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Hair Loss Articles, Tips and Information

Hair Loss - Disaster For The Young Man

When we are somewhat younger, the male of the species preen themselves for an evening out, usually with the intention of attracting the opposite sex. This is no different of course than any other member of the animal kingdom, we like to make sure that we look our best. We check out our clothes and everything else just to make sure that everything is just so, and then we take a final look in the mirror to check out the result.

The fear element of wearing the toupee must be of major concern as well.

Shock horror!! We look at our faces in the mirror, look at the top of the head in the reflected image and notice that there is a noticeable thinning of the hair. Hair loss, the fear of every young man! All things go through the mind. Imaginings of being bald in a few months. How could we possibly face anyone, least of all the female of the species, displaying a shiny dome, a bit of hair on either side of the head. Worse still, perhaps there will be just a little hair left on top and we might be forced to use the dreaded “comb over”. Life is surely at a social end as we know it.


What is the remedy for this dastardly condition? How can we cope with the indignity? It is the time, we think, that hair loss will make a difference to our social status. The back of the hand remarks from “friends” – no chance of support there. What in heaven’s name is the solution? A lot of men nowadays seem to “solve” the problem by simply shaving their heads and “hide” the fact that hair loss is happening at all. Maybe that might work in a lot of cases, but it is quite obvious that this particular “style” does not suit everyone.


Because of the shape of peoples’ faces, this particular form of “hair removal” can have an adverse effect. It can, of course, give the impression of aggressiveness. This, of course, can be gleaned from what we see in the entertainment media. It appears that most of the “heavies” in movies and on television, appear to have shaven heads. This could be an unfair assumption, but often first appearances engender lasting opinions.


Another drastic and “final solution” to a hair loss problem, is buying a toupee. Now, this may suit some people and indeed there are some very good examples of this cosmetic aid. Vanity must take preference though for this means of combating hair loss – rather than actually really wanting to put one of these things on your head.


By definition, the thing actually sits on the head. Presumably there is no adhesive involved in fitting it to its final position. If that be the case, then it must be a major risk that it will part itself from the head on some occasion, whether if the wind may blow a little too hard one day, or perhaps a sudden movement might dislodge it from its “home” position. In either case, surely the embarrassment from this type of incident would far outweigh the actual hair loss issue. In this case the slogan surely must be: “Bald is beautiful”.


Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Hair Loss


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Hair Loss and Its Psychological Effect on Women


It can be very painful for a man to lose his hair. It’s associated with the advance of age, loss of physical strength, the feeling to not be attractive to women anymore. And it usually happens at a time when a man enters his first mid-life crisis, thereby exacerbating the effect. But it is far more difficult for women to lose their hair. There are quite a few scientific studies that prove that women suffer more emotional and psychological pain than men. And those psychological effects are more severe than what men generally go through when they lose their hair.


In those above mentioned studies men and women who suffered from hair loss responded to questionnaires that were designed and administered by psychologists and general physicians. And the results showed that for women their appearance was far more important than for men, that they had a deep psychological investment in the way they look. It was far more important for them how other people perceived them, and it was not a question of just being vain. So they reacted more strongly to a change in that appearance.


For men it is generally easier to cope with their hair loss than for women, who for example try to hide the fact that they are losing hair. Or they might try to develop a hair style that covers the area where the hair loss is the most obvious. They might spent more energy on other aspects of their physical appearance in order to divert attention from their hair loss.


What are the recommendations for a woman who starts losing her hair? She should first of all talk to a certified dermatologist in order to find out the cause of her hair loss. She should than learn the options she has for treating her condition, these options obviously being based on the diagnosis of her dermatologist. After considering the different procedures and their costs she should then decide upon a course of action. One of those options is obviously the restoration of her hair by a physician with experience in surgical hair restoration.


Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Hair Loss


Propecia for Male Pattern Hair Loss

There are many medications that can deal with male hair loss. A well known medication is known as Propecia. This particular medication is designed to specifically help men who are experiencing male pattern hair loss. In clinical studies, hair count increased during the first year and was maintained in those that took Propecia for 24 months. If you wish to take Propecia, it is useful to know how this medication can possibly help you in your hair loss.


An old saying goes that the hair of a woman is her ‘crowning’ glory, and that’s the way the female participants in the studies tended to feel about their hair. They experienced a loss of self worth, they lost self esteem when the hair began falling out. Hair loss occurs in both sexes. But in men there is a general pattern when and how fast their hair falls out, and it is generally recognized. So nobody is really surprised when a man starts getting bald at a certain age. The man’s family and friends might commiserate with him about the hair loss, even try to help him to find some humor in it. But women who lose their hair don't have that kind of support system of friends and family, and they feel that their condition is not being taken seriously. This is because the pattern of hair loss in women is more diffuse and it doesn’t necessarily begin at a certain age. That’s why most people underestimate the psychological effects of hair loss in women.


Propecia, in generic terms is known as Finasteride. It is known to help men that are dealing with male pattern hair loss, also known as DHT. This particular pattern of baldness and hair loss is known to directly affect men because of genetics that are inherited from both their mother and father. The genes cause the hormone of DHT to react with the enzymes that are located in the scalp and hair region. When this happens, hair begins to thin and eventually causes for it to fall out completely.


Propecia is a prescription medication that has proven to be more effective in men than in women. Propecia will interact with male pattern baldness by adding an androgen hormone as a possible treatment. This will then balance out with the enzymes and other chemicals that are causing hair loss.


Women must not use Propecia when they are pregnant or hoping to get pregnant. Propecia can potentially cause abnormalities of the male baby's sex organs, a condition known as hypospadias. Additionally, women should not handle crushed or broken tablets when they are pregnant or may potentially be pregnant.


Propecia is FDA approved. Despite this, there are side effects to taking Propecia. Because of the added hormone, a small percentage of men have reported less desire for sex and difficulty in achieving an erection and/or a decrease in the amount of semen. There may also be possible allergic reactions that occur, which can be noted from rashes, itching or irritation that takes place. If you should observe any of these symptoms, it is best to stop taking the medication and ask your doctor before you continue with the prescription.


Propecia is one of several medications that are available for those dealing with male pattern hair loss. Speak to your doctor to find out more about Propecia if you are interested to use this medication to help you in your treatment of falling hair. Knowing what your options are and evaluating your risks, will ensure that you make the best choice possible for treating your male pattern hair loss.


Kathlene Capelle writes on hair loss solution, female hair loss, male hair loss, cause of hair loss, natural hair loss treatment and hair care tips. Her blog also includes home made recipes for hair loss. For hair loss remedy information and news updates, please visit


Hair Loss Scalp Disorder: Seborrheic Dermatitis


There can be several disorders or diseases that result in hair loss. Hair loss is an indication that there can be a problem that is happening inside your body. One disorder that is related to the changes on the scalp is known as seborrheic dermatitis. This is a common inherited disorder and should be treated continuously and as soon as possible.


Seborrheic dermatitis is also often known as dandruff, eczema or cradle cap. When you have seborrheic dermatitis, you experience a change in the skin texture on your scalp. This will include either greasy or oily areas over the scalp or white flakes that are coming from your scalp. You are also likely to experience itching and redness in the scalp area, and also hair loss.


If you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms, then you may be having seborrheic dermatitis. For treatment, you can use a medicated shampoo for direct application on your scalp. Depending on the shampoo, it will contain a variety of ingredients that will help.


If the medicated shampoo fails to arrest your hair loss and scalp disorder, you can get a prescribed medication from a health care provider in order to get rid of seborrheic dermatitis. These shampoos will contain medications such as salicylic acid, coal tar, zinc, resorcin and selenium. The prescribed medications will have stronger amounts of these ingredients in them, as well as added ketoconazole and corticosteroids. You can also massage your head in order to get the balance in the scalp back to a normal condition. This is especially effective with children who are dealing with seborrheic dermatitis.


While seborrheic dermatitis can easily be treated with the right shampoos and care for the hair, it cannot easily be prevented. Once you have the symptoms, it will be likely that you may get them again. You will need to continue to use the shampoos that have the medication in them and take the necessary measures in order to prevent the problem from coming back.


In addition, make sure that you have an adequate supply of essential vitamins and supplements. As always, a healthy diet helps. Adopt good hair care tips to prevent more hair loss. If you are having a difficult time from preventing this problem, then you can consult a health care provider about possible treatments. Having an understanding seborrheic dermatitis and knowing how to treat the problem will help you in maintaining a healthy scalp and hair.


Kathlene Capelle writes on hair loss solution, female hair loss, male hair loss, cause of hair loss, natural hair loss treatment and hair care tips. Her blog also includes home made recipes for hair loss. For hair loss remedy information and news updates, please visit


Hair Loss Due to Various Diseases or Surgery


Most times, hair loss is explained in the context of genetics and a change in the hormonal balance of one’s body. However, hair loss can also be a symptom of an underlying disease or a result from a surgery. Skin diseases that affect the scalp form one disorder that can result in hair loss. The nutrients, minerals and supplements are lost rapidly in the hair and scalp. With any of these skin diseases, it will usually cause hair loss either because of the effects from the immune system or because of the lack of nutrients that are not available from the disease.


Cancer, lupus or diabetes are other conditions that can cause your hair to fall out. Because the nutrients are not balanced in the body from these diseases, it may cause side effects or problems with hair loss. This is known as a side effect of an underlying problem that is more severe. When you are losing hair from a surgery, it is usually either a side effect of the disease, or from excess stress that occurs from the surgery. This is especially known to be a problem if the surgery is major. In other instances, the hair loss may be a result of part of the surgical procedure, such as chemotherapy, which will cause temporary hair loss.


Knowing how your disease or the aftermath of a surgery can result in hair loss is important as it can mean that your falling hair may just be a temporary situation as you recover from a weakened immune system and body. Once your body hormones begin to balance again and your organs are working optimally, hair will begin to grow back at a normal rate. Don’t worry excessively if your hair takes some time to grow. It takes time for the proteins and nutrients to take effect on your scalp and hair. In fact, a period of between four to six months is usually the case before you have a good amount of hair back on your head again.


If you are losing your hair because of a disease, then you can expect that the hair will grow back. In order to make sure that your hair grows back, you will need to take proper specific steps in order to remove toxins from your body and rebalance the hormones internally. In effect, your scalp and hair area will gain more nutrients and will have the ability to become healthy again. Over time, your hair loss will diminish and will grow back, despite the effects from any type of disease that has affected your body.


Kathelene Capelle is a writer for beauty tips and advice. Her blog includes useful information on acne remedy, natural skin care, natural remedies for skin care and anti-aging. She also provides step-by-step recipes for skin care that you can easily prepare from ingredients right out from your kitchen. Get updated on tips and resources for your acne treatment

Hair Loss caused by Lichen Planus

There are several factors that can result in hair loss. One common disease is a disorder known as lichen planus. This particular disease is not in itself a direct cause but it is an important trigger and often causes complications with the scalp and can lead to this problem.


Lichen planus is more of a skin disorder that also affects other areas of the body. Thus, it can not only affect the skin and body, but also the scalp. When the scalp is affected, hair loss is experienced. Licen phanus is usually considered to be an allergic reaction and is often associated with a poor immune system. Some believe that lichen planus is triggered from excessive stress. Stress weakens the body’s immune system and render it susceptible to infection and other health symptoms such as hair loss. The chances of getting another lichen planus attack rise with the first affliction, even with treatment and prevention measures.


Lichen planus is most identifiable by the changes in the skin that occur. There will be itching in certain areas of the skin, as well as skin lesions that will appear in a variety of places. The skin lesions will have a variety of attributes related to their shape, size and color, all which will help you in identifying the disorder. There may also be nail abnormalities, such as ridges in the nails that begin to appear. The skin lesions will then begin to move into the mouth area and cause your mouth to feel dry. From here, lichen planus will begin to show on the scalp area and hair will be lost from the irritation from the scalp area.


Once you notice these symptoms, do not wait too long to treat the lichen planus. In most cases, the symptoms are not severe enough and will simply go away over time. However, there is also the possibility of the symptoms become full blown and it will be more difficult to treat at that point in time.


For treatment, you can take prescribed medications. Antihistamines are useful in helping to treat lichen planus. Vitamin A in the form of ointments and creams are also considered to be effective. It can be expected that this disorder will disappear after a few months or after a longer amount of time. Also, ensure a healthy diet and lifestyle to boost your immune system.


If you notice both the above mentioned symptoms and also experience hair loss at the same time, then it is possible that you can be having lichen planus. To be absolutely sure, it is best to seek a professional diagnosis. Lichen planus can cause much discomfort to you as it affects your physical appearance. Understanding what the symptoms of lichen planus are and knowing what to do will help you repair your skin and treat yourself from hair loss.


Kathelene Capelle is a writer for beauty tips and advice. Her blog includes useful information on acne remedy, natural skin care, natural remedies for skin care and anti-aging. She also provides step-by-step recipes for skin care that you can easily prepare from ingredients right out from your kitchen. Get updated on tips and resources for your acne treatment

Hair Loss - Vitamins, Diet and Supplements

The more stressful your life, the more important it is that you are taking vitamins, eating a healthy diet and even taking nutrient supplements that will help you in preventing hair loss.

• Vitamin A is an essential vitamin to help you with hair loss and thinning hair. However, be sure to not take more than 25,000 IU daily as it could lead to more hair loss or other severe problems.

• Vitamin C and E are two antioxidants vitamins that are important for keeping your hair, looking fuller and shinier, and scalp healthy.

• Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, deficiencies are associated with an increased production of sebum (oil produced by the hair follicles). However, too much B2 and increased sebum production may result in reduced strength of the hair shaft.

• Vitamin B3, niacin - can produce a skin "flush", an uncomfortable feeing, or "hot flash". If you do decide to take this, take the minimum and see how your body reacts first.

• Vitamin B6, pyridoxine hydrochloride - studies have shown B6 to help with healthy hair growth.

• Vitamin B12

• Folic acid is known for its importance in healthy cellular activity, proper cell division, and proper hair growth.

• Biotin - Helps produce keratin, may prevent graying and hair loss.

• Inositol - Keeps hair follicles healthy at the cellular level.


Many of these vitamins are provided by taking a good daily multi-vitamin and from eating a healthy diet.

Adjusting your diet will slow down the loss of hair as many of the vitamins that help you with health hair may be provided by the diet you eat.

• Vitamin C can be found in several vegetables and fruit, especially in citrus fruits. Vitamin E is known to help with circulation in your scalp area. This is found in various beans, as well as oils.

• Sources of B2 come from grains, or breads and cereals, milk and milk products as well as meat, poultry, and fish.

• Niacin (B3) food sources include brewer's yeast, wheat germ, fish, chicken, turkey and meat.

• B6 comes from brewer's yeast, liver, whole grain cereals, vegetables, organ meats and egg yolk.

• Sources of B12 include chicken, fish, eggs and milk.

• Biotin is found in yeast, grains, liver, rice, milk, egg yolk, liver, kidney, soy and barley.


• Foods rich in inositol are whole grains, yeast, liver, citrus fruits, eggs, rice, and milk. With the addition of inositol, you will be able to promote hair growth beneath the scalp and have healthier hair. ...And lastly, supplement such as saw palmetto and zinc are very helpful for those looking for natural ways to help with hair loss Saw palmetto is a type of fruit that is legendary in helping to solve problems with baldness and prostate health in the U.S. and throughout Europe.


Zinc is best known to effect hair loss when there is an absence of a substantial amount of the nutrient. Zinc deficiency not only produces problems with hair loss, but also with changes in the scalp. The scalp may become too dry or flaky and may often times be irritated because of the lack of nutrients. There are many times where zinc has also shown to be effective in stopping hair from turning gray. Stopping hair loss and giving yourself a great looking, healthy head, of hair is not that difficult. Making sure that you are getting the vitamins you need, whether from a multi-vitamin or food sources, and even supplementing that with zinc and saw palmetto.


Get the Valuable Information You Need In Your Research of The Vitamins to Prevent Hair Loss


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