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Depression Articles, Tips and Information

Understanding Depression Symptoms And Solutions

Depression is a very real, very serious condition that can be treated. It's more than just "feeling blue." And for those suffering in the midst of its grip, it can feel like a black cloud descended and will never go away. Imagine living life in a "muted" way, where every positive emotion feels diluted. That's a symptom of depression, along with a number of others.

In reality, depression is a real illness that's characterized by an imbalance of brain chemicals.

For those suffering from depression, recognizing the signs are the first step to handling the condition. The second is being willing to seek help. Thanks to years of ill-informed people attaching a stigma to the condition, many who suffer are afraid to come forward and ask for help. It's viewed as a sign of weakness, a sign of instability. Unfortunately, due to this misconception many choose to suffer alone with a condition that may or may not go away on its own.


It is a condition that does not signal a sign of weakness, nor is it something a person can just brush away. It can be hereditary, but that's not always the case. What actually causes depression isn't known, but it can be triggered by such things as hormonal changes, a traumatic event, every-day life, heredity, and such things as substance abuse or other serious illness.


The basic symptoms of depression can be troublesome in and of themselves. They include such things as:


* An extended period of sadness that may or may not include crying.

* Major alterations in sleep and eating patterns. Weight loss or gain may go along with it.

* A feeling of indifference or extreme negativity, like things will never get better.

* Fatigue, lethargy.

* A sense of guilt or worthlessness.

* A loss of ability to concentrate or make decisions.

* Diminished feelings of pleasure in taking part in activities that once drew a person's attention.

* Thoughts of death or suicide.

* Pains that are unexplained.


These symptoms, of course, can manifest in a number of other conditions. But, if they are present in a person for an extended period of time or if they begin to interfere with daily life, it's time to see a doctor. Generally, depression is diagnosed if at least five or more of its major symptoms are present and have been so for at least several weeks.


There are medications that can take the edge off depression and enable a person to go about their life "feeling" things again. Therapy, too, can help a person deal with any root issues that may be adding to the sense of helplessness, such as a traumatic event or even substance abuse.


Feeling blue is one thing - depression is another. A sense of sadness generally passes as happier thoughts or pursuits take hold. But for the person enduring depression, finding the happiness in life can be difficult. Even things that should bring joy feel muted.

Getting help for depression is the first step to regaining control of a life. It's a serious and real condition that demands attention. The person suffering with it does not have to do so.


If a single symptom of depression is present, it doesn't necessarily mean the condition is present. But if several show up for a period of time, seeking help is the smart choice.


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Depression is an Illness


Depression is not a laughing matter in most cases. This is a treatable disorder, as long as you seek medical help from your physician. One thing is that people think that they are going to go through this alone but you do not half to. You need to see your doctor and truthfully speak about your systems and problems with him or her so they can properly treat you. They will help you get through the feelings that make you feel so down.


You know what that would be the worse thing that you could do because you may end up with thoughts of suicide and that would just make things worse. One thing that you must know is that you are not the only one out there with this illness.


It is more common than some people know but they will all need to seek help to get out of the depressed mood.

Once you talk to you doctor about the feelings and thoughts that you have you can be treated with a medication that will help you get through the depression a little easier. There is no quick fix to depression but with the proper care it will not take you life over and cause problems in your relationship and family.


No one should have to go through this alone but if you wait too long that might just be what happens to you. If you put off and hide all your feelings you may end up pushing away you family and family. The ones that really do care about how you are doing because they do really want to know how you are doing in life and health as well.


Remember that while depression is not a serious illness, the best cure for depression is often to open up your feelings and let your friends or family be the listening ear. Having a positive outlook in life is also important.


For more information about healthy living and how you can learn more about it, please visit:


Acknowledge Your Depression


Depression is an illness and needs to be acknowledged as such. It is not a reason to be ashamed. The reason so many people fail to seek help for their depression is that they are ashamed. Unfortunately, this is one of the feelings associated with depression anyway and makes the illness difficult to acknowledge.


No one should feel like they are not wanted or helpless in everyday life. No one should feel like that at all. You may even feel rejected or like no one wants to be around you for some reason. You could even end up to where you are making yourself sick because you are not getting the proper amount of sleep or even getting too much sleep. Soon you would end up just wanting to be left alone.


If you are constantly feeling particularly low, well-meaning friends might tell you to "snap out of it" or even start to get irritated by your mood. Your depression will feed off this negativity and you start to wonder why you can't just "snap out of it". You then start to feel that there's something wrong with you because it should be so easy and it's just "not right" that you feel so bad all the time. Well, it's not right and there is something wrong with you. You have a medical condition and you deserve treatment in the same way as any other patient. If you had a cold for six months would you ignore it and hope it would pass?

No, you would dose yourself up with anything you could find and maybe see a doctor to find out if there's an underlying reason for it to last so long.


Depression is sadness that lasts too long. Everyone is sad at some point in their lives but depression is more than that. It is a feeling that you can't bring yourself up from the bottom. In the end you give up trying. People start to avoid you. You feel worse. You need to find external help to treat the problem in the same way as you would if you had a long-lasting cold. You could try herbal remedies - there are some in your pharmacy - or you could see your doctor. There may be an underlying physical cause for your depression.


If your doctor cannot help you they may refer you for counselling. Don't be embarrassed to go for counselling but do make sure you are comfortable with your counsellor. If not, try another one. Counselling should not be discounted because you don't feel comfortable with your first choice of practitioner. In everyday life you will naturally find that you get on with some people and clash with others. You cannot afford to have a personality clash with your counsellor.


On the other hand you must be sure that it is a personality clash and not just that you don't agree with what they are saying. A general rule is to go with your instincts. If you like the person and seemed to get on well in the first couple of sessions then stick with it because they might just have touched on the root cause of your problem.


In some cases, acknowledging depression may be difficult because you have lived with it so long that you don't know whether it is depression or not. If you have grown up with depression it is possible not to realise that you are actually depressed because you have no concept of how normal people should feel. You may feel angry all the time or you may feel like going to the middle of an empty field and simply screaming. You may feel anxious, have trouble sleeping or even sleep too much. You may think that your family would be better off without you (and actually believe that to be true) and may have considered running away or suicide. You may worry about death all the time (yours or someone else's) and not let yourself be happy just in case...... (or even "I must enjoy this now in case..........."). If you are feeling any or all of the above then you need to consider talking to someone. Even if it is just a friend or family member to start with, they may be able to advise you and encourage you to seek professional help.


Once you have acknowledged that you have depression please remember that it is a medical condition and can be cured. You don't have to feel this way for ever. Nobody actually thinks of you the way you think they do. Talk to someone. Seek and accept help and you will find that there is a different way of seeing life.


June23 maintains the Depression Online Site - a collection of articles for people living either with depression or with someone with depression.


Depression and Suicide - Don't Ignore the Warning Signs

We hear a lot about depression today. I seems everyone is on some medication for depression, ADD, or ADHD, but do we really understand it or know what to do if we sense someone is severely depressed or suicidal?


I have suffered from depression for most of my life. I'm 50 now and just learning how to recognize the symptoms before they take hold and how to deal with them. When I was growing up, depression was not talked about. People feared they would be thought of as being crazy, so they never admitted to feeling this way. They thought people would look at you differently or be afraid to associate with you. They were too embarrassed to discuss their feelings, so they did not seek help. How sad was that? Do you know how different my life could have been had I or someone else realized I suffered from depression and I got help?


Depression was hereditary in my family so it would not have been unusual for me to suffer from it. My uncle tried to commit suicide several times and was institutionalized at one point. My aunt tried to commit suicide. My Dad was told he desperately needed help and my mother tried to commit suicide twice. Once was when she was pregnant with me and the other time was when my brother and I left home within months of each other and she felt she had nothing left to live for.


Of course, I did not know all this until years later. Had I known, I may have recognized the symptoms. I would have been able to get help instead of struggling and not knowing why I had no energy, or slept all the time or had such low self-esteem. Medication may have helped. It is not the answer to everything, and in some cases can make things worse, but I would like to have had the option to know if it would have made a difference in my life. It would have made those years so much more bearable and possibly changed the course of my future.


If someone you know is, or might be suffering from depression, please urge them to seek help. You may think that suicide only happens in other families, but my daughter and I came dangerously close to losing her best friend this past week.



Because we did not take her talk of suicide seriously or realize just how depressed she was. Especially with children and teens, we tend to write if off as just "those difficult" teenage years. We may think they are just being moody. Do not take that chance. You do not want to wonder if there was some sign you missed or something you could have done and live with the guilt the rest of your life.


Here are some signs to look for:

 Change in sleeping patterns. Sleeping more than usual or unable to sleep at all.

 Lack of interest in anything or taking pleasure in things they once enjoyed.

 Irritability. They are very sensitive and get upset at things or comments that normally would not bother them.

 Withdrawal. Because they feel different and may not understand what is happening, they withdraw from their friends. They will not leave the house and feel it is easier to avoid their friends than to have them think they are crazy. They may not understand why they sleep so much or feel so bad. My daughters' friend thought her friends would think she was just lazy and judge her, so she avoided contact.


 Change in eating patterns or physical condition. They may stop having an interest in food, lose weight or vomit due to stress.

 Talk of suicide. Do not make the mistake of thinking this is just talk. It may be, or just a cry for help, but do not take that chance. Get them to a doctor or psychiatrist whether they want to go or not. You may risk making them mad at you or saying they will not forgive you, but the alternative is much worse.


I have experienced all of the above symptoms but like a lot of people, did not recognize them for what they were. I thought of suicide of but never voiced it. I almost followed through on it on a particularly bad day. It was only by the grace of God that a friend stopped by unexpectedly, which she never did, or I might not be here right now.


Many people at one time or another may have had thoughts of suicide. They may have made statements that they would be better off dead, but they were just fleeting thoughts for most, made out of anger or stress. For those that are deeply depressed, they are more than that. I wanted to think I would never really follow through. I could not hurt my family that way. I remember being furious with my Mom when I found out she had tried, yet found myself in the same situation years later. That is why it is so important to never take it lightly. We often do things we could not imagine in a million years doing. Yet, we never know when we will hit rock bottom and feel like we cannot get up. When you are in that place, your thoughts are not rational. You are not thinking of the people you would hurt, you just want out of your pain. After being "saved by the bell" when my friend stopped by, it hit me what it would have done to my daughter had I succeeded. She would have experienced the same anger I felt at my mother. She may have experienced guilt and wonder what she could have done to stop me.


That was a wake up call for me. I had been in counseling before, but it had always left me more depressed than when I started. Focusing on where I went wrong and how my life was nothing like I expected, just left me feeling worse and guiltier than before. Of course, guilt was my middle name. I felt everything was always my fault and I deserved how my life had turned out. I must have been jinxed or being punished for something. It's amazing the thoughts we have when we are in that frame of mind.


Last February was a particularly difficult time for me. Fortunately, I was now able to recognize the signs of depression and know when I was slipping into one. I knew I needed to seek help. I was hesitant because of my past experiences with psychologists, but I knew I had to try.


I was lucky enough to be referred by my family physician to a wonderful woman. I feel she truly changed and possibly saved my life. I am stronger now than I have ever been. I have learned not to define myself by my physical limitations and that I have a lot to offer. I no longer feel guilty for things I had no control over. She made me realize that the more I focused on what was wrong, the longer my life would stay in that condition. She taught me to let go of the past if I wanted to have a future. I could not change what had happened in my past, but I could change my attitude, accept where I was today and move forward with joy and anticipation.


If you or someone you know has been to counseling and feels it did not help, do not let that stop them from trying again. I found the key; just like in a friendship, is finding someone you connect with and feel comfortable with. Each relationship is different. Help is there if you really want it.


When suicide occurs, the worst part is that the family members are left to suffer with the guilt. They ask themselves if there was something that they could have done that would have made a difference. I have witnessed attempts in my own family and wondered the same thing. Had I done something to make my mother want to take her life?

What had I missed?

Why did I not look closer to see she was hurting?

Once you have experienced this, you are never the same. Never treat a statement of suicide lightly. Do not think it cannot happen to you. You do not want to be left asking "what was it I did not see?

Why did I not try harder to understand?"


Life is a gift to be treasured. Each individual has something of value to offer this world. Do not take anything for granted. Live in the moment. Really see the beauty around you and never pass up a chance to tell the people you love how you feel about them. See each day as if for the first time, and live it as if it were your last. Tim McGraw sings in one of his songs, "I hope you get the chance to live as if you were dying." If you knew you were, you would want to do all the things you never dared, see all the things you wanted to see, and tell everyone you loved how you felt. Today can be that day. Do it now. Cherish it and never forget how precious life is.


Angela Thompson is the owner of a cleaning company, has a Realtor's License and has been involved in several home-based businesses. She and her daughter are currently independent distributors for Mia Bella Gourmet Candles. Her desire is to help people realize their potential and fulfill their goals. Website:


How To Eradicate Depression From Your Life


This article is all about beating depression. I am a person who suffered from long bouts of depression, however after deciding to change my whole outlook on life, I now have a much happier, successful and stress-free life. I will explain how I went about achieving this new life.


As I grew older and especially when I was in my early twenties, I used to always compare my life with other people I knew, for example my friends. It seemed to me that my life was so much more of a struggle than what their's was and that most of these people had so much more going for them and so much more to look forward to than I did.


I was not happy at the hand of cards I had been dealt and would regularly be down in the dumps, feeling sorry for myself. I had a number of issues in my life which had a major impact on my self-confidence and self-esteem, which would also lead me into depression. This issues including a weight problem, a stutter, a bald patch on my head and I am quite short in height compared to the average man.


When you are felling real depressed you can get ran down by your feelings plus always feel exhausted and just really do not want to face the world around you or any one for that fact as well.


I was in a regular state of depression and found it very difficult to pull my self out of it. The stress for example of socialising when you have a stutter and trying to gain employment would take a lot out of me. My hair started to turn grey when I was only twenty-one years of age.


I was not content at always being depressed and at the age of twenty-two, I decided to attempt to change my whole life. I had to have a whole new approach and a totally different thought process, in a nutshell I needed to chill out, think in a far more positive way and learn how to de-stress.


This was not going to be easy however it was essential to do. I started to read many self-help type books and books about eradicating depression. I learnt many things such as worrying about a situation makes it even harder, not easier and that in life all you can do is to try your best, therefore whatever the outcome you can feel proud that you gave it your best shot. It is also important to remember that we only live once and that that life could come to an end tomorrow, therefore we should treat every day as if it is the last and to enjoy ourselves.


The main change I made was that I started to think and compare my life to people I was reading about in the newspapers or watching on the television instead of comparing my life to my friends for example. From learning about countries in the third world and reading about certain disasters and terrorist acts, I realised what a fool I had been and that I was actually one of the lucky ones. If and when I start feeling down or depressed, I quickly switch on the news and it soon shakes me out of that temporary depressive state.


Stephen Hill has a number of websites including:

how to eradicate depression

stuttering therapy

manual article submission service

Putting Feelings Of Depression To Perspective

Did you ever feel like you are not wanted around or rejected?

I bet that it passed after a while but when it doesn't just what would cause it, could it be a sign of depression?

There is many form of depression out there and you could not decipher them on your own.


A large amount of woman go through what they think is depression after childbirth but for most it passes in a month or two because it is what they call baby blues instead of depression. When it does not it would be a good idea to seek medical attention.


When you have a child that is depressed it is the hard to take care of and treat because they always don't want to tell you or anyone what they are feeling or any thing that they are going through. You know it might just be hard for them to express what they are feeling. There is a lot of time that they feel that might be doing something wrong.


All that you end up doing is hurting everyone around you and including the ones that really do care on how you feel and what you do by ignoring the problem that is happening.


One thing that everyone needs to do when they start to feel depressed is to talk to someone whether it is a parent or a spouse but yet if you do not feel comfortable talking about it to them you should definitely go see your doctor and talk to them. Even if you talk to your family and friends seek medical help.


Let your physician know everything that you are feeling and are going through so they can treat you properly and medicate if necessary. Depression is treatable but you would need to seek help first. Nobody wants to have treatment for anything but there is times that it needs to be done for your health and for the health of all relationships.


For more information about depression and help to overcome it, please visit:


More coming soon!


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