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Depression Articles, Tips and Information

How To Deal With Depression In a Christian Way

What is Depression?

Depression is a medical condition in which a person feels very sad and worried. The person feels that his/her situation is a hopeless one.

One of its symptoms is when that person finds it hard to sleep.

Depression can attack young or old people, including people of all social levels.

Some Causes of Depression

  1. A woman can be depressed soon after giving birth to a baby.
  2. The death of a husband or a child can cause great sadness to a woman.
  3. The loss of job or failure to pass an examination can depress.
  4. Ministers of God can also experience this condition. Here are some examples:
  5. <ol type="a">
  6. Prophet Elijah was so depressed that he told God in 1 Kings 19:4, "I have had enough, LORD. Take my life, I am not better than my ancestors."
  7. When Jacob lost his son Joseph, he was depressed and refused anyone to comfort him. He said in Genesis 37:35, ".... In mourning will I go down to the grave to my son."
  8. The burden of leading the people of Israel was too much on Moses that he told God to put him to death straight away. (Numbers 11:15)

3 Important Things You Should Do As a Christian When Depression Attacks You

Don't handle depression lightly. It is dangerous, and can attack any of us.

Here are some of the things you should do when depression strikes you:


1. Remember God and Think About Who He is.

The first thing you should do when you are depressed is to remember God.

Go to His Word immediately, study it, and think deeply about His divine nature.

Turn over in your mind what the Bible says about Him.

Remember that He is an all-knowing God and perfectly understands what is happening to you.

Remember also that He is closely watching you and watching over you.

Psalm 147:5 says that our God is great and mighty in power and His understanding has no limit.

God can use the depression you are facing to work out something good for you.

That's why the Bible says in Romans 8:28 that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him and who have been called according to His purpose.

Remember what Jeremiah said in Jeremiah 32:17 concerning God.


He said, "Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you"


God has the power to pull you out of where you have sunk into in your depressed condition.

David said in Psalm 40:1, 2:


"I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry.

2. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand."


2. Think About What God Has Done

Decide to think deeply about the wonderful things you have read in the Bible that God did for His people.

Be persistent in thinking about them, and your faith in God will start building up. This is a positive sign that shows you are on your way out of depression.


Your distressed and gloomy condition will start turning to a happy and cheerful one.


3. Trust In God

Put all our trust in God.


Listen to this advice in Isaiah 50:10:

"Who among you fears the LORD and obeys his servant? Let him who walks in the dark, who has no light, trust in the name of the LORD and rely on his God"


God loves you with an everlasting love and has drawn you to Himself with loving-kindness. (Isaiah 31:3).


He will never abandon you. Continue to trust Him.

He has spoken these words to help you trust and cling to Him firmly. He says,

"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze." (Isaiah 43:2)


He also encourages you with this...


15. "Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you. 16. See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me." (Isaiah 49:15, 16)

And He said in Zechariah 2:8, 9 that whoever touches you touches the apple of His eye, and He would punish the person who does so.


Stand firm child of God, and trust in God and His mighty power. You will see how He will deliver you from your depressed condition.

You may not understand the depth of His ways as He leads you. However, rest with the assurance that at the end of the day, you will sing victory songs.


Finally, child of God, remember that depression can attack any of us without considering our spiritual, physical or material attainment.

When such a situation confronts you, the first and most important thing you should do is to seek God and be encouraged by what He tells you in His Word. Remember also that God is with you at all times, and He is always ready to deliver you from any oppressive condition.


May our God keep you safe in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Roy Okonkwo is a Nigerian Pidgin Bible Translator and the General Overseer of Mercy Christian Ministries. Mercy Christian Ministries is involved in Bible Translation, Works of Mercy, and the use of its website at to help empower people of God spiritually, physically, and materially.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Do Not Give Up In Managing Your Depression, Anxieties, And Stresses


Never give up in try to find ways to overcome your depression, anxiety or fears. At times, you may feel overwhelmed and feel that there is nothing else you can do. The fact of the matter is that there are ways in getting rid of your depression and anxieties. Here is a brief list of techniques that you can use to help gain a foothold on your anxieties and fears.


Try to find the real source of your fears and then learn to manage it. In dealing with any kinds of fears or anxieties, you should try to learn the facts of what is causing your anxieties. Knowing why you are feeling anxious will go a long way in managing your anxieties.

Remember that when we worry, out thoughts become exaggerated with fear and anxiety. Balance these anxious thoughts by thinking of something constructive. Also, challenge those thoughts by asking questions that focuses on reality and common sense.


A lot of times, our worries can make things even worse. Try to take things as they come. Do not assume anything. Focus on what is reality and what are the facts of the given situation. Our thoughts may tend to become negative so focus on something constructive if you can.


Remember take a deep breath and try to find something to do to get your mind off of you anxieties and stresses. A person could take a walk, listen to some music, read the newspaper, watch TV, play on the computer or do an activity that will give them a fresh perspective on things. This will distract you from your current worries.


When nothing happens the first time around in managing your depression, a person may get frustrated and eventually give up in managing their anxiety. The answers or techniques you are looking for will not always come to you on the first or second try. Only through experience will you learn what works for you. Be patient and continue to learn from your experiences.


Remember not to quit when the going gets tough. Try to learn as much as you can in dealing with your worries and then put them to use through the guidance of a professional. In time you will feel better.


Stan Popovich is the author of, A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear, an easy to read book that presents a overview of techniques that are effective in managing persistent fears and anxieties. For additional information go to:


Great ways to beat Depression

Loneliness can be depressing. Failing at a task, an exam,or being rejected by someone we love can also dampen our mood. Depression, however, could be more fatal than just plain loneliness. It could cause life-long consequences that may ruin your self-esteem, health, and well-being.


Try to learn different ways to manage your depression. Get some professional help to learn the best ways to deal with your current problems. Many counselors know the most up to date methods in getting rid of your depression and fears. Take advantage of this. Get the help you need so you can manage your current problems.


Try these 5 tips to lift your mood and get you into a happier state of mind.


Go and tan. No really.

OK not literally. However lack of exposure to sunlight is responsible for the secretion of the hormone melatonin, this can trigger a dispirited mood and put you into a lethargic condition.


Melatonin which is only produced in the dark lowers the body temperature and makes you feel sluggish and tired. So being stuck in a dark room, would want to make you go to bed and sleep. This is the bodies' natural sleep inducing mechanism.

So the dark winter season is the reason why many people suffer from depression much more often in winter than when summer sunshine pervades. The nights are longer, so more melatonin is produced in winter, leading to a normally lethargic and apathetic state.


Brighter lights in your room, a walk outside during lunchbreak and just generally seeing more of the light of day can help here.Take frequent walks instead of driving in a car over short distances.


Just do it as Nike would say. Get Busy. Get Inspired.

When you are actively involved with something, you'll be more likely to overcome any feeling of depression if you are too busy to notice it. Actively live an inspired life.


Do what you love. Free activities, like strolling through the park, reading an inspirational book and the like will boost your feeling of wellbeing. Partake in sports, or watch something that you are passionate about. This will take your mind of your problems and allow other creative thoughts enter your mind.e.


Set a goal - a meaningful purpose in life. No matter how difficult or discouraging life can be, remain firm and have an unshakable belief that you are capable of doing anything you desire. With this kind of positive attitude, you will become excited about life and attain a cheerful disposition to beat the blues.


Stop doing it. Yes take a break I mean it.

Listen to soothing music. Soak in a nice warm bath. Ask one of your close friends to massage you. Take a break from your stressful workload and spend the day just goofing around. In other words, have fun. Give your body and mind a chance to catch up and chill out.


A healthy body and a healthy mind. Eat right and Stay Fit.

Avoid foods with lots of sugar, caffeine, or alcohol. Sugar and caffeine may give you a brief moment of energy; but they would later bring about anxiety , tension, due to the sugar level instability they cause in your system. Alcohol is actually a depressant. Drinking alcohol to "forget your problems", won't make them go away. They will usually be even bigger when you sober up. You are just aggravating the condition in the process.


Exercising regularly is a tremendous depression buster because it raises your bodies endorphin levels. Endorphins are sometimes called "the happy chemicals" because of their stress-reducing and happiness-inducing properties. This is why you often hear runners talk of a high they get during running a long race.


Get out and about.

Human beings are naturally gregarious creatures. We all want to be surrounded by caring friends. Your circle of friends are there to give you moral support. Spending time and engaging in worthwhile activities with them could give you a very satisfying feeling. Few things are as powerful as having group support.


Never underestimate the power of touch. Doesn't it feel so good when someone pats you on the back and gives you words of encouragement during your most challenging times? Hug or embrace someone today. You'll never know when you have saved another life.


Get intimate.

Establish close ties with your family and friends. If nothing else, the love and care expressed by others could tremendously boost your immune system and help to fend off illnesses. Best of all, you'll live a more secured and happy life. The feeling of being cared about, was proven to be more highly regarded than money in many tests.


So, decide to get to grips with your life. Stop wallowing in self pity, and get on with it. Inspired action of any kind will take a huge chunk out of the power of a depression


Udo Vieth is a qualified quantum therapist, advanced EFT and REIKI practitioner. EasyHealthReview


Depression In Children


Depression affects children the same way that it affects adults. Now in most cases, trauma is a reason why depression will affect a person. Of course, trauma affects those of all ages, including children. It should be no surprise that children suffer from depression also. The youngest case of depression ending with suicide is five years old. With this information in hand, it can and should be taken quite seriously if you supsect a child is sad or depressed.


1. The Numbers

In fact, three out of every 100 children are depressed. Its hard to tell what causes depression in children, but every aspect of a child or teens life affects their state of mind. With one bit of criticism, a child could break down and become unreachable. Telling whether or not a child is depressed can be quite different from telling if an adult is depressed.


2. For Parents

Parents need to know that your child isnt depressed because you are a bad parent. You child could be depressed for many reasons and death of family or friends is usually the root of the cause. Some signs that your child may be depressed at absences from school, isolation, change in behavior, and headaches. Of course, they could have the typical signs like overeating, eating too little or not sleeping or oversleeping.


3. The Signs Of Depression

The signs of depression are greatly varied. You might not even notice it at first or push it off as normal behaviour. Life goes fast and we tend to notice the things that we dont really want to see. The only way to find out how your child feels is to ask them how they feel. Be active in your child or teens life. Do activities together and have some time set aside to talk about the trauma of being a kid in days world. Remember, youre not a bad parent if you snoop around a little bit.


For more great anxiety depression related articles and resources check out


Great Ways to Beat Depression


The loss of a loved one, failure in an exam, financial stress, rejection by a lover, can all lead to bouts of depression.

Whilst feeling down now and then is a normal part of living, existing in a state of morbid disposition is not.


Clinical depression happens when you just can't seem to shake yourself out of your mood. Everything in life becomes a chore. Nothing excites you anymore. Before you know it, your body sends you signals by allowing physical changes to manifest. You become listless, apathetic and just plain ill.


All in all, you just don't feel like living anymore!



You need to do something about your depression now.

Here are 5 sure fire ways to lift your mood. They are simple things that anyone can do.


1. Get out into the Sun. This is not for getting a tan, though that in itself might cheer you up, as you look more healthy and tanned. Sunshine actually increases the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that will trigger a more active you.


2. Do Something. Go and take some action - being actively involved in a task, will take your concentration away from your depression. Find something that you enjoy doing. If you can't think of anything enjoyable, think of something that could be enjoyable, or something other people enjoy. Then go and get active.


3. Stop doing it! Take a break. A refreshing break from your everyday mundane chores will alter your depressed thinking. Relax and soak in a hot bath, listen to soothing music, with a glass of wine. Just give your body and mind a chance to synchronize.


4. Eat better. It has long been proven that certain foods are spirit lifting. Do some research on which foods that would be for you, and then spend some time working out recipes or eating patterns. Actually go and start eating these foods. Your body will respond, and your mind will follow. Remember the old saying: A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.


5. Go and touch somebody. Humans are gregarious and sociable creatures. Make some new friends, get in touch with some old friends, and get some human contact. When you are in the correct environment, a hug can work wonders to side track your depression.


To really multiply the effectiveness of this technique, find a needy child or person and show some caring towards them. That interaction is guaranteed to sway your depression.


Here is a bonus killer technique that always helps.

Sit down and write a list of all the things you are grateful for. Don't get caught in the trap of saying there is nothing. Just the fact that you have air to breathe, is something. The fact that you are intelligent enough to realize your problem and read about it, is something to be grateful for.


If you think about it, there is an abundance of things to be grateful for. List them. Let them work away your depression.

Simple things can and will make a huge difference. Just try it.


Colin L Wolfenden is an author of numerous health related articles For more natural depression information go to

Tips for Coping With Postpartum Depression

Talk to someone about your feelings, particularly other mothers. Ask others to help you with child care, household chores, and errands. Ask your husband to share in nighttime feeding duties and household chores.


Find time to do something positive for yourself, even if it is for only 15 minutes a day. Try reading, taking a walk, taking a relaxing bath.

Even if you can get only one thing done in any given day, this is a step in the right direction. There may be days when you cannot get anything done.


Causes There is no single clearly defined cause of postpartum depression. Both physical and emotional factors seem to be involved. One physical factor may be that in the first 24 to 48 hours after delivery, estrogen and progesterone levels drop sharply, to a point lower than before conception, creating an abrupt change in the physiological state of the body. This may trigger depression in much the same way as mood swings and tension are triggered before menstrual periods. The level of hormones produced by the thyroid may also drop after childbirth. This could result in symptoms that mimic depression. For these reasons researchers are calling PPD a "biochemical and hormonal disorder."


Try not to be angry with yourself when this happens.

Isolation often perpetuates depression. Get dressed, and leave the house for at least a short while each day.

Fresh air and a change of scenery will do you and your baby a lot of good.


Hafiz lecky is an oracle certified associates currently running a successful internet home based business , , The Best Way To Download MP3 Music Online Search Over 1Billion Files Burn Your Own CD'S Not Just Music! Movies, Games And Unlimited 24/7 Downloads! With Over 30,000,000 Users

Understanding Postpartum Depression

What's wrong with me?

I just gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby. I should be happy and proud, but I feel so down and anxious, even angry. Am I a bad mother? Why am I so depressed?


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AS A new mother, you may have experienced feelings like the above. If so, you are not alone. It is estimated that 70 to 80 percent of new mothers have such feelings at times. But what is postpartum depression (PPD), and what causes it?

How can PPD be coped with? What support can family members and others give?


Disorders The term "postpartum depression" refers to depressive episodes following childbirth. These can occur after the birth of any child, not just the first. Depressive episodes can even follow a miscarriage or termination of a pregnancy. According to the Office on Women's Health of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there is a wide range in the severity of the symptoms.

Many women experience postpartum blues, or baby blues, characterized by mild sadness, anxiety, irritability, fluctuating moods, and fatigue. These blues are considered normal and are short-lived, resolving themselves without medical help within about ten days after childbirth.


However, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists estimates that in 1 out of 10 new mothers, these feelings escalate and go beyond the first few days. They can even appear several months after the birth. This may be full-fledged postpartum depression, in which the feelings of sadness, anxiety, or despair are so intense that the new mother has trouble coping with her daily tasks.


Additionally, between 1 and 3 new mothers in every 1,000 suffer from an even more severe form of depression called postpartum psychosis, in which the mother has delusions or hallucinations that often focus on hurting herself or her baby. This latter condition requires immediate medical attention.*


Interestingly, one medical newsletter suggests that postpartum depression may be caused by a nutritional imbalance, perhaps a B-complex deficiency.


Fatigue and lack of sleep can also play a role. Says Dr. Steven I. Altchuler, a psychiatrist at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, U.S.A.: "In the period shortly after childbirth, lack of energy and an inability to sleep may make minor problems seem much more major. Some women might be frustrated to find that they have difficulty coping with things that they had handled well before delivery, without the baby blues, and with a full night's sleep." Emotional factors such as an unplanned pregnancy, a premature birth, loss of freedom, concern about attractiveness, and lack of support can also add to depression.


Additionally, there are several common myths about being a mother that can contribute to a woman's feeling depressed and feeling that she is a failure. These include the idea that motherhood skills are instinctive, that bonding should be immediate, that the baby will be perfect and never fussy, and that the new mother should be perfect. In real life this is not the case. Mothering skills need to be learned, bonding often takes time, some babies are easier to care for than others, and no mother is perfect or a supermom.


Gaining Recognition Until recently, postpartum depression was often not taken seriously. Dr. Laurence Kruckman points out: "Women's mental health issues have been overlooked and labeled in the past as hysteria, not worthy of concern. The American Psychiatric Association's diagnostic manual (DSM IV) has never fully acknowledged the presence of postpartum illness, and as a result, doctors have not been educated about it nor has reliable data been obtained. . . . And unlike 30 years ago, mothers often go home from the hospital within 24 hours. Most postpartum psychoses, blues and some depression occur within three to 14 days following birth. So the mothers are already at home and not screened by professionals who know the symptoms."


However, according to Dr. Carol E. Watkins of the Northern County Psychiatric Associates in Baltimore, Maryland, if left undiagnosed or untreated, postpartum depression can lead to long-term depression and difficulty in bonding with the baby. Depressed mothers may passively ignore their baby's needs or, conversely, lose control and use physical punishment to discipline their infants. This can negatively affect the cognitive and emotional development of the child.


For example, an article in the journal American Family Physician suggests that young children of depressed mothers perform more poorly on cognitive tests than those of mothers who were not depressed. Additionally, postpartum depression can adversely affect the other children and the husband.


Treatment What can be done?

Do you just have to tough it out?

It is comforting to know that postpartum depression has been found to be both temporary and treatable.# While rest and family support may be all that is needed for mild symptoms, the key sign that medical attention is necessary is if the depression disrupts your ability to function, says the Office on Women's Health.

Common treatments are antidepressant medication,% talking with a mental-health expert, hormone treatment, or a combination of these, depending upon the severity of the case. Kangaroo, or skin-to-skin, care of the baby may also lessen maternal depression.^ There are also such alternative treatments as herbs, acupuncture, and homeopathic remedies.


However, there are some things that you can do personally to cope. These include eating a nutritious diet (including fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain cereals); avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and sugar; exercising in moderation; and taking a nap when your baby is asleep. Zoraya, a Christian mother who cried morning, noon, and night for days after the birth of a healthy baby girl, says that what helped her to get over the depression was to get involved as soon as possible in her normal ministerial activities as one of Jehovah's Witnesses.--See the accompanying box for additional tips.


How Can Others Help?

Since a major factor in postpartum depression is lack of proper rest, other people can help by assuming some of the household chores and sharing in child care. Studies show that far less postpartum depression occurs where the extended family rallies around to provide support and instruction. Many times a person can be of great assistance by just being a sympathetic listener, giving the new mother reassurance, and avoiding criticizing or judging. Remember, PPD is a physical disorder and is not self-induced. As the organization Postpartum Education for Parents points out, "a woman cannot 'pull herself together' any more than she could if she had the flu, diabetes, or heart disease."


From the foregoing, it can be seen that although the postpartum period can be a wonderful time for new mothers, it can also be stressful. Understanding it can help us to give the support new mothers need


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