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Hair Loss Articles, Tips and Information

Hair Loss Treatments Overview

There are a number of hair loss treatments around that have been found to be effective. Men are fortunate in that they have a slightly wider range of options than women for problem hair conditions.

Like propecia and rogaine, revivogen needs to be used for the rest of your life, essentially.

Natural Hair Loss Treatments

* Revivogen

Revivogen is a natural hair loss treatment that is applied topically. It works by decreasing the levels of DHT in the scalp. DHT is a metabolite of testosterone that is associated with premature loss of hair, as it is found in excess in affected areas.


But it does have an advantage in that revivogen will not need to be applied as often in the maintenance phases as it was when the problem of hair loss was being addressed initially. Generally, it takes about one year before this can be done.Revivogen is initially applied at least once a day. It's probably best to use it at night as you can't wash the hair for at least 3 hours after application.


Revivogen is effective for both men and women. It will encourage hair growth, and help stop further loss. It will also encourage the growth of new hair. However, in cases of loss of hair when the hair follicles are destroyed, revovigen will not work. You'll know if this applies as the scalp looks bare and shiny in these areas.


Approved, Conventional Hair Loss Treatments

* Propecia

Propecia is an FDA approved treatment for men. It works similar to Revivogen in that it reduces the levels of DHT in the scalp. Unlike revivogen, however, propecia is a pill that is available only by prescription. The fact that it is a pill makes it a lot more convenient, although some people prefer more natural approaches.

Generally, it takes about 3 months to a year to see results, although not all hair lost will necessarily grow back. Like all hair loss treatments that have been shown to be effective, propecia needs to be taken for as long as you want a full head of hair. Because the body is constantly producing DHT, any treatments that address DHT need to be taken indefinitely. Scientists at this stage do not know how to cure the fundamental causes of hair loss, they only know how to manage the condition.


* Rogaine

Rogaine started out its life as a blood pressure medication. Thus, if you have low blood pressure, you may want to check in with your doctor first to see whether rogaine is safe to use, as it was originally used to lower blood pressure.Like revivogen, rogaine is a topical treatment. It is available without prescription, and dilates the blood vessels, meaning more blood (carrying nutrients and oxygen) can flow to the scalp. It is most effective in treating loss of hair that occurs at the top of the head, in both men and women. It comes in a lotion or spray, and should be applied to the head twice a day.Some people suffer scalp irritation and allergic reactions to rogaine. It can also react with other medications, so check with your doctor first if you are taking any.


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Male Hair Loss - Can You Fight It Without Involving Cost, Treatment, Products Or Pills?


Millions of people throughout the world are victims of hair loss. Of this population, about 70% are men, so many more men are affected by hair loss problems than women. If you happen to be one of the sufferers, do not think that you are alone. A walk in town or a trip to your office will remind you of that fact. Your father, your friends, and your work colleagues could all be fellow sufferers.Many men out there, though aware that baldness in men is acceptable in society, feel inferior or unwanted because of their hair loss. Baldness or hair loss in men affects males’ self-esteem and self-consciousness.


Unfortunately many people today are lead to believe that drugs are the only available solution to treat hair loss. That is good for the drugs companies. Yet most of the hair loss products on the market today do not address the fundamental and physiological factors of the hair loss problem.You do not need to affect the quality of your health by using hair loss drugs, when there is a safer, more effective alternative which requires no financial outlay, drugs, products or treatments.


Simple, proven, natural, step-by-step methods are available for both prevention and treatment of hair loss in both men and women. Some simple adjustments to your daily exercise and diet can result in huge benefits to the condition of your hair.There are many benefits to treating your hair loss naturally. You can achieve long term rejuvenation of the hair follicles. Also by following a series of simple steps you can also also greatly enhance and improve your overall health and longevity, including reducing stress.People that have used these natural methods have called it the most important discovery in their lives.A free guide to male hair loss causes and treatments is available from


Geoff Hayne is the publisher of a free male hair loss guide which helps men understand the causes of hairloss and how to treat it naturally.


The Importance Of Hair Loss Control

There are many approaches to hair loss control, and it is important to choose the right approach for your own hair loss problem. There are nearly as many different approaches to the problem of thinning hair and hair loss as there are men and women who suffer from the problem, and it is important to choose a hair loss treatment regimen that will help to arrest the hair loss and possibly even help you regain the hair you have lost.


Male pattern hair loss is by far the most common form of hair loss. According to some surveys, male pattern hair loss affects men in close to 95% of all cases. Half of the total population of men in the whole world experiences this condition typically by the age of 50. However, there are some men who develop this type of hair loss in their teens, 20s, or 30s.What most people don't realise is that the causes of hair loss are related to numerous conditions that often have little or nothing to do with hair growth or hair loss. In short almost every system in the body can affect the health of your hair. Stress, hormone balance, even medications can all play a part.


While some hair regrowth has been noted with a number of different treatment options, in general it is always much easier to deal with a hair loss problem at its start than to wait until the problem has become more advanced. It is generally much easier to stop a hair loss and thinning hair than it is to regain the hair that has already been lost.There are of course a number of different approaches to hair loss control, including topical treatments like creams and ointments, special shampoos designed to reinvigorate the scalp and prevent hair loss and of course a number of over the counter and prescription medications that can be taken orally.


One of the most common ingredient found in all kinds of topical hair loss treatments is known to the scientific world as ketoconazole. This ingredient has strong anti-fungal properties, and in addition it is a potent inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase, thought to play an important role in hair loss.In addition a number of prescription medications, including Rogaine and Propecia, have shown great promise in the treatment of hair loss, and many hair loss sufferers have used these two prescription medications successfully ever since they first came on the market. In addition to these existing hair loss control products there are a number of important new breakthroughs on the horizon, including a number of experimental procedures that use stem cells to stimulate the growth of the hair follicles and rejuvenate the scalp. In addition, surgical and non-surgical hair transplantation is also showing a great deal of promise, and new advances continue to be made with every passing year.


There are of course a number of other ways to reduce the possibility of hair loss and keep the scalp and hair healthy and rejuvenated. Some of these natural methods of controlling hair loss are lots of fun, like regular exercise. Many studies have shown that regular aerobic exercise can help to keep the androgen levels in the body lower, thereby maintaining optimal overall health and also improving the health of the scalp and reducing the harmful effects of androgens on the hair.


Reducing stress can also be an important part of controlling possible hair loss. Many studies have shown that high stress levels can have a strong impact on all kinds of physical problems, including of course hair loss. Keeping stress to a minimum has a number of great health benefits, of course, and preventing hair loss is just another reason to keep your life as stress free as possible.


Cordell Varney has been a hair stylist for more than 20 years; consequently, she has heard and researched many hair loss treatments suggested by her clients. She has recently taken up interest in writing about hair loss on her website at If you are suffering from this condition, you can benefit from Cordell’s site by finding out more on affordable permanent hair transplant

A Look At The Leading Hair Loss Causes

For many years now there has been a considerable amount of research into hair loss causes, and while there is still no definitive answer there are some tantalizing clues into just what causes common conditions like receding hairlines and male pattern baldness.

Knowing the leading hair loss causes, of course, is an important foundation to providing a cure for this embarrassing condition. While hair loss may not be a serious disease, it can cause many problems for the men and women who suffer from it, including problems in their personal lives and problems in their careers. Treating hair loss effectively requires a look at what caused the loss, so it is important to pay attention to the latest thinking in hair loss and baldness research.


Three things that are thought to play an important role in causing hair loss are insulin, androgen levels and metabolism. Usually the substance known as sex hormone binding globulin, or SHBG, will bind the testosterone in the body and control the amount of the substance floating free in the bloodstream. When SHBG levels decline, there is more testosterone in the blood, and it is more likely to be converted to DHT. It is DHT that is thought to play a role in triggering hair loss.


The amount of SHBG in the body can be reduced by high levels of insulin, and there is often a relationship between high insulin levels and high levels of free testosterone. It is the level of free testosterone in the blood, not the total level of the hormone, that helps to determine the level of DHT present in the scalp.Statistically speaking, those men who are bald or suffering from thinning hair are more likely to have insulin resistance, and also more likely to suffer from heart disease. There also seems to be a relationship between metabolic syndrome and baldness, and research into this and other hair loss causes is still ongoing.


Hair loss shampoos help in rectifying the problem of hair loss by providing proper nourishment and vital proteins and nutrients that food supplements may not provide. Check the label on the shampoo bottle to see what it contains. Proteins, keratin and amino acids all bond with the hair shaft to fill-in the cracks caused by poor treatment of the hair. They strengthen and protect the hair. Vitamin B5 or Panthenol has the ability to penetrate hair and is highly recommended for strength and healthy growth.


In addition to these factors, stress and tension are thought to play an important role in the levels of androgen, and therefore stress and anxiety are thought to be possible hair loss causes in themselves. It has long been known that stress can lead to a number of serious medical conditions, and avoiding hair loss is one more reason to keep stress levels to a minimum.


No matter what hair loss causes are implicated in your own hair loss and baldness problems, it is important to treat a hair loss problem as quickly as possible. Starting treatment at the first sign of a problem can allow for a great many more choices when it comes to effective treatments. There are a great many different treatments that can help to arrest a problem with thinning hair or a receding hairline, but waiting until the problem with baldness is more advanced may reduce your choices for treatment and leave you with only serious surgical interventions or hair transplants to regain your full head of hair.


Cordell Varney has been a hair stylist for more than 20 years; consequently, she has heard and researched many hair loss treatments suggested by her clients. She has recently taken up interest in writing about hair loss on her website at If you are suffering from this condition, you can benefit from Cordell’s site by finding out more on affordable permanent hair transplant

Hair Loss Shampoo

As a part of the cycle of hair resting, falling, and growing back again, shedding some hair everyday is considered quite normal. However, some people may experience more than normal hair loss, which can be due to a number of reasons. Prolonged illness, major surgery, certain medicines (such as anticoagulants, medicines for gout, medicines used for chemotherapy, excessive vitamin A supplements, birth control pills and antidepressants), fungal infections and stress may cause temporary hair loss, which can be rectified through proper treatment, or when one stops consuming the medicines that are causing hair loss. However, hormonal problems like the ones associated with the thyroid gland or imbalance of hormones may make hair loss severe and permanent, if not rectified.


Several women experience hair loss after pregnancy. Hair loss also occurs as a symptom of certain diseases such as diabetes or anemia; in such cases, the hair loss can be corrected or stopped by treating these diseases.A clinic in America claims that excessive sebum is the single biggest cause of 99 per cent of all hair loss in men and women. Sebum tends to clog the pores of the scalp and hinders follicle growth. In time, the hair root is asphyxiated and it is impossible for new hair to grow.


The type of shampoo that you use is purely one of personal choice. Cosmetic companies that produce shampoos spend millions of dollars on research and you can be sure that just about any shampoo will provide effective cleansing for your hair. However, you should try and identify the shampoo that suits your specific hair type. Each individual’s hair is unique and what might work for others might not work for you.


Shampoo provides detailed information on Shampoo, Hair Loss Shampoo, Free Shampoo Samples, Dandruff Shampoo and more. Shampoo is affiliated with Hand Made Soaps


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