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Depression Articles, Tips and Information

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers - ON HANDLING DEPRESSION

There is a brightness that cannot be seen when one is lost in the despair of compromised emotions. This brightness is the hope of life's future, and is the ray of light that will always shine when the gloominess is great.

So try not to see yourselves in the muck of anxiety, or the totality of darkness, even when it is upon you.

The reason for getting into the gloom in the first place is the feat of life's trials and tribulations. As we have said before, life will always throw up at you a difficulty or an obstacle. It is in the nature of existence that there be both the good and the bad, the bright and the gloomy. It's the nature of the dual universe, encountered the instant that spirit takes form.


In the dark of gloom, let yourself float. It is helpful not to think the usual thoughts: that the gloom will persist eternally, or that it will worsen, or even that your life is nothing other than. It is helpful to think an opposite thought: that you are rising upward even as you feel bottomed out, or that you cannot remain in this state because you're alive and thus changing. It is helpful, in other words, to coach the brain to get used to altering the thought patterns, and to remain open to these new thought-directions as you enter or subsist in the ocean of dark. It is helpful because it will be your lifeboat, your ray of hope, and your course to navigate elsewhere.


"More channeled messages from the Brotherhood of Light Workers are available in book, booklet, and transcript form on ."


Judi Thomases, having offered consultations for many years that utilized the tools of astrology, Tarot, and I Ching to aid the client's path, started receiving directly from her spirit guides, The Brotherhood of Light Workers. Judi awakened to much greater awareness of the truth often hidden behind life's illusions. Judi's journey as well as her work was transformed into the Wisdom Path.


Health needs to be earned!

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Depression Test - The first Step to getting Help


Are you suffering from depression?

Would you even know if you are depressed?

One way to find out is to take a depression test. If you feel sad everyonce in a while that is normal. But if you have feelings of lonelyness, feel that life is hopeless or are irratable all the time then you may suffer from depression. If these feelings get in the way of your everyday life then there is a good chance you have some form of clinical depression.


Now these aren't the most in depth of tests but they will give you an idea of why you may be feeling the way you do.


Taking a depression test is a simple and painless thing. There are hundreds if not thousands of web sites that offer free depression tests. These online depression test are confidential and do not require you to divulge your name or any other personal information. These tests in no way give definitive diagnosis of depression, but they will give you a good idea of what you may be suffering from and whether you need to seek a professional opinion.


Most depression tests are multiple choice questions concerning your mood, behavior and habits. These questions and the answers you provide help identify depression symptoms you may be experiencing and give recommendations as to the next step for getting help for you condition.


According to national statistics only 1 in 10 people suffering from depression will receive treatment for their condition. The reasons for this are varied. Some people simply do not know they have a depression disorder while others do not want the stigma of depression attached to themselves.


A simple depression test could help most of these people on the road to recovery and the chance to live healthy happy lives. A report by the American Psychiatric Association states that 80% to 90% of all depression can be treated successfully with proper medication and counseling


Andrew Bicknell is a writer and owner of Depression and You Please visit his site for more information about depression disorders.


Depression and Anxiety Attacks

Depression and anxiety appear to be two different emotional responses humans are capable of having. We do not usually associate these two disorders with each other. But research has shown that depression and anxiety do in fact co-exist, much to the detriment of their sufferers.

Despair, hopelessness, anger, fatigue, an unwillingness to be a part of society and a feeling of being overwhelmed by everyday life.

When you picture someone with depression you think of all the normal symptoms associated with it:A depressed person withdraws into themselves and seek to sever all ties with the outside world.


Anxiety attacks on the other hand seem to happen for no reason at all. Feelings of fear and panic happen in situations in which most people would be perfectly calm. These anxiety attacks come on suddenly with no warning and with no outright reason for them to happen. After awhile a sufferer of these attacks begins to live in fear of the attacks themselves, wondering when the next one is going to happen. Before long, and without treatment, both anxiety attacks and depression can begin to affect the sufferers lives in negative ways by not allowing them to hold a job, have a relationship, or even go out into society


What many sufferers of these two diseases do not realize is that either one can lead to the other. Being depressed can weigh heavily on the mind leading the depressed person through a maze of different emotions. This in itself can lead to anxiety and eventually panic attacks. Panic attacks signify a loss of control and when this happens more and more often the sufferer can become depressed with their situation of not knowing if and when the next attack will occur.


Why these two disorders seem to occur at the same time is still largely unknown. But many studies show that major depression is often accompanied by an anxiety disorder. Both are likely caused by an imbalance in brain chemistry, but exactly why the two seemingly opposite disorders can coexist in the same person is not completely understood. What is understood about anxiety disorder is that the fight-or-flight reaction in the brain does not work the way it is supposed to. It can go off at any time, even in seemingly peaceful situations. Those who have anxiety disorder always feel that they are in danger.


One thing that psychologist agree on is that having a combination depression and anxiety is much more debilitating than having just one or the other. It can take patients with both disorders a much longer amount of time to resolve their depression which makes treating them much harder. It has also been shown that people who suffer from anxiety and depression both have a much higher suicide rate.


While this sounds bad their are options for treating both these conditions. Anti-depressant medications can be used to treat both depression and anxiety. When these medications are used in conjunction with behavioral therapy there is a high success rate of treating depression accompanied by anxiety.


Andrew Bicknell is a writer and the owner of Depression and You Please visit his site for more information about depression disorders.

Depression And Clinical Depression

Today we know a lot more about depression, this disease is one of the common and dangerous mental conditions we can encounter in all societies and in all cultures, it is in fact, an across the board human situation which, in the last few years, significant achievements have been made.


The understanding of depression and the recognition that it was, in fact, a serious mental condition, has brought about many opinions and researchers to try and discover more about the causes for depression and the ways to try and combat it. the modern ago, with psychoanalysis science and psychological research has discovered much about the human mind and spirit, and one of the most significant processes were the discovery of mental conditions that do not constitute a state of permanent mental disorder, these diseases were actually more like viruses, almost anyone had the unfortunate statistical chance of "catching" it, and everyone needed to know more about it so they could try and avoid it.


Clinical depression is a serious medical condition that affects millions of people throughout the world. Also known as major depression disorder, clinical depression is experienced by various types of people in many different walks of life. Although most people experience a few terms of sadness throughout their lives, clinical depression is more than just a case of the "blues", it is much more like a crashing force that does not let the person suffering from it to function properly, and sometimes even not function at all.

It is estimated that clinical depression affects about sixteen percent of the world population. Imagine people suffering form depression 200 years ago, even 500 years ago, without proper understanding of this condition, many people throughout history have been outcastes and rejected from society just because of a case of depression.


According to most studies, the average onset of a typical case occurs in the late 20s. Gender also plays a role; nearly twice as many females as males report or receive treatment for depression, though this difference seems to shrink after women reach the age of fifty, when most females have gone through menopause. Depression is currently the leading cause of disability in the United States and is expected to become the second leading cause of disability worldwide in the next twenty years or so.


If you have ever seen a person that suffers from depression you are surely aware of the dangers or having this condition, life, with all its wonderful attributes is covered, and all that remains to a person with depression is the empty feeling of sadness, something this person can not just "snap out of", even for a second, depression is a very serious thing, and we should all try to and know more about it.


There are many different signs and symptoms of depression. Some of these may include an overwhelming feeling of loss, anxiety, or pessimism, a rapid gain or loss in weight, disturbances in sleep patterns, fatigue, self-harm, and suicidal tendencies. It is advised that if you, or anyone you know, is experiencing these symptoms or symptoms similar to these, you should contact a mental health professional or support group. They may be able to help.


John Furnem is a dot com veteran, specializing in human resources and work psychology he has written articles and held workshops/seminars for stress relief and stress management. John writes about Depression for

How to Help a Friend Going Through Postpartum Depression

The other day, someone asked me how I dealt with my postpartum depression and asked for advice on helping a friend going through post partum depression. This can be frustrating to see a friend go through.


Try at these moments to see life as everything. Then you will know that, even as you suffer and struggle, you are alive. The very fact that you are in pain emotionally is the proof that life is happening, for if you were still (or again) in spirit you could not know or feel that emotion. Living is experiencing it all.


Here was my reply...

1. When I suffered from post partum depression, the best thing anyone did for me was look after my baby so I could either sleep, exercise or hit Starbucks for a decaf and read my favourite magazine. My first born was colicky and I need a break every now and then.


2. I would suggest you ask your friend, "What do you need right now?", "What would you like more than anything right now?" If she answers, "my bathroom to be cleaned" - by all means do it! :)


3. Some other great things were little gifts like herbal teas and bath soaks to pamper myself. I absolutely loved this peppermint foot spray that Body Shop has. It soothed my aching feet. I also loved a pampering day at the Spa.


4. I had friends cook meals for me that were nutritious and hot. I craved a good hot meal. It took a lot to make a meal so this was SO FABULOUS! I had arranged for 5 friends to alternate meals each week for me. I knew from the first pregnancy that I had to be bold and ask for this kind of help. However, the first time, I was too shy and too afraid to ask. As a result, I was lonely, undernourished and depressed. Ask your friend what her favourite meal is and make it! Or if you aren't a good cook, order it!


5. If you're friend is able, take her for a walk with her new baby. Getting outside was THE BEST thing for me! Find a great park or something with paths away from busy traffic. Walk past a playground so your friend can see happy moms and children playing. This was encouraging to me too.


Warning!: Do talk to your doctor before engaging in any exercise routine.


Merri Ellen is a former depression sufferer and mother of 2, wife of 1 hubby, owner of 1 cat. She's beaten it (depression, not the cat) and is on a mission to share the research she spent hours compiling to help others be in the know of what depression really is and how to really treat it. Depression isn't a disease - it is a symptom! She invites you to share your stories too.

<a href="


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