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Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms and Care

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes are often not easy to recognize and many people live with it for a long time before becoming aware that they are diabetes sufferers.

Without an adequate supply of insulin glucose builds up in the bloodstream instead of being used by the cells.

Type 1 diabetes is also known as insulin dependant diabetes, diabetes mellitus and / or juvenile diabetes. It is a chronic, i.e. lifelong, disease that accounts for approximately ten per cent of total diabetes cases in Europe and North America. It is an autoimmune disorder that occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce sufficient insulin to regulate blood sugar levels appropriately.

Type 1 diabetes can affect both adults and children but is frequently called juvenile diabetes because it represents the majority of the childhood cases of diabetes.


It can take some years, but eventually the insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas are completely destroyed by the body's own immune system. Once no more insulin is being produced it needs to be supplied from another source, often insulin injections, in order to help the body function properly.


Other specific type 1 diabetes symptoms are:

* weight loss despite normal or increased appetite
* blurred vision
* nausea and vomiting
* abdominal pain
* fatigue
* absence of menstruation in women


Diagnostic approach:

* urinalysis shows glucose and ketone bodies in the urine
* fasting glucose level of 126 mg/dL or higher
* random (non fasting) blood glucose level exceeding 200 mg/dL (should be confirmed with a fasting glucose test)
* insulin test
* C-peptide test – low or undetectable levels of the protein C-peptide, a by-product of insulin production.


Treatment and care

Occasionally a newly diagnosed diabetes patient may require hospitalization to initially regulate insulin levels. However, since diabetes is a chronic disease the emphasis will be on managing both the short and long term diabetes-related problems. Patient education plays an important role in the ongoing management and dietary changes are almost always necessary together with self glucose monitoring and long term glycemic control.


A long term goal is to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke as diabetes sufferers tend to be at higher risk. Lifestyle changes are often required to manage this risk. Increased exercise, stopping smoking and an appropriate diet are all required. These changes can allow a sufferer to take control of their disease rather than allowing the diabetes to take control of them.


Alison Stevens maintains a website for diabetes sufferers at and a blog about diabetes care and treatment at


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Discrimination against Diabetes in the Workplace


You have two ADAs with you on this point. Not the American District Attorney (we hope…though in worse case scenarios it might get there), but the American Diabetes Association, and the American Disabilities Act. Both of these work to champion the rights of people with diabetes. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is another agency that advocates for equal rights for workers with diabetes. Diabetes is legally seen as a disability, because it is a disease that affects a “major life activity.” Recent court rulings have established that eating is a major life activity, and so diabetics are protected by the disabilities act in the United States.


If you work in a public environment, you might ask (or your work might ask) to have a relatively private space in which to give yourself injections.


As a diabetic, you have certain rights. The right to eat food (either on the job, or to have a reasonable number of breaks to do so) has been recently ruled as crucial to all persons with diabetes. People with diabetes also have the right to monitor their blood glucose, and administer insulin or medication accordingly. People with diabetes also need freely available bathroom breaks. As a diabetic, you might also request to work a constant shift, rather than a swing shift, if your doctor feels that your glucose will not be able to tolerate the changing schedule.


Medical information is confidential, and so you do not need to share your medical past with your employer. You can share what you want, and you should also share what will be needed. For instance, make your employer aware The first step is to educate your employer. Explain what the effects of diabetes are and how diabetes can be managed. Explain what reasonable accommodations you might need to


Once you have a job, if you feel that you are experience discrimination, it is your job to fight to create a better work environment for people with diabetes. This might mean going higher up the management chain. As a last resort, this might even mean a lawsuit. There are lawyers who specialize in diabetes claims. You might win lost wages or damages from the suit, and you will hopefully make the work environment better for any diabetics who come later.


A person who manages their diabetes will not hold back any team. If anything, the Canadian Diabetes Association suggests that a person with well-managed diabetes will be a benefit to their workplace, because they have learned organizational skills, self-discipline, and they lead a generally healthier lifestyle which results in fewer sick days.


Diabetics can be successful in all walks of life: there are people with diabetes who are firefighters, law enforcement officers, transport truck drivers, and even hockey players. If you are applying for a position that you are qualified for, your diabetes should not stand in the way.


Vivian Brennan is an expert on diabetes, and is currently an editor at The Guide to Diabetes ( She believes in educating people about diabetes to help manage diabetes, prevent complications, and improve lifestyles. Combatting discrimination against diabetics is part of this education.


Diabeticine and Diamaxol: New Diabetes Medicine and the FDA

Diabeticine, however, claimed to target the root of diabetes. Diabeticine claimed that it was a hypoglycemic agent. The FDA looked at Diabeticine’s advertising campaign and declared that it was a drug, not a supplement. This seems to be fair reasoning on the part of the FDA. (The name, Diabeticine, also implies that it is a medicine).

There appears to be mixed feelings about Diabeticine (now Diamaxol).

Some people praise it for lowering their blood sugar, without them having to change their diet or exercise. Others claim that taking a pill is not the solution to managing diabetes and that lifestyle changes are the only truly healthy way to maintain the sought blood sugar levels. Those who laud the drug sometimes claim that they have tried diet, exercise, and even other diabetes medicines, but that they were not effective.


Online testimonials generally support Diabeticine, though there are also some testimonials that claim Diamaxol and Diabeticine do not work. A major complaint is that Diabeticine and Diamaxol are too expensive. There are generic options with the same ingredients.

Diamaxol is licensed as a supplement by the FDA. As such, it cannot claim to cure diseases. Diamaxol still claims to lower blood sugar, just like Diabeticine. Diamaxol has a 30 day 50 point lower guarantee, as well as a long term one year claim.


Diamaxol has the same ingredients as Diabeticine, and it claims to be all-natural. A partial list of the ingredients, according to the manufacturer includes Bitter Melon, Licorice extract, Cinnamon herb powder, Yarrow, Cayenne, Juniper Berries, Huckleberry, and Vanadyl Sulfate.


The bottom line is that the helpful effects of Diamaxol are as yet unproven. Though the manufacturer claims to have clinical proof, many sceptics dismiss this as marketing. Because the FDA has approved Diamaxol as a supplement, at least we know that it can’t hurt. If you have tried all of your other options, consider this one, but only after talking with your health care team.


Vivian Brennan is an expert on diabetes. She is currently living with and managing her diabetes, and has been actively practicing yoga for many years. She likes to keep abreast of new treatments and research. For information on diabetes medicine, treatment, research, and more, visit The Guide To Diabetes. This site includes many informative articles, and even recipes!

Type II Diabetes – Simple Tips to Help Yourself

We are being told that type II diabetes is on the rise in an alarming rate. We also hear that the pharmaceutical companies are always trying to come up with the next wonder drug to “cure” this disease. But who is telling us of ways we can help ourselves?


The majority of people who become type II diabetics start that way by first becoming insulin resistant. In plain terms that means the body is releasing more insulin than the body will use. It becomes a very vicious cycle – too much insulin released, not being used by the body ends up being stored in fat cells. The more fat cells a person has can lead to an increase of insulin being released and the cycle goes on and on and the person develops diabetes.


I would like to give you some useful tips on how you can help yourself. The key is to regulate your blood sugar as much as possible.


• Cut down on the number of carbohydrates you eat. Eating a lot of starches (pasta, bread, potatoes and desserts) can really affect the amount of insulin being released in the body. You have to eat some carbohydrates, but you can reduce it significantly and some people are able to cut back or stop taking their medicine for this completely. Don’t cut back on your medicine on your own though. Wait until your next blood work is done, and if it is better, your doctor will let you know. You can talk to your doctor at that point about cutting back on your medicine.


Consider cutting alcohol and caffeine out of your diet to limit hot flashes. Both alcohol and caffeine alter your body’s natural homeostasis and, as such, can worsen many problems associated with menopause. Eating legumes and soy products can help you during menopause as well. These contain phytoestrogen (plant estrogen), and as such, can help you stabilize your hormones.


• When you eat carbohydrates, eat good ones! Eat grains high in fiber and vegetables – especially green vegetables.


• Limit the number of times you actually eat. Every time you eat or snack, your body releases insulin. You don’t want to do away with snacks, just be smart about it. Don’t graze all day long. Be finished with your meal within an hour. If you take longer than an hour to eat, your body will release more insulin.


• Be sure to balance any carbohydrates you eat with protein and fiber. It will help your blood sugar stay more stable and you won’t have as many spikes in your blood sugar. Most of us have heard of the sugar high and the slump that follows. Balancing carbohydrates with protein and fiber will help limit the sugar highs and slumps.


• Educate yourself. I was amazed when I learned some servings of dessert actually had enough carbohydrates for a whole meal or two whole meals! Learning how to incorporate good nutrition into your meals and limiting the empty carbohydrates really goes a long way to good health.


• Drink plenty of water. If you rely on regular sodas or fruit drinks, you will be consuming many more empty carbohydrates during the day. You want to be moving as much toxins and impurities out of your body.


• Exercise. Yes, that dreaded word. You can add exercise to your day easily though. Park at the back of a parking lot and walk. When at work, take your 15 minute break to walk around the block. It will add up.


With these simple tips and working with my doctor, I was able to completely stop taking my diabetic medicine. I found within 24 hours of really cutting back on my carbohydrates that I felt much better. I have also lost 25 pounds using these tips.


Marla Fuller


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Menopause and Diabetes

Menopause can cause hormone levels to change, and can also cause blood glucose levels to change. Hypoglycemia can be one of the first signs of menopause for a diabetic woman. During menopause, women often have to change their medication or insulin dosages. Monitoring the blood glucose levels is the key to managing diabetes during diabetes.


Type 1 Diabetes Symptom

The body is unable to use this excess glucose for energy despite the high levels in the bloodstream which can lead to an increase in both hunger and fatigue. Another type 1 diabetes symptom is frequent urination, which in turn will lead to excessive thirst.


Women with type 1 diabetes may experience menopause earlier than other women. Women with type 2 diabetes may go through menopause later than other women, particularly if they are above the suggested weight. Estrogen levels do not decrease as rapidly in heavier women.


Sometimes during menopause, women find they have negative sexual side effects. These can include vaginal dryness, increase in yeast infections, and urinary tract infections. See your doctor to discuss how you can manage these side effects, with possible hormone replacement therapy, or changes to your insulin and medication.


During menopause, it is important to maintain an active lifestyle. Some women stop exercising during menopause, and then they begin to gain weight, which in turn affects their ability to absorb insulin. It is also important to keep track of your diet during menopause, because having a well-balanced diet not only helps with diabetes management, but also with coping with menopause.


One of the major difficulties for diabetics in dealing with menopause is the fact that some of the symptoms of diabetes and menopause can be very similar. Both menopause and low blood sugar can cause dizziness, elevated body temperatures, moodiness, and short-term memory loss. High blood sugar, like menopause, can cause fatigue. The way to tell if your symptoms are diabetes related or menopause related is to test your blood sugar.


This means that you will have to do more blood testing than you are used to, but it also means that you won’t accidentally give yourself a surge in blood sugar because you mistook your menopause symptoms for signs of low blood sugar.

While many doctors treat menopause as a medical “condition” or “problem” that needs to be treated, remember that menopause is actually a natural transition for a woman. Try to change your lifestyle before changing your medication.


Vivian Brennan is an expert on diabetes, and is currently an editor at The Guide to Diabetes ( She is living with and managing her diabetes. She believes in educating people about diabetes to help manage diabetes, prevent complications, and improve lifestyles.


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