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Hair Loss at Cure Help Health Tips


While much of the information at Cure Help Health Tips can be beneficial and empowering, we'd just like to remind you that the suggestions found on this web site are intended for informational purposes only and are not medical advice.


Hair Loss Articles, Tips and Information

Useful Tips for Successful Hair Loss Treatment

Everyone has some hair loss from day to day. In fact, it is normal to lose between 50 to 100 strands of hair a day. However, due to genetic reasons, diseases, medications, stress, injury, or an unhealthy diet, some people lose a lot more hair than expected. This is when it becomes a condition that requires medical attention. Regardless of the cause of hair loss, billions of dollars will be spent on hair loss solutions this year. Much of this money will go to waste. Ineffective products and misleading advertising are only partially to blame. Many consumers are not using these hair loss products in an effective way and even those that does most often jump from one treatment procedure to the other before any reasonable results could be seen.

Keep Records - You probably will try out several different hair loss products before you find something that works for you.

As with any treatment procedure, treating hair loss requires some research, much of which goes into finding the right product out of the myriad of drugs and procedures out there that every one wants to sell. It also demands some discipline to follow a treatment regime to a reasonable level before concluding 'it isn't going to work' and jumping off to another.Following these simple tips should improve your success rate with whatever treatment option you follow and also ensure that your money does not go to waste.


Keep pictures of your progress - Noticing small changes in your hairline over time is extremely difficult. Taking pictures on a regular basis is the most effective ways to track your progress. Always photograph your head from the same angle, in similar lighting conditions. Use a digital camera for best results, most will automatically record the date and time for you. When combined with a treatment journal, these photos provide an invaluable tool that will allow you to judge the effectiveness of products you use.


Don't be fooled - There are tons and tons of products out there that make outrageous claims about their ability to treat hair loss. The Internet has made it a lot easier to get the best and the worst products. Finding out which ones are legitimate can be a difficult task. When researching products online, beware of those that sound too good to be true. If the company has before and after pictures, examine them closely. If the images were shot from different angles, or in different lighting, be suspicious. These techniques are common camera tricks used to fool the eye, and the consumer. When a company claims their product has a "98% success rate", look for documentation of their clinical study. If the clinical information they provide is vague, or even missing altogether, be suspicious.


These tips won't help you get the best product for your hair loss treatment but it will most certainly help you to make the best use of whatever product you decide to try out. If you follow these steps through the period of your hair loss treatment your chances of success are excellent. And always remember it does not pay to jump from product to product. It only makes a fool of you and helps you waste your hard earned bucks. Any successful treatment regime demands dedication. Whatever the procedure, following it through carefully is the best you can do for yourself.


Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to Hair Loss


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Hair Loss and Your Hormones


A lot of hair loss is caused by hormone fluctuations. This is called hormonal hair loss. Both males and females are susceptible to this form of hair loss. The major difference is that while this type of hair loss is often temporary in females it may be permanent in males. In males, hormonal hair loss is caused by a malfunctioning prostate gland. The prostate begins to produce large amounts of a hormone called DHT. This hormone is an aggressive form of the testosterone and in large amounts causes the follicles of the hair to shrink, thus preventing new hair from growing. At the same time this hormone acts to weaken existing hair so that if falls out. The result of this is often total baldness. While this type of hair loss can be treated it can not be cured.


This is due to a drop or increase in the amount of estrogen in the woman's body.


Fortunately, women with hormonal hair loss are in a better position. For females this is rarely if ever a permanent problem. Hormonal hair loss in women usually occurs after the birth of a child, but may also occur during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. For example, after the birth of a child, a woman's estrogen level drops. This leaves her more vulnerable to the side effects of the testosterone in her body. This can cause the hair follicles to shrink and hair loss to begin. The hair loss will normally end as soon as the woman's hormones return to normal.


Because hormonal hair loss is often temporary in women, it can be treated with over the counter shampoos meant to revert the loss of hair. However, men with hormonal hair loss may have to resort to other hair restoration techniques such as hair replacement surgery and hair plugs. The reason for such extreme measures, is that this condition is typically permanent in men.


Men are likely to have complete bald spots from hormonal hair loss, and need a way to fill these patches in. For a man, this is a very serious problem indeed, and one that needs attention because it will not go away on its own. No male or female should have to suffer balding with the treatments available today.


Raj Pandey is the creator of a series of products for hair loss and has written hundreds of articles and tips about dealing with hair loss


Hair Loss Treatment


In this article we're going to discuss the options for people who suffer from hair loss, assuming their hair does not grow back naturally. In the old days there weren't many options at all. The most common thing to do if you were a man suffering from hair loss was to go out and buy a toupee. Depending on how severe your hair loss was this was either a partial toupee, covering the top or front of the scalp or a full blown wig covering the whole head.

If this is still your preferred method of covering up your hair loss it would be best to get a very expensive toupee.

Cheap ones look like toupees. Expensive ones actually look like real hair and many of them are partially made from real hair. A very realistic toupee can cost you as much as $800 or more. Even cheap ones are not cheap and can run well over $150 but cheap ones look terrible and you'll look worse than if you just went with no hair at all.


After the toupee there are a number of hair loss treatments.

One type of hair loss restoration is non surgical bio matrix. This is a process where real human hair is added to your hair by a process where the hair is woven together with your own. They do this in the areas where you are balding so that when you actually comb your hair you'll still see your scalp because the hair is not surgically implanted. This is one of the most popular methods today. Another option is what is called microscopic follicular unit hair transplants. A follicular unit is how hair actually grows, in groupings. A single unit can contain one to four hair follicles. These units also contain hairs that are not visible to the naked eye. Basically hair is transplanted into these invisible units. This method is said to have the highest growth rate and is the most effective for curing baldness.


Another option is Extreme Hair Therapy (EXT). EXT stimulates growth of hair in the balding areas. The way this method works is it keeps the hair follicles in their growth stage longer than normal which stimulates thicker hair growth and slows down the thinning process. This process is done at three levels. One, it improves scalp circulation and blood flow. Two, it reduces damage to the hair follicle by reacting with environmental factors. Three, it uses advanced hair loss therapies from around the world as they emerge.


Then of course there are your drugs like Minoxidil. This drug was actually an accident. It was first made to treat high blood pressure and they found out that one of the side effects was the ability to slow down or reverse the balding process. By applying this externally at about a 2% solution it actually starts to grow hair. This drug is now marketed under the name of Rogaine. The success of this drug however is limited and then there is always the option of staying bald. Be proud of your dome.


Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to Hair Loss


Hair Loss - A Discussion

Who ever dreamed of going bald? It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, hair loss is a problem that concerns everyone and it does not depend on the gender. Women are more obviously worried, but men worry also, they just have difficulty recognizing it. Hair loss is a condition that may affect the social activity of someone. Studies show that some women even left their jobs when they found out they were going bald for some reason. Men are less concerned, but this can also affect them psychologically, especially if they are the only bald man in their inner circle.


In spite of that, some women are especially attracted by bald men and this has even changed the way some dating agencies promote the date among their members. Some have created a section only for bald men, where women can find the one they like.However, hair loss is still a concern.


Causes of hair loss

Many factors are considered to be the cause of hair loss. The most important thing to keep in mind is that people experience hair loss due to different causes. In some cases, we have an isolated factor as the cause and in other situations we have a combination of factors.


Some of the factors are:

- Hereditary predisposition
- Prescribed drugs therapies
- Skin disorders
- Severe stress
- Pregnancy
- Bacterial infections
- Radiation
- Chemotherapy
- Excessive androgen production

In addition to that, specialists state that women can experience hair loss due to the menopause. During his period, women go through a phase in which the production of hormones is decreased, which can affect the whole female body. Another thing that doctors advise as a good habit is to keep healthy daily habits, including a healthy diet and physical exercise, which help to decrease the levels of stress.


Preventing hair loss

Although it's difficult to predict who will experience hair loss and who isn't, some things can be done in order to avoid that or delay the age it will happen. Here are some tips to prevent hair loss:

- Eat a diet rich in proteins
- Avoid the unnecessary use of drugs
- Keep a proper hygiene habit
- Avoid hormonal drugs therapy

Women have another things they can do in order to help hair loss. It seems to be pretty effective when women combine prescribed treatment with natural therapies. Some herbs can help, such as:

- Sage: it's excellent for weak hair
- Rosemary: it enhances dark hair
- Chamomile: it promotes healthy hair growth
- Burdock root: it prevents hair from falling

It's important to emphasize that although natural treatments are helpful, it should not replace the prescribed treatments.


Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to Hair Loss


Hair Loss - What Causes It?


Hair loss. What causes it? I mean, one day it's on your head and the next day it's gone. Did gremlins sneak into your room in the middle of the night and cut it off? Well, not quite and hopefully after you're finished reading this article you will understand why you're losing your hair. It's not because of your kids.


At any given point in time about 10% of the hair on your head is asleep. After about 2 or 3 months, this resting hair (yes, it takes long naps) falls out and new hair takes it's place. The hair grows at a rate of about 1 centimetre per month. Not very fast. It is normal to experience some hair loss on a daily basis. But some men and women experience what is considered excessive hair loss.

So what causes this?


Well, a number of things actually. One way is after surgery or excessive stress. The hair loss is a direct result of this surgery or stress but is usually temporary. If you have hormonal problems, this can cause hair loss as well. If your thyroid gland is overactive, this can cause hair loss. If your male and female hormones are out of balance, this can cause hair loss. Usually correcting the hormone imbalance can stop the hair loss.


Women usually have hair loss a few months after having a baby. This is also because of hormones. During pregnancy certain hormones are higher that keep hair from falling out. After pregnancy these hormones are lessened, so the hair begins to fall out. When the hormones return to the level before pregnancy the cycle returns to normal.


Some medications can cause hair loss. This usually improves once you stop taking the medicine. The biggest offenders are blood thinners, medicines used for gout and chemotherapy. Also birth control pills and anti depressants. Some infections such as fungal infections of the scalp can cause hair loss. These however are easily treated.


Finally, hair loss can be caused by a more serious disease like lupus or diabetes. Hair loss is usually an early symptom of a disease, so it is best to get this checked out as soon as possible. Also improper hair care can also cause hair loss. Using tight corn rows or hair rollers. Hot oil treatments can also cause hair loss as well as constant wearing of hats. The reason is because the hat prevents air from getting to the scalp and eventually the hair dies. Only wear a hat when necessary.


Then there is what they call "male pattern baldness." This is the most common cause of hair loss in men. This is an inherited trait, meaning that if your father went bald, there is a good chance that you will as well. Men who lose their hair at an early age usually have more extensive hair loss than other men. This type of baldness usually starts with a receding hair line at the front of the scalp.

In the next article we'll discuss treatments for hair loss and hair replacement techniques.


Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to Hair Loss

Hair Loss - How To Deal With It Emotionally

In this article we're going to deal with the psychological problems of hair loss and the various ways to deal with them. The truth is, hair loss and baldness in men is not the stigma that it was years ago. Today baldness is actually seen as sexy in some circles. Men like Telly Savalis, Yul Brenner, Michael Jordan, Patrick Stewart, Vin Diesel, Andre Agassi, Samuel L. Jackson, and even a woman like Persis Khambatta, who sizzled the screen in Star Trek The Motion Picture, have made baldness something that is looked at as quite attractive. Can you picture Captain Picard on the Enterprise with hair? Somehow I doubt it.


Some people even use two or more products simultaneously. Keeping track of all this information can be frustrating and difficult. The best way to figure out what is working is to keep a record detailing your progress. You should record all relevant information about the treatment process: when you started, the dosage, cost, and any side effects you experience. This documentation will tell you which products are effective, which ones are not, and allow you to make necessary changes as you go ahead


Still in some areas baldness is a problem, primarily in the workplace of professional men like accountants, lawyers, insurance salesmen and others. If you look around you will notice that the most successful men in these and many other business related fields have full heads of hair. The bald man doesn't travel as far in many circles. Mostly because he doesn't fit the executive "image" and therefore he will rarely move that far up the corporate ladder. Now once a man has achieved a position of president or vice president then it's a different story. Seldom will anyone dare to make the boss feel insecure because he is bald. Unfortunately most male pattern baldness starts at a young age and they never even make it that far.


For women it is even worse. A bald woman in the workplace is looked at like a freak. In almost all societies a woman's only recourse if she goes bald, usually because of a medical condition, or more likely from cancer treatment, is to go out and get a wig. While this will usually be noticeable unless one is purchased that looks exactly like her own hair did, it is her only option to dealing with the looks that she is certain to get.


So how does one deal with the psychological problems one is confronted with after going bald? Because aside from how others see you there is the problem with how you now feel about yourself. With men this is a difficult time. Many feel like they've lost a part of their manhood. They feel like less than a man. They're not as confident when going out in public. They don't feel as attractive to their wives. They feel like they've lost a friend that they've had their whole lives. Also it reminds them that they are getting old, though in reality much male pattern baldness starts very young. With women this can be one of the most traumatic times of their life.


So again, how DO they deal with baldness? Unfortunately the best way is to have the problem treated. See a dermatologist. Try to get to the root of the problem and correct it if possible. There are also support groups and a few Internet forums these people can go to but they're not as readily available as support groups for alcoholics and drug addicts. Sadly, society doesn't really think of baldness as a serious psychological issue even though, to the people who suffer from it, it can be one of the most traumatic times of their lives.


Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to Hair Loss


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