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Hair Loss Articles, Tips and Information

Do You Know These Facts About Hair Loss ?

The causes of hair loss are plenty including diseases, nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances, and even stress. But, one of the most common ones is adrogenetic alopecia.

It's very hard to accurately predict who will go bald and how rapidly.

Alopecia, is in fact, the term for hair loss. Androgenetic is a reference to the fact that factors such as a genetic predisposition to balding and the influence of male hormones-androgens-play a part. There is also a third aspect-aging. Let's look at these in brief: Genetics Genetics is a complicated thing and not easy to understand or predict the behavior of. The case with balding is also the same. Simply the presence (or absence) of balding in one's parents, on either, the mother's or father's side, is not necessarily predictive of one's likelihood of balding.


This, in part, is responsible for the typical differences between the genders. It is the exposure of the hair follicles to DHT, in a genetically susceptible person, over a period of time, which leads to androgenetic alopecia, or male and female pattern baldness. Aging Age and balding are not proportional in any manner imaginable. It is a process and this fact should not be ignored.


Like any process, it can be rapid or slow, it can begin toward the end of life or in the late teens, and it can progress in a predictably inexorable fashion, or it can stop and start, seemingly stabilize, and then begin again. But what exactly does happen? Assuming we have a genetically predisposed person, then as the follicles are continuously exposed to DHT, an interesting phenomenon occurs.


The anagen phase, or active growth phase of the hair becomes gradually briefer and briefer, and eventually the hair becomes finer and shorter, and less deeply colored. This is called "miniaturization" of hairs. This is also the point at which hair loss tends to be noticed first. It's not that there are fewer hairs on the head, but that their caliber (cross-sectional area), color and length are so diminished that they no longer provide "coverage" for the scalp beneath.


Jane Preeter is a hair stylist who has great interest in her profession. She has studied many hair loss treatments, different methods of hair removal, and a wide variety of hair treatments.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Provillus Hair Loss Treatment


Provillus vitamins for hair loss are specially formulated to block production of DHT, the primary cause of hair loss in men. Provillus contains 1500mg of Saw Palmetto extract which is widely considered very effective at reducing present levels of DHT making it an effective DHT blocker.


Men often begin losing hair in their 20's, with hair loss progressing more rapidly as they age.

Provillus' vitamins for hair loss benefits are greatest for younger men (18-35), and those whose hair is still in a growth phase. Men that still have growing hair experience an increase in hair count, and improvement in both hairline and thinning at the crown of the their head. As men get older, their hair's natural growth cycle cannot keep up with the hair loss. Provillus is most effective for those men whose hair is still growing, but have thinning hair or a receding hairline. Provillus' effectiveness for men whose hair is no longer in a growth phase is limited to retaining existing hair. Learn more about Provillus.


J. Ratliff is a health writer.


Hair Loss Is a Cause for Concern


Losing hair is not only a cosmetic problem though it can't be denied that it can bring down your self-confidence and self esteem to a worrying degree. Hair loss can be indicative of more serious problems as well. So, the sooner we do something about it the better it is.

Let's begin by understanding what it is and how it is caused.

Baldness or alopecia is a state of losing excessive hair. You must know that losing 50 to 100 hairs in a day is considered normal. It's when you lose more than that you should sit up and take note of the problem. Baldness can be the result of heredity, certain medications or an underlying medical condition. Anyone-- men, women and children -- can experience hair loss. However, in most cases it is caused by today's stressful lifestyle, long working hours, pollution, poor diet, combined with alcohol, drugs and smoking.

There's not much you can do about factors like heredity, but you can correct the other factors and improve the quality of your hair. Remember, hair loss is not an irreversible process. Hair is a bi-product of blood. Therefore to treat the hair and scalp, you cannot obtain a good result by using topical lotions alone. You cannot feed the hair externally. If you could, the shampoo or conditioner would do wonders. It is logical therefore to take care of your scalp and the composition of your blood. The composition of your blood and state of your scalp determine the quality and growth of your hair.

Your overall diet affects your blood. You must supplement your diet with live enzymes to help absorb vitamins in the body. They are normally only found in raw fruit and vegetables and uncooked food. You should drink lots of water also. Never comb your wet hair and never use a thin comb. Also avoid hot air dryers; let the hair dry naturally.

Stimulating the scalp is another way to tackle the problem of hair loss. You should massage your scalp with a tangy lotion to increase the blood flow around the hair follicles. Nourishments reaching the hair follicles will stimulate the hair to grow much fuller, shinier and healthier.

If you are losing large amounts of hair, see a physician. Hair loss may be caused by some health conditions such as high cholesterol levels. Often the hair grows back when the cause is corrected

If hair loss occurs at an age when you can afford to let it be, you should let your hair loss run its course untreated and unhidden. However, if it happens when you're still too young to go around with a baldhead you may either cover it up with hairstyles, makeup, hats or scarves or choose one of the medications and surgical procedures that are available to treat hair loss. But, before pursuing any of these treatment options, talk to your doctor about the cause and best possible treatment for your hair loss.


Joseph Then operates a Health Portal and you can visit him at


The bald truth about hair loss

Although we live in a technologically advanced era, with information available to us at the touch of a computer screen, when it comes to hair loss, we are still bombarded with false and outdated facts. Because more than 75% of males and approximately 8% of females suffer from baldness, there is a massive market of people eager to accept bogus treatments in order to restore their crowning glory. It is a worldwide accepted scientific fact that we do not lose hair because of a lack of blood flow to the scalp. If this common myth were true, then every bald person would have gangrenous skin and their scalp would rot. It is also logical that if there where not sufficient blood flow to the scalp, a bald person would not bleed if they cut their head.


Genetic hair loss is an inherited condition which is not life threatening, but has powerful psychological implications for the sufferer. It is caused by a sensitivity of the hair follicle (root) to the male hormone (testosterone). It is a progressive disease which results in a progressive thinning of the hair, which eventually becomes miniaturized and disappears. Once the hair has fallen out and bald skin appears no prayers, potions, lotions nor laser therapy could ever restore the lost hair. Despite the fact that there are thousands of quick-fix remedies and potions, the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has only approved two products to prevent further hair loss, namely Propecia (Finasteride) and Regaine (Minoxidil).


Although both have a role to play in the treatment of hair loss, they have their limitations. There are no magic or miraculous cures for baldness. Despite the massive advertising campaigns of ruthless businesspeople preying on the vulnerabilities of bald people to make a quick buck. The most expensive treatment is the treatment that doesn't work. Even if it cost R1; it is still a waste of money. Hair transplantation is the only permanent solution to this age-long problem. Hair is replaced in a natural and undetectable fashion. Using the latest international techniques, hair is relocated from an area where it is not pre-pro-grammed to fall out (donor area on the sides of the head).


The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and is less painful than a visit to the dentist. It is totally undetectable and no one will be aware that it has been done. The transplanted follicles only start growing three to four months following the procedure. Because these follicles are not predisposed to fall out, they will continue to grow forever. The transplanted hair will never fall out. Our doctors at the clinic have performed more than 3000 procedures and offer all their patients a 100% guarantee. Today baldness is an option - it is no longer compulsory. Contact us for a free medical assessment to find out what your options are.


Dr Larry Gershowitz For more information visit or email us at


The Causes of Hair Loss


Very few people, especially those suffering from alopecia, or balding, know that Julius Cesear and Napolean both dealt with hair loss. Yes, it's a fact; balding is part of our genetics, our history and our future. It's here to stay, for now at least. In the meantime, it's best to understand alopecia and learn about the condition so as not to feel the embarrassment usually associated with balding; it's a normal occurrence.

Male pattern hair loss, also known by the term Androgenetic Alopecia, is a genetic condition. Another, not so common fact is Andorgenetic Alopecia is not just restricted to males; females also experience this type of hair loss. In the past, the general consensus was that the genes were inherited from the mother's side. However, new research is finding that it can be passed on from either mother or father.

In addition to genetics, the condition is associated with hormones and age. As a person ages, male or female, the hair follicles become more susceptible to a normal chemical reaction. The reaction occurs when testosterone is exposed to an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. The resulting product is DHT.

DHT is known for its role in male pattern balding and increased growth of ear and nose hairs. In women the levels of 5-alpha reductase are lower, thereby decreasing the amount of hair loss experienced in the head region for women.

Alopecia can be caused by other reasons as well. Chemotherapy patients usually lose their hair although many times it will eventually return. In some cases, stress will trigger hair loss. Stress may be mental, emotional or physical - the body senses a need to reserve all of its energy for survival and thus decreases hair growth which is unnecessary to staying alive. In these instances, the hair usually returns once the stress factor has been removed.

In some cases, hair loss can signal the first sign of a major disease. As such, hair loss that does not follow the normal horseshoe shape of male pattern balding should be looked at closely and followed up with a doctor or health care provider.


Rachel Dayer runs and operates MustAsk Network , a health related portal.

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Androgenic Hormones All normal men and women produce "male" hormones. The most common of these are testosterone, androsteinedione, and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). These hormones are quite important in both sexes, but occur in different concentrations, being much more predominant in males than in females.

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