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Depression Articles, Tips and Information

Overcoming Depression Through Faith

Let’s face it, we all get depressed at times, it is only being human. However, as with all things, when it becomes excessive, depression, characterized by erratic mood swings, loss of interest in hobbies and a generally sad demeanor is very detrimental to our overall health.

Evidently, kids in their innocence and supposed naïveté really are the group of humans who possess the most natural ability to abide by faith.

As damaging as it is to our general well being, it is quite alarming that most of us do suffer from this ailment and it is even more frightening that many people have been diagnosed as being clinically depressed. Is there hope? Most of us might ask.


Yes, there is.

It is summed up in one word; Faith.


Take for example; remember when you may have fallen of your bike as a kid and after your mom nursed the bruise she tells you "let me kiss it so the pain goes away..."?


Well as adults, we know that didn't necessarily make the hurting stop...per se, but in being told that, as kids we automatically believed "Well, if mommy says it'll go away by kissing it, then I believe it will...” The trick is the second part of that thought is what made it happen! Believing that what mom said she'd bring about will happen!


We all had this gift at some point but, well, as we age and experience trying times in our lives, sadly the magic dissipates, leaving room for such negative forces as depression, doubt, self-hatred, you name it.


It's no wonder Jesus said "To enter the Kingdom of heaven, ye must be like little children..."

The same Man went on to say in Luke 17:20-21: "The kingdom of Heaven is within you"


Wow...what a statement!

The author of “The Power of Positive Thinking” Dr. Norman Vincent Peale analyzed this verse and states that it means "We as humans, the images of God, have everything within us to make our worlds and lives better and all we want it to be!” Hey, it's no error that Psalm 82:6 says: "For ye are gods..."

Now as powerful as faith is and as necessary as it is to overcoming depression, it needs to be exercised wisely to be strengthened.


Here are some tips:

1. Always act like it is impossible to fail, believe that it always works.

2. Pre-condition your mind to success in all things.

3. Try, really try! Think, really think! Believe, really believe!


You are what you are and will be where you want to be based on your thoughts.

Admittedly, it may not always be easy, but that is what life is all about and one comforting fact is God has promised in His word, 1 Corinthians 10:13: “No temptation (problem) has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted (tested) beyond what you are able, but with the temptation (problem) will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.”


Think on that, strengthen your faith with the tips above and you too will soon be overcoming depression.


Foras Aje is the author of the e-book: Fitness: Inside and Out-A guide to Improved Health, Vigor and Vitality. He is the webmaster at


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


What Can You Do About Depression! The St John Alternative


Using St. John's Wort to treat Depression

Depression comes in many forms and with the overabundance of anti-depression drugs currently available, it is often tricky for doctors to prescribe the right one for their patients.


Many times this kind of depression goes unnoticed and untreated, but can last for many years.


Some patients suffer from a mild depression, also known as dysthymic depression. This includes symptoms of sadness and a loss of interest in activity. Other types of depression include major depression and bipolar depression. There are others as well, and can include disorders relating to pregnancy and traumatic events.


A lot of the medications used to treat depression include complicated chemical balances that need to be adjusted to the particular patient, and can also have multiple physical and emotional side effects. Some patients report feeling worse after having taken traditional medications or they report needing to switch from medicine to medicine as one wears off and becomes less effective.

So what does a person with depression do? What does a person do if they don't have access to a trained psychiatrist that can prescribe them medication?


The newer trend in handling depression begins with a healthier lifestyle. Eating more fruits and vegetables, as well as avoiding sugars and caffeine can create a more wholesome environment in the body and an increased resistance to the everyday stresses of life.


Physical exercise helps to ease mood swings that are caused by depression. It also strengthens the body so that it can deal with stress more effectively.


St John's Wort is a herb that has been used in Europe for centuries to treat depression. It is now popular in the United States.

St. John's Wort works by stabilizing the mood and reducing the amount of swings in the overall demeanor of the patient. And because it's not created with chemicals, it can also have fewer side effects.


It's still in the testing stage, to establish its depression alleviation properties beyond doubt. But you don't need a prescription to get it in the grocery store. So for those who can't make it to the doctor's office, or folks who find the medical fee too high, St John's Wort is easily available and conveniently accessible.


As with any medication, you should consult your doctor before taking St John's Wart to treat depression. Sometimes depression has other underlying physical causes that need to be ruled out before medication is prescribed.


Stephen Gainsly runs the website Depression HA, inc. which a site dedicated to depression issues and has an amazing array of news and views depression related. Please visit for any questions or comments about this article.


Depression Treatment


In the old days some psychiatrists used to think depression could be cured by removing a patient's colon or teeth. In an attempt to cure the ancient malady of melancholia, doctors resorted to scads of strategies, some of them plainly stupid or cruel. But others, like Prozac, were actually effective.

Greek and Roman physicians treated their patients by recommending rest, refreshment, and the forging of new emotional connections.

They recognized the soothing effects of the waters in the spas in Northern Italy, where they sent agitated or euphoric patients. Two thousand years later, these waters have been found to be rich in lithium salts.


Treatment in the Western world had been more inhumane, reflecting the fears that manic-depressives were possessed by the devil, so they were forcibly restrained and chained. Treatments included euthanasia, exotic potions, bloodletting, and electric eels applied to the skull. It was not until the 18th and 19th centuries, with the growth of science, that a more humane approach to the treatment of mental disorders was once again adopted in the west.


Treatment for manic-depressive illness depends upon the symptoms, the severity and duration of the illness, the possible precipitating stressors and previous responses to treatment. It can combine medication, electroconvulsive therapy and psychotherapy. Medications for the treatment of manic-depressive illness fall into three groups: anti-depressants, tranquilizers and lithium.


Electroconvulsive therapy works by using an electrical shock to cause a seizure in a short period of irregular brain activity. This seizure releases many chemicals in the brain. These chemicals, called neurotransmitters, deliver messages from one brain cell to another. The release of these chemicals makes the brain cells work better. A person's mood will improve when his or her brain cells and chemical messengers work better.


Psychotherapy consists of a dialogue between patient and therapist in a supportive environment where there is respectful attention on the part of the therapist to the patient and his or her issues.


Apart from this there are many other methods of treating depression, like antidepressant medication, anticonvulsant medication, interpersonal psychotherapy, antianxiety medication, cognitive therapy, antipsychotic medication, stimulant medication, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, family therapy, group therapy and self-help groups.


Depression provides detailed information on Depression, Depression Treatment, Manic Depression, Postpartum Depression and more. Depression is affiliated with Signs Of Clinical Depression.


Manic Depression

Manic depression, or bipolar disorder, is a type of mood disorder that goes beyond the day's ordinary ups and downs. It is characterized by periodic episodes of extreme elation, elevated mood, or irritability countered by periodic classic depressive symptoms.


It is a condition in which people have mood swings that are far beyond what most people experience in the course of their lives. These mood swings may be low, as in depression, or high, as in periods when one feels very elated. These high periods are known as "manic" phases. Many sufferers have both high and low phases, but some will only experience either depression or mania.

It is not related to substance abuse, and includes a number of disturbances in behavior and thinking that results in significant life adjustment problems. This usually occurs in stages where at one end there is severe depression, which turns into moderate depression; then becomes the mild and brief mood disturbances that many people call "the blues," then normal mood returns, then hypomania, and then mania.


Along a continuum it can be described as:

Normal state of happiness, pleasure, joy Moderate elations of hypomanic or Cyclothymic personality, with heightened self-esteem, increased creativity and work ability, decreased need for sleep


Mania stage wherein disturbances in social and physiological functions takes place and

Delirious or psychotic Mania stage consisting of severe overactivity, hostile attitude, destruction of property, violent behavior, paranoid delusions and hallucinations.


These manic episodes are characterized by extreme irritability and distractibility, excessive euphoric feelings, sustained periods of unusual behavior with significant risk-taking, increased energy, activity, rapid talking and thinking, agitation, decreased sleep, poor judgment, increased or decreased sex drive, substance abuse, provocative or obnoxious behavior, and denial of the problem.

The course of the illness varies from patient to patient. Without treatment, the frequency and severity of this recurring illness can increase over the years.


Depression provides detailed information on Depression, Depression Treatment, Manic Depression, Postpartum Depression and more. Depression is affiliated with Signs Of Clinical Depression.


Postpartum Depression


Postpartum or postnatal depression is a complex mix of physical, emotional, and behavioral changes that occur in a mother after giving birth. Depression may occur in women at during the pregnancy or after the delivery of the child.


Postpartum depression occurs after delivery because of the hormonal changes in a woman's body. About 70-80% of woman experience this, and it may appear within days of delivery or within a year.


During pregnancy, the levels of two female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, rise greatly. In the first 24 hours after childbirth, these rapidly drop back to their normal non-pregnant levels. Researchers think that this fast change in hormone levels may trigger depression, just as smaller changes in hormones can affect a woman's moods before the menstrual cycle. Also, drops in the levels of thyroid hormones which helps to regulate metabolism is responsible for prompting depression.


The amount of blood in the body, the blood pressure, the immune system and metabolism all change after giving birth. These changes affect how one feels physically and emotionally, causing fatigue or mood swings. There is no exact cause known for depression after childbirth, but it's likely that physical, emotional and lifestyle factors all play a role.


Often, the depression is not recognized or treated, because some normal pregnancy changes cause similar symptoms and are happening at the same time. Tiredness, problems sleeping, stronger emotional reactions, and changes in body weight occur during and after pregnancy. But these symptoms may also be signs of depression.


The major causes include a family history of depression or substance abuse, little support from family and friends, anxiety about the fetus, problems with a previous pregnancy or birth, marital or financial problems, young age of mother, feeling tiredness after delivery, broken sleep patterns, feeling less attractive, and doubting one's ability to be a good mother.


Sometimes, women think they have to be the perfect "super mom," which can add stress. Having to stay home or indoors for longer periods of time and having less time to spend with one?s husband or partner and loved ones also results in depression.


There is a difference between baby blues and postpartum depression. Baby blues can happen in the days right after childbirth and normally go away within a few days to a week, whereas postpartum depression can happen anytime within the first year after childbirth and needs to be treated by a doctor.


Talk therapies and anti-depressant medicines are the best ways to overcome and avoid this depression. Taking a nap when the baby does, asking for help from family members and friends, and talking with other moms definitely helps. Keeping a diary to note down emotions and feelings also works as a vent.


Depression provides detailed information on Depression, Depression Treatment, Manic Depression, Postpartum Depression and more. Depression is affiliated with Signs Of Clinical Depression.

Depression Link to Diabetes

Diabetes is now a disease that affects people not just North America wide, but worldwide. Many complications come with diabetes. Blindness, cardiovascular disease and kidney problems can all result from diabetes. Amputation of limbs may be a necessary result of diabetes is extreme cases. Studies have also linked early life depression as a contributor to adult diabetes.


And what is Faith?

Well, According to Heb 11. 1; "It is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen", in lay man's terms, it is believing in what you can't necessarily see, feel or touch but knowing that it is there and will be beneficial for you.


Understanding why depression can lead to diabetes and other problems is important, as lifestyle changes are part of the solution in dealing with diabetes. Depression can lead to problems such as weight gain, poor eating habits, and decreased motivation for exercise. Eating healthy foods, monitoring body weight closely and getting adequate exercise are treatments for both diabetes and depression. Both may also require the use of medication in a comprehensive treatment plan.


Children and teenagers diagnosed with depression when they are young, typically become overweight as adults. Being overweight often leads to diabetes as an adult. Early prevention for adult diabetes involves monitoring and controlling for being overweight as a teenager and beyond. Research indicates that there is also a link between women with depression and anxiety disorder and an inflated body mass index (BMI) as compared to similar women that do not suffer from depression. This appears to be more typical for women than with men.


Patients treated for diabetes and depression often show no improvement. This is usually due to little or no change in diet and exercise improvements. These lifestyle changes can dramatically improve the symptoms of diabetes and depression. Diabetic patients that suffer from depression have twice the mortality rate of those who do not suffer from depression. The complications are numberous and include: heart disease, stroke, nerve damage, kidney and teeth and gum disease. Over 21 million Americans are noted as suffering with mostly Type 2 diabetes, directly resulting from obesity.


Diabetics with depression often take poor care of their health and are prone to smoke, drink alcohol, be overweight, not exercise and eat poorly. As the body’s cells gradually loose sensitivity to insulin, blood sugar levels need to be controlled. Failure to do so can lead to early death. A recent clinical study shows that elderly patients with diabetes may respond positively to clinical intervention programs. Depressed diabetic patients are now believed to be hopeful candidates for successful clinical intervention programs.


Early warning signs for diabetes involve childhood depression and anxiety disorder. Healthy eating, proper nutrition and regular sleep will help to prevent and fight against diabetes. Reducing the consumption of refined sugars and having a fiber rich diet are important parts of healthy eating. It is important to be focused on the point that fighting diabetes and depression can be done using the same methods.


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