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Hair Loss Articles, Tips and Information

Hair Loss :-

12 basic factors causing loss of hair

Healthy hair builds and maintains self confidence, develops personality irrespective of gender, caste, creed, color or religion. Obviously people are longing to have an eye catching style of hair and leave no effort to turn their hair attractive. Ironically, still some of us cannot retain this beauty symbol throughout the passage of life.

Though the portion of hair above the skin is constituted of dead cells but the live cells beneath the skin grows regularly by getting the required nutrients like Protein and essential Amino Acids from the blood. A

Basic reasons for hair loss may be classified as below:-

1. s such, non- reaching or less reaching of this ingredients or deficiency of these nutrients in our food, in other words, taking of imbalanced food may lead to hair loss.


2. Since the required nutrients are reached to the root of the hair through blood, therefore inadequate circulation of blood in the scalp hinders the reaching of the required nutrients to the hair root and thereby causes loss of hair.


3. In case of male, Androgenic Alopepsia contributes for baldness; this is a type of interference of sex hormone whose flow is being determined by the receptors situated at the bottom of the hair.


4. Fast food and junk food if consumed in abundance, in place of balanced one, could not ensure supply of adequate nutrient to the body and hence may contribute towards rapid loss of hair.


5. Another reason is the application of excessive heat treatment or use of strong chemicals ruthlessly with an intention to bring the desired shape and style of hair by simply ignoring its health.


6. Pollutant materials like harmful chemicals, flavoring, coloring and preserving agents, present in the food is one more reason.


7. Sedentary work style and insufficient physical movement, restricts the blood circulation in the body thereby hinders enough flow of proteins to the hair and this deficiency in turn translates into loss of hair.


8. Pollution of environment, chemical effects of inorganic fertilizers and insecticides in the food and consumption of contaminated drinking water is indirectly responsible for the problem.


9. Because of too much awareness with regard to beauty, hair and fashion sometimes people treat the hair in an unwanted and unhealthy manner which may also be blamed for hair loss.


10. Today's busy life style under stiff competition coupled with psychological tension and anxiety in every sphere of life changes the metabolism of the body and leaves its impression in the form of baldness.


11. Generally there may not be any linkage between the hair loss and the disorder of stomach, indigestion or chronic acidity but malfunction of liver may have some effect on it.


12. During pregnancy, secretion of hormones may be above average, which generally drops after delivery and there may be tendency of hair loss in some cases.


15 important tips to prevent hair loss.


1. Good health and good habit goes a long way to have a lustrous and attractive hair.

2. Cleanliness is next to hairlines. Scalp should be kept clean to avoid infection of fungus and bacteria so as to prevent hair loss.

3. Consumption of balanced diet and thereby ensuring uninterrupted supply of required nutrients to the hair guards against baldness.

4. People who does not have any scope for physical labor because of their very nature of sedentary work culture should always resort to some sort of physical exercise daily, so that proper movement of organs ensure enough blood circulation and thereby guards against hair loss.


5. As far as possible everyone should try to stick to consumption of natural/Home made foods in substitution of chemically blended or processed food because not only the chemical preservative present in the processed food reaches harm to the body and hair but also the processed food are very much prone to easy contamination.


6. Regular intake of fried, rich and spicy food in plenty is also responsible for such problem; easily digestible nutritious food should be preferred. 6. If possible, everybody should concentrate on freehand exercise at least for a few minutes a day which not only will contribute for good hair but also for good health.


7. Use of chemical substances in the form of shampoo, oil or any coloring material in whatsoever form it may be, in order to look the hair shining should be strictly avoided. Use of herbal products in place of chemical ones may be practiced.


8. Excessive attention to make the hair more attractive by use of strong clips, combs or brushes aggravates the problem and may be avoided.


9. Attitude towards bleaching and dying of hair should be NO! NO!

10. Every protection should be taken to get rid of dandruff otherwise hair loss may be inevitable. Medicated shampoo preferably herbal ones may be used to keep the scalp clean along with intake of plenty of water and balanced diet help to keep the dandruff away.


11. Adequate hour of sound sleep is necessary to maintain the good lustrous hair.

12. Message particularly steroid drop message may be tried on case to case basis for regain of lost hair.

13. Consumption of Vitamin E capsules under medical supervision sometimes gives relief and restricts havoc loss of hair.

14. Consumption of medicines to prevent hair loss without proper medical supervision may lead to deteriorate the situation, hence should not be resorted. 15. Anti oxidants which may be obtained from fresh vegetables or fruits or from medicines may be taken, of course, after consultation and under supervision of a medical professional.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Natural Hair Loss Remedy And Treatment


This guide will discuss the various ways of hair loss and the natural hair loss treatments available. As many of us believe and rightly so, hair fall occurs due to the lack of attention it receives from its owner (though the main type of loss is hereditary i.e. male pattern baldness). Very hardly people care to treat their hair as they treat their face.


The first way to stop hair loss is to give proper attention to it. Now, with that out of the way, the other reasons that can be quoted are: genes, hormones, chemicals and dust particles settling in, etc. The top priority must be given to the gene factor involved in hair loss. Because, this has been the cause for many who are young to become bald.


Though, there are some general ways to prevent hair loss that is mentioned below. These steps are a guideline for effective maintenance of the hair.

· Massage your hair with plenty of coconut oil, so that it reaches deep into the root of the hair follicles. Doing this everyday is a really good treatment for arresting hair loss. Also, this reduces the body heat also, which might trigger hair loss for some and also acts well in strengthening the hair follicles.

· Then make it a habit of washing your hair with shikhai powder and amla powder atleast once a week. You can also add the yolk of egg to the powders as it is a high protein food and helps in the growth of hair

· Include Aloe Vera in the list of hair loss remedy products. Aloe Vera gel or oil which is commonly available in the market has been an effective ingredient in stopping hair fall.

· If you are regularly using an anti hair fall shampoo and still experience hair loss, it is better for you to consult a dermatologist. He may help you based on whether you are allergic to certain chemicals or products.


All the above mentioned points may not lead to quick remedy for hair fall. They help stop hair fall. Also, consulting a dermatologist is suggested if you experience rapid hair loss.


Hair loss center Andrew Smith is owner of HowToAll, a site with instructional guides.


Hair Loss and Procerin


Hair loss is becoming something of an epidemic in the minds of middle aged men. With social pressures forcing men to live up to that 'perfect' wealthy middle aged man image, obvious imperfections like baldness are unacceptable. Clearly I say so in a satirical tone but the reality for men facing this problem can be far more harsh. Hair loss can lead to embarassment, loss of confidence and more. Fortunately for the middle aged among our male species there are nowadays various methods of regaining that long lost youth and returning your scalp to its former coveredness. Of course we all know about wigs and hair transplants but not all of us have the inclination or with hair transplants the money to make such treatments feasible.


Hair is an outgrowth on the skin which is determined by the testosterone (in men) and estrogen (in women). These two determine the differences between a man and woman. For a female, when the estrogen is present in normal condition, she develops long hair and prevents hair growth on the face. When the level of estrogen is reduced, the hair loss is prominent in females. There has some success in females when estrogen level is restored. For a genetically caused hair loss in both men and women, the best solution available is hair transplantation. This has been a phenomenal success for many who have developed baldness through heredity.


Then there are medications that come by prescription that can assist in natural hair regrowth and rethickening. The considerations that need to be made here are that prescription medications for hair loss often involve altering various hormonal levels which can unfortunately lead to sexual dysfunction and decreases in sexual arousal.


The final, and being a softie my personal favourite and recommended option is natural herbal supplements such as the new Procerin.

The reason for 92% of cases of baldness is a condition called androgenetic alopecia. This condition causes baldness by converting the bodies testosterone to a substance called DHT which is released through the skin (including the scalp) which damages hair follicles and inhibits hair growth.


Procerin uses completely natural ingredients to combat the release of this DHT, allowing your hairs growth to resume as normal and preventing the loss of existing hair. As a result of weeks and months with less hair falling out and existing hair growing unrestricted by DHT, the user gets to regain the head of hair they once enjoyed.


The results from Procerin are shown to be remarkable in terms of both long term effectiveness and speed. Procerin is an ongoing treatment and can be taken as required with no side effects or adverse reactions caused. With few or no drawbacks and quick and guaranteed results Procerin is likely to be the next big thing in hair loss treatment so don't be surprised to see it on tv, in magazines or in newspapers in the coming months and years. It really is funny how the more advanced our society becomes, the more we revert back to older medicines to cure our modern day health conditions. Interesting.


Gary Stephens writes on many men's health issues including hair loss and balding and runs an informational website on hair loss treatments. More information can be found at


What To Do About Hair Loss After Pregnancy

After the baby is born, though, the extra hair is gradually released, and hair loss after pregnancy is much more pronounced than it was before or during pregnancy. This is normal, so do not worry about it. It could take up to a year for the hair to return to its normal rate of falling out, a few strands at a time. So, do not worry if you notice hair loss after pregnancy. It is normal, and a result of your hormones gradually readjusting to their normal pre-pregnancy state. Hormones affect many parts of the body, including hair, nails, milk production, ovulation, moods, and menstruation. During pregnancy, nails become notably harder. Just as there is a normal amount of hair loss after pregnancy, the fingernails will also return gradually to the way a woman had normally experienced them.


Pregnancy is a whole body experience. After the baby is born, the mother's body has a lot of things to do in order to return to its usual non-pregnant state. A mother who is nursing will have a longer period of readjustment than one who is not. Still, always remember, nine and a half months up, at least the same amount of time down! Besides hair loss after pregnancy, a woman might notice changes in her nails. Besides hair loss after pregnancy, you may have noted other changes in your hair during pregnancy. Hormones affect the whole body, including the hair. Hair that was normally straight might suddenly begin to grow in curlier than ever during pregnancy. Or, hair that was curly may get straighter and straighter as a pregnancy progresses.


It can take a year for hair to readjust to its normal thickness and straight or wavy state after the baby is born. It can be startling to see such an increase in hair loss after pregnancy. You may find clumps of hair on the drain, or in your brush. You won't see thin patches on your head, so don't worry about that. You are simply releasing hair that was extra during your pregnancy. This can take a year to return to normal. One of the most interesting things about pregnancy is the way it affects a woman's hair. During pregnancy, the hair becomes fuller. That is because the follicles don't release hair at the same rate as when the body is not pregnant.

So, hair loss during pregnancy is not very common, and hair will usually fall out less than when a woman is not pregnant.


Have you noticed any hair loss after the pregnancy?


Hair Loss During And After Pregnancy


Women have problems of hair loss during and after pregnancy. This is common and patches of baldness or hair fall can be seen. The main reasons for hair loss in women are vitamin and mineral deficiency and hormonal changes. Most of the pregnant women do not lose hair. The hair is thick and the hair growth is very good at this time. Every pregnant woman loses hair after they give birth. During this stage there is a hormonal change in the body, which is the main reason for losing hair. During pregnancy women are given vitamins and minerals, which make them, lose little hair. If you lose hair while you are pregnant then you should consult a physician. They would be able to advise on the recommended dosage of minerals and vitamins, the shampoo to be used, how to comb and the hair oils to be used during this phase.


Losing hair is common nowadays due to stress, pollution etc. There is continuous research going on to develop new hair loss products. Latest news on hair products and hair treatment is available on many websites. According to clinical trials conducted in 2004, hair cloning or hair manipulation could be the next big thing in hair restoration.


While you are pregnant or after pregnancy if you could see spots of baldness or hair thinning then you should consult a physician and get a check up done. Hair loss during and after pregnancy could be due to several factors so a complete check up may be required depending on the amount of hair loss. A physician would be able to check and prescribe medicines. Women who do not have healthy diets during or after pregnancy stand the risk of losing hair. Proper nutrition is very necessary for growth, healthy and shiny hair. Most of the women during pregnancy get excessive hair growth on the legs, chin, cheek, belly etc. Hair loss in women could increase after pregnancy so proper care should be taken and physician advice is recommended.

New Hair Loss Products

There are many new hair loss products, which are launched. Hair loss products could be allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic etc. The latest news on hair loss is that the demand for hair loss products is growing at a fast pace. There are many new hair treatments and products available, which help in hair growth and prevent hair loss.


The most effective hair loss products are Regaine, Propecia and Dutasteride, which are prescribed by dermatologists. You should not buy hair loss products by yourself. You should consult a dermatologist before buying any hair loss product as they help you by prescribing the best hair loss products for your type of hair.


There are lots of hair loss products available on the internet which can be purchased, but consulting a dermatologist would help a lot. There are lots of new hair loss products like hair shampoos, hair oils, hair growth pills etc. These products help in hair growth and prevent hair fall. By massaging hair oil on the scalp the hair, which is not strong enough, could fall and new hair would grow. People prefer medication rather than surgery and the strides being taken in hair loss medicine research is phenomenal.


To learn more visit =>


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