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LAT: ECT (Eclectroconvulsive Therapy) gains ground as treatment for depression

The article indicates that there is a minority group of depressed people who do not respond to pharma treatments. The article puts this group at about 30% of the depressed population. ECT apparently can be effective for this subgroup. Other new techniques discussed by the article include: rapid transcranial magnetic stimulation, Vagus nerve stimulation, Deep brain stimulation, and the Selegiline patch.

It's a good update on all of the various medical treatments for depression.

The article mentions one patient who uses a combination of: "patience, therapy, medication and ECT -- and sheer grit" to combat his depression. Surprisingly, there is no mention of the benefits of an aggressive exercise program on depression. Exercise is far from a panacea, particularly for severe clinical depression, but it is one of the possible therapies that should be considered, particularly for the mildly depressed. Many believe that exercise is as effective as pharma treatments for mild depression.

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A Guide to Omega 3 and Depression


Natural remedies for depression...

Because of the negative side-effects associated with prescription anti-depressants, many people suffering from the symptoms of mild to moderate depression are looking at natural remedies. Several studies over the last seven years have established that there is a link between Omega 3 and depression relief.


Depression can also be a symptom of a vitamin deficiency, particularly a dietary deficiency of the B-complex, so a multi-vitamin supplement is often also suggested as one of the natural remedies for depression in addition to fish oils.


Other natural remedies and depression relief techniques include a regular exercise program, adequate sleep, meditation and eating a balanced healthy diet, rich in fruits, vegetables (particularly leafy greens) and fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, herring and sardines.


Fish Oil Depression Connection

One fish that especially naturally high in crucial DHA and EPA is called the Hoki, which is native to the deep waters off of the coast of New Zealand. Hoki is used in some of the highest quality fish oil supplements.


In short, people looking for Omega 3 and depression relief may want to look into fish oils made from Hoki.

Fortunately, in recent years, much more has been written on the subject of natural remedies for depression relief, omega 3 and depression relief and the fish oil depression link. User's Guide to Natural Remedies for Depression by Linda Knittel contains information on easing and preventing depression and advice on when to seek professional help.


Depression can be a very serious mental disorder and anyone suffering from it should seek professional advice from a physician, psychiatrist or psychologist.


Anyone who is currently taking an anti-depressant should consult their physician before trying certain herbs which are often touted for depression like St. John's wort or SAM-e.


These natural remedies and depression medications, although effective for many, can also cause side effects. Supplements of Omega 3 and depression prescriptions are often taken at the same time, but it's never advisable to do so unless you let your doctor know first.


Get more information about Omega 3 and Depression and learn how to choose a high quality fish oil supplement at:


Depression And Relationships

Depression can be a very lonely illness and your relationships are a key part of how you cope with your depression. You need friends for support. Not just good weather friends but friends who can support you when you're down. If one of these friends is also depressed it is not necessarily a bad thing. You can understand each other and perhaps be there on each other's bad days (but not if you're having a bad time at the same time). However, you need to be conscious when choosing sexual partners that your depression will have altered you as a person. It is likely that the person you get together with when depressed will not be the person you want to be with when you are better.


In three of these studies involving dietary supplementation of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are found in several food sources including olive oil and especially fish oil, depression was often lifted somewhat after four weeks and greatly relieved after six to eight weeks. The results of studies using both EPA and DHA were more promising than the studies which used either of these two fatty acids alone.


When you are depressed you are a different person - you may not even know who you really are - but your partner will be with the person you are at that time. Also, depression alters your view of the world and therefore your view of other people, so your view of your partner will not be the same when you are better.


Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't start a relationship when depressed. On the contrary, it could be the best thing for you. It may provide the stability you need to start working through your problems and you may be able to talk to your partner about things you can't discuss with anyone else. Your partner may be the only person you can relax around and start to feel yourself again. Issues may arise that hadn't before and wouldn't have come up if you weren't in a relationship. On the other hand, you may find that you keep up the pretence of being the person you think you ought to be. There is also the possibility that the relationship could fail before you are ready - perhaps due to your depression. This will make you worse. Either way, the stability may give you the space to start seeing things differently and the confidence to start seeking therapy.


However, what I strongly advise is do not start a relationship with someone who is also depressed. I am not a doctor but I do have 25 years experience of depression and there are two likely outcomes of this sort of relationship. Firstly, one of you will get better, you will split and the other will get worse. The reason is this: if you are simply friends with another depressed person you can help each other and if one of you gets better you can still be there to help the other one with your understanding and advice. However, if you are in a relationship with another depressed person and one of you gets better and you split up then the other person will have suffered the end of their relationship plus the loss of their friendship and support. By all means be friends with other depressed people, we all need friends when we're depressed, but wait until you have both recovered before you think about starting a sexual partnership.


Depression is a difficult illness to really get rid of. Once you have had it there is always the possibility of a recurrence. If you have recovered from your depression but are still in a relationship with someone who is depressed it is very difficult to stay recovered. Also, you may find that you want to get out of the relationship but feel trapped because you know that the other person will get worse. The stress of this may send you back into depression. This is the second outome - you will both remain depressed.


There are two remaining possible outcomes - the first is that you will both get better and stay together. I believe this is highly unlikely but not impossible. You will both be different people when you are better, with different views and personalities from when you first got together. You may still like each other but want different things. It would be great if you both manage to help each other through depression and out the other side but the normal stresses and strains of a relationship make this unlikely.


The other outcome is that one of you will get better and you will stay together. I think this is the least likely to happen. If you recover from depression and live with someone who is depressed you are not likely to be really happy. You may still remember the feelings and understand but there may be an element of "I got through it so you should be able to as well." We all know that's unreasonable as part of depression is the feeling that you just can't try any more but don't people always say that ex-smokers and the worst critics of smokers?


Bear in mind that a long-term partnership is not necessarily a bad thing when you are depressed but please think about the consequences of getting together with another depressed person. Try to help each other and be there for each other but keep enough distance between you so that you help each other and not bring each other down. In other words, stay friends and don't live with each other, at least, not until you know who you really are.


June23 maintains the Depression Online Site - a collection of articles for people living either with depression or with someone with depression.


Postpartum Depression


Women around the globe are resenting the day that their bodies will go through a transformation.

When postpartum depression kicks in women often feel sluggish, unconnected to reality, and often undergo several other symptoms that include depression.


Women that undergo postpartum depression (PPD) often go through bouts of crying uncontrollable and very seldom do they understand the cause. There thinking is often irrational and their emotions are often tangled. One minute they are struggling to go to sleep and the next minute they can't seem to wake up.


Once a baby is born the family, friends, mother and so forth a suppose to join in a joyful expedition. Sometimes mothers go through postpartum depression however, and the birth seems more like a curse than a joyous moment.


Instead of sharing a happy moment mothers often feel a sense of guilt because they simply because they may resent the birth of their baby. All of a sudden, you begin feeling sadness, despair, worthlessness, and insomnia kicks in.


Then you go through panic attacks while feeling a sense of shame. In addition, it doesn't stop there. Next you begin feeling fear of loosing control of your actions, you start feeling like your mind is tumbling, and your concentration has vanished. Still, you feel nausea, agitated, your heart races, and you breathing is complicated. The symptoms are increasing as you feel an imbalance level of worry toward your child, hopelessness since you have no control, exhausted from all the mental changes, and suicidal because you see no way out.


The battle is just beginning. Mothers than suffer from postpartum depression often have an underlying psychological impairment, possible biological imbalances, including Posttraumatic Stress if the mother undergoes a horrible birthing. Most professionals will treat postpartum depression with antidepressants combining it with therapy.


It is important for mothers with postpartum depression to seek help immediately, since the diagnose does not only affect the patient, it affects everyone around you, including your baby. Babies need their mother, and when the mother is unable to provide emotional nourishment and loving care, and then a baby will suffer as it grows into adulthood.


Just like any diagnose there are triggers that may interrupt the mother, including difficult births, isolating one self, death, changes in living arrangements, hereditary, financial difficulties and so forth. Unfortunately, some of these triggers are going to happen.


Most therapists have found treating women with postpartum depression, treating them with antidepressants and therapy has worked wonders. Recently studies are finding that depression may also be treated with Electromagnetic therapy. Scientists are constantly searching for a solution to treat depression so the end of the world hasn't arrived.


There is hope. Studies have also shown that writing down your episodes, feelings and so forth is a great therapeutic relief. Talking is also a great source for eliminating stress, which is often linked to depression. It is important to get regular checkups after your baby is born to eliminate biological reasoning for the postpartum depression.


In most cases, doctors may prescribe Valiums, Prozac, or Zoloft. It depends on the person, but for some mothers one or the other medications work, while others have no results. If you are suffering postpartum depression, it is also important for the family to offer support and understanding.


Since, you may have suicidal thoughts the last thing anyone needs to do is push you over the edge. It is also important that the resentment you feel is not necessary toward your baby. It could be that you resent an area of your life, or an occurrence and the baby seems to be the target.


You might want to try listening to easy music when you feel a sense of loss, or episodes of the diagnose erupt. Music has proven to heal the soul. In addition, you might want to start exercising since this too has proven to do wonders with people that suffer mental or physical illnesses. Exercise relieves the mind often because you are doing something to better yourself and improve your health.

Therefore, if you are in postpartum depression, there are answers and you should never give up hope!


Are you sick and tired of being "empty" inside and out? Worry no more! At you´ll find free and reliable information that gives you the straight facts and solutions to beat depression.


How Depression Hurts


Have you ever been bothered by persistent physical symptoms only to be told by your doctor that everything is normal? Does your situation cause anxiety or low moods? Read this article for a possible explanation.

Have you ever gone to the doctor with any of the following symptoms?


Have any of these symptoms been accompanied by the following complaints?



Has your doctor done a thorough physical examination, followed by a battery of lab work and radiographic studies, only to tell you that everything is normal?


If this sounds familiar, you may be suffering from Multisomatoform Disorder (MSD) . With this disorder patients suffer from three or more unexplained physical symptoms. Recent studies suggest that patients with MSD are at highest risk for an underlying depressive and/or anxiety disorder.


In a recent worldwide study of patients with diagnosed depression, over half of the patients reported multiple unexplained physical symptoms. Alone or in combination, Depression, Anxiety Disorder, or MSD can become debilitating.


If you are suffering from unexplained physical symptoms and feel anxious or sad, you need to see your physician to rule out the possibility of MSD, Depression, or Anxiety Disorder.


Remember, life is supposed to be enjoyed not endured.


Dr. Messina became a Board Certified Family Practitioner in 1985. He has been in solo and group practice. He has served as Medical Director of a Wellness Center. He is currently the Medical Director of a Clinical Research Facility and has participated in over 50 clinical trials. Visit Dr. Messina at:

The Really Great Depression

For almost 10 years, from 1929 to the late into the 1930's the word went into a massive economic decline. The entire world was hit with the decline, however the most industrialized nations were hit the hardest. These nations included the United States, Europe and Japan. Due to the nature of the depression economies that were built around industry were hit the hardest.


Although every industry was during these years, industries such as agriculture were hit less hard due to the fact that they remain basic necessities no matter what the economic situation of an economy is. This doesn't speak true however for industries such as construction which come to a complete halt when there is no economic activity.


Feelings of depression are caused by chemical imbalances, which affect the function of the brain. Simply, the chemicals that aid in the process of transmitting emotional response in the brain of the depressed individual begin to have a greater of lesser presence than would be considered normal.


The two main causes for the great depression was the vast unequal distribution of wealth during the 1920's as well as extensive stock market speculation that started to take prominence the the later 1920's. Imbalance in wealth creates a largely unstable economy, and this resulted in several parts of the world. During the 1920's because it was the biggest boom the United States economy had ever seen, the stock market, despite speculation, remained artificially high. Once the legs fell out from underneith the stock market, the unstable economy (created from the maldistribution of wealth) made the entire economy of America to collapse.


America right now looks to be headed in the same direction once again: the gap is growing between the rich and poor, and we are again in a major bust where we the majority of us are living beyond our means.

Will history repeat itself?

Are we smart enough to avoid another great depression?

These are both questions that we will probably see answered in our lifetime.


Feel free to reprint this article as long as you keep the article, this caption and author biography in tact with all hyperlinks.

Ryan Fyfe is the owner and operator of Depression Area -, which is the best site on the internet for all depression related information.

Treatment For Clinical Depression Is Highly Accessible

One of the most difficult afflictions to acknowledge in oneself is a mental or psychological disorder such as clinical depression. The common Judeo-Christian perspective offers a philosophy of individual strength and the ability to overcome emotional difficulty without aid, a "pull up your socks" attitude. For this reason, it can be very difficult for people who struggle with depression to come to grips with the fact that they cannot pull themselves out of the state by themselves, and that they need to seek out professional help for the problem. It can be even more difficult to accept the fact that sometimes medication is necessary to treat depression as many drugs have significant side-effects.


One of the reasons that depression is so hard to deal with is the fact that it runs parallel to emotions that are within the "ordinary" range of human experience. It is true that everybody gets depressed at some point. Clinical depression, however, is an ongoing process that a person cannot seem to shake. Clinical depression is a long-lasting situation. A common rule of thumb is determining how long you have felt "down" for. If a person has been feeling uncommonly irritable for no apparent reason, appear to have no energy, or have trouble concentrating for a period of more than two weeks, and these feelings begin to interfere with the daily life of the individual, odds are good that they are experiencing clinical depression.


The good news is that depression is always treatable. Medication and therapy are available to an individual experiencing depression. These treatments may have different reaction times within a given individual, but all treatments require time to be effective.

Clinical depression is not rare, nor should it be considered a sign of weakness or defect in any person. If you feel you might be exhibiting symptoms of clinical depression, do not hesitate to consult a qualified physician. Help is out there and is highly effective.

Visit for articles on depression. You'll also find depression and antidepressant resources.


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