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Hair Loss Articles, Tips and Information

Hair Loss Help The Basic Facts

I would like to preface this article by saying that quite often the right information can completely change a person's attitude towards a problem. Please read this carefully and I hope it will help you. It is generally well known that both men and women can suffer significant hair loss.

The major reason which accounts for hair loss is a genetically inherited sensitivity to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and 5 - alpha- reductase.

Having said that it may not , however, be well known that more than 50% of men,at some time in their lives, will suffer with Male Pattern Baldness (MPB.) also known as androgenetic alopecia . There is no evidence at the present time to suggest that this will happen at any particular time in a person's life.


Norwood Scale 1 -

This is considered as being a normal head of hair, and consequently has no visible hair loss.


Norwood Scale 2 -

This is considered a primary stage of of hair loss, with the hair receding in a wedge shaped pattern from front to back of the head.


Norwood Scale 3 - The hair is still receding in a wedge shaped pattern, but the hairline has now receded farther back into the frontal and the temporal regions.


Norwood Scale 4 -

The hair is still receding but is now a lot more severe in the frontal and temporal regions. In addition to the more severe recession of the hairline in the frontal and temporal regions there is hair loss at the very top centre of the head. Generally, however, there will be a bridge of hair which remains between that region and the front.


Norwood Scale 5 -

The bridge of hair, between the frontal region and the top centre is also known as the vertex and at this stage the hair in this region will have started to become thin.


Norwood Scale 6 -

The hair loss at this stage has become quite severe, and the bridge of hair between the frontal area and the vertex will have disappeared completely.


Norwood Scale 7 -

This is the final stage of hair loss. The hair has now receded back to the base of the head, and also to just above the ears on the sides.


It is generally accepted that the Norwood patterns are genetically determined.


Article written by Norman Holden editor and owner of hppt:// a website about Hair Loss Treatment and Transplant Visit his website on a regular basis for up-to-date news and help.


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Hair Loss Help


The body is without doubt very complex and a little known fact is that of all the tissues in the body hair grows faster than any other. The make up of each individual hair is in the form of three layers - the inner layer (medulla) , which is only found in thick hair , the middle layer (cortex) determining texture , color and strength of the hair and finally the protection for the cortex which is known as the cuticle. Hair growth starts at the roots and they are surrounded by follicles.


This is vital to the hair growth and the supporting nourishment is supplied from the bloodstream.


Underneath this is another layer known as the dermal papilla. The only living element of the hair is the root. All of the visible element of the hair is actually dead tissue and consequently is unable to mend or heal itself.


The natural conclusion to be drawn is that it is vitally important to continually maintain the highest standards when it comes to taking care of the scalp and body in order to preserve hair growth. It must be said that there are a lot of false and bogus claims made regarding the treatment and nourishment of the visible hair for no other reason than to simply sell products , some of which can be very expensive.


Hormones called androgens, generally testosterone, can cause hair follicles to contract, and this in turn causes thinning of the hair or ultimate hair loss. It is reported that only bone marrow grows faster in our body than hair does. If you take the average scalp it contains approximately 100,000 to 150,000 hair follicles and hairs. At any point in time 90% of the hair is growing and 10% of the hair is dormant. There are three distinct stages in hair growth and these are anagen, catagen and telogen. Let's take a look at these stages .

The anagen stage is the stage where hair is actively growing and naturally this stage is longer for follicles in the scalp than anywhere else on the body. It should also be noted that this lasts longer for women than for men .


The catagen stage is the stage where there is a natural deterioration of the hair follicles and for the hair to fall out. This stage is generally considered to be only transitory and the follicles will ultimately enter the telogen stage which is in fact dormant. These are the 10% which are referred to above.


The three stages last different lengths of time:

The normal anagen stage lasts approximately five years The normal catagen stage lasts about three weeks The normal telogen stage lasts approximately twelve weeks. One of the most important points to note is that it is natural to lose some hair. It is generally accepted that the loss of 100 hairs per day should be considered as being natural. Taking this into consideration it will not generally be apparent to most people that they are actually losing their hair before there is an actual loss of about 50%.


Article written by Norman Holden editor and owner of hppt:// a website about Hair Loss Treatment and Transplant Visit his website on a regular basis for up-to-date news and help.


Female Hair Loss And Menopause

Menopause is one of the most common causes of female hair loss and one of the least happily endured symptom. Female hair loss can be pretty devastating to any woman in today's modern society, which emphasizes the importance of an attractive hairdo. Just think on the thriving multi-billion dollar in the hair care industry and the numerous advertisements on shampoo, styling products and hair loss treatments.

Like childbirth, menopause is a natural occurring state for women and - also like childbirth - the changes manifested in the body can be traumatic.

Women begin menopause between the ages of 30 and 70, with most beginning between the mid 40s and mid 50s. However, menopause can occur unnaturally, that is, after surgery or medical treatment. In this case, the symptoms may be much more severe and female hair loss is much more likely.


Female hair loss is not a guaranteed symptom of menopause. It is less common than, for example, hot flashes and mood changes. Women experience female hair loss to varying degrees and some don't experience at all. Exactly what causes hair loss is still not clear. But many experts have said that the most common cause is androgenetic alopecia or genetic balding. This refers to a genetic process whereby individual hair follicles metabolizes the sex hormone testosterone.


Menopausal women experiencing hair loss experience a higher rate of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. It is the effect of DHT on hair follicles that results in heair loss. In the same respect, women who have abnormally high levels of male sex hormones can also experience thinning of scalp hair. Signs that these women display include plenty of body and facial hair, abnormal menstrual patterns and enlarged clitoris. In addition, factors like anemia, thyroid disorders, fungal infections and stressful life situations can cause hair loss in menopausal women.


In the same way that female hair loss shows itself as a manifestation about three months after the originating cause begins, so too does female hair loss take about three months to show the effects of treatment. Estrogenic treatments like soy isoflavones or hormone replace therapies, will need to be implemented for about three months before you can determine whether or not it's working for you.


How negative a menopausal woman feels towards her hair loss differs from individual to individual. In situations where it affects her quality of life and self esteem, it is best to address the problem quickly. A proper evaluation by a professional for causes of hair loss is necessary to determine the underlying medical conditions and an appropriate course of treatment that produce the condition.


Kathelene Capelle writes on acne treatment, natural acne remedy, eczema, dry skin care and massage oils. Get skin care recipes that you can easily prepare from your kitchen! Read them all at


Hair Loss - Getting to the Roots


Hair pays a very important part in most people's lives. Many experience hair loss through various reasons, and often do not know the causes. Everyday we shed hair regardless of age or how healthy our hair is, just the same as we shed skin. Most of us fortunately never have any problems with noticeable hair loss, but then there are an ever increasing amount of us that do experience the almost 'nightmare' of losing our hair at all different ages. Once hair has been lost it is normally replaced in a reasonable amount of time, but it is only when the hair is not replaced for whatever reason that may be, that the loss of hair starts to become noticeable.


There are many myths of hair loss as usual, just as there are with any medical condition, but there are numerous known contributors to hair loss, that are present in most of our lives. Excessive bleaching and colouring of your hair and the constant use of products that are full of chemicals can be detrimental for your hair's condition. The process of aging can have the effect of hair loss even if you have lived a stress free healthy life, and can cause you to search for hair loss treatment.


Most drugs whether they have been prescribed by doctors or taken for recreational purposes can not only have an effect on practically all of your bodily functions, and lot term effect on your body mentally and physically, but can also contribute to the loss of hair at all stages of life. Any type of skin infection or hormonal imbalance with women can influence the loss of hair, and so can any illness that has taken a hard toll on your body.


One of the most common thoughts of hair loss is down to stress, and working a lot of hours and spending most of your working week stressed up to your eyeballs, and not been able to distress before you commence with another stressful day at work seems to contribute to a lot of hair loss across the nation. A simply remedy to this is work less hours, or do not let your work stress you up as much. This is quite often easy to say, and very difficult to put into practice.


More information on Hair Loss Treatment can be found at the author's website at


Hair Loss Facts


It seems almost surreal that over to 80 million American men and women are affected by hair loss. Hair loss is not only genetic; it can also be brought on by a number of factors of our own doing. Doctors specializing in hair loss will often ask the following questions of their patients:


What's a typical day in your diet? Are you taking any medications (including vitamins)? What's your family history of hair loss? Have you been afflicted with a recent illness? What are your daily hair care habits? For both men and women hair is simply our crowning glory. Society (the world over) places a huge deal of social and cultural importance on hair (length, health and thickness) and hairstyles. Most of us never miss our hair, until we start loosing it. That's usually when we enter a mad race to find solutions and remedies to regain our crowning glory. Sadly, many conditions such as diseases, heavy amounts of stress, hormonal imbalance and improper hair care result in excessive hair loss.


A healthy scalp will produce about one-half inch of hair grows per month (some lucky individuals can see up to one inch of hair growth per month). Normal hair shedding should not be of concern or alarm, as we typically loose 50 to 100 hairs per day. However, if you notice heavier hair loss or worst if you notice bald spots, it's best to consult your dermatologist. Your hair loss may have started with a few extra hairs in the sink or in your comb, but when heavy hair loss should be of concern and should be treated immediately.


There is a parade of drugstore cures to treat thinning hair and baldness at your local pharmacy, but the only true way to restore your hairline is to seek treatment from a physician. Board-certified physicians trained in hair restoration surgery (a.k.a. dermatologic surgeons) are uniquely qualified to diagnose the cause of hair loss and recommend a treatment plan.


Hair loss can be treated. The sooner you contact a qualified doctor, the sooner you'll be able to restore your mane. Remember that hair restoration procedures greatly depend on the physician's skill and artistry. Therefore, it's very important to see a dermatologic surgeon with training and experience in this area.


Gisele Brosnan is an Editor for . Our site it dedicated to provided information on Hair Restoration Solutions for men and women. © Copyright BrainCandy Factory. All rights reserved.

The latest research on male hair loss

Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss in men. Male hair loss is caused by increased sensitivity to androgens or male sex hormones in certain parts of scalp, and is mainly a genetic problem. In the past, baldness was seen as undesirable or unfortunate. Nowadays it is a serious problem; so first we should seek for a hair loss solution and then think of other related medical treatment.


Baldness is a major problem in both men and women. Young men with frontal baldness face a lot of ridicule too. You can use hair loss solution to stop hair loss. There are lots of hair loss remedies available in market. Researches have been conducted for future hair loss treatments by lots of companies and they are coming with hair loss discoveries and hair loss products.


Scientists have done a lot of research on hair loss solution, therapies and techniques to over come the problem of baldness. They are still working hard to find more advanced and effective therapies to stop hair loss. As it is related to personality and beauty of a person, a large amount of money is engaged in it. The treatment cost can vary from US$150 to US$20,500 depending upon the treatment procedure. The treatment may be medication based lengthy process or an external cosmetic surgery or just hair loss solution.


If you wish to stop hair loss you should consult a dermatologist or a your physician. The specialist will examine your hair loss type and then prescribe a hair loss solution. You can go for a natural hair loss treatment or chemical hair loss treatment. However, it is recommended to go for an immediate treatment before conditions become worse.


Along with hair loss solution or hair loss products, there are few new medicines available in the market like Dutasteride and Propecia. Experiments have shown that it is possible to stop hair loss with the help of medicines like Dutasteride and Propecia. It will be better to first go for an allergy check up before intake of Propecia. Consult your physician before going for any medicinal regimen. You can even make a search on Internet to find best hair loss products available in the market.


Our experts have executed a research to find the best hair loss treatments. Find the results only on More valuable hairloss info on

Discover How to Stop Hair Loss - Grow More Hair

In one of my other articles, I revealed that plugged hair follicles are one of the main conditions that start hair thinning and baldness. The other condition is insufficient blood circulation in the scalp. When you don't have enough blood circulating in your scalp, then your hair roots don't get enough nutrients to support the life and strength of your hair in the follicle. The hardest place to get good circulation is at the top of your scalp. It is the furthest point away from your heart. It is the area that is less stimulated. The sides of your head are stimulated as you sleep and move your head around the pillow. That is one reason why most people still have hair on the sides of their head while the top is completely bald.


The enzyme 5 -alpha-reductase actually converts testosterone, a male hormone , to DHT . This is the substance which has been identified as the end cause for hair loss. There is a general acceptance in the community that most male hair loss follows a pattern which has been codified in a table called the Norwood Scale. This scale has seven patterns of hair, which are identified as follows:


So what the ways you can increase blood circulation to the top of your head?

Here are two ways to do it.

* Use herbal remedies to increase body and scalp blood circulation

* Use hot and cold hydrotherapy

Use herbal remedies to increase body and scalp blood circulation


There are several herbs that provide increase circulation to all parts of the body. Two good standby remedies are ginkgo biloba and cayenne pepper. Use ginkgo biloba as indicated on the label. Ginkgo increases the blood circulation in the brain and all parts of the head.


Use Cayenne pepper in the formulation made of Heart Foods Company. This Cayenne strengthens the heart giving it the ability to pump blood to the furthest reaches of the body. There are two other herbal formulations that have recently come out to provide increase circulation to all parts of the body - vital cell and Arjuna. Vital cell is a Chinese herbal combination that is available in the US. It is a powerful remedy that helps to re-establish small veins that have closed off. This creates more pathways for blood to go where it is needed and where it once went.


Arjuna is another herb that comes from another country - India. It is now readily available in the US. Arjuna is the latest herb to be exposed as good for preventing and reducing arthrosclerosis. By reducing narrowing of the arteries in the head, strokes can be avoided and a side benefit is the scalp get more blood.


Use Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy

I have talked about this natural way of bringing more blood into the scalp. It's a technique I use every time I shower. At the end of your shower, run hot water over your head for 20 seconds, turn the hot water off and allow the cold water to run over your head for 20 seconds.


Do this hot-cold water technique three - four times and end with the cold water. This technique allow blood to move in and out of the lower layers of your scalp giving you a blood massage and providing more nutrients to your hair roots. As a side benefit, you are bringing in more blood to your brain giving you more brain power as long as use this technique. Use herbs to improve you blood circulation to your scalp and use hot-cold water to blood massage your scalp. By doing this, you will find less hair loss and you may even start to see some hair growth.


Rudy Silva is a Natural Nutritionist. To get more tips and remedies for preventing hair loss and for growing hair go to:

For women hair loss tips go to:

Look for my other articles on hair thinning, hair loss, and hair growth.


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