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Depression Articles, Tips and Information

Know How To Overcome Depression

There are times in a person's life where loneliness and lack of contentment is experienced. Depression is a state where an individual feels bored and sad. This feeling can be disturbing especially when a person seems so low and cannot overcome the obstacles that he is experiencing.

Many have thought that this emotional problem is not that serious to worry about. Studies have proven that this state of depression can be an illness and must be treated. Some depressed people may go to a physician for check up and consultation. It could be more advisable if the person would see a therapist.

Most depression therapists are very good in finding the reason why a person became depressed.

The process in which a therapist treats depression is through emotional and psychological approach. On the other hand, a doctor will recommend patients to take anti depressant medicines. There are instances that have happened where a doctor treating a patient for depression was involved in such controversies where improper medications were applied.


Some indications of depression may also come in a more emotional approach like the feeling of sadness and boredom, feeling of being a useless individual, the feeling of guilt to oneself, the feeling of being undecided to some simple decisions, and the decrease of the ability of the mind to think and concentrate. The most frightening symptoms of depression may come if a person is always thinking of his death or an individual wants to commit suicide.


Here are some ways to deal with depression in a personal approach:


1. A person must force himself to go outside. Do not even bother if the climate is not that good. Try to have a walk outside, read a book, or even try to write a poem. This can be an effective idea to overcome the depression rather than staying on the room alone.


2. It is always better if there are people that will support the person in depression. It is recommended that a person seek for a friend or a companion while he is still in the stage of recovering depression. If the individual is not use to this kind of therapy, the Internet should be a very good resort to find ways how to find ways to treat this kind of illness. It could be a little awkward to find some other people who are experiencing depression, but there is the possibility that there are others out there that can relate.


3. It is advisable for the individual to write what he feels at the moment. If there are no friends to tell what the problems are, he may try writing about the feeling so that the hatred or sadness will subside. Holding the feeling can just add more depression.


4. Meditation can be a good tool to overcome the depression. Deep breathing and good relaxation can relieve anxiety and pressure that may lead to depression.


Depression can be treated if the person realizes that he must also do his part on overcoming the illness. If these recommended ways do not show any development to let go of depression then it should be best if the person seek the help of a doctor or a therapist.


Robert Thatcher is a freelance publisher based in Cupertino, California. He publishes articles and reports in various ezines and provides depression resources on


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Erectile dysfunction and depression in men


Depressed about your sex life?
Sexual health no more holds in it hidden fantasies of performance. Health of men and the relation it has with male impotence is taken care of probably by a variety of drugs that flood the market. When sex no longer brings with it the pleasure you would have enjoyed, maybe ten years back, the best alternative would be to probe into the root cause. The problem in most cases converge into a common cause for impotence in men - Erectile Dysfunction(ED).The causes for ED being multifactorial ,your doc shall be the best to diagnose it and pinpoint it. However out of the various diseases, mental health disorders and particularly depression has the most hidden chance of notably affecting your sexual performance. The best then would be to have a quick glance at the nature of such a relation and the greater probabilities of the oral drugs like cialis showing positive signs in men with depression developed ED.


The MMAS ratio indicates an odd ratio of 1.82. Psychiatric diseases have shown in most of the cases as affecting the healthy sex life with its impact on erectile dysfunction.


Depression and ED a very close relation
The cause is just one, but the pestilence remains unobserved with the dependence each has on the other. Whether you have depression or ED alone, one could always lead to the other. These associated factors of ED have a contributory role in such cases. As for example the sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercises may contribute towards worsening the case of ED. Cure for depression would be primarily in the list, nevertheless, the best case will be those in which drugs like Cialis could act as contributory to enhancing sexual performance even with psychiatric conditions being about.


Cialis to your rescue
With the change in technology, and instant miniaturization of minars, nothing could stay out of the grasp of man. When a simple dose of 5mg to 20mg of a drug like cialis and its accessibility online could change the nature of your acts under suppression, the need to shy away from possible disaster could be easily averted. Sex is a priority, which becomes a concern to be maintained at each stage of maturity.Regularising acts of improving sexual health and overcoming such problems of depression thus gains importance in the chart of your fantasies for the future.


Antony Virgese is an associated editor to the website: - The Erectile Dysfuction Portal. Cpotent is committed to provide visitors with complete information on Erectile Dysfunction, Male Impotence, Cialis, Latest Cialis News, Sucess Stories, <a href="


Coping With Depression

Often a person who's suffering from depression will feel disconnected from society and reality. It can cause isolation and can also pull them away from friends, family, work and can lead to loneliness.

However there are a few things depression suffers can do to lighten things up and hopefully bring them out or prevent them from feeling isolated.

* Have a friend that you can talk to regularly during the week. Just someone to talk to when you need to

* Go out at least once a week with a friend so to be with someone and you don't have to talk about your problems, the company is what you need

* Often when going through depression you want to be alone and forget about the rest of the world. Try to restrict yourself to this. You can do this by having a friend you can talk to and go out with

* Keep your mind occupied and busy thinking of other things. You can do this by playing cross word puzzles, spatial puzzles and problem solving quizzes.

* Drawing and painting can relaxes you and keep you mind of depression

* Learn to play an instrument

* Read a book or listen to music often to keep you from isolation


Depression affects around 10% of people throughout the world and is often overcome or made serve depending on the situation. Most people who suffer from depression can get some form of treatment. However diagnosing what form of depression a person has is often a challenge. For example Bipolar Depression is often mixed up with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).


Coping with depression is hard especially if you're dealing with it by yourself. If you suffer from depression or you know someone suffering from it, try to follow some of the above pointers and keep your self occupied or keep someone company. Some times depression is a phase and can often pass over without much mental scars.


If you suffer from depression but feel uncomfortable speaking with a therapist the alternative solution is to do some research over the internet to find some soft of advice. You can always find articles and ebooks that talk about coping with depression and they usually work. So as a piece of advice the internet can do wonders if you know how to use it.


In conclusion to beat depression and feeling isolated you'll have to work hard at it. It's not simple but challenging. It will help if you have a friend that understand your situation and is willing to talk to you and put up with your mood swings. It often helps if you keep you mind and life occupied with other activities like the ones listed above.


If you are looking for depression information or depression treatment then can help you.

A Thought Is A Thought: Your Mind and Depression

Science has bought the whole "depression is a result of a chemical imbalance." We have whole theories about how a low level of serotonin in the brain leads to depression. So, we have a whole medicine industry that is caught up in the pursuit of healing depression through a chemical intervention.


Yet medication has failed to bring about healing.



We missed the boat. Depression is rooted in our thoughts. Our minds become our own worst enemy. And we even have a theory about how to heal this: cognitive therapy. But a cognitive approach is not enough. It makes one central mistake. It keeps us rooted to our thoughts.


You see, cognitive therapy is built on the idea that our thoughts are skewed. So, a cognitive therapy approach tries to help people look at how a thought is skewed, and then uses logic to help "fix" the thought. For example, a person notices a strange spot on his chest. He begins to think "something is wrong." He continues on with "this is cancer." And quickly arrives at the idea that "I'm going to die from this." All of this without a visit to a doctor!


A cognitive therapist would point out that the person is "catastrophizing." In other words, his thought is being skewed from noticing a strange spot on his chest to seeing himself dead. So, the therapist would help the person begin to use some rational thought: at this point, there is a spot on his chest. Nothing more. And until there is more information, and other thought is dangerous.


You may wonder what is wrong with this approach. And there is nothing wrong. It simply falls short of the real issue. Because a cognitive approach simply seeks to exchange a skewed thought with a more correct thought.


But a thought is still the issue. The truth is this: A Thought Is Just A Thought! Some thoughts may be more useful, more helpful. But that makes it no more real.


Our minds are designed to create thoughts. And our minds are incredibly capable of doing this. Sometimes, our minds come up with useful and helpful thoughts. And sometimes, our mind churns out painful and hurtful thoughts. But in the end, both are merely thoughts.


When we buy into the thoughts, our mental health becomes more and more threatened. And that is the problem with the cognitive approach. It still leaves us believing our thoughts are real -- that they have some inherent truth or reality.


The way out of this trap is both simple and difficult. Imagine a continuum, a line between two extremes. At one end is the idea that "A Thought Is Reality." At this extreme, people believe that whatever pops into their head is real. In other words, "if I think it, it is real." The extreme is what we know as psychosis. An example of this psychosis: if I believe the "World Army" is coming in black helicopters, then it must be true. No matter what others tell me, I simply choose to believe my thoughts.


At the other end of the continuum is the idea that "A Thought Is A Thought." A person at this end is always aware that a thought in his or her head is simply that: a thought. And if a thought begins to torment him or her, then that person is able to take a step back, remember that a thought is just a thought, and let it go.


"Let it go" is impossible, you think? Yet we do it every day. I am sitting in an important meeting, when suddenly my mind creates a thought about the fact that I have something very important to do. I follow that thought, but then remind myself: I am at an important meeting, and I need to focus on that. I refocus on the meeting, and indeed, I let the thought go.


So, there it is, proof that a thought can be released. Thoughts really only have as much power as we give them. No more, no less.

Become aware of your thoughts, and you master your universe. Fail to recognize that a thought is just a thought, and you are at the whims of your mind, a very difficult taskmaster!


Lee Baucom, Ph.D., has spent over 15 years working to help people struggling with life to find a new life. Lee has authored a book on saving marriages and a video on dealing with stress. He is an accomplished workshop and retreat leader.

How Your Pet Can Help Fight Depression

Those who suffer from clinical depression know the empty feeling of being alone at home. Even when people are around, they can still feel lonely or unvalued. Even people who aren't clinically depressed but who experience occasional down times may sometimes have difficulty sharing feelings with family members or friends.


An expert for depression would classify a depressed person if he shows some symptoms of significant weight loss, increase in appetite, loss of agility, or weight gain because of excessive eating. Others who are depressed may also encounter problems in sleeping or insomnia, over sleeping, decrease of sexual interest, and the lack of interest in lifestyle activities.


Research shows that keeping a family pet, one that you can cuddle and talk to, can have a positive effect on those struggling with depression. It doesn't matter whether the person is married or has children; a cat or dog, in particular, can help to smooth away negative emotions that keep him or her in the doldrums. Here are some tips for enjoying your pet during those difficult times.


1. Set aside some playtime. A pet can meet a variety of needs, depending on how a person is feeling on a given day. If you're buoyant, but have no one to share it with, take the dog outside and toss a ball around, letting your pup bring it back after each throw. The two of you can take a neighborhood walk or head off to the park for a hike, too. Sharing physical activity and fresh air can help to sweep away those mental cobwebs. Even if you're feeling disappointed, angry, or hurt, exercising can help you feel better.


2. Enjoy a cuddle. Sometimes everyone can use a hug. Sit beside your pooch or kitty on the floor or sofa, and stroke your pet's fur while reflecting on the things that make you happy. Research shows that cuddling a pet can lower blood pressure and stimulate immune function while releasing endorphins to help your body and mood feel better.


3. Talk away. You can share any secret or describe any emotions you want to without fear of your pet's breaching the confidence. Just make sure no one else is in hearing distance, and spill your heart's woes. Your pet will most likely be able to sense your need for affection and understanding and be willing to provide those things. You'll feel better getting unpleasant things out of your system.


4. Never take out negative emotions on your pet. Kicking, pushing, yelling, or otherwise hurting an animal is never right, even if it would make you feel better. In fact, if such behavior does improve your mood, something is drastically wrong. Be sensitive to your cat or dog's needs for patience and understanding, too.


5. Have realistic expectations. Don't assume that your pet will be able to take the place of a human confidante or a professional counselor. Cultivate friendships with people you can trust, although this will take time. If your depression is deep, or lasts more than a week or two, make an appointment with a therapist to discuss possible underlying causes.


Pet therapy is just one of the many ways that depression patients can learn to manage their symptoms while under a physician's or psychologist's care. If you are unable to care for a pet properly due to your job schedule or living conditions, don't keep one that will suffer because of these constraints. Instead, look for other ways to manage depression symptoms with the support of professional experts.


For more information on how your pet can help fight depression, Visit The Depression Organization


More coming soon!


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