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Diabetes Articles, Tips and Information


Today, diabetes is taking the nation by storm. As more and more people are faced with this illness, another problem develops - depression! For many families, diabetes means constant medical care and expensive medication. That coupled with the illness and it is easy to see why depression sets in. For this reason, we are also seeing a new group of people with diabetes turning to hypnosis to help.

Okay, you might be asking why hypnosis is so successful in treating diabetes and the manifestation of depression.

The result is that the individual's life with diabetes is improved, mental state is improved, and management skills are learned. Best of all, the level of depression is reduced so the individual can lead a normal, happy life. If you are among the millions suffering form diabetes, a reputable hypnotist or hypnotherapist can make a remarkable difference in your life, to include a slight reduction in long-term blood sugar levels.


As more studies have been conducted, medical professionals now understand that diabetes brings with it the hidden risk of depression. In fact, diabetes can increase the odds of a person developing depression by 50%! Obviously, with depression comes a distancing of relationships, difficulty in the workplace or in school, and an overall sense of doom and defeat. Considering that 35% of all diabetics have significant depression and 11% have major depression, it is easy to understand why hypnosis can be so beneficial.


Unfortunately, one of the first treatment options recommended by most doctors is prescribed drugs. Now keep in mind that there are certainly cases when drugs are necessary. However, diabetics have alternatives to chemicals and toxins in the form of hypnosis. If they want help and believe in hypnosis, it will work. If at any time that individual feels the hypnosis does not suffice in the treatment of depression, then he or she can always consult with a medical doctor but hypnosis has helped many people so it is worth trying.


The bottom line is that one of the contributing factors of depression is the person's physiological state. In fact, studies show that high blood sugar levels cause biochemical changes within the brain that can lead to depression. Therefore, when these changes occur, they need to be addressed. Sadly, doctors are still missing the depression aspect of diabetes, treating only the obvious. The good new is that today, some medical doctors are beginning to incorporate hypnosis into their normal practice. With that, you have the best of both worlds, being treated with hypnosis for the diabetes' depression and being treated with prescription drugs, if necessary.


If you live with depression resulting from diabetes remember that ignoring the problem only puts you at greater risk for further and/or additional problems. Even children can experience bouts of depression brought on by depression and they too can benefit from hypnosis. As you can imagine, depression can be devastating not just to you, but to your family and friends, people who love you but have to sit back and watch as you struggle. Untreated depression is dangerous but it can be improved with hypnosis. The main problem with traditional treatment for diabetes is that it does not address the underlying cause. In addition, no chemical management to include insulin can stop diabetes from developing. In other words, diabetes is often brought on by unhealthy lifestyle such as weight gain. Using hypnosis to control weight gain means the diabetes may not develop in the first place. Therefore, while hypnosis can be beneficial for treating diabetes once it has already become a problem, it can also be used to prevent it, something medication cannot do.


This means using hypnosis for diabetes is a win-win-situation. In addition to depression, diabetes can also bring about other problems such as fatigue, mood swings, and so on. Again, hypnosis performed by a reputable hypnotist or hypnotherapist can bring those things under control. With the power of suggestion to the subconscious mind, the behaviors and consequences of those behaviors can be changed. Instead of just dealing with change of cognitive function when living with diabetes to include severe depression, you might consider hypnosis because it works.


With hypnosis, you are basically, being unconsciously reminded to think and therefore feel several times during the day to change the way you live. Going back to the weight issue, hypnosis can be a continual reminder not to overeat or eat the wrong foods. With this, you adopt a healthy lifestyle so excess weight is not a problem. The result is reduced risk of developing diabetes, which could then be followed by depression. Now is the time to take charge of your life. If you are already overweight, have diabetes, and suffer from depression, or if you are concerned of developing diabetes, hypnosis can make a significant difference in your life.


Tony Robinson is a firm beliver in hypnosis. He is also a Webmaster and International Author. Visit for his tips on hypnosis.


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Recognizing the Signs of Diabetes


While diabetes was once recognized as an unfortunate disease that only affected a small number of people, today statistics indicate that more than 18 million people in the United States alone suffer from this disease. Perhaps even more startling is the fact that almost one-third of those individuals may remain undiagnosed, largely to the failure to recognize the most common warning signs related to this disease. In order to increase the treatment of this health issue it is important to understand how diabetes affects the body and the resulting symptoms that may appear.


Individuals with diabetes are not able to produce or utilize insulin, which is a hormone the body requires in order to process starches and sugar into energy the body needs for most life activities. There are actually four different kinds of diabetes. Juvenile diabetes, also referred to as Type 1 diabetes is commonly first recognized in young adulthood or even earlier. This type of diabetes occurs as a direct result of the body being unable to produce insulin.


Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body becomes resistant to insulin. Unlike Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes can be diagnosed at any time. Studies do indicate; however, that some populations may be more at risk for this form of diabetes than others. The elderly appear to be highly at risk as well as Latinos, African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans and Pacific Islanders.

A third type of diabetes occurs during pregnancy; usually in a situation in which the patient has no prior history of diabetes. The number of women who suffer from this type of diabetes is relatively small; however it can be quite serious to both the mother and baby.


Due to the fact that diabetes can lead to a number of serious health issues such as blindness, heart disease and nerve and kidney damage, it is extremely important that you be tested for diabetes if you suffer from symptoms associated with the disease. While these symptoms are commonly associated with diabetes, keep in mind that in some cases diabetes presents absolutely no signs or symptoms. Therefore, if you are over the age of 45 or fall into a high risk category, you should make a point to be tested for diabetes at least once every couple of years.


The test for diabetes is relatively simple and quick; measuring the level of glucose levels in the blood. For an accurate measurement the test must be performed in the morning before food is consumed. Pre-diabetes levels typically fall between 100 and 125 while full diabetes levels are indicated by blood glucose levels above 125.


While some diabetes cases may require medication in order to correct the situations, others can be monitored with lifestyle changes, such as weight loss and diet changes.


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Cure for Diabetes Found?

This article about one woman's supposed cure for diabetes is quit interesting.

The basic cause of diabetes is the bodies own immune system attacking the Islet cells in the pancreas. These Islet cells are what normally produce insulin in the body, and the conventional wisdom is that once the bodies supply has been destroyed by an over-active immune system they do not grow back. This women's research however indicates that by using a specific protein to 'convince' the white blood cells that the islet cells are not invaders, and then suppressing the immune system with a cheap drug the islet cells DO grow back, and from an unusual place. The new cells are formed in the spleen!


The final type of diabetes is actually pre-diabetes, which is a term that is used to describe a situation in which blood glucose levels are abnormally high, but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as full diabetes. When pre-diabetes is allowed to continue without treatment, major organs can be damaged over a long period of time. One of the reasons that diabetes symptoms can be difficult to recognize is the fact that they can appear either gradually over a long period of time or dramatically and suddenly. Some of the symptoms that may be noticed include fatigue, frequent urination and excessive thirst. In some cases, sudden weight loss, urinary tract infections and blurred vision may also be noticed.

The spleen is generally considered a 'useless' organ by most, and is often removed. If Dr. Faustman is correct that may be all about to change. In her experiments rats which had their spleens removed could not regenerate lost islet cells. The reason why is unknown.


Written by Steven Thompson. This article may be republished in any format, so long as this notice including the clickable link is preserved.


Diabetes the Looming Economic Disaster - Part IV


What about the economic burden of such an imaging strategy? Since these scans are versatile and many patients can be imaged in the same day, the cost of the test can be relatively low when performed in large volumes ($200 - 300 in the West). Since patients who do not have coronary artery calcification have an excellent outcome (<0.5 percent death rate per year) in a five - year follow up (Shaw and colleagues), using this model, over 50 per cent of the patients with diabetes would then be sent for standard medical treatment, whereas those with higher amounts of coronary artery calcium would undergo further testing (such as myocardial perfusion imaging described earlier). Those with negative tests would then be treated aggressively medically (tablets and the like). However in those with positive tests, opening up the artery physically (so-called coronary angioplasty) or even surgery may be more appropriate.


In symptomatic patients, it is possible that using that using these tests can be very coat-effective. For example, patients with chest pain are often investigated using a test called exercise stress testing followed by coronary angiography. In the U.K. (where Dr Lahiri practices), this would cost per patient over ₤1200. If instead CT scanning were used, followed by myocardial perfusion imaging, a back-of-the-envelope calculation shows that it is quite possible to lower the cost by as much as 50 per cent. This translates to over half a million pounds per 1,000 patients.


These developments in the area of early detection of coronary artery disease will be even more exciting once they can be linked to emerging new therapeutic regimes for heart disease. For example, in animal models, early trails by Dr Shaw and colleagues have shown that it may be possible to develop a "vaccine" against heart disease. In the future, this potent combination of technologies, namely, early detection and powerful treatments, may be able to stem the misery of heart disease associated with diabetes.


Avijit Lahiri MBBS, Msc, MRCP, FESC, FACC; Consultant Cardiologist and Director of the Cardiac Imaging and Research Centre, Welling ton Hospital, St John's Wood, London. Eric Lim: MB, ChB, MRCP; Graduated from Cambridge; Research Register, Cardiac Imaging and Research Centre, Wellington Hospital, Ealing and Hammersmith Hospitals and Imperial College. Vijay D. Anand: MBBS, MRCP; Research Register, Cardiac Imaging and Research Centre, Well


Venomous Lizard Puts The Bite On Diabetes


Here is yet another case of a home remedy waiting to be discovered. In 2005 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a drug for the treatment of Type II Diabetes. The drug is called Byetta (exenatide). There's nothing amazing about that part. New drugs are created often.


The almost unbelievable part is where the drug originated. It wasn't produced in a lab. Instead, the active ingredient of Byetta comes from the venomous saliva of the Gila Monster lizard.


The Gila Monster, once thought to be one of only two venomous lizards, lives in the deserts of the southwestern U.S. and northwestern Mexico. The Gila Monster is a thick-bodied, heavy and slow-moving lizard. It grows to a maximum length of 2 feet (0.6 m) and preys on small rodents, fledgling birds, and eggs. It tends to eat animals on the ground that cannot move fast (or at all). The quick, strong bite of the Gila Monster delivers venomous saliva that is normally not fatal to humans.


Instead, there is a component of the lizard's venom that is extremely helpful to certain humans. A component in the Gila Monster's venom has proven remarkably effective in the control of Type II Diabetes in humans. The Gila Monster is a protected species in the U.S. Fortunately, the exenatide drug can now be synthesized in the lab instead of from live animals.


Diabetes is a chronic medical disorder generally characterized by high blood sugar (glucose) levels, especially after eating. The diabetic patient must consistently monitor blood sugar levels to keep them within a safe range.


When high blood sugar occurs, insulin is used to bring it down to a safer level. If low blood sugar occurs, the patient generally consumes carbohydrates to raise the glucose level to a safe level. Type II Diabetes is a chronic disorder characterized by resistance to insulin, a deficiency in insulin, and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar or excess glucose).


Exenatide helps with glucose (blood sugar) management in several ways:

1. It signals the pancreas to create additional insulin when glucose levels are too high;

2. It regulates the liver so that it doesn't produce unneeded glucose; and

3. It helps slow the rate at which sugar enters the bloodstream.


Studies showed that another significant effect of exenatide use was weight loss. Overweight diabetes patients can have more difficulty controlling blood sugar levels. The effectiveness of exenatide for diabetic blood glucose control stems from its ability to activate several glucose control pathways simultaneously.


Byetta (exenatide) is a wonderful drug, although its discovery sounds like some kind of horror story. One can only imagine gruesome (but fictitious) clinical trials where unsuspecting diabetics are asked to stick their arms into dark boxes containing Gila Monsters. This discovery sounds like one of those "good news/bad news" jokes. For example, the doctor says, "The bad news is that the lizard probably won't release its bite on your leg for another week. The good news is that your diabetes has improved!"


To learn more about using available ingredients to cure everyday illnesses, please refer to the resource shown below.


Discover free home remedies at that show you how to use mayonnaise, duct tape, yogurt, banana peels, cola, mouthwash, peroxide, thread and other common ingredients to cure common but embarrassing conditions. Visit now!

Diabetes Herbal Remedy Works Better Than Insulin?

It is another case of a home remedy waiting to be discovered. A new study suggests that a traditional Indian diabetes herb treatment lowers blood sugar and insulin levels as well as today's prescription drugs. 39 healthy adults received extracts of the herb Salacia oblonga with promising results. Insulin and blood glucose levels were lowered by a maximum of 29 and 23 percent, respectively. These reductions occurred when test subjects received the largest dose of the herb extract (1,000 mg).


"These kinds of reductions are similar to what we might see with prescription oral medications for people with diabetes," said Steve Hertzler, a study co-author and an assistant professor of nutrition at Ohio State University. Salacia oblonga is an herb native to regions of India and Sri Lanka. Researchers found that it can bind to intestinal enzymes that convert carbohydrates into glucose. If the herb binds to these enzymes before the enzymes can turn carbs into glucose, then less glucose sugar enters the bloodstream. Therefore less insulin is required.


"Lowering blood glucose levels lowers the risk of disease-related complications in people with diabetes," Hertzler said. "Also, poor compliance with diabetes medications often hinders the effectiveness of these drugs. It may be easier to get someone to take an herb with food or in a beverage, as opposed to a pill."


One of the problems associated with recognizing diabetes symptoms is that the Type I version of the disease builds gradually. The first thing you may notice is the tiredness. While precious few of us don't experience occasional bouts of fatigue, diabetes-related tiredness tends to be more noticeable. For one thing, the tiredness isn't occasional; it lingers on and on. Even so, it may be very easy to ignore the severity of the fatigue and fail to associate it with diabetes.


Although this study was performed on healthy adults, the researchers also want to study the effects of the Salacia oblonga herb in diabetic patients.


Hertzler also commented that, "A lot of studies show that lowering blood sugar levels reduces the risk for all kinds of diabetes-related complications, such as kidney disease and nerve and eye damage. We want to see if this herb has this kind of effect."


The herb caused an intestinal gas side effect. Researchers measured hydrogen and methane levels in the breath of study participants for a two-day period following each test. Additionally, participants rated the frequency and intensity of any nausea, cramps, or gas they experienced.


The studies will continue, but the herb is difficult to find in the U.S. Some online suppliers do exist.

This study was conducted by Ohio State University (OSU), and supported by the Ross Products Division of Abbott Laboratories in Columbus. It was reported in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, and on the OSU website at where the study researchers can be contacted and the full news release can be found.


A seemingly-obscure herb appears to have the same medicinal properties as some of today's most-researched diabetes medicines. Just imagine what other home remedy treasures are waiting to be uncovered.


Interested in free home remedies? Learn more by visiting the site listed below.


Discover free home remedies that teach you how to use mayonnaise, duct tape, yogurt, soda, mouthwash, peroxide, thread and other common household ingredients to cure common but embarrassing conditions. Visit today.

Diabetes Symptoms

Many people may not take notice of diabetes symptoms because so many of them don't seem serious enough to attach to an actual disease. Feelings of nausea, for instance, are felt by so many people so often and for such a wide variety of reasons that most people never even think to associate it with diabetes. And because we all seem to be working longer hours than ever before and having to get up earlier in an attempt to avoid spending an hour or two in traffic, feelings of fatigue and tiredness are usually associated with the price of living in the 21st century. Even the need to urinate more frequently usually goes unnoticed. The fact is, however, that all of these can point to the onset of diabetes.


Very often, a diabetes patient won't begin to question his health until subsequent symptoms appear. The extreme fatigue begins to be accompanied by frequent thirst. Not just the usual kind of thirst where you may finish off a 20 ounce bottle in less than an hour, but an unusual thirst where you may go through two or more 20 ounce bottles in an hour.


But even a sudden spike in thirst can often be attributed to something else, such as perhaps the heat. Less likely to be so casually ignored, however, is one of the more extreme diabetes symptoms. Many patients experience feelings of intense hunger while they are losing weight. This is a symptom that is not typical of normalcy. Most people who are not on a diet and who are eating regularly don't feel continually hungry while also losing weight. At this point, most people who have been ignoring other symptoms sit up and take notice. Additional diabetes symptoms that people tend to take notice of include blurred vision, frequent infections and sores that either take a long time to heal or don't heal at all.


One of the problems in diagnosing diabetes is that not everybody experiences the same symptoms. Another problem is that symptoms can vary depending on whether you are suffering from Type I or Type II diabetes. Although both types share certain symptoms such as frequent urination, dry mouth and increased thirst, there are other symptoms that are usually unique to each type. For instance, weight loss with continued hunger is primarily associated with Type I. On the other hand, leg pain and yeast infections are common symptoms of Type II.


Author - Ignatius Rink


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