of medicine and contraceptive is the best way to treat this condition.


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Proven Hair Loss Remedies


Hair loss remedies become more and more popular these days since most men find healthy hair important.. The number of hair loss products on the market is numerous. Most of us prefer to use over-the-counter products, but it is not advisable to utilize the products without consulting your health care professional. The reason for this is that some remedies have side effects or cause irreversible harm.


Medications like Propecia, which are used as hair loss remedies can cause fetal anomalies if used in pregnant women. Hence it is advisable to avoid propecia if you are pregnant (propecia by the way is not recommended for women at all!). Not only in women, but also in men propecia causes side effects. In men, Propecia may cause lack of sex drive and impotency as serious side effects. Among the available hair loss remedies, Rogaine is used extensively by many people. This drug is also used for treating high blood pressure.


In order to get good results, it is always advisable to use either Propecia or Rogaine for at least 3 months. Since these hair loss remedies are having each their own side effects, please consult or get an opinion from your health care professional about your health before taking the medication. The most commonly used hair loss remedies are Viviiscal, Nisiim, Tricomin, and Revivogen.

Viviscal treats hair loss by avoiding thinning of hair. It is available in form of tablets and lotion.


Nisim promotes healthy hair growth. Tricomin pours the nutrient copper directly to the follicle to kindle the growth of healthy hair. The main action of the Revivogen is blocking the DHT in the scalp and strengthening hair follicles. Another important hair loss remedy is Hair Genesis, a product that contains natural DHT blocker, saw palmetto.


The best hair loss remedies available for women are Hair Genesis and Hair Renew because other remedies will result in excessive hair growth on other parts of the body. Hair Renew is available in topical form, which nourishes the hair follicles and cleanses the scalp apart from neutralizing DHT. This product is unique because it is non-alcoholic, 100% drug free, and free from side effects.

Other hair loss remedies such as natural remedies, Ayurvedha, and Siddha have been used extensively to get rid of hair loss.


Food containing a lot of amino acids and proteins have to be included in a dietary pattern of the hair losing individuals as a natural remedy. Folligen Hair loss Treatment with copper peptides is also one out of the many hair loss remedies. Hair follicles receive nutrient copper through supplements to gain healthy and rich hair. Both men and women can use Hair energizer. The hair energizer kit which is used as a hair loss remedy is readily available as 15 ml Jojoba oil, shampoo, 15 ml Jojoba oil, spray, and 0 tablets vitamins and Minerals.


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Propecia Hair Loss- a Proven Therapy

For men hair loss is a sensitive issue. Medical science clearly points out the cause of hair loss. Even though we read in many magazines that the main cause for hair loss is from both hormones and genetics, male pattern hair loss is noticed among 95 percent of all individuals suffering from hair loss. The main role in the male pattern hair loss is played by DHT. The DHT can be controlled by using Propecia. Hair loss cannot be seen after using Propecia.


When your body holds more DHT, the hair follicles become finer and thinner until the hair is permanently falling. DHT is the main hormone used extensively in the early stages of the human population. DHT completely shrivels the hair follicle until it no longer produces noticeable hair.


An evident cause of hair loss is an excess of DHT. The reasons for hair loss are still obscure. But research shows the that men suffering from male pattern hair loss have higher level of DHT particularly in the scalps. In the normal cycle, the hair passes out three phases- Expansion, falling off, and new expansion. The presence of DHT quickens the falling out phase and shortens the expansion phase. This results in hair thinning on the scalp.


In general DHT binds with the genetically vulnerable follicle receptor which is in the hair on the scalp. Propecia prevents the conversion of testosterone into DHT thereby preventing hair loss. Propecia (Finasteride) was called Proscar in early days. This was extensively used to control hair loss.


Propecia prevents hair loss by blocking the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase, which in turn reduces the DHT level in the scalp.

However, Propecia has not been found to restore re-growth in frontal areas. Propecia produces massive results when it has been conjugated with Rogaine especially for hair re-growth in the crown area of the scalp. The frontal hairline area can be restored with hair only by transplant surgery. In addition to this hair loss prevention with Propceia is limited to older men. Better results can be achieved if you have been suffering from baldness for less than 5 years. Most physicians prescribe Propecia, hair loss halting rather than re-growth and then go for transplantation for the lost hair.


You should remember to take Propecia every day at least 3 to 6 months for getting positive results. Once you stop taking Propecia, the hair loss continues. Propecia was used to treat prostates in early days. Propecia should not be taken by pregnant women since it may lead to neonatal anomalies. This product should be used continuously for three months to prevent hair loss. But this may have a side effect of lack of sex drive and impotency.


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Postpartum Hair Loss- a Nightmare for Lactating Mums?

Postpartum hair loss is the hair loss noticed after pregnancy. The main reason for postpartum hair loss is the action of hormones that are prevalent during pregnancy. The hormones are produced during pregnancy excessively, which leads to changes in skin and other body parts. Many pregnant women will notice that their hair is a lot thicker than normally.


There are three types of hair loss treatment available for the persons suffering from this condition. The first and most accepted hair loss treatment is the natural based therapy. The main advantage of having this type of hair loss treatment is that there is no side effect. Other treatments may help to damage the existing hair, to make a half-bald person into a full bald person.


The postpartum hair loss starts after the birth of the baby since the hair in growth phase of the hair cycle try to attend maturity. After completion of three months, the hair enters into the growth phase and new hair have replaced the old hair. The amount of postpartum hair loss varies between individuals with some women experiencing more shedding than others. In families where the hair thinning is inherited, the shedding of hair is more noticeable after childbirth.


In general the postpartum hair loss lasts for at least six months and then the re-growth of hair is noticed. The majority of women will notice that the hair attains its pre-pregnancy state again within six months after childbirth. The postpartum hair loss requires no treatment, because it is a temporary transformation in the growth cycle of hair due to hormonal alteration during pregnancy.

In spite of the normal process of postpartum hair loss, the excessive hair falling can be controlled to some extent. Hair will be removed easily due to excessive brushing after childbirth.


So it is always advised to avoid excessive brushing. Rubbing preparations into the scalp or taking vitamins may bring some positive results. Postpartum hair loss does occur after every pregnancy. You can go for wigs of different pattern to hide excessive thinning of hairs due to postpartum hair loss. Since the postpartum hair loss is a temporary condition, it will make your life somewhat better. Since a good wig is found to be too expense, it is up to you to select whether it is required or not.


If you notice excessive postpartum hair loss after giving birth to a baby, hair re-growth can easily be achieved by using hair loss products such as Viviscal, Nisim, Revivogen, and Tricomin. These hair re-grow products are usually available in the form of scalp lotions, conditioner, and shampoos. Hair Renew, a special product for women, cleanses the scalp, neutralizes the DHT and nourishes the hair follicles to prop up healthy hair growth.


Poor nutrition and modern lifestyles can act as a predisposing factor for postpartum hair loss. Adopting stringent dietary pattern can prevent excessive postpartum hair loss. By eating appropriate levels of useful carbohydrates, eating adequate amounts of protein, and achieving a healthy balance of dietary fats, you can achieve a good nutritional status to avoid postpartum hair loss.


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