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Diabetes Articles, Tips and Information

Detecting Diabetes and Caring For It 

One of the best things you can do for your health is to know how to detect diabetes before it becomes an even bigger problem in your life by not taking care of it. Believe it or not there are quite a few people out there who don't exactly know what diabetes is. Diabetes is a disorder characterized by hyperglycemia or elevated blood glucose (blood sugar). When the amount of sugar in our blood runs too low or too high it is quite typical for anyone to not feel very well.

Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes (insulin deficiency) means there is not enough insulin being produced.

Diabetes is a term generally used when speaking of a person who has a blood sugar level that is consistently high. Millions of Americans have diabetes; however most of them do not realize it. In the long term diabetes can cause complications concerning the kidneys, eyes, heart, nerves and blood vessels.


The most common symptoms of hyperglycemia, otherwise known as diabetes, would be frequently hungry, frequently thirsty and frequently urinating. Apart from those symptoms other symptoms that may occur are fatigue, weight loss, blurred vision, wounds healing more slowly, dry mouth, impotence, dry/itchy skin and recurrent infections.


Even though diabetes may sound like a horrible disease it can be easy to live with. The key to doing that is to take care of yourself. Many people do not take care of themselves because they refuse to admit there is something wrong with them health wise. They won't even admit it to themselves. So, what happens when they do this? They try to survive without taking medication(s) they need or doing anything in their life to help keep their bodies healthy. Don't do this. The only thing it can lead to is an unhealthy body, physically and mentally, and possibly depression in the long run.


If you wish to watch your blood sugar, whether you are diabetic or not, there are many things you can do at home. Purchase a blood glucose monitor. This can easily be purchased at your local pharmacy or online. There are websites that will tell you how high and or low your blood glucose level should be, though your blood glucose monitor should come with an instruction manual which supplies this information as well. One of the best things a diabetic can do is exercise and eat properly. Not only does exercise help to keep your body in good condition on the outside but it helps on the inside as well.


However, if you are a diabetic do not do anything involving weight training. Studies suggest that this can affect your blood glucose level by increasing it.


If you wish to learn more about diabetes look up the American Diabetes Association online.


Jacob Mabille writes for Health Guides & Articles where you can find more health tips and related articles. You may republish this article only if you retain resource box and active hyperlinks.


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Your Child Has Diabetes


Diabetes in your child affects the entire family. It can change your life and your child's life for the worst. But that doesn't mean that diabetes should prevent your child from enjoying a fulfilling life full of health, joy and happiness. Knowing what to do, doing research on the disease and working closely with your health care team will help you and your child overcome diabetes. Diabetes in Children

Type 1 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes in children. In recent years, type 2 diabetes has also been diagnosed, probably because of the spike of unhealthy habits and obesity in more developed countries.


Symptoms are also similar to adults: Increased appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, weight loss, fatigue, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Behavioral problems may also be a symptom of diabetes in a child.



The cause or causes of childhood diabetes are still not known, but the factors are believed to be much the same as with adults: viruses, genetics and the environment play a role in childhood diabetes.



Most diabetic children are treated with insulin. Insulin shots are the most common way of administering the insulin. Older kids also use insulin pumps for treatment.

As with adults, control of blood glucose levels is important, and an essential part of doing this is by having a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Talking to a trained dietician will help you come up with healthy eating habits for your child.


What You Must Do As a Parent

You play an important role in your child's life with diabetes. The very first thing you must do is understand what your child is going through, and learn how to deal with the situation in beneficial way. Educate yourself and find out what you must do to help your child face the challenges of diabetes, both emotionally and physically.


Become familiar with your child's treatment; understand what you must do as a parent. Your child's health care team can help you. Learning how to administer insulin shots, knowing the symptoms of low blood sugar and making sure your child follows their daily treatment routine are important things you must know.


Teaching Self Care

Teaching your child how to take care of him or herself and getting them involved as soon as they are old enough is crucial for the child's independence and self esteem. It will also help them know what to do when you are not there. Remember, you won't be able to be with your child at all times. You must encourage and supervise your child, but not overwhelm them by being too overprotective, as it will cause emotional problems. Teaching your child how to test their blood glucose levels and how to administer insulin as soon as they are old enough is a vital part of getting them involved in self care.


Children and teenagers will sometimes go through emotional times associated with their growth and development where they may not want to follow their treatment as they need to. Understand the physical and emotional issues that your child is going through, both growing up and having to face diabetes. Encourage them and keep them emotionally strong, not letting them stop or avoid treatment for any reason.



Facing the challenge of diabetes for you and your child will not be easy. Nonetheless, making the effort to educate yourself and better help your child is well worth it and rewarding. Teaching your child self care and independence will better improve the child's well being, both physically and emotionally. Working closely with the health care team will help your child stay healthy and avoid complications. Remember, your child has diabetes, but that doesn't mean he or she doesn't deserve a healthy, happy life. It is in your hands to help your child achieve just that.


Jay Chirino is webmaster of Your Life with Diabetes, a website dedicated to providing free diabetes information and resources.


Toddlers With Diabetes - Tips For Success


If your child is under the age of two and has been diagnosed with diabetes, know that there are many alternatives and options available that will control this condition and ensure your child has a happy, healthy, and normal childhood. The number of toddlers with diabetes is increasing, so know that you are not alone. Diabetes is a condition where the pancreas does not process sugar effectively. Since there are many different types of diabetes, ask your physician to explain the exact condition that affects your child. Also, consider seeking out parents of other diabetic toddlers in your area to glean information and support from individuals who are in your shoes.

Diabetes can be frightening to anyone, but especially a parent of a toddler with diabetes.

* Learn About The Disease *

Instead of allowing the disease to take over your life, strive to learn as much as possible about the specific type of diabetes that affects your child. Also, be sure to learn the side effects of diabetes and any symptoms that you should be aware of that are associated with a potential problem caused by the disease. By educating yourself, you take away some of the unexpected associated with any disease that affects a child. Finally, learn about the proper ways to care for your child and exactly what medications or medical techniques are necessary in controlling this condition.


Many toddlers with diabetes can control the condition by switching to a favorable diet.


* Test Blood Sugars Often *

Especially with children , testing blood sugar can be difficult. However, this task is necessary in order to determine if your child is having problems so that you can stop any potentially deadly problems before they start. Since a blood sugar test typically involves a pin prick, consider ways to make the entire process less scary and painful for your child. There are several high quality testing monitors on the market that are made especially for youngsters with diabetes. Also, speak with your child and let him or her know the exact reason why this test needs to be performed. Education is the key to understanding.


* Develop A Schedule *

Schedules are important in the life of any child, but especially one that has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. By developing a schedule for your child and ensuring that he or she sticks to it, you are working diligently to control the diabetes. This schedule is especially important when it comes to meal times. Most diabetics need to eat smaller meals more frequently. With small children, consider developing a game that will allow him or her to stick to the schedule without feeling regimented. As you child grows and enters into schooling, you should maintain this schedule to prevent potential problems from developing during the day.


* Plan For The Worst *

If you properly control the disease, the risks of complications or problems are less likely to happen.

However, you should always have a plan in mind in the event the worst does happen.

Create a special diabetes station in your home and be sure that everyone in your home (even another child) knows how to use the equipment properly. You may also need to teach your child that suffers from diabetes on the correct way to use the medical equipment in case he or she needs to self medicate. By developing a plan, everyone will know exactly what to do and panic will be avoided so that the problem can be solved immediately. This is also the case when you are traveling.


Carry a small kit just in case your diabetic child should have to need medicine to stop a potential problem.


Mike Herman Is The Publisher of . Where He Has More Information On Juvenile Diabetes That You Can Research While Relaxing at Home


Diabetes - The Fattness Epedemic

Turn on any TV news, or pick up any newspaper and you will see stories about America being obese and having an explosive increase in diabetes. And the sad thing is that it is true. The U.S. Surgeon General has said the number of overweight adults and children is 50% higher than it was only 10 years ago. It's truly becoming an epidemic.


It should come as no surprise to anyone that obesity also leads to other serious health problems. And one of the worst being diabetes. Due to the growing obesity problem in America, type 2 diabetes has simply exploded. While this use to be an adult onset issue it has now spread to our children. Sadly, over one third of all children born today will develop type 2 diabetes in their lifetime.

Why is this happening? What is going on here? Unfortunately, the answer is quite simple, it's our eating and exercise habits. Think about how many times you eat fast food every week? For some it's every day. If you're like the average person, you eat fast food 2-3 times a week at a minimum. Fast food is literally killing us. It's loaded with fats, calories, sodium, and sky high amounts of carbohydrates. This is exactly what diabetes thrives on. It's like fertilizer. If you have doubts, take a look at the content labels on fast food, if you can find them. You will be shocked!


Another problem that is creating more diabetics is the intake of soda. Everywhere you go, be it the gas station, store, fast food restaurant, etc., the sizes of sodas being sold are enormous. 10-20 years ago a large soda was considered to be 12-16oz. These days, that's a small drink at best. You're now seeing 48-64oz super big gulps, or hugos. The sugars and carbs that these sodas contain are off the charts, yet our children are drinking them up on a daily basis. The result? A dramatic increase in the number of children under 12 with diabetes. Thankfully, some of the school systems around the country are getting the message and banning soda and snack machines from schools.


The other big reason for the massive increase in type 2 diabetes is from our total lack of any form of exercise. Few people follow any kind of fitness routine, and it seems you hardly see people even go for walks in their own neighborhood. The remote control doesn't qualify as getting physical exercise. Get off the couch and at least begin walking. Exercise is proven to reduce diabetes, as well as so many other health issues. Even if you can only exercise 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes, do it. You will reap the benefits from it quickly.


Diabetes is a serious issue. Left alone it can cause blindness, stroke, kidney failure, heart disease, and death. We can't continue to eat triple whoppers, a pound of greasy fries, and wash it all down with a gallon size Coke. If you will educate yourself on diabetes, not only will you help improve your own health, but you may be able to help those closest to you as well. Together we can reduce the diabetes epedimic.


You can find out more about Diabetes as well as much more information on diabetes issues at


Studies Linking Soda To Diabetes Understate The Health Hazards


'Liquid candy' increases obesity, reduces healthy blood sugar levels in adolescents and adults and depletes chromium. The researchers are watching more than just weight loss. August 18. 2006. Reputable health institutions like Harvard (the Nurses Study) and the Journal of the American Medical Association have found a link between drinking a can of soda every day and the development of Type 2 diabetes.


Based on scientific data, it was found that:


Hazard #1: High Calorie Drinks Increase Weight, Triggering Diabetic Response

- Calorie-rich, so-called 'soft-drinks' can have a major impact on obesity, in turn triggering a diabetic response. Just one beverage a day can add an estimated 15 pounds a year to the drinker's body weight


- The 'sugar rush' from the commonly used high fructose corn syrup (often used as a lower cost replacement for sugar) reduces the body's ability to keep up with the demand for insulin, resulting in an extended high level of sugar in the bloodstream or diabetes.

But that's not the whole story.


Hazard #2: "Cheap sugar"Sweetener Lowers Chromium Levels, Raises Blood Sugar Levels

According to Earl Mindell, author of 'Prescription Alternatives', the real culprit in the rising incidence of diabetes is that high fructose corn syrup depletes chromium in our systems.


Chromium has been documented in numerous studies to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


It helps glucose pass from the bloodstream into cells.

Specifically citing a U.S. Department of Agriculture report, Mindell notes that high fructose corn syrup sweeteners deplete our bodies of chromium - the result being a rise in LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, or unhealthy blood sugar readings.


Mindell states that there is a direct correlation between the increase use of high fructose corn syrup sweeteners in soft drink beverages, and the growth of diabetes in the U.S. population.


Who Should Stop Drinking Soda?

According to Dr. David Ruben, author of "Everything You Wanted to Know About Nutrition", the answer of who should stop drinking soda is "everyone". Ruben adds "The sugar is cheap, rotten, refined sugar that can only do you damage - diabetes, obesity, tooth decay and all the rest."


About Proven Results Health Proven Results Health is a Chicago-based, leading provider of all natural, clinically-proven supplements for Diabetics, that promote healthy blood sugar levels and weight loss.


Contact: Dave Perry, Perry Marketing Communications Tel: 312.401.1882 E-mail:

Discrimination Against People With Diabetes In The Workplace

Diabetes is not a visible disability, and so many employers do not understand the effects and consequence of this disease. You are probably going to have to help educate your employer to create a workplace that meets your needs.


You have two ADAs with you on this point. Not the American District Attorney (we hope...though in worse case scenarios it might get there), but the American Diabetes Association, and the American Disabilities Act. Both of these work to champion the rights of people with diabetes. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is another agency that advocates for equal rights for workers with diabetes.


Diabetes is legally seen as a disability, because it is a disease that affects a "major life activity." Recent court rulings have established that eating is a major life activity, and so diabetics are protected by the disabilities act in the United States.


As a diabetic, you have certain rights. The right to eat food (either on the job, or to have a reasonable number of breaks to do so) has been recently ruled as crucial to all persons with diabetes. People with diabetes also have the right to monitor their blood glucose, and administer insulin or medication accordingly. If you work in a public environment, you might ask (or your work might ask) to have a relatively private space in which to give yourself injections. People with diabetes also need freely available bathroom breaks. As a diabetic, you might also request to work a constant shift, rather than a swing shift, if your doctor feels that your glucose will not be able to tolerate the changing schedule.


Medical information is confidential, and so you do not need to share your medical past with your employer. You can share what you want, and you should also share what will be needed. For instance, make your employer aware. The first step is to educate your employer. Explain what the effects of diabetes are and how diabetes can be managed. Explain what reasonable accommodations you might need.


Once you have a job, if you feel that you are experience discrimination, it is your job to fight to create a better work environment for people with diabetes. This might mean going higher up the management chain. As a last resort, this might even mean a lawsuit. There are lawyers who specialize in diabetes claims. You might win lost wages or damages from the suit, and you will hopefully make the work environment better for any diabetics who come later.


A person who manages their diabetes will not hold back any team. If anything, the Canadian Diabetes Association suggests that a person with well-managed diabetes will be a benefit to their workplace, because they have learned organizational skills, self-discipline, and they lead a generally healthier lifestyle which results in fewer sick days.


Diabetics can be successful in all walks of life: there are people with diabetes who are firefighters, law enforcement officers, transport truck drivers, and even hockey players. If you are applying for a position that you are qualified for, your diabetes should not stand in the way.


Vivian Brennan is an expert on diabetes, and is currently an editor at The Guide to Diabetes. She believes in educating people about diabetes to help manage diabetes, prevent complications, and improve lifestyles.

How to Reverse Diabetes Symptoms

Did you know that there is a new book available that reveals medically tested principles that helps you to normalize your blood sugar naturally and even help reverse many symptoms of diabetes. People even report that their vision is better; they have more energy and even regain the feeling in their feet.


There are two types of diabetes;

Type 2 diabetes (insulin resistance) occurs when there is plenty of insulin being produced but cells in our bodies are very resistant to it's action, which in turn causes your blood sugar to consistently be high.


The book is called the "Diabetes Improvement Program" and was researched, developed and written by a leading nutritional specialist. It shows you exactly how nature can activate your body's built-in healers once you start eating the right combination of foods. It can work for type 1 and for type 2 diabetes and people report it has helped reduce their insulin resistance. It can give diabetes control of their lives as well as feeling of satisfaction that comes from having normal sugar profiles.


This amazing program is based on documented scientific principles that can help the following:

1. Eliminate ketenes and give you more abundant energy

2. Make blood sugar levels go from High Risk to Normal

3. Stimulate scratches and scrapes to make then heal faster

4. Improve eyesight

5. Improve balance

6. Help numb feet regain a level of feeling

7. Reverse neuropathy and resultant hell ulcers


Improvement may be seen in many other area such as lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and what's more, improves short term memory loss and makes you feel more alert.


If you know someone with diabetes or if you have diabetes, this could be one of the most important books you may ever read.


Jenny Gill is an international author with an immense range of knowledge and skills in a wide range of areas. Jenny is a mother and a grandmother and devotes a lot of her time supporting the aged in her community.


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