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Depression Articles, Tips and Information

Causes and Medications for Depression

About Depression:
True depression--mental illness--is not just the blues or a bad day. It is a chemical illness that can have tragic results.About one in 10 Americans suffers some form of depression, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.Depression has devastating effects on a person s relationships with family and friends, on the ability to do productive work, and, of course, on the ability to enjoy life.when professionals use the word depression, they are referring to an illness that deserves care and treatment.

Depression can be caused by other medical conditions.

Causes of Depression:
Health-care providers see depression more often in people who have serious health problems, such as heart disease and cancer. Some people become depressed through being overwhelmed by change and stress.Depression also can occur in connection with illnesses that affect the brain, such as stroke or epilepsy. And sometimes depression is the result of other psychiatric disorders, for example, obsessive-compulsive disorder or schizophrenia.


Symptoms of Depression:
Some common symptoms of depression.
1.Sleep disturbances such as insomnia, early morning waking, or oversleeping.
2.Difficulty in concentrating, remembering, and in making decisions.
3.Eating disturbances, include either loss of appetite and weight or gain in appetite and weight.
4.Thoughts of death or suicide, even suicide attempts.


Tropical Medication for Depression:
These are some suggested useful medicine for depression.
5-HTP, Calm Child, Eleuthero Root+ (Alcohol Free), GABA Plus, Ginkoba and Hawaiian Noni.


Home Care Suggestions:
1.Morning walks are also useful.
2.Sunlight therapy is very effective. Get plenty of sunlight by exposing yourself to it as it helps to cover up the many symptoms of depression.

3.Meditation is also very important and can help people suffering from depression to revive themselves considerably.
4.Stress should be avoided as it increases depression and anxiety.

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Energy Enhancement Meditation, the Pleaser, Blamer, Vamp, Tyrant, Self Destructor Manic Depression


These Strategies are where separate intelligences are split off from the central stem of your Soul and are Archetypes created and used by the Hurt Inner Children.


The problem is that these ego strategies always hurt the people around them. Eventually they stop working and the people around them throw them out. With ego strategies, if you are rich everyone puts up with them, their job depends on it, but no-one likes them.

Without someone pointing out the discrepancies in your behaviour, you probably will not notice them..


As Gurdjieff said, "The person that says I will get up early in the morning is not the same personality who throws the alarm clock out of the window!!."


As the False Negative Emotions of Anger, Manicism, Seeking Sympathy and Attention, Depression and Fear are Eliminated, Emotional Integration with the Intelligence results in Willpower and the Power of Doing.


This higher functionality is the result of healing these Strategies!

The Don Juan or Vamp Strategy We have all heard of the town bicycle who is ridden by everyone. Well, because of this need for Love and Attention. Because we are afraid of people leaving us so that we leave them first. Because of the very strong psychic sexual connection and the energy flows it can create - it takes very strong energies to draw a soul down from heaven. This strategy is a wonderful egotistical method for both men and women to vampirise the energies of people they meet.


Pleaser Strategy Because they want your love, they will put aside their wants and even their justifiable needs, and try to please you. They will have no personality of their own except that which wants to please. They will be happy or sad depending upon whether you have been pleased.


However, they will make you dependant upon them. they will engage your attention more and more. They become inescapable. They mutate into a Tyrant!


The Blamer Strategy Its all your fault. There are only two of us here and it can't be me who is wrong. It must be you!!!

The Critic Strategy Like the interrogator this intellectual strategy gets off on criticising everything to get your energy and attention. Yet the critic even criticises himself.


The Tyrant Strategy All of the strategies in the end are tyrants who want, need and even demand your attention. All they want is your attention. They will get your attention in many destructive and self destructive ways The Self Destructor Strategy This one is the Big Daddy of them all. The Controlling Archetype of all of the Strategies. All of them lead to self destruction because they are the major part of the Desire-filled, wanting, vampire ego.Manic Depression. The Poor Me and the Violator usually flip from one to the other and back again within one body. If you have one Strategy, then soon you will flip to the other side.


We see many Poor Me's. All of them are capable of becoming the violator in a trice.

However, to remove these sub-personalities completely, the more Advanced techniques of a Synthesis of Ancient Meditational Techniques are absolutely necessary:-


It needs an Ancient Advanced Synthesis of Effective Techniques for Gaining More Energy - Meditation, Shaktipat, Energy Circulation, The Kundalini Kriyas, The Five Elemental Paths Of The Chi Of Chinese Alchemical Taoism, The Grounding Of Negative Energies, V.I.T.R.I.O.L, The Art Card Of The Thoth Tarot, Access To Kundalini Energy, Strong Psychic Protection, Learn The Merkaba, Pyramid Protection, Power Tower Protection, Create The Antahkarana, Soul Fusion, Monadic Infusion, Logos Infusion. The Painless Removal Of Stress, Trauma And Negative Emotion


Leading onto the more advanced Techniques of The Karma Clearing Process. Karma Cleaning Process, Learning how to clean The Karma From Past Lives, Future Life, Future Lifetimes, Integrating Soul Fragmentation And Retrieval of Inner Children, Selfish Ego Sub Personalites, Life Destroying Strategies, The Aloof, The Interrogator, The Violator, The Selfish Competitive Star, The Vamp Or Don Juan, The Pleaser, The Blamer, The Critic, The King, The Self Destructor, All The Destructive Vows From This And Past Lifetimes,.


Which results in The Creation Of Self Love, Love And Service.

Ponder on this...


Satchidanand, Director of Energy Enhancement, is one of the leading teachers of Meditation.!
He helps people worldwide reach further than they EVER thought possible, FASTER!!!


Manic depression


Also called bipolar mood disorder, manic depression is a very serious disease of brain associated with extreme shifts in moods, body functioning and behavior. Just a few years back, manic depression was glorified as a trait so common with many well known artists, composers and brilliant writers; but in reality, thousands of lives have been lost or their career ruined due to this strange disease. An extreme case of manic depression has even lead to many people committing suicide. This debilitating disease affects almost 3 million Americans and 1.5 millions Europeans, and both men and women are equally troubled by this disease.


Hurt Inner Children split off from the Central Soul personality when the person gets traumatised by the painful and corrupt actions of life. These Hurt Inner Children flow in and out of your consciousness and it is these split personalities which use the Strategies like the Violator, the Poor Me and the Selfish Competitive Star in order to get the attention and the Love of everyone around them.

Manic depression usually starts occurring during early teenage or even during childhood; the symptoms are manifested by irregular cycles or episodes of maniac tendencies, depression and mood swing, often disrupting normal daily life. Three different types of episodes are associated with manic depression and each one of them is quite different from the other. Episodes of depression signify a persistent sad or withdrawn mood, while an episode of mania may show frequent or abnormal mood swings from one extreme to another. However, a mixed or combined state that consists of both mania and depression is probably the most difficult stage to manage and treat.

Signs and symptoms which occur during an episode of mania are:

1. Enhanced energy, high state of excitability and increased activity
2. Feelings of euphoria, greatness and generally excited mood
3. Gets irritable even at the smallest of incidences.
4. Lightening speed talk, thoughts and changing ideas.
5. Lack of concentration accompanied by less sleep.
6. Feelings of grandeur and false belief in their own capacity.
7. Lack of a good judgment
8. Unusual behavior that is easily recognizable.
9. Easily provoked, excessive intrusion in other's affairs, state of aggression and angry.
10. Provocative, intrusive, or aggressive behavior

Signs and symptoms which occur during an episode of depression are:

1. Frequent sad, melancholic or empty mood
2. Feelings of dejection, guilt, or helplessness
3. Progressive loss of interest in day to day activities.
4. Depleted energy levels and feeling of tiredness.
5. Difficulty concentrating, remembering, making decision
6. Suicidal talk and tendencies

During early part of the illness these episodes are usually separated by a period of no symptoms and the patient usually feels very good and behaves normal. However, when five or more episodes of illness occur within a year, rapid manic depression sets in and becomes too frequent, leading to extreme consequences. This is also sometimes called a state of rapid recycling, when the degeneration of body and mind sets in at a rapid rate.

A chronic and severe manic depression may lead the patient to a stage of psychosis, when typical symptoms like hallucinations and delusions occur, and such a stage is probably an offshoot of highly dangerous, Schizophrenia. Many people with manic depression will get immense help from a sustained level of treatment and good results are usually achieved by stabilizing their mood swings and other associated symptoms. Highly improvised drugs and medicines like Lithium, atypical antipsychotic medications and high-potency benzodiazepine medications are usually prescribed to patients, depending on the history and intensity of the symptoms. Apart from drugs and medicines, patients are also recommended session of psychotherapy and behavioral therapy.


Are you sick and tired of feeling depressed?
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Depression symptoms

Depression is a very common medical condition affecting almost 100 million people in the world. About a quarter of the whole population are prone to get at least one bout of depression in their life time. Though depression is more common in women, it also affects at least 12% of men allover the world. Sad part of a serious case of depression is that the person is affected physically as well, apart from degenerating mind. Depression is an acute medical disorder, which regularly affects your thoughts and behavior. Depression symptoms vary from person to person and most often looks similar in every episode. These always include the following:

1. Progressive loss of interest in work you used to perform previously.
2. Feeling sad, or down in the dumps. Severe mood changes are also one of the most important depression symptoms.

You may also display at least four of the following symptoms:

1. Restlessness and fickle minded
2. Feeling worthless or guilty. A sense of dejection
3. Increase or decrease in appetite or weight. Decreased appetite and loss in eating good food.
4. Thoughts of death or suicide. Instant decision to commit suicide and death is probably the most important depression symptom.
5. Learning and acting disability.
6. Impaired sleeping habits and irregular sleep pattern.
7. Loss of vitality and will to live.
8. Loss of interest or pleasure in activities that were once enjoyed.
9. Persistent physical symptoms that do not respond to treatment, such as headaches, digestive disorders, and chronic pain.

If you're facing any one of these or a combination of depression symptoms, do not waste a second and instead contact your physician immediately. Many a time, people do not get help for their depression symptoms, because they don't even recognize the symptoms, have ego problems asking for help, or don't know that many treatments are currently available.

Many people with severe forms of depression have numerous mood cycles. They display very bad "lows" (depression) and critical "highs" (also known as mania) that can last for a long time. In between these episodes of highs and lows, they often feel completely normal and healthy. Most common depression symptoms during such outbreaks are less sleep, being easily distracted, megalomaniac tendencies and doing things that feel good but have very bad effects. Whatever you do, never take depression for granted, as it may turn out to be the most serious health issue in your future and a chance episode may create immense personal problems for you and your family.


Are you sick and tired of feeling depressed?
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Depression medication


When a person is suffering from chronic depression, most possibly, he or she may need to be prescribed depression medication as soon as possible. If you have any of the classical systems of depression, persisting for more than a month, you may need to visit your physician without fail. You can assist your physician diagnose and help you, by providing as much details as possible about your problems of depression. But remember that if your problem is severe enough to demand extra help, you will need to take a family member or friend along on your first visit, to see that you are helped in a proper way. A good depression medication consists of correct analysis of your previous clinical history, present condition of the disease and a right diagnosis.

So the first obvious step on your part, is to provide every bit of information about your problem; the previous medical history, physical tests, and preliminary laboratory tests can assist your doctor know a lot, if a general medical problem is the real cause of your malady. Most cases of depressions are usually caused by a general medical illness or medicines associated with those illnesses. Once these conditions are identified and treated, the depression will usually disappear by itself. Depression medication is not possible without your active cooperation and help; never hide anything from your doctor.

1. This stage usually needs medical help and counseling; the first depression help that can offered to such patients, is a helping hand to lead him to a good physician for treatment.
2. Once the patient gets the required medical treatment, the next important help is to ensure that the prescribed drugs and medicines are taken without fail at the suggested time.
3. Periodic visits are necessary to find a lasting cure for the malady; be sure that the patient gets access to repeated visits to physician
4. Counseling is often considered as the essential key to a faster recovery from depression.

Based on the intensity of the disease condition, depression medication is classified in two main categories: Acute medication and Continuation medication. These depression medications are used to treat any one of the three types of depression symptoms, like severe depression, moderate depression and mild depression. For each type of those symptoms, there is a defined treatment or medication, which works better with a clinical efficiency.

The main aim of acute medication is to systematically take off the severe symptoms of depression until you feel well and better. Continuation medication means continuing the treatment for more time even after you feel fine, and it is critical because it avoids the recurrence of depression after some time. If you have an episode of recurrent depression, a third medication, commonly called "maintenance treatment" is commonly used. In maintenance depression medication, the patient is maintained on the depression treatment for a longer period of time.

There are many types of depression medication methods like antidepressant medicine psychotherapy, antidepressant medicine combined with psychotherapy. Medication for depression works slowly and gradually over a period of several months. However with correct medicine, most affected people experience good results within a month; but with psychotherapy alone, it often takes a long time. Early detection and medication is probably the most important parameter in depression treatment. Depression must be treated at any cost, as soon as it is detected and diagnosed. Otherwise, depression may relapse again, with more severity and intensity.


Are you sick and tired of feeling depressed?
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Depression help

Persons who are suffering from depression often feel helpless and utterly dejected with their life. Such people usually need a helping hand from their family members, friends and colleagues. Depression help or support may include helping the affected person to carry out daily tasks, help them take medicines, counsel them with positive talk and prop them up when they are down with their misery. Depression help can be found in many areas; however this usually depends on the intensity of the symptom. If the patient has a history of chronic depression, immense care and caution is necessary while helping the patient to recover from illness. Depression help is mandatory in such cases, as those patients would have lost control over their body and mind.

Here are some of the depression help measures and recovery tips to recover from depression:

Note: If the person is currently undergoing low intensity depression, following tips are recommended

1. A happy mind is a healthy mind! Make yourself happier, there are many things and activities you can do to keep yourself hale and hearty. Develop good habits and healthy lifestyles, which will create an ambience for an active mind, which is free of bad feelings and thoughts.
2. Turn on your inner belief to be stronger and tough. Develop self confidence and pray to God and become wiser and stronger.
3. Be inspired and read self help books and magazine. Get good ideas and be creative.
4. Take things easy on yourself and your activities, and apply frequent breaks to rest.
5. Attend depression seminars and courses to know the nitty-gritty of depression related diseases.
6. Develop good hobbies and habits; an active mind drives away fear, anxiety and anger, and instills self confidence and will power.

Note: If the person is currently experiencing moderate to severe stages of depression, following tips are recommended:

If you're happy, you may never get depressed, which is an age old truth and a cardinal principle. If you change the way you think and act, you will lead a life full of happiness and prosperity.


Are you sick and tired of feeling depressed?
Elevate your mood and self-esteem naturally with MindSoothe Depression Capsules


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