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Depression Articles, Tips and Information

7 Way to Overcome Depression

In North America, it is estimated that 50 to 60 percent of the population is affected by winter depression. There is a broad spectrum of symptoms that arise, from a change in sleep patterns and weight gain, to overwhelming suicidal thoughts and the unfortunate results. Think of it this way - fully half of the people you know are somewhat depressed in the wintertime!

This fact about winter depression is what gave rise to the name Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Wintertime depression is very common in those parts somewhat north (or south) of the equator. People who live near the equator have a very low incidence of winter depression. Why?

Simple. They live where there are enough daylight hours to avoid triggering the hormone imbalance that causes depression. Now, please note that I did not say that people near the equator spend more time sunbathing than northerners. It doesn't matter that they have a better tan. Rather, it is the length of the day that matters.


So, understanding that it is not your fault, what can you do?

First, start right now on a plan to extend the hours of daylight in your day by using light therapy. Light therapy is the most effective depression treatment known. All you need is a small bank of lights and the time to sit near them for a couple of hours each day.


The lights are the easy part. Get the cheapest fixture you can find that will hold four foot long fluorescent bulbs. Mine has four bulbs. Buy the best 'grow' lights. The kind that is best for plants. They are the closest match to the spectrum of sunlight. Do not use standard fluorescent bulbs. They are too green and will actually drain the energy out of you.


Research has shown that the best time to treat your winter depression with light therapy in early in the morning. It is best to make it your first task of the day. As well, this will give you some quiet time alone to read some uplifting material. It never hurts to get some positive input!


Reduce your stress by sticking to a daily routine. Get to bed on time so you can do your light therapy in the morning. Try to avoid annoying people. Get to work early and plan your day. Make a list of things to do and check them off as you accomplish them. Save the challenging projects for when you are not fighting your winter depression.


Next, decide that the weather will not affect your mood. You can't change the weather, so why be upset by it? If the weather is bad, allow a little extra time to get to work. It's simple, isn't it?

Accept it and move on.


Then, improve your health. Eat a little less. Eat healthier foods. Exercise a little. Go for a walk. Did you know that it is nearly impossible to think bad thoughts while walking briskly?

Drink water! The vitamin that people lack the most is plain old water.

Last, don't give up on yourself. If you feel bad, yell for help! Talk to someone. Those closest to you need to know how you are feeling. Tell them. If you can't talk to your family or a friend, go see your doctor. Go to a walk in clinic and see a nurse, a psychologist - somebody! And please, except if you are completely overwhelmed, do not take antidepressant medication. Yes, they will help if you are suicidal, but the long term side affects of these mind altering substances are extreme and not good for your overall health.

In summary, here the seven things you can do now to overcome your winter depression:


1) Make or buy a light box. Use it in the morning. One to two hours every day.

2) Reduce your stress by having a daily routine.

3) Get enough sleep. Go to bed early so you can get up early and sunbathe in front of your lights.

4) Decide that the weather will not affect your mood.

5) Eat healthy. Get some exercise. Drink lots of water.

6) Talk about how you feel. Remember, 50% of people feel like you do, to one extent or another.

7) No matter how bad it gets, hang on! It will get better.


For More Information on Health related topics please visit: Reprinting this article is permitted if all hyperlinks remain active. Please comply.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


How to be Worry Free and Overcome Depression


Friends, when we worry excessively, we disintegrate our inner workings as humans and really put a lot of things out of order. Needless to say avoiding worry as a step of overcoming depression and anxiety will be the first step for our own benefit.


It's only an unhealthy and destructive habit of negative thinking.


Reduced to a simple form, just what is worry? Note the word 'habit'.

That means you were not born with it but rather acquired this attitude from repetition and practice.


Now, some physicians have declared that most people are ill or sick because of 'dammed-up anxiety and worry'. Moreover, a chronic worrier is very unlikely to live long. These considered, it goes without saying that breaking the worry habit is something that must be undertaken and as soon as possible.


The following steps should be used to deal with anxiety depression and its main symptom, worry. When used wisely and effectively, you will inevitably be successful at these natural depression help techniques.


1. Fill up the mind with powerful thoughts of faith and success to fill up the vacuum now left in the mind. You become a worrier by practicing it; you can be worry-free by practicing the opposite. Fill up the mind with powerful thoughts of faith and success to fill up the vacuum now left in the mind.


2. Practice Mind-drainage: Empty your mind of pessimistic and negative thoughts, especially before going to and after waking up from sleep. This mind-draining strategy cannot be overemphasized as I will let you know, if you fear something for a long period of time, it may actually come to pass. "For the thing which I feared has come upon me..." (Job 3:25)


3. Never participate in a worry conversation. Induce your conversation with faith and worry-free statements.


4. Say positive things about those things you previously spoke negatively of.


5. Make friends with optimistic people, practice prayer and meditation.


All in all, do not be discouraged for you can break your worry habits and have relief from its hold on you, consequently making you more prone to overcoming depression.


Believe in yourself for you're empowered to win!

In Friendship,


Foras Aje is an independent researcher and co-founder of BodyHealthSoul LLC. He invites you to visit his blog for more tips on Depression Treatment and Self-Help Today.


10 Tips to Fight Depression


Countless days are rose-colored when you accomplish every task with a smile and energy, but some days are blue and slow when it is an effort to even lug oneself through the day. Arising from bed in the morning is hard, choosing something to wear is difficult and preparing breakfast is arduous. At these times, a favorite cup also breaks, the milk carton leaks and the computer stops. It is truly a personal "blue" day.

Everyone experiences ups and downs...that's part of life.

First check that your health, diet and/or a medical reason is not the primary cause;


A. Nature's body rest.

Check if you are succumbing to a viral infection such as a common cold or sore throat. Nature's first sign is to encourage rest to allow the immune system be strong and fight infection. This could be a reason for feeling lethargic in the morning.


B. Balanced diet.

Check whether you've eaten a variety of foods or skipped any meals. Breakfast is often omitted in rushed routines resulting in low blood sugar levels and ensuing tiredness. Another cause is not drinking enough water. Dehydration can result in headaches and lethargy. Recording a food diary is helpful.


C. Medical basics.

Anemia is a common cause for the blues especially in women. Sleeplessness is another reason. If blue days persist, consult with your doctor or medical centre.

Assuming that the above is clear, here are ten tips to help turn those blues into rosy hues. Choose which ones best suit you.


1. Go with the flow.

Despite media messages to cheer up and be bright and bubbly, it is life's pattern to have days which are sad, unhappy or glum. Take life more slowly, rest more and acquiesce to deep emotion. Give yourself time to restore equilibrium.


2. Count your blessings.

Make a list of everything which you appreciate. This may include your health, food, a roof over your head, clothing, education, family, friends, leisure time, hobbies, comfortable bed, and Internet access. Later you can refer, change and add to your personal inventory. It will always provide interesting reading for you in the years ahead as well as pinpointing your priorities.


3. Back to Nature.

Some people gain solace from being in a natural landscape whether seaside, forest, mountain or lake. If residing in a city, buy some flowers or walk through a florist, botanical garden or city park to smell fragrances from gentle blooms and listen to birds.


4. Turn on the music.

This is for those who enjoy auditory stimuli where music can lift the spirits no matter whether it is jazz, heavy metal, rock and roll, classical, rap or hip-hop. Listen, dance, sing or tap your fingers and toes to the rhythm.


5. Write it down.

For a clearer analysis of thought, write down the events, conversations, thoughts and behavior preceding the blues. Over time, maybe a pattern will emerge where a set of circumstances can be recognized or predicted.


6. Breathe more.

Exercise is beneficial to start the heart pumping quicker for increased oxygen circulation. Choose an enjoyable activity; go for a walk, jog, swim, attend a gym session, perform yoga, Pilate or work in the garden to increases your blood flow.


7. Talk it out.

'A problem shared is a problem halved' is both a familiar proverb and a successful technique for reducing those blue feelings. Have a chat over coffee with a friend or relative, make a phone call or type an exchange over MSN Internet. Voicing one's feelings can elicit new perceptions, ideas or approaches.


8. Re-live the joy.

Recall the wonderful times in your life; look at happy photographs, read joyful letters, cards or emails. These will reassure you that there are both blue and rosy times in life.


9. See the colors.

If music is not your scene, take time to appreciate the colors around you; sky, lights or sunset. Discover an art display and appreciate creative talent, admire professional photographs in magazines. Surround yourself with stimulating bright colors, shapes and patterns.


10. Love then give of yourself.

You understand yourself the best and know what is most uplifting. Love and accept yourself for whom you are and commence by smiling into the mirror. Now offer yourself and show love, affection and compassion; stroke a pet, give a hug, ring a lonely person, visit a sick neighbor, email a distant friend or wave to the shopkeeper. By giving your time and attention to someone else,you break the pattern of the blues when you may become too self-orientated and down in the dumps.


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Botox Cures Depression In Patients?

Every once in a while, the medical profession comes up with something truly surprising. In this case, it is the new finding that Botox may cure depression.


Botox Cures Depression in Patients?

In the world of elective medical treatment, Botox has proven to be one of the more popular treatment courses. Given as an injection, this otherwise nasty stuff has proven to reduce or eliminate wrinkles in the facial area. Given the fact Botox injections are a fraction of the cost of a facelift, the procedure has met with massive popularity. Now, it may really explode on to the scene.


Over the years, medical professionals have noticed that patients getting Botox injections report being happier. Perhaps due to ego, most doctors simply thought they had done a good job and the patient's happiness was a psychological result of feeling better about their appearance. A recent study, however, suggests there is more to the sensation of happiness than just the perception of one's appearance.


Recently, a pilot study was undertaken to analyze the relationship of Botox injections and depression. The study involved 10 patients that were diagnosed with depression. They were then given a course of Botox injections per usual custom and standards of the medical treatment. 90 percent of the patients reported that their depression lifted after the treatments, a rather stunning result.


Medical professionals are drawing a number of general conclusions from the study. First, it appears facial expressions may have a direct correlation to mood. In the study, the injections were used to eliminate frown lines. Second, a discussion of the subject resulted in the surprising realization for doctors that many patients undergoing Botox injections have admitted they are doing so to feel better, not improve their appearance.


So, should you rush out and get Botox injections if you are depressed? Well, such injections carry little risk, so it probably will not hurt to do so. What you must realize, however, is a study of 10 people is not of sufficient size to draw any solid conclusions. Botox injections may help depression, then again they may not. The only way to really know is to conduct a study of a much larger number of people.


Could Botox be the cure to systematic depression in patients? The first impressions are good, but much more clinical analysis is needed.


Ricardo de Silva is with Plastic Surgeon Practices - a directory of plastic surgeons. Visit us to read more plastic surgery articles.


Taking Zoloft For Depression - Is It Safe And Effective?


Zoloft is a prescription drug that treats a diverse range of disorders. Some of the common disorders are depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Zoloft works to make sure more serotonin is released to the brain. Seratonin is a chemical that the brain associates with happiness.


The safety of taking this drug is under debate. A major study in USA stated that Sertaline, which is the main ingredient in Zoloft, appears to be ineffective when treating depression of moderate severity. The company that manufactures Zoloft has been charged recently with not coming forward with information about the side effects of the drug. Since then many more people have taken them to court. The company has also been forced to place warnings about the side effects of this drug on all bottles of all Zoloft.


The major side effects of taking Zoloft include insomnia, gastro intestinal complaints and dizziness. More severe reactions can include mania and hypomania.


The rate of people affected by mania and hypomania are 1 in 50 patients. Zoloft has been made illegal for children under the age of 18 unless they are suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder. This has come about because of an increase in suicidal behavior and depression that young people have experienced when on this drug. It is alleged that it is not only young people that are feeling the effects of increased suicidal behaviors and depression while on Zoloft.


It is believed that Zoloft can also cause a condition known as Akathisia. This condition is characterized as an overwhelming physical and mental restlessness that eventually leads to destructive behavior in the patient.


It is important to keep an eye on anyone who has just started taking an anti depressant medication such as Zoloft. If a patient becomes irritable, more depressed, begins to have new or increased thoughts of suicide or usual behavioral changes, it is in the patients best interest to contact a heath care professional immediately.


However it is being debated by some professionals whether Zoloft is really as unsafe as some people believe. Because of the types of illnesses that Zoloft is used to treat it is hard to know whether some of the side effects are because of the illness being treated or the result of the drug being taken.


Taking Zoloft for depression can be risky due to some of the severe side effects. If anti depressants are required for a patient, a qualified health care professional can discuss the patient's options and provide valuable advice on the best alternatives available for treatment of a disorder.


Disclaimer - The information presented here should not be interpreted as or substituted for medical advice. Please talk to a qualified professional for more information on Zoloft.


Heather Colman. Find more Zoloft resources at

How To Overcome Your Bipolar Disorder And Depression As A Parent

It can be tough for a parent who has depression to manage the household. Not only do you have to take care of the kids, you also have to deal with your issues. Sometimes your depression, bipolar disorder or your fears can interfere with your job as a parent. What can a parent do to get better?


Again, it is the length of the day, not the weather! People who live in northern climes suffer because of the seasonally shortened days. Just as trees lose their leaves when the days shorten, people lose their happiness. People who live where the days shorten seasonally are victims of the brain's chemical reaction to lesser hours of daylight.


The first step is that you should talk to a professional who can get you started in the right path of getting better. Getting help from a counselor is very important and can provide you much help and insights in dealing with your current problem.


In addition, here are some techniques a parent can use to help manage their fears and depression.

Learn to manage your depression and taking care of the kids at the same time. Parenting is a 24-hour job and so is taking care of your mental health. If you become overwhelmed ask your spouse or other family members for help. Learn to share the responsibilities in the household. Communication with the other members of your family is very important.


Learn to manage your negative thinking. Instead of focusing on your anxious thoughts try to think of something positive. Read a short book or read some affirmations that will make you feel better. Remember not to dwell on your depressing and fearful thoughts.

Some people get depressed and have a difficult time getting out of bed in the mornings. When this happens, a person should take a deep breath and try to find something to do to get their mind off of the problem. A person could take a walk, listen to some music, read the newspaper or do an activity that will give them a fresh perspective on things. Doing something will get your mind off of the problem and give you confidence to do other things.


Be able to organize your daily activities so you do not become overwhelmed. Set some time to reduce your anxiety and stress when you are not taking care of the kids. If the kids are at school, take a walk or do something enjoyable that will make you happy and relaxed. Taking a break can help you refocus on your current problems and anxieties.


It is not easy to deal with your depression and fears. Once you get some help from a professional, things should become easier. Remember that there is hope for you and there are ways to deal with your fears as a parent. Just be patient and not give up.


Stan Popovich is the author of, A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear, an easy to read book that presents a overview of techniques that are effective in managing persistent fears and anxieties. For additional information go to:


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