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Diabetes Articles, Tips and Information

What is Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus is a condition that's one of the most costly and burdensome chronic diseases of our time - it is a condition that is fast increasing to almost epidemic proportions throughout the World.

Diabetes is a serious disorder of the pancreas. Basically the body is not able to use the glucose (sugar) in the blood as the levels are too high. Glucose is obtained from the digestion of certain foods like bread, potatoes, rice, sugar and other sweet foods, as well as from the liver. There are two main types of Diabetes known as Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes - this develops while your body is able make some, but not enough insulin itself, or if the produced insulin doesn't work properly (called insulin resistance).

Type 1 Diabetes - this develops when the body is not able to produce any insulin. It is more usual for Type 1 Diabetes to appear before you reach the age of 40. Type 1 Diabetes is normally treated with regular insulin injections and a change in diet. Regular exercise is also recommended.


Type 2 Diabetes may also require extra treatment in the form of tablets and sometimes insulin to ensure that the body maintains normal blood glucose levels. It is often the case that a Type 2 Diabetes sufferer may well end up needing to take insulin a couple of times a day, but it can often be held at may with diet and tablet medication.


The aim with the treatment of both types of Diabetes is to have blood glucose levels, blood pressure and cholesterol levels as near to average as is possible. As the long term complications of Diabetes can be an increased rate of morbidity and mortality mainly due to failure of various organs like the eyes and kidneys, it is important to recognise and have Diabetes treated as soon as possible. Diabetics are also at a much higher risk of peripheral vascular disease, strokes and coronary artery disease, and they are also at greater risk of developing hypertension (high blood pressure) and obesity.


So what are the Symptoms of Diabetes?
One of the first things you may be aware of is increased thirst, and also extreme tiredness. You will also find you need to pay more frequent visits to the bathroom, especially at night time. Weight loss can also occur, as can general skin itchiness and sometimes blurred vision. You may also notice general weakness and fatigue as well as irritability.

Type 1 Diabetes develops much more quickly than Type 2 Diabetes, usually over a period of weeks. The symptoms therefore are normally much more obvious, and easier to identify.

Type 2 Diabetes develops more slowly and the symptoms are not usually as severe. Often sufferers have not even noticed any symptoms, and it is only through a routine blood test that they are diagnosed as having Diabetes.

What Tests can be done to check for Diabetes?
There are basically two tests, one is a test on your urine, and the other one is a test on your blood. With the urine test some chemicals are added to the urine, and a testing stick is put into the urine. The colour changes on the stick indicate the presence or non-presence of glucose. The most accurate test however, is a blood test and this gives a very good idea of the level of glucose in the blood.

What Parts of my Body Can Be Affected by Diabetes?
Heart - the amount of fat and homocysteine in the blood are increased with Diabetes.

Kidney - due to the higher levels of glucose, the kidneys have to work much harder to retain essential substances and to separate waste products to produce urine. This in turn affects the small blood vessels and their filtering capability. After many years of this extra work, kidney failure can and often does follow.


Blood Vessels - the higher levels of glucose damage the blood vessels, as a result of this many of the diabetic complications occur in blood vessels.


Eyes - the blood vessels of the eyes can be affected by Diabetes. Damage can lead to several eye problems like damage to the retina, cataracts, or even total loss of vision. This is why it is important to have regular eye checks when you are diagnosed as being Diabetic.

Feet - damaged blood vessels can reduce the blood flow to the feet and therefore increase the risk of you developing foot ulcers and infections.


Nerves - the sustained high levels of glucose over a long time damages the nerves, which can reduce sensation in some parts of the body. This can lead to numbness and tingling as well as dizziness and fainting.


How will I know that my Diabetes Treatment is working?

You need to learn how to test your own blood glucose levels (usually done with a small self administered jab to a finger, blood dropped onto a strip which is then inserted into a small machine to give a glucose level). There are many testing tools available, ask your doctor which one is best for you. Also get advice on how often you need to test your blood, and at what levels you need to seek advice. Keep a note of your blood glucose levels and show them to your Doctor. A good reading, between meals will be between 70 and 140 mg/dl.


Your doctor will also perform blood tests, and these will show your blood glucose control over the past few months.

Look after your diet and exercise levels, take any medication you are prescribed, and Diabetes need not interfere with the way you live your life too much.


Please feel free to use this article, but keep the author information and resource box as it is,with all links working


Please feel free to use this article, but keep the author information and resource box as it is,with all links working

Cat has experienced Diabetes in her own family and realises how important it is to recognise and treat this disease. Further information Diabetes


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Why Knowing Your Body Mass Index Can Help You Fight Diabetes


This is how staggering the rise of obesity has become: according to the Surgeon General's office, the number of obese or overweight adults in this country is 50% higher than it was just a decade ago. Recent studies have projected that 1/3 of the children born in 2000 will develop Type 2 Diabetes, which was once commonly referred to as adult-onset diabetes and is primarily driven by excessive weight. And perhaps most unsettling of all: over the last ten years the number of deaths directly related to obesity-inspired diseased has increased by 33%.


Which is why it's so important for those who are either pre-diabetes or have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes to monitor their body mass index.


Obesity contributes to diabetes, heart disease, and strokes. Diabetes leads to an increased risk of heart disease, blindness, limb amputation, and kidney problems. The close relationship between excessive weight and diabetes is undeniable. What is your body mass index (BMI)? It's an easily calculated number which tells you the percentage of your of body weight that consists of fat. Although this number is not 100% on-the-money perfect, especially when the calculation is based solely on height and weight, it's a good ball park figure. Certainly good enough to use as a guide if you're trying to lose weight. Other factors that are normally taken into consideration are sex and age.


The most accurate way to determine your body mass index is by working with your doctor. Not only can he offer you some additional insights into the meaning of the number, he can advise you on how best to start losing weight.


However, if you'd like to get a quick peek at where you fall in the BMI scale, there are a number of online calculators you can use. The quickest path to a calculator is by doing a search for the term "BMI" or "body mass index." Either will do. But if you're in even more of a hurry, can try one of these:


The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute: Centers For Disease Control and Prevention: Partnership For Healthy Weight Management:


After you've determined your BMI number, you'll want to know what it means. As a rough guideline for adults a BMI of less than 20 implies underweight, over 25 is overweight, and over 30 is obese. For a more specific idea of where you fall in the index, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute provides a complete Body Mass Index Table for your convenience. You can find it here:


The bottom line: if you're overweight, you're in danger of developing diabetes. This dreadful disease is nearly silent, yet it can cause kidney failure, heart damage, strokes, even the loss of limbs to amputation. This is why it's so important to keep a close eye on your weight and particularly your body mass index.


David Silva is not only the webmaster of Diabetes Base, he's a diabetic. Visit the Diabetes Base Blog to keep up with all the latest diabetes news.


Controlling Diabetes with Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Having diabetes means a lifetime of maintaining their diabetes and the blood sugar and controlling their glucose levels. The blood sugar level shows of how much glucose, which is a basic sugar, is found in the bloodstream. Glucose, in one form or another, is in many of the foods that we eat, so diet is a very important part of controlling the glucose levels in your bloodstream. Diet and exercise are also key factors in controlling diabetes, in fact some doctors say that diet alone can control type 2 diabetes. The diabetic will be given dietary guidelines by their medical practitioner no matter what type of diabetes you have.

It is suggested that diabetics pay rigorous attention to their diet and self-monitoring activities to establish which foods cause the worst glucose-level peaks and troughs, then make "self adjustments".

However, the best way of controlling diabetes, and the only way for those with type 1 diabetes, is for patients to test their glucose levels regularly - as instructed by their doctor - and to take the appropriate levels of medication or injection of insulin.


Since a diabetics body either doesn't produce insulin, as in Type 1 diabetes, or cannot process the insulin that it makes, which is found in Type 2 diabetes, these blood sugar levels can vary much more then those of a person in perfect health.


Diabetics afflicted with type 1 diabetes should be checking their blood sugar levels daily before eating. The number of tests each day should a minimum of 2 times per day, but some patients may need as many as 6 tests in a day. These tests help determine how much insulin needs to be taken into the body to help process the glucose.


Type 2 diabetics are able to control their diabetes with drugs and dieting. However they too need to be monitoring their blood sugar levels a few times a week. This should be done immediately after eating a meal or up to 90 minutes after eating. In addition, it is a good idea to check your levels before every meal around one day a month to see exactly how your body interacts with the food that you eat.


To check your blood sugar levels, the most commonly used method of obtaining a blood sample is to prick the finger. You then take the blood that is released and put it onto a testing strip, which comes with blood sugar level testing kits. This strip is then put into a measuring device, and processed for around 30 seconds before a result is achieved.


But there is some good news!

Lots of research is on going and a new gadget is now available that checks a diabetic's blood sugar and lets them know if it falls to a dangerous low. Researchers have been searching for the gadget for years. Monitoring devices are now coming on the market and by late summer will be available in the United States.


These monitors are not as accurate as "normal" blood tests, finger lances, but researchers are hoping that within a couple of years it will allow a diabetic to forgo putting their finger to test for blood glucose levels. If the monitor signals that blood sugar levels are low, it is necessary to take a blood test for confirmation. The monitors are also slow to show rapid changes that occur, especially when you exercise. This monitor is working to make finger lances outdated for all diabetics.


Those who have used the monitors report little discomfort. A patch worn on the abdomen may hurt when it goes on because there is a tiny wire placed under the skin to measure the glucose in cell fluid. Once the patch is on, it is comfortable to wear and sends information to a receiver. The receiver is about the size of a cell phone. A patch can be worn for several days before changing. Researchers are working toward pairing the new monitoring device to insulin pumps. These pumps have been on the market for years and could reduce the time needed for controlling diabetes to a minimum. One such product has already been approved in April and is now offered for sale now.


The monitoring portion of the device will not be available until later this summer, so it isn't fully automatic yet, but it is promising news for those who are trying to control Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.


Another new treatment going through trials is the delivery of insulin through inhalation. The insulin is prepared in a dry micro fine powder form which is inhaled directly into the lungs from where it is absorbed into the blood stream.


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Diabetes - Maintaining Your Health

If you have already been diagnosed with Type II diabetes you can still have a healthy and vital life. There are many alternative therapies that have been shown to be of great benefit. There are also simple changes you can make to your lifestyle which can greatly enhance your well-being. These can be grouped into three categories:



Beginning a regular exercise routine is one of the most important steps you can take. Physical activity improves the body's response to insulin. It will also help you to lose weight, which is vital to controlling or eliminating diabetes. Take a moment to stop and think about your current level of activity. Are you moving your body each day? Your options are limitless. Try doing a variety of activities so that you keep your interest. Add in the use of a Chi Machine. Not only does using one of these units act as a form of passive aerobic exercise, but it will help your metabolism.


I do want to say, that for some people, exercising is just too much work. Their bodies have reached a stage where there just isn't enough juice to get the motor running. I will talk more about this in the future. For those of you who can relate, you need to prime the pump. That means taking some cutting edge supplements and reversing the downward spiral of fatigue and illness into an upward spiral of a healthy, happy, long life.



By being selective about which foods you put into your body, you can make great strides in your health. A diet emphasizing fresh vegetables, legumes and whole grains has been shown to influence the release of glucose into the bloodstream. Fiber is particularly important. Research has shown that a high fiber diet lowers the body's need for insulin. It also helps cells to release their energy more slowly so that you don't experience dramatic highs and lows.


The other thing that can help is to eat small amounts of protein throughout the day. This will help to keep your blood sugar levels even through the day. Nuts are especially good for this. Almonds and walnuts contain high levels of zinc - a major nutrient for the production of insulin.


During the next week try keeping a food diary. Note how each food makes you feel. Use what you learn from this experience to guide you in making healthy diet choices.


My good friend Steve Cherniske used to go around the country teaching nutrition to nurses. The first thing he would do in the course is ask them to write down their 5 most favorite foods. Go ahead and do that now.


What he then told them was that more than likely, they were allergic to those 5 foods. Meaning, the body develops a resistance to something that it sees day after day. So vary the foods you eat. More about this in a future article.



A great deal of research has been done on the effects of herbs and supplements in diabetes. Several have been found to have a profound effect on insulin production and utilization. It is also important to optimize digestion so that your body absorbs the nutrients from your food.


Chromium is an important trace mineral that plays a major role in sugar metabolism. Research has shown that this mineral potentiates insulin, assisting it to deliver glucose to the cells. The suggested dose is 200-400 mcg of chromium picolinate per day.

Gymnema is an Ayurvedic herb which has shown great promise in the treatment of type II diabetes by helping your body to absorb insulin. It also has the interesting ability to decrease your taste buds perception of sweet tastes. This can be of great benefit if you have an insatiable sweet tooth. The typical dosage is 400-600mg of the herb per day.


Fenugreek has been used for centuries in the Middle East as a cooking spice. Studies are now showing that this herb can lower blood sugar and cholesterol in people with diabetes. You can either add the seeds to your recipes or, if you don't like the flavor, take the herb in capsule form. A dose of 5-30 g is recommended.


Taking a good enzyme supplement can also be of great benefit. If your diet has been less than optimal, chances are you may not be absorbing many of the nutrients from your foods. Enzymes help your body to break down and utilize the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in your diet.


Remember, you have the power to make healthy choices. I am here to support you in that decision and to provide you with the information and tools that you need.


As a nationally licensed massage therapist, John William Johnson understands first hand the powerful healing abilities of massage - both on an emotional and physical level. It was this understanding, along with a strong desire to help others, which led him to develop JMP Enterprises. Through his websites and, John is able to provide his customers with the highest quality health and wellness products and information available.


As a nationally licensed massage therapist, John William Johnson understands first hand the powerful healing abilities of massage - both on an emotional and physical level. It was this understanding, along with a strong desire to help others, which led him to develop JMP Enterprises. Through his websites and, John is able to provide his customers with the highest quality health and wellness products a

Diabetes therapy

You must be {a href=""}observing a fact that in last several years, despite the fact that you are taking regular medication as per your doctor's advise, your dose must be increasing and with this instead of reduction of your problems they must be increasing or getting complicated. But who so ever comes to us with this problem he may not require conventional medicines, sometime he may has to taper down requirement of medications and need not require after some time. While correction of the problem the essence is not to just control this health problem but the Detoxification, rejuvenation and Chelation of body and correction of the deep-seated health problem.


Type 2 Diabetes is often linked with being overweight, and more often than not appears in those aged over 40. Although in certain people, e.g African-Caribbean and South Asian, Type 2 Diabetes can appear as early as age 25. Recently more children are being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. This type of Diabetes is usually treatable with lifestyle changes, for example losing weight, a healthier diet and also by increasing your physical activity.


We DO NOT use any product of any branded company but after learning about your health need we blend dietary supplement using the extracts from the precious range of proven, rare exotic organic herbs, and other natural sources from all over the world to suit your health needs particularly. It will contain oral supplements to cleanse and rejuvenate your body and skin to make it fit and energetic; all this will enhance your confidence in life with several folds.


The results are excellent as the herbs are not restricted to one country but are a combination of best possible herbs from all over the world. Be assured that your problems will be relieved with our {a href=""}supplements. We have helped a lot of people with similar kind of problems. In many cases we use Yoga and meditation to enhance the effects. To consult about this disease


Basically Dr. Rao is a Conventionally Trained Western Medical Doctor from India and fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). He is also trained in traditional supplements since the age of 5 years (as he belongs to family of Hakims - naturopaths - Vaidyas - Aurvedic doctors. Now Dr. K. Rao serves as science director of HHCSR {a href=""}click here: for more information


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Weight Loss Solution - As children, one of the first exercises we learned how to do was walking. While it may seem like an elementary form of exercise, walking can do wonders for the heart, the circulatory system, and our legs. Walking can also be instrumental in helping individuals to lose weight.


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