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Diabetes Types- Knowing the Symptoms

Diabetes is a condition featuring unusually high levels of glucose in the bloodstream. Insulin, produced by the pancreas, is used by the body to lower blood glucose levels. If someone’s pancreas doesn’t generate enough insulin, their body will develop diabetes.

Juvenile Onset diabetes is another major form of diabetes that affects many children. It is believed to be the onset of Type 1 diabetes.

A short list of symptoms of diabetes would include severe hunger and thirst, more urge to urinate, and fatigue. But the surest way of knowing whether you have diabetes is having a blood sugar test, also known as a Glucose Tolerance Test.


Type 1 diabetes is the more acute form. It is typically treated with special dietary restrictions, exercise and occasionally with insulin. Type 1 diabetes usually will be treated with special diet, exercise, and a weight loss plan before insulin is added. This form of diabetes is considered an insulin dependent disease.


A less severe form of diabetes, Type 2 diabetes is first treated with a diabetic diet, exercise and weight loss. If theses measures are not successful in controlling blood sugar and insulin levels, oral medications may be added. Insulin is then finally considered if these also are unsuccessful. Type 2 diabetes normally occurs in adults who are middle age or older, which is why it is sometimes called Late-Onset Diabetes In this case, he pancreas still produces the right levels of insulin but the body has become resistant to it.


It is feasible to delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes if it runs in the family. Through losing weight, getting the right amount of exercise and controlling your diet, you can manage. If Type 2 diabetes is not treated, eventually the same complications may ensue as those seen with Type 1 diabetes. Gestational diabetes is seen in pregnant women. Normally it disappears after the birth of the baby, however, treatment for the mother to stabilize the blood glucose levels will decrease the chance of complications to the baby as well as mother.


If a child is showing even a few of the symptoms of diabetes, it’s vital that they be checked by a doctor. It is estimated that over two million adolescents are in the pre-diabetes stage. This is mostly due to being overweight. In this condition, blood glucose levels are high but not high enough to be considered diabetes. Teens usually develop this between the ages of 12 and 19.


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Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, Overcome Diabetic Complications, and Find a Cure


There is an epidemic of Type 2 diabetes in our country today. According to the American Diabetes Association, "There are 20.8 million children and adults in the United States, or 7 percent of the population, who have diabetes. While an estimated 14.6 million have been diagnosed, unfortunately, 6.2 million people (or nearly one-third) are unaware that they have the disease." Diabetes is typically identified through blood testing.

Type 2 diabetes, also called adult-onset diabetes, occurs when the body either doesn't manufacture enough insulin or the body ignores the insulin, which results in sugar (blood glucose) building up in the bloodstream. When untreated, diabetic complications arise, some of which are life threatening. According to the American Diabetes Association, these complications include heart disease and stroke, kidney disease, blindness, nerve damage, foot problems due to poor circulation or nerve damage, gastroparesis, depression, and skin problems like bacterial infections, fungal infections, and itching.

Such a program heals the body at a cellular level and allows the body to relearn the proper way to metabolize food and insulin. The key elements of such a program include:
* Pinpointing the foods, minerals, nutrients, herbs, and supplements that are antioxidants, that reduce inflammation, that increase the body's use of naturally produced insulin.

* Learning which foods, minerals, nutrients, herbs, and supplements address and reverse long-term diabetic complications.

* Identifying the five super foods that lead to wellness and the five bad foods that promote diabetes and poor health.

* Pinpointing the seven common mistakes that diabetics make.

* Transforming favorite foods into healthier versions that include less sugar, salt, and fat.

The underlying principle of such a wellness program to treat and reverse diabetes is the recognition that diabetes is complicated, involving a number of biochemical, hormonal, and metabolic imbalances. As such, conventional treatment that includes oral medication and insulin is ineffective in the long-term. Instead, regular blood glucose testing combined with specific nutrition and exercise programs can actually reverse Type 2 diabetes and alleviate diabetic complications.


Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web. Learn more about Reverse Type 2 Diabetes or Majon's Health and Beauty directory.

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Support of Diabetes from the Family

Not to be missed in the treatment of diabetes is support from the people we love. In truth, one reference notes that “the quality of a family’s time can be mutually beneficial” in managing diabetes in the family with juveniles or adults. It is beneficial when those in the family are trained about diabetes. Knowledge will lend a hand of support to the diabetic. You'll recognize imperative symptoms, and know how to take action. One family who offers support to their diabetic relatives noted how they can recognize changes in each other when medical treatment is needed. Being able to detect symptoms like being sweaty, shaky or impatient will help caring family members to take charge of any diabetic situations.


Although many people with diabetes turn to medications and insulin injections to treat the disease, an increasing number are finding that drug therapy simply suppresses the symptoms of diabetes without addressing its causes. By using a combination of Eastern and alternative medicine principles, a growing number of diabetics are utilizing comprehensive wellness and nutrition programs that treat the causes of diabetes, reverse its complications, and, in essence, provide a cure to the disease.


Loving family members must strive to be supportive and patient with their diabetic family members. This support can be invaluable coming from within the family for the diabetic. The greatest support group is at home with love and care. Family and friends in addition want to understand that as blood-sugar levels fluctuate, diabetes can affect one’s moods.


A family member would never want to belittle or make fun of a spouse, sibling, daughter or son because of diabetes. Too, remembering that they have limitations on what they eat we may also follow their same diet plan. Never would we want to tempt them to eat something that could make them sick.


Remember you are an important part of your diabetic relatives successful treatment. They may not show it but you mean a lot to them.

Diabetes can be managed effectively, specially if the sufferer has cooperation from friends and family.


Diabetes: The Nutrition Mission


One of the harder parts of being a diabetic is the endless struggle between sugar levels and food. Often times we forget just how much fat and carbohydrates we accumulate in the foods we eat. There are several key things we can do to make this transition easier for ourselves. Everyone loves sugar and sometimes it is hard to accept that this (our love) is making us sick.


Often we try to ignore the nutrition aspect of our plan all together, in hopes that if we don't look it will just go away. This is not a good option and can cause damage that cannot be repaired. When we look at our diet, first we must determine how many servings of carbohydrates we eat on a regular basis. You should spend at least a week to two week reviewing this information. Purchase a log or journal to take note of each serving you consume. (The important word here is EACH) if you are not being honest with yourself you will only hurt yourself!


After you have established a base amount, then you can determine what is healthy for a diabetic. Generally 100-150 daily is enough. Around 30 in the morning; 45 at lunch; and maybe 45 at dinner; everyone is different so consult your nutritionist for further details. In your mission to better nutrition you must also consider what types of food to eat. May people do not realize that natural sugars cause elevated sugar levels also?


Many fruits and fruit juices contain natural sugars. These are important to monitor closely. Just because they are fruit doesn't mean they can't hurt you. Listed on the back of the packages of all types of foods you eat is a nutrition chart. This contains all the information you need to determine if the food is right for you and how much of the particular food you should eat.


There are two listings to look for whenever you pick up a package: 1. Total Carbohydrates-2. sodium

The amount of total carbohydrates is very important. Carbohydrates once in your body turn to sugar, the more you have the more it affects your sugar level. The American Diabetes Association found that the level of sugar in a product didn't matter as much as the amount of carbohydrates a diabetic consumed. Now it is recommended that the amount of carbohydrates is limited and controlled to lower blood sugar levels, along with medication in some instances, as well as exercise.


Sodium is also important because being a diabetic increases your chances of having high blood pressure and cholesterol. Consult you physician to determine the proper amount of sodium you should include in your diet daily. Many of us don't realize the incredible amount of sodium we intake on a daily basis. Ever heard the saying "out of sight; out of mind"? Just remember taste it before you shake it! There are many products out that have substitutions for sugar or salt, designed for diabetics. I have listed a few that maybe useful. Also listed are a few of the fruits and other foods containing natural sugars that need to be taken with care.


Another important part of preparing meals is making sure the portions are the proper size. Each food must be weighed in order to maintain a proper diet. There are a few sites listed below this article that maybe able to help you understand portion sizes and weight. You can purchase a scale at most department stores at a reasonable rate to allow you to properly weigh each serving. There are also books available that can give a nutrition chart for the foods that are not packaged and of course Americas favorite fast foods.


Though there are extra steps one must follow, when being a diabetic; you can still lead a healthy and productive live. With proper nutrition and education you can learn to control and take care of this disease properly, this will cause fewer complications later on in life.


Recommended Fruits:

Apples Lemons Plums Grapes

Fruits Moderate In Sugar

Peaches Mangos Cherries Papayas Oranges


Helpful References:

The American Diabetes Association

The Public Health Net

Everyday Eating Provide recipes for diabetics.


A good book for nutrition counting; lists foods from A-Z Including Fast Foods

The Complete Nutrition Counter Written by: Lynn Sonberg


Michael Russell

Your Independent guide to Diabetics


Traveling with Diabetes


When traveling with Diabetes Mellitus you must have an action plan, to help others in the plane, train, car, etc. to know what to do when a problem a rises. Having diabetes is a big responsibility. Making sure that you are safe as well as the individuals traveling with you. It is best to carry a tight schedule of your medications as well as your testing. Keeping a watchful eye on the sugar levels is always a plus when traveling as well as at home.


People with diabetes often become depressed as well as tired of the relentless poking and testing they are subjected to each day. Though they long for it to end, often more then not the disease becomes worse as time passes by. This makes it hard on loved ones and others working closely with them. That is why it is so important for others to be connected with them, keeping them on task.

When traveling sugar levels can drop often rapidly; since people often eat only small meals while traveling this causes problems with diabetes. The fact that people aren't active and are under stress when they travel; could make a major turn and give elevated sugar levels instead of low ones these levels are just as important as the low readings.


Key Things To Carry With You:

1. Of course is the testing meter. Always carry this item where ever you go.

2. Medication- it is always important to carry your medication with you. Even if you don't plan to be out long. Often time's unexpected thing can occur; always be prepared.

3. This one is difficult to remember. A juice or so form of sugar, or carbohydrate. This Item is very important may of us think that we can get something there, or I won't be out that long. When really the onset of hypoglycemia is very quick. There's little time to react.

4. When you travel it is important you carry a log book. That way you can keep an eye on your levels. See what affects them when you are gone.

5. Last but not least is a healthy snack. People with diabetes often need to eat, extra meals throughout the day. When we travel we don't always eat right. So a healthy snack will keep our sugar levels on track and not mess up our day.


Remember when you travel it is important to eat well. Keeping a calorie counter or book to follow for all those extra sweets we love so much. Remember traveling won't have to be a complete was out if you just follow the simple rules.Keep the people around you informed of how you are feeling, let them know if you aren't quite your self and educate, educate, educate. The most important rule is to keep the loved ones informed of the latest in diabetes research. Educate your self on the new studies and research; all that's available around you. The more informed you are the more informed they will be and will be able to help you when you need it most.


Lots of people suffer from this disease everyday and still lead healthy, happy and full lives; and so can you. Always remember to keep your head up and don't let it get you down. Whenever you're feeling bad remember there is always someone else who feels worse. You'll make it through.


Helpful Organizations

Here are some organizations to help you with support;

The American Diabetes Association This group has research, nutrition, support, symptoms, etc. Lots of help for people newly diagnosed. They also have a site in the UK


The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation This group has the latest information on diabetes in children, they research and have Support groups for family and child learning. Diabetes, Incorporated This group helps with support and various symptoms, as well as research. Remember control is your key to a happy, full, new life.


Michael Russell

Your Independent guide to Diabetics

Diabetes - The Effects From Obesity

It seems that every time we turn on the TV we hear news about the increase in diabetes in the America. It should come as no surprise that one of the major causes for the increase in diabetes is due to the obesity problem. Not only is obesity causing an upturn in diabetes, but it also contributes to heart disease, strokes and heart attacks. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that cases of diabetes have skyrocketed in the past several years. What is the number one reason for this? Obesity.


The Surgeon General has also said that as a nation, the number of overweight adults and children are 50% higher than they were just 10 years ago. This has led to a massive increase in Type 2 diabetes, which up until this point was an adult onset form of diabetes. Not anymore, children of all ages are now Type 2 diabetics.


Other recent studies have shown that of all the children born after the year 2000, over one third of them will develop Type 2 diabetes in their lifetime. This form of diabetes can lead to kidney failure, blindness, stroke and heart disease among others. It is a serious problem.


What is creating some of these problems? The answer is really very simple. One is how we eat. Most everyone is eating fast food once or twice a week at a minimum. Fast food is full of everything that is not healthy. High fats, carbohydrates and calories all lead to weight gain and in turn, the increased risk of getting diabetes. Fast food should be avoided, or at least reduced to only an occasional meal.


You are what you eat

In today's fast paced world, more and more families rely on easy to cook, processed foods that have a high fat and sugar content. In the past, our diets contained wholesome and nutritious foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.


Along with the fast food comes the soda. Fast food restaurants and all convenience stores now serve up monster-sized sodas for everyone to consume. 48 oz or 64 oz cups of soda are now commonplace wherever you go. The sugar and carbs these drinks contain are enormous. The results? More and more children are getting diabetes just from drinking too much soda. (Some school systems are now removing soda machines from schools due to this epidemic)


One other factor that needs mentioning is the lack of any exercise most people do not get. Did you know that by only going for a brisk walk for 30 minutes, 3 times a week can prevent the onset of diabetes? Exercise helps prevent heart problems and many other health concerns. Even if you can only walk at a slow pace, that's ok. Any kind of exercising is going to help. You can start small and work up to a higher level. By losing just 5% of your bodies fat can help prevent you from becoming a diabetic.


Keep yourself educated about diabetes. Even if you are not at risk yourself, know the signs to look for in your family. Most people don't know that drinking a gallon of soda every day is going to lead to diabetes. They don't understand that that super-sized hamburger meal is loaded with carbohydrates that are contributing to the risk of diabetes. By understanding the causes for becoming a diabetic you can go a long way in starting to prevent it from occurring in you and your family.


Michael Russell

Your Independent guide to Obesity

Diabetes in Children is on the Rise

Diabetes! Why Must So Many Children Suffer?

Diabetes, the body's inability to metabolize sugar properly, is something that most people have to just live with for the rest of their lives. You can control it, of course, with proper diet and by taking medication. But the fact that an increasing number of young children and adolescents are prone to it nowadays is a cause for concern. It is not surprising that with the increase in the number of overweight children and growing obesity problems diabetes too is growing proportionately. Lesser physical activity among children Children these days is also creating health problems.


Physical Inactivity, Extra pounds and Stress

Being overweight doesn't help. The extra burden those extra pounds put on your body weaken its response and ability to handle stress. And this kind of stress increases manifold, especially when your body is still growing, and is yet to achieve full size.

These extra pounds come from a life of physical inactivity in children, too much time sitting at the computer and at meals is taking its toll in increased weight. Children's bodies, already hampered by excess weight, have no way, therefore, to cope with their diets, rich in fat and sugar. Very simply put, the body cannot metabolize, or burn, these high levels of fat and sugar, causing an imbalance that leads to diabetes in so many children.


This can place a tremendous pressure on the body. Like the camel who can take only so many straws, the body can, and will tolerate many elements of stress. But like the camel with the last straw that broke his back, too many stresses interfere with the normal functioning of vital organs, the liver and pancreas. The result -- disease, maybe even partial or total dysfunction.

Would you really want to damage something so inherently part of your nature?


Children will be children, of course, and they can make poor health choices by eating the wrong foods. But isn't it really up to families to encourage and incorporate a healthy lifestyle at home? And when they don't, children are more likely to fall prey to health problems and are more prone to diabetes. At the end of the day, everyone in the family needs to pull together as one team on the same side -- the side that keeps illnesses like diabetes and other unhealthy issues at bay.


Most people groan and moan at the thought of healthy living. But it doesn't'thave to be such a grind. Physical exercise can be fun when done together as a group. Family members can take turns in coming up with new and interesting, but healthy recipes to cook every day. Slowly but surely, the benefits of healthy living will rub off on everyone.


Martin Grandley operates the website and writes for Diabetes Firm which a site dedicated to diabetes issues and contains all the very latest news and views diabetes related. For more details please visit


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