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Depression and Diabetics

Scientist have found that people with diabetes are at a far more risk for developing depression. People who have been diagnosed with the disorder has depression because of poor glucose control. The diabetes affects a person's daily life and it decreases the quality of life.

This doesn't turn into depression until the person becomes overwhelmed with anger or denial.

Things that someone could have done before, they can't do anymore. They can't eat the foods that they may want; they can't control their diet or daily habits. Many people with diabetes have to check their sugar everyday by a drop of blood. Things like lack of control and changing a person's life is a reason why depression happens to some people. They begin to feel trapped in their own body. People who have diabetes and depression have a higher risk of death that of that with those who have just depression.

When it comes to disorders or diseases that effect the rest of a person's life like diabetes, the person will go through a grief period. Some people can have the strength to look towards the positive and work through it, however, some people can never fully recover some thing that changes their life.  Some people with diabetes feels like they have lost something valuable or precious.

Diabetes is a disorder that can scary people. The though of amputations, blindness, kidney failure, and even death related to the disorder can make people take a spiral spin to their own demise. If you notice that someone near and dear to you has been diagnosed with diabetes month ago and still seem mourning, you should bring their depression to the attention of their doctor. This way you can help your find safely get over the shock of something like diabetes.

You may want to suggest to your family member or friend that they should go to someone and talk about their experiences with diabetes and what worries them about the disease and if they have any issues. Diabetes doesn't have to be life-threaten and by talking about their insecurities they will feel better about 'the diagnose' and their depression could disappear once they realize they can live with it.


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Finding a support group for depression treatment

Depression is a state of unhappiness, one that can be brought about by changes in your life, or changes in hormones, or even hormonal changes. Depression can be treated in various ways, with group therapy or therapy in general being a key to overcoming depression. Talking about life, talking about your feelings, and talking to another person who may be feeling those same exact things can be beneficial, it can bring about changes in your life for the better, and for healing your mind, thoughts and feelings.

Support groups for depression can be found online. If you are having problems finding the time to meet with someone face to face, offline such as with a group or with a therapist, you can also seek therapy online. Depression therapy is all about discussing what is bothering you, how you became so unhappy and what you feel is needed to change how you are feeling. Therapy can give results of confidence, self-assurance and even happiness overall.

If you are searching for a more personal meeting, you will find therapy sessions for all types of situations can be found in most all hospitals, and in some college settings. For those who are fighting depression, searching for answers, and to get beyond that feeling of helplessness, you can turn to a therapy session to help you get beyond that feeling. Therapy can be done in a group, or one on one. You can seek out the aid of a therapist; a group setting or you can combine the two for the best results. Discussing your problems, and what is going on in your life to make you feel depressed often times can lead you to understanding more about yourself, and what you need to get beyond this point.


Medications and depression

The kind of depression that involves medication is more than just the blues. It is a condition that lasts for weeks or months at a time and it seriously affects a person's life and how they approach life. It will interfere with a person's daily activities and will make them pull away from close family and friends.  The side effects to depression include having difficulty sleeping or oversleeping and it will effect their diet. If you notice someone overeating or under eating they may be battling with depression. They will also have the feeling like they have no energy. They will begin to feel to weak to do the things that they love and they will begin to pull away from loved ones as a defense mechanism. Those who are severely depressed will have bursts of emotions like laughing or crying and won't be able to control it.


In seeking treatment, you may want to find help online. You will find many type of support groups, for all types of depression and mental aguish available online. If you have a few moments you can check in with any of these groups and get advice and information about suicide, divorce, parents who are grieving, for parents who are troubled, for children who are suffering, and for all states of depression between those that are listed. Groups and chat rooms are set up based on the need for therapy and the need for talking about problems. Sometimes it just helps to say it aloud or to type it out and let someone else know what is going on in your life. If you are feeling troubled, if you are feeling depressed, you can find help and therapy online.

As for the medication, antidepressants are used most widely for serious depressions. For mild depressions usually therapy is all that is required.  Antidepressants are not a stimulant, but they reduce the symptoms of the depression disorder and help the person get closer to the way they felt before their depression downfall.  Antidepressants are used for disorders that are characterized mostly like anxiety symptoms.  These symptoms include panic attacks, terror, dizziness, difficulty breathing, chest pains, and rapid heartbeat. Depending on the person and their symptoms the doctor will choose their medication carefully. Some medications or antidepressants will take away all symptoms early on. Everyone responses differently to medication, so they may have to change the medication a couple times before finding something that will work for the patient.

There are different types of antidepressants.  The three types are Tricyclic, MAOI's, and SSRI's. Tricyclics are given to those with major depression. MAOI's are given to those with mild triggers like anxiety or phobias. SSRI's are the newer types and they consist of medications like Serzone and Effexor. Tricyclics are like Prozac and Luvox.   The medication has some severe side effects, but they all differ person to person. Some people have had to change medication because it made them suicidal. When it comes to being diagnosed with medication, it is mostly trial and error.


Lithium and depression

Lithium has been prescribed for those with manic depression for decades. It is given to patients with mood disorders that tend to be disabling or recurring. People who have a high risk of suicide are given lithium because it has been proven to reduce the rate of suicide with depression. The purpose of the medication is to prevent a relapse of serious depression symptoms. It use to be given just to those with bipolar disease, but it is now being given to those who have any kind of mental unstableness because it will calm the mood swings and help a person feel normal once again.

When it comes to bipolar depression, a person has strong suicidal tendencies and the premature death is caused by stress-related illness or from substance abuse. In many studies of lithium, it has been shown that it can decrease the chance of someone committing suicide and it also helps take a little bit of the edge off. Lithium was not made to make a person stop thinking about death, but it was made to stabilize the mood swings. Once the mood swings are stable and a person feels a bit more "normal" usually, the thoughts of suicide or death will go away. It also has been proven to help decrease the side effects of serious depressions and bipolar behavior once taken for a couple years. 


Men who find themselves hidden in their own darkness or depression is because they too don't feel useful. This is the time when retirement sets in and all of a sudden, they have nothing to do. They begin to feel helpless and in the way. They don't have to worry about their daily grind anymore and many of them will deteriorate after retirement. In addition, this is the time when we experience trauma mostly.

Like all drugs, lithium has its effects. It does decrease the rate of suicides or even attempts, but it has been proven that once patients are off the medication, their condition will worsen. Many people will commit suicide after being on lithium for long periods of time and then taken off the medication. Within a year, most patients will at least attempt to end their life.

 However, even though, lithium can control a person's suicidal tendencies, it cannot control the disorder that causes them. It doesn't help a person's mental health other than the fact that it doesn't allow a person to have suicidal thoughts because of their depression. Depression is not cured by lithium, but the side effects will become less severe.


Depression later in life


Depression is caused by hormonal changes, trauma, stress, and other social factors. When it comes to the hormonal changes, this affects teens and those who are going through the change of life once again. It is very common to see many teens depressed before and during puberty; however, it's also very common for women to get depressed when they go through menopause or the change.

When it comes to depression because of menopause, many women feel that they have no purpose. Most women will associate youth and usefulness to their reproductive capabilities. However, being able to reproduce doesn't make you a woman. You're a woman regardless of that fact. To woman, losing their youth can be devastating and severe depression will set in. However, not just women experience depression later in life. Many men find themselves in the same boat.

This is the time where our bodies begin to fail and illnesses arrive. In addition, in our golden years, this is where we have to say goodbye to our closest friends and family members. It can be overwhelming to a person. 

The elderly who go untreated for their depression are actually more likely to get worse. The body will shut down even more when the mind is depressed. When living with a medical illness many of the elderly will seem like they give up. Truth is, they don't give up, their depression just gets the better of them. Untreated depression is the most common disorder as for the leading cause of suicide in the elderly. That's why if you notice a loved one who seems to be under the weather, try and spend more time with them or take more of an interest in them. The added attention will support them through the difficult times. You may want to consult their doctor as well.


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