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While much of the information at Cure Help Health Tips can be beneficial and empowering, we'd just like to remind you that the suggestions found on this web site are intended for informational purposes only and are not medical advice.


Hair Loss Articles, Tips and Information

Causes of hair loss

There are many different causes for hair loss.  There are many people that have to deal with loosing their hair on a regular daily basis.  For these people, they may have a simple nutrient   problem or they may have some thing more serious going on to cause the unwanted hair loss.  It is important to understand why you are loosing your hair so that you can get the necessary treatment for the problem. 

If you have had any kind of injury to your scalp, this may be a cause of hair loss. 

One reason for hair loss may be genetic.  It may run in your family and there is really no way to avoid it.  The only thing that you can do is starting a good routine now to prevent hair loss from happening any sooner than necessary.  You can also start using good tips to promote healthy hair growth. 

There are also many diseases that can cause hair loss.  Diabetes is one form of disease that can cause you to have hair loss problems.  When you have any kind of medical condition you may need to consult with a doctor to find out what kind of treatments you can do to help the situation.

Many traumas and burns can cause a person to have hair loss.  Anything that affects the scalp like dandruff or other skin disorders can have a negative affect on the hair.  You may have patchy areas that are heavily targeted by these problems.  With the right treatment, you can solve these problems and get your hair back. 

Stress and eating disorders can also be causes of hair loss.  There are many people that have to deal with a lot of stress in their life and this will in time affect the hair.  You may have a few strands fall out from time to time or you can have a lot fall out in clumps.  Either way, this would be a good time to find a way to relax and get rid of the stressful situations. 

Anyone that has an eating disorder will also be cause for hair loss.  When you are not feeding your body the right nutrients, you will be harming your hair and other cells in your body.  It is important to eat a well balanced diet for good hair growth. 


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Hair loss due to thyroid

There are so many people today that have to deal with a thyroid problem.  Thyroid disease is very common and can be the cause of some people loosing their hair.  It is believed that people that suffer from thyroid disease will also have a great deal of hair loss to deal with.  Thyroid is linked to our hair functions. 

Many people will have symptoms of thinning hair and will not even know that they do have a thyroid problem.  This would be a good time to consult with a physician about the problems.  There are some people that will have an overactive or under active thyroid problem.  For either case, it is important to get treatment.  Hair loss due to thyroid is something that can be controlled.

The first step in hair loss due to thyroid is to get an evaluation.  Go to a doctor to make sure this is what is causing the problem.  You can then go on to getting treatment and getting the problem under control.  When you starting out with the treatment, you may find that your hair is not growing as fast as you would like.  This will take time and once your body has adjusted, you can expect to have an abundance of hair growth that you will feel comfortable with. 

While you are waiting for the process of getting help from hair loss due to thyroid, you can consider some other options for this problem.  There are drugs and supplements that you can take, but may not resolve the hair loss problem.  There are other options that may be best for your situation. 

There is hair transplant surgery.  You will have donor hair follicles taken from an area of your head that is not thinning and implanted in the thinning areas on your head.  When this treatment is successful, the transplanted follicles begin to regrow.  This may require several different treatments if necessary. 

You may also want to consider a wig or hairpiece until the hair loss due to thyroid is controlled.  This may be the key factor in treating your problem and getting it under control.


Promote hair growth

When we stimulate the hair from the root we will be promoting hair growth.  Hair stimulants will come from stimulating the blood flow and adding all the vitamins that hair needs to grow properly.  Using the right vitamins should have the exact combinations of minerals and vitamins.  Energizing your hair will add everything that you need to have beautiful and healthy looking hair from the root to end. 

The first step to deal with hair loss due to thyroid is to restore a normal thyroid function.  You can get treatment from a physician for this problem.  Taking vitamins and medicine will help solve this type of ordeal and get you back on track for better hair growth.  There are many tests available to help determine what the problems are and how to treat them best.  Many of thyroid patients have to have hormone replacement treatment to have results.

There are follicle stimulators that will add nutrients to your hair to promote hair growth.  Many of these sprays will have herbs and vitamins to help with your hair.  You will see that your hair will grow faster and thicker with these sprays.  You can also buy B vitamins to help promote hair growth.  These will help the hair grow twice their normal rate.  Your hair will feel and be healthier than it ever was. 

Many shampoos will also offer a good growth spurt with shampoos that are natural and healthy for the hair.  These shampoos are recommended by dermatologists and will give the results that you want to promote hair growth.  Most of these shampoos are natural and safe for all hair types.  They are not harsh and will not hurt the scalp or skin in any way. 

Everyone needs to use conditioner of some kind on his or her hair.  Doing this will promote healthy hair growth.  There are conditioners for every hair type.  There are silky protein conditioners that will leave the hair incredibly soft and sleek.  When you use a good conditioner for your hair, it will be a good way to promote hair growth as well as reduce breakage and friction at the scalp.  This will also help to reduce any kind of irritation on the scalp. 

Of course eating right and taking in plenty of water is a good resource to promote hair growth.  This will help your hair look and feel healthier and also make your feel good too.  You should eat lots of fruits and vegetables as well as a good source of protein at least once a day.  You will be amazed at the results in your hair growth.


Male Hair Loss

It is very common for most men to find themselves dealing with hair loss at some point in time.  This is the most known type of hair loss.  Men deal with this problem more than women because of their sensitivity to male sex hormones in certain parts of their scalp.  This may be passed down from generation to generation.

Many men feel that baldness makes them look unattractive and can get stressed out from the situation.  There are some men however, that feels distinguished by their hair loss and feels better about them.  There are even men who like to keep their head shaved even when they have a full head of hair.  It is easier for them to take care of and it makes them look and feel sexy.

Some men do have the area on their head that are very sensitive to their hormones and will make male hair loss present.  The hormones will make the hair follicles from where the hair grows to shrink.  They will start to become so small that they cannot replace lost hair.  These follicles are still alive and will be no longer able to do their job.  It is at this point when men loose their hair.


It is also smart to eat right.  When you eat the healthy fruits and vegetables, you will have a better chance at making sure your whole body along with your hair is in good condition.  Milk and diary products are the best things for you teeth, skin and hair.  You will find that your hair will grow in stronger and longer a lot faster when you use these things. 

This sort of condition will start in men anywhere from their late twenties to there thirties.  Male hair loss may start with just a receding hairline and then gradually move to the top of the head.  The hair will start to thin and become noticeable. 

Male hair loss that is passed on genetically cannot be prevented.  It is going to happen, although there is some forms of treatment that can help slow it down or even help the hair grow back faster.  There are some side effects to deal with when you use these forms of treatment. 

It is probably a good idea to take vitamins early so that you maybe you can prevent the balding from happening any earlier than expected.  Vitamin A and E are great for the hair and will help to make it stronger and it may even start to grow in more.

It is a good idea to accept the inevitable and just learn to be comfortable with male hair loss.  There is no reason to try and hide it or disguise your baldness.  The occasional hat once in a while is fine, but you should not run out and buy a hairpiece right away.  Give it some time, you may just like the way you look and feel with the thinning hair.  If not, then you can look into hair replacement therapy.  You can have a hair transplant to fill in the gaps where your hair is becoming thin.


Making hair grow

Although short hair is nice, there are plenty of people that want to do something to make their hair grow longer.  When trying to do this, some people will try just about anything so that they have the hair that they have always wanted.  Making hair grow is something that is not going to happen over night. 

There are many remedies on the market that will help in this process.  Making hair grow with some vitamins and serums is safe and in most cases, effective.  There are plenty of items on the market that people can buy for themselves. 

It is a good idea to take plenty of vitamins when you are trying to have stronger and longer hair.  You can take vitamin E, A, and D.  These are great for helping to keep strong and shiny hair.  There are also many different oils and treatments available to buy that claim to make hair grow faster and look better.

Making your hair grow faster with herbs is also an option.  There are plenty of herbs that claim to improve the quality of the hair and help it grow in faster too.  There are Chinese herbs along with regular herbs that you can purchase in any herbal store.  You can take these herbs as an oral pill or you can get the oils from the herbs and use them in a rinse for you hair. 

When you trim your hair on a regular basis, you will find that your hair will grow faster.  You are not going to have to trim a lot off of your hair to make it grow.  All you have to do is trim the dead ends off and this will make room for the new growth to grow.  Most people trim off their dead ends every two months or so.  This is good schedule to keep for maintaining beautiful hair. 

Making hair grow is not something that you can expect to happen over night.  You should be patient and give it time.  When you are eating and exercising right, taking the right vitamins and trimming your hair properly, you will find that you will have longer and stronger hair in time.  It is something that is worth waiting for.


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