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Depression Articles, Tips and Information

Depression and Experts

This article is about depression from an unusual perspective. It is about the powerlessness and hopelessness of modern psychological science and research. The importance of an holistic approach to mental and physical health will be explained.


Do you know, what really startled me since I was a child?

It is actually very simple but profound at the same time. I could see that there were problems in the adults' lifes. That was one thing. The other was that they never seemed to really get beyond them. My first assumption about grown ups was that they are really smart people. I mean, they were grown up and I was a kid. You admire them. Anytime they want they can turn on the TV or take the car for a ride, just for fun. They can go to sleep whenever they want or they can stay awake till the morning dawn.

The experts are wearing white coats of authority and they look really impressive.

They are gods...

My father used to comment on the radio news. From what I could hear I realized that adult people are not what they seem to be. They lacked knowledge, although they heavily pretended to have some. Adults build huge hospitals, but the number of diseased people is increasing. They do a lot of research, but things get worse. They are holding big conferences, but there is no solution to poverty, hunger and pollution. The destruction of the planet continues, unhampered. They scientifically study the human mind for years, but still they are fighting over minor issues and killing each other. Depression is rampant.


But the picture is deceiving. They are as helpless as the rest. They have been told that depression is caused by some material disfunction in the body. They wouldn't admit it, but this theory is the cause of their own latent or acute depression.


There is one important saying: "Doctor, heal thyself". So, obviously, an expert treating depression in a person should be free of that mental condition himself. But is this really the case? Are our experts examples in their own lives? Have they achieved the peace of mind and the happiness that we are looking for?


To be quite frank: Our mental health experts are haunted by depression themselves.

Of course, their job is demanding and it is hard to stay untouched from all these unfortunate human destinies. But that is no excuse. For a health practitioner it is of prime necessity to become a strong, positive and loving personality. It is not enough to just "know" one's field of "expertise". Life operates on rules that cannot be managed properly just by some theoretical knowledge. A doctor abusing nicotine and alcohol is as unbelievable as a psychologist suffering from a minority complex, being arrogant and insensitive.


People tell me about their experience with mental and physical health practitioners. They feel ignored, misunderstood and treated like an innate object. That's how modern science looks at it's objects: things, which have to be manipulated into proper function. People feel that the experts lack self esteem and hide behind academic degrees and honors. They rightly perceive all this as symptoms of personal weakness. How to develop real trust in such a person?


The formal training in any given area was much less in former times. But that does not mean that we have become advanced. Modern education has created highly trained specialists in their respective fields, but being too much focused on a tiny segment of reality they seem to have lost the whole big picture. At the same time they have lost themselves.


A person is not just ears or heart or mind. A person is an individual being. And what does that mean? A person cannot be divided. A person is one. Treating a depressed person without this consideration will only lead to frustration and more depression.


Depression spreads like wildfire. People seem to get lost in the rat race and the competition. Survival of the fittest. They drown in the struggle for existence. The one and only thing a depressed person needs is unalloyed love and compassion. No one will learn this at university. The students will learn about material processes in the body, in the brain. But they will learn little or nothing about the person possessing the body or brain. In this way they will not learn anything about themselves, too. They will look at depression with the arrogance and helplessness of a lost soul. How should they be able to help?


A psychologist, a coach, a trainer, a priest, a doctor: they all have to understand what life really is. They have to thoroughly understand themselves first. They have to get rid of their own depression and hopelessness deeply buried in themselves. They actually have to become free and independent loving persons. That is the real challenge: How to transform oneself into a great personality. Theoretical knowledge alone is useless.


For more information on the different types and symptoms of depression and on depression treatment, including natural remedies and powerful alternative healing methods, go to Overcome Depression Site.


Friedrich Asen is a personal and spiritual development expert, counsellor, coach and author since more than 20 years. If you looking for high quality information, powerful tips and the world's best resources on abundance, mental and physical health, relationships and spirituality, go to his site at Personal Development Guide


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Natural Treatment Options for Depression


Depression is a serious ailment that 19 million Americans are currently experiencing. Many people have turned to antidepressants to treat their symptoms. While there are certainly many success stories regarding these medications, many people have not found them to be helpful. This is because the medication had no apparent effect, made the person emotionally flat, or caused various side effects that did not make it worth pursuing any further.


Unfortunately, there are probably millions of Americans who feel enslaved by their depression, convinced there is no way out. People have suffered from depression throughout human history. Before we had pharmaceutical companies offering various drugs to help us cope, our ancestors used natural methods such as plants, food, meditation, and yoga to cure their mental imbalances. This was done for many centuries, which attests to the effectiveness of natural methods. Below is an overview of a few natural treatment options for depression that can offer hope to those who are caught in its web.


* Acupuncture: Practiced for over 2,500 years in various Asian cultures, acupuncture has made its way West where it is soaring in popularity. This safe and powerful system has been shown to boost serotonin levels and release endorphins. 5 Element acupuncture offers profound support for healing depression. I recommend getting one treatment a week for several weeks.


* Chinese Herbs: There are a variety of herbal formulas that can have a positive effect on the mind. Many of these formulas tonify one's Qi, or vital energy, to create more vitality and spirit.


* Yoga: Another ancient practice that is a virtual panacea for all stress related complaints. Yoga can have a profound impact on one's state of mind.


* Exercise: Get 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week of cardiovascular exercise. This has been proven to boost serotonin and norepinephrine levels.


* Eat well: Give up refined sugar and caffeine, drink a lot of water, and eat mostly whole foods such as fish, fruits and vegetables.


* Supplement your diet: Take 3,000 mg of fish oil a day and consider taking 150mg of 5HTP a day. Fish oil contains essential fatty acids which are usually deficient in depressed people. 5HTP is a natural precursor to serotonin and can have many of the same benefits as antidepressants without the side effects. Do not combine 5 HTP with antidepressants.


Indeed, there are numerous alternative strategies for treating depression that are safe, balanced, and have stood the test of time. These therapies should only enhance your overall health and wellbeing without creating unwanted side effects that weaken certain systems of the body. If you follow even one or two of these guidelines for a period of 2 months, you will most likely feel lighter, more optimistic, and more in control of your life.

Good luck!


Kevin Doherty, L.Ac., MS is a licensed acupuncturist in private practice in Superior, Colorado and the staff acupuncturist for the integrative care department at Exempla hospital in Lafayette, Colorado. Kevin has helped many of his patients get off of Western medications including antidepressants. For more information, please visit


5 PROVEN Tips To Help You Wipeout Your Depression So You Can Live A Happy Life


Are you lonely?

Did you know that being lonely is a normal part of our everyday lives.


Lets face it, we've all been there.

We get depressed when we fail in our exams, when we're rejected by the person we love, or when someone very close to us passes away.


* Meditation: I recommend using mindfulness meditation, which has been practiced for thousands of years, on a daily basis for several weeks. This practice cuts through the judging mind and creates space from depression. If you need help with starting a practice, I recommend my guided CD, Meditation: Mindfulness Practice for Beginners. Go to


That's just part of life.

But, depression, however, can be more fatal than just plain loneliness. It could render Life-Long consequences that could ruin your Self-Esteem, Health, and Well-Being in the process.


Well today is your lucky day because I'm going to share with you some great tips to help you conquer the 'Melancholy Mood' so you can get the MOST bliss out of your daily activities.


So, with that said, lets go to Tip #1.


Tip #1. Do you get enough Light and Sunshine?

Did you know that lack of exposure to sunlight is responsible for the secretion of the hormone called Melatonin, which could trigger a dispirited mood and/or a lethargic condition.


Melatonin is only produced in the dark. What it does is it lowers the body temperature and makes you feel sluggish.

So, if you are always cooped up in your room (with the curtains closed), it would be difficult to restrain yourself from staying in bed.

This is the reason why many people suffer from depression much more often in winter than in the other seasons.


It's simply because the nights are longer.

If you can't afford to get some sunshine, you can always lighten up your room with brighter lights to help offset the darkness.



You could go have lunch outside the office for a change and take frequent walks in the early afternoon instead of driving your car over short distances.The choices are endless. It's really up to you.


Tip #2. Keep Busy and Get Inspired.

You'll be more likely to overcome any feeling of depression if you keep your mind busy doing the activities you like doing the most.


Do the things you love.

If you're a little short on cash, you could engage in simple stuff like taking a leisurely stroll in the park, playing sports, reading books, or engaging in any activity that you have passion for and would love to pursue.


Also, set a Goal.

No matter how difficult or discouraging life can be, remain firm and have an unshakable belief that you are capable of doing anything you desire.


With this kind of positive attitude, you will attain a cheerful disposition to beat the blues.


Tip #3. Take a Break. Sit back and Relax.

I mean it.


Listen to some soothing music you like. Soak in a nice warm bath. Simply take a break from your stressful workload and spend the day just goofing around doing the things you love.

In other words, go have fun. Life's to short as it is.


Tip #4. Maintain a healthy diet and Stay Fit.

Avoid foods with lots of Sugar, Caffeine or Alcohol.

Sugar and caffeine may give you a brief moment of energy; but they will later bring about Anxiety, Tension and Internal problems.

Alcohol on the other hand is a depressant. Many people would drink alcohol to simply "forget their problems."

All they're doing is aggravating their conditions in the process.

Also, did you know that exercising regularly is a vital depression buster.


Why you ask?

Simply because it allows your body to produce more Endorphins than usual.

Endorphins are sometimes called "the happy chemicals" because of their Stress-Reducing and Happiness-Inducing properties.

Tip #5. Get a Social Life outside of work.

No man is an island. Your inner circle of friends are there to give you moral support.

Spending time and engaging in worthwhile activities with them could give you a very satisfying feeling.

And we all now... nothing feels better than having group support.

And... never underestimate the power of Touch.


What I mean is... doesn't it feel so good when someone pats you on the back and gives you words of encouragement during your most challenging times?


Hug or embrace someone today.

Get intimate.

Establish close ties with your family and friends.

The love and care expressed by others could tremendously boost your immune system and fend off illnesses.

Best of all, you'll live a more secured and happy life.

Now go give those 5 Tips a try and see how they pan out for you.


Looking for MORE Information on How-To overcome your Depression so you can life a happier and fuller life? Look NO Further! Go visit Cory Threlfall's TOP Rated CBmall that carries the Internets BEST 'Information Products' available on How-To overcome depression. Go NOW to ==>


Anxiety and Depression - Natural Antidepressants for Mood Boosting

Millions of people, especially in the United States, are currently suffering the symptoms of depression, and have even gone as far as taking prescription antidepressants that may have harmful side effects and dampen the quality of their life in other ways in the hopes it will just go away.


The fact is, many prescription antidepressant drugs do have undesirable side effects that really can affect other areas of your life, but they are looked at by many as "the lesser of two evils". It's better to not be depressed and anxious, even if you do suffer side effects such as headache, nausea, and decreased sexual function, right?


Wrong! There is a better way to manage stress, anxiety and depression - naturally and without man-made drugs or narcotics. This natural antidepressant remedy actually contains several pure botanicals, natural compounds and herbs that work in unison to balance mood, elevate our natural "antidepressant" chemicals in the brain, maintain even blood sugar levels (which believe it or not, has actually produced weight loss and belly fat loss in many who have taken it), and promote an overall sense of well being and peace.


This product is an excellent remedy for calming anxiety and depression. There are also lifestyle tips that will help you fight depression, anxiety and stress. Number one on that list is - you guessed it - moderate exercise. Now I don't mean you have to do aerobics until you drop, but a nice, steady flow of cardiovascular exercise like walking, jogging, biking, or another form of low impact exercise is an excellent way to manage these symptoms, while also promoting a healthy blood pressure level, a healthy heart, and bodily strength and endurance.


Yoga, forms of slow dance, tai chi, and other meditation-type exercise is also an excellent way to manage stress, anxiety and depression. These types of meditative exercises promote healthy bodily functions, a healthy state of mind, and mental focus, which are key factors in supporting a healthy sense of well being and peace.


If you have a desk job, make it a point to get up and walk around once every hour. Inactivity is one of the biggest perpetuators of depression and anxiety. The human body was designed to be in frequent motion, not to sit all day. So go, get a drink of water, walk some stairs, or take a little walk outside whenever you get the opportunity. You'll be amazed by what physical activity will do for your mental state.


Lastly, take some time for yourself. Every night, take a little time out of your schedule for yourself. Whether it is reading a book, writing in a diary or journal, taking a walk outside, or doing anything else you enjoy, just do it. Getting a little dose of genuine joy or peace in your day is key to being a happy and well-balanced person.


With these few lifestyle guidelines in mind, don't let depression and anxiety destroy your quality of life. Everyone deserves to live a happy, fulfilled life without the need for prescription anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs. If you need help, but do not want the common side effects of depression medication, I highly encourage you to take a look at this effective new product.


Danna Schneider is the founder of Herbal Therapeutic Supplements and Remedies, a nutraceutical information site focusing on the latest and most effective in natural life improvement and enhancement products. Visit Mood Enhancers for more information on this natural antidepressant.


Leaving depression behind


Depression is more than that sense of feeling "down" or discouraged at times when things are not going well. Depression involves sadness, pessimism, a preoccupation with personal problems, and perhaps self-pity, anguish, crying, and hopelessness.


Symptoms of depression can range from mild versions such as temporary withdrawal, low energy, tiredness and sleeping problems over moderate forms such as feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness, decreased productivity, poor concentration or poor appetite to severe symptoms of recurrent thoughts of death or suicide.


There are many reasons why you might feel depressed. You may undergo major life changes such as divorce, separation, loss of a job, retirement or moving town. Or you may feel unhappy about your marital situation or fear physical and mental problems of old age. Or you may be sensitive to the change of seasons. As we enter the dark time of the year, you may suffer from the lack of light.


Depression may also occur without any outer trigger. Perfectionism, low self worth, mood swings, dissatisfaction with life, the chronic use of alcohol or other drugs or even prescribed medications may lead to depression.


There are many effective ways to deal with depression.

You can use exercises to increase the energy level which has a major impact in dealing with depression. Depressed people mostly use shallow upper breathing. The chest is collapsed and in breath seems to be difficult. The Latin word for "breathing in" is inspirare, a word which we find in inspiration and to inspire. If the breath is shallow, you may lack inspiration. Exercises help to increase the breath and in this way the level of inspiration.


Many people suffer from depression without realizing that their disorder can be treated. Understanding the symptoms of depression is the first step to better health. Once you are aware that you or a friend is suffering from clinical depression, you can seek medical attention or encourage your friend to consult their physician about their symptoms.


You can learn to control your thoughts and feelings and replace the typical negative thought habits that focus on problems and faults with a realistic appraisal of the small successes and joys of life that we all experience no matter how challenging the conditions may be.


You may explore new activities and interests that give you satisfaction, help you to feel good about yourself, and keep the mind off problems and negative thoughts and emotions. On top of it, they open the door to meet like minded people, improve conversation skills and help in making and keeping friends.


You can replace bad habits of blaming, criticising and expecting the worst through assertiveness skills, good problem-solving skills, positive thinking and humour.


The most difficult part may be to get the first step and then keep walking towards a self-empowered life. To support you, I offer a range of options suitable for each pocket.


I offer on my website free articles and a free course with suggestions of how you can cope with depression. The Ebook 'Beyond suffering' will help you to discover the four pillars of how to grow joy in your life and provide tools for transforming restrictive life patterns on the mental, emotional and physical level.


Sometimes, a depression may reach so deep that it may feel like a task too big to even start the journey out of it.

This deep-rooted resignation has to do with the underlying energetic structure that keeps depressive thought forms, habits and feelings in place. For basic shifts to happen the body-mind-system needs rewiring so that new options become available in order to successfully cope with depression.


The distance courses provide a continuous support by shifting the resonance with those energetic patterns that keep the depression in place


Dr. Ulla Sebastian is a well-known author, trainer and psychotherapist. Her work spans a wide range of themes for professional and personal growth and is the result of forty years of research, work with thousands of people from all over the world and a lifelong experience of self growth and transformation. Visit her website for free courses, distance courses, books and articles.

Introduction to Depression

Depression is a serious psychological disorder that requires medical treatment. Some people say they are depressed from time to time but occasional feelings of sadness that do not have a prolonged impact on daily activities is not true depression. True depression, however, can be treated and if you or someone you know is showing signs of depression, it is recommended that you get to a doctor immediately because without proper treatment depression can lead to physical and financial problems. The tricky part is sometimes recognizing the symptoms because many people affected by depression do not realize the severity of their disorder.


Some of the symptoms of depression include persistent sad feelings, feeling hopeless, a loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, feeling worthless, lack of energy, difficulty in concentrating, loss of memory, change in sleeping patterns, change in appetite accompanied by either extreme weight loss or gain, restlessness, physical pain that is unresponsive to treatment and thoughts of death or suicide.


The aforementioned are some key signs of depression but it is important to not that not all people suffering from depression will experience all of these symptoms. If you or someone you know is experiencing one or more of the above symptoms it is advisable to visit your doctor and tell them about your concerns of depression. If left untreated, depression can have a significant effect on your lifestyle. Those who are depressed sometimes feel worthless and these feelings can lead to destructive behaviors. Additionally, those who are depressed have trouble concentrating, making decisions and even sleeping and this could make you less productive at work and put you at risk of losing your job.


Patrick Carlow is an online publisher and also the editor of For more articles and information on the subject please visit Depression Hub at


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