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Hair Loss Articles, Tips and Information

Hair Loss Treatment in Zinc

Hair loss can be a difficult thing to experience. There are a number of hair loss treatments that claim to be helpful if a person wants to try and stop the process or at least slow it down. One possibility that may not have been considered is to find a vitamin or mineral that targets hair loss. While genetics does have some credibility as one cause of baldness, another cause could be a nutritional deficiency in the diet. Zinc is known to be one nutrient that can help stop loss of hair. It will be easier to use zinc to treat baldness or thinning of hair when it is known how zinc relates to this problem and what the proper balance should be.

Making sure that you are eating a balanced diet with the proper amounts of zinc and other nutrients is one way to make sure that you are doing all you can to help prevent hair loss.

If there is a considerable lack of enough zinc in a person’s body then it is most likely one of the factors causing hair loss. In order to tell if a lack of zinc could be affecting your hair, you need to figure out how much of this nutrient is in your daily intake of food. Since we also know that stress can be a factor in losing hair, it is important to note that zinc is beneficial for helping your system cope when it is under excessive stress. If you are experiencing a great amount of stress, this can cause the zinc to move through the body more quickly leaving you with a substantial lack of the nutrient.


Zinc helps your system by increasing the proteins you need that affect the health of your hair, skin and nails. When you suffer from a lack of zinc, then the hair does not continue to grow and can fall out. Zinc helps to create a balanced support system by working along with several of the proteins that you have in the body. It is important that the nutrients which the body requires stay in proper balance.


A lack of sufficient zinc can cause problems with the scalp as well as contributing to a loss of hair. Nutrient deficiency may be irritating the scalp and making it dry and flaky. Zinc is known to also help prevent hair color changing to gray. It is so effective that it can even help reverse the process of hair thinning, baldness or graying if zinc is taken in the right quantity.


There are a number of different foods that are a good source of zinc. Fish, yeast, egg yolks and wheat germ are all helpful to increase a person’s intake of this nutrient. The zinc in these foods will help to stimulate protein production in different parts of the body. Another option is to purchase zinc nutritional supplements. A good rule of thumb is to take fifty to one hundred milligrams daily to make it most helpful.


Often, zinc is lacking in typical daily meals alone. If you desire to be certain your body has the proper balance of the nutrients it requires, then you can increase your intake of foods rich in the nutrient you lack as well as take supplemental vitamins and minerals. This will help assure that your body has been properly armed to help fight hair loss.


Dennis Harris has a health related site that provides help for a wide range of medical and health related issues. You can visit his site at


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Hair Loss Treatment by Aromatherapy


For thousands of years people have found many purposes for Aromatherapy. We know that as far back as the early Egyptian culture, its uses for many aspects of the human body have been investigated. It has been known that different combinations of roots and leaves along with extracts from flowers that have been condensed into essential oils help regenerate the human body and lift the spirits of people.


One of the things that humans have an ongoing problem with is hair loss and there has been some success quite often using aromatherapy as a hair loss treatment. Alopecia has been treated for many years with oils such as lavender, cedar wood, rosemary and thyme.


Massaging bald areas on the scalp for two minutes every night can be helpful when using unique combinations of oils. To help improve the scalp’s ability to absorb these oils and increase the benefits, simply wrap the treated scalp with a towel. This may be helpful for baldness.


For the treatment of alopecia, the following essential oils are necessary:

• 3 drops Rosemary

• 3 drops Lavender

• 2 drops Thyme

• 2 drops Atlas cedar wood

The following carrier oils are also needed:

• 4 teaspoons Grapeseed oil

• ½ teaspoon Jojoba oil


These are some additional treatments using aromatherapy:

Choose an essential oil and add 2 drops to rinse water after shampooing. You may add it to a vegetable oil instead. Massage this thoroughly into the scalp. Wrap your head using clear plastic wrap first. Then wrap a warm towel on top of that and leave it on for several hours or overnight, if possible. Next, use a mild shampoo so as not to change the sebum balance on your head and wash your hair.


Improve hair by stimulating the scalp which helps the circulation:

To help your hair stay healthy, blend together lavender and bay essential oils. This will help stimulate the hair follicles and scalp. Combine 6 drops each of bay and lavender and blend into 4 oz. of a warm carrier oil such as soybean, sesame or almond oil. Massage this mixture into your scalp. Allow for 20 minutes to let it be absorbed thoroughly. Next, shampoo your hair with your regular shampoo but add 3 drops of bay essential oil.


If high blood pressure is a problem for you, either avoid rosemary oil altogether or don’t use it very often. If you have sensitive skin, lemon or grapefruit oil may irritate your scalp. You may want to use less of those essential oils. Do not use more than the recommended amounts of the essential oils as listed in the directions.


Dennis Harris has a health related site that provides help for a wide range of medical and health related issues. You can visit his site at


Alert: 30 Million Americans Suffering Hair Loss!


According to the American Academy of Dermatology, approximately 30 million women in the United States are affected by hair loss at some stage - and the numbers are increasing. Depending on which authoritative source you consult, between 25 and 33.3 percent of all American women will suffer varying degrees of hair loss at some point in their lives.


Measure essential oils and mix well in a glass container. Add carrier oils and mix thoroughly. Rub essential oil mixture into scalp for a minimum of two minutes. Wrap scalp with a warm towel after massaging in the oil mixture. Do this every night for best results.

More essential oils that can be used for hair loss treatment are as follows:

• Grapefruit

• Bay

• Lemon

• Ylang Ylang

• Roman Chamomile

Avoiding Hair Loss

1. Exercise.
Just 20 minutes a day can produce enough endorphins to reduce stress levels.

2. Write in a journal.
Writing your thoughts and feeling down in a journal can help in expressing the frustrations you are keeping inside.

3. Get a massage.
Massage therapy can relax muscles, easy muscle spasm, increase blood flow to skin and muscles and relieve mental and emotional stress.

4. Realistic expectations.
A lot of stress is caused by disappointment in ourselves and/or others. When we or others can't live up to expectations you may have, disappointment and stress can set in. If you feel this applies to you, adjust your expectations. Don't expect everyone to be like you or behave to your code of "shoulds and oughts." And don't say yes to demands that you know will be difficult to live up to. Don't let ego and social pressure force you into being/doing something you are not. See

Information On Hair Loss
The internet is a great place to find information about hair loss and treatment options. It can also be a very bad place to find out more about about treatment options. 21st Century snake oil salesmen from all over the world are selling bogus mircale hair loss cures and raking in millions of dollars. Americans should be careful when selecting all natural products insinuating that it is a sure-fire cure for hair loss.

Disease Causing Hair Loss
Over thirty specific diseases, including diabetes and lupus as well as diseases of the liver, kidney, and thyroid, are known to cause permanent or long-term hair loss. But hair loss can also result from general illness: a high fever or a bad case of flu can initiate loss that is noticeable in one to four months but usually reverses itself soon thereafter, and chronic illness can cause chronic loss.

Getting to the Root Cause of Hair Loss and Thinning Hair
Doctors aim to treat the underlying cause. If a patient has iron deficiency anaemia they'll be given iron tablets. If current medication seems to be causing hair loss, GPs may consider prescribing alternative medication or changing the dosage. In certain cases, they may also suggest minoxidil liquid to encourage hair growth or recommend hair transplants.


Thinning hair affects over 60 million Americans! Find out how you can stop hair loss at


How To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most feared of men's issues. Are you afraid to touch, brush, comb or wash your hair? Is it because you are afraid you might find some lost hair after doing it? Men get very frustrated when they realize they are losing some hair. But did you know you can find natural solutions to the problem?


You can be sure I am not talking about getting yourself a wig! Of course not! That could be frustrating. Most men look for immediate answers to fight the problem but only a few get what they look for. But lets talk about the hair loss cause. The average person sheds about 75 hairs a day because 2 to 3 new hairs come out to substitute each one of those hairs. So with that said, the average person is supposed to have about 150 to 225 new hairs every day. But as the person grows old, less new hairs come out to substitute what has been lost.


So now that we know the problem, how can we fight it back? Well quite simple as you may have noticed. We have to do something in order to substitute the lost hairs by the same quantity or more. Of course you won't be able to count how many hairs you are losing but you will be able to see if you are losing more than substituting.


But what do we do to substitute the lost hair by the same quantity of new ones or more?

The answer is . There's a FREE newsletter "Natural Hair Regrowth Tips". You better keep an eye on that! There's no obligation and you can unsubscribe whenever you want.


My name is Frankie and I am concerned about men's issues as I am a men's health and success student. If you want to contact me, please leave a comment.


The Search For The Best Hair Loss Help


There are many places to turn to for hair loss help, but one of the most important things to do is to find out what is causing your hair loss. Finding the cause of hair loss is the first step to finding the best treatment. There are of course many causes of hair loss, but the latest thinking is that a great deal of hair loss and male pattern baldness is hereditary. Therefore, many of us need look no further than our own families for a fairly accurate prediction of the future course of their hair loss.


Those with a family history of hair loss should focus a great deal on preventing, or at least delaying the coming of that hair loss. While there is still no sure cure for baldness, there are a number of things those prone to hair loss can do to increase their chances of keeping a healthy head of hair.


One good source of hair loss help can be as simple as a change of diet. Nutritionists and doctors have known about the link between diet and healthy hair for many years, but the latest research has revealed that this link may be even greater than first thought. Keeping the diet healthy and varied can help to keep the skin, hair and scalp healthy as well, and that can in turn help to reduce the chance of hair loss and baldness.


There are of course a number of non-surgical approaches to the problem of hair loss, including hair weaves. Weaving natural or artificial hair into existing hair can be a good way to provide a natural looking head of hair, but it does require some upkeep and frequent adjustments to keep your own hair and the hair weave looking natural.


Keeping stress and anxiety to a minimum can also be an important way to keep the chances of hair loss to a minimum. There are a great many reasons for keeping stress and anxiety to a minimum, including of course its effect on overall health. In addition to a healthy body, keeping stress levels as low as possible can help to keep the scalp and the hair as healthy as possible.


While hair loss is a more common problem in men than in women, the fact is that women can suffer from hair loss as well. Often changes in hormone levels, like those that can occur with pregnancy, can trigger small patches of hair to fall out, but the good news is that this type of hair loss is usually temporary, and the hair will come back after the hormones have stabilized.


Changes in the performance of the thyroid gland can also sometimes cause hair loss, and getting hair loss help in this case will require getting the underlying thyroid problem under control. If a thyroid problem is suspected, it is important to have it confirmed through a thorough medical examination.


Another common and easily reversible problem that can cause hair loss is a fungal infection of the scalp. An infection of the scalp can cause the hair to fall out, but after the underlying fungal infection is under control the hair that has been lost should return pretty quickly.

For more serious kinds of hair loss, more serious hair loss help will be required, and there are a number of different hair loss remedies on the market to help with this common problem. It is generally easier to treat a hair loss problem at the start than after it has progressed, so it is important to seek the help you need as soon as you suspect there is a problem.


Cordell Varney has been a hair stylist for more than 20 years; consequently, she has heard and researched many hair loss treatments suggested by her clients. She has recently taken up interest in writing about hair loss on her website at If you are suffering from this condition, you can benefit from Cordell's site by finding out more on hair loss remedies.

A Look At The Most Effective Hair Loss Cures

With hair loss becoming more and more of a problem for many men and even some women, it seems the number of hair loss cures on the market has never been greater than it is today. There are so many different purported cures for this common condition that it can be difficult to separate the ones that really work from the ones that do not.


One of the best ways to sort out the best hair loss cures is to keep on top of the latest research. Luckily the internet provides health care consumers with a wealth of information on all kinds of health conditions, including of course hair loss. Reading the latest research into the causes and cures of hair loss and male pattern baldness is one of the best ways to find the best and most effective cures for hair loss, thinning hair and baldness.


Many of us of course are looking for a permanent cure to baldness, and one such permanent cure can be a surgical hair transplant. Surgical hair transplantation involves the transplanting of hair, either from a part of the head that contains plenty of head, or even from a hair donor, and it can be very effective. However, hair transplant surgery can also have some serious side effects, including swelling and scabbing, and many men feel that the results can look somewhat artificial.


Of course there are plenty of other hair loss cures on the market as well, including a number of excellent topical hair loss treatments and many over the counter and prescription oral medications. Some of the biggest and best known names in the hair loss treatment market include Propecia and Rogaine, and it is important to research these treatments to determine which ones work the best for you. As with any course of treatment, it is important to speak to your doctor to make sure the treatment is appropriate, and to keep your health care professional advised of all products you are taking to help your hair loss condition, including herbal remedies and over the counter medications as well as prescription hair loss remedies.


Dealing with hair loss is rarely an easy decision, but it is important to give it the care it deserves. Treating a hair loss problem at the first sign of trouble can greatly maximize your choices for a true cure, but waiting until the problem has progressed further may leave you with far fewer options to get rid of that hair loss problem.


Cordell Varney has been a hair stylist for more than 20 years; consequently, she has heard and researched many hair loss treatments suggested by her clients. She has recently taken up interest in writing about hair loss on her website at If you are suffering from this condition, you can benefit from Cordell's site by finding out more on hair loss remedies.


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