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Depression Articles, Tips and Information

Understanding Zoloft Depression Better

Always feeling under the weather?

Always not in the mood to be around others and have a good time?

If you're suffering from prolonged sadness for quite some time now, you should face these bouts of depression and get yourself diagnosed by a psychiatrist, they're doctors who can actually help you out with your problem. Also, with the introduction of Zoloft depression, the number one, most-prescribed medicine for depression treatment, the problems concerning depression can easily be gone.

Here's where Zoloft depression actually steps in, proven to be a safe and very effective treatment for various types of depression as well as anxiety, Zoloft depression has actually been around for around 12 years.

Depression or prolonged sadness is actually quite common in the United States, around 9.5 percent of the American population actually suffer from this illness, however, not all of them get to be treated, thus, depression and its ill-effects continue to be a burden to some individuals. This illness may seem quite simple to treat but in reality, it takes more than a little cheering up to actually cure depression. Constant visits to a cognitive behavior therapist is a must as well as taking all the prescribed medicines that the doctor will ask the patient to take - none of these exactly come cheap, but the amount of suffering that a person is going through because of depression is enough reason already for others to start taking notice and face depression head on.


In a nutshell, Zoloft depression is actually a type of antidepressant which is known to people as "selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor" or SSRI. It's well-known to be a good treatment for patients over the age of eighteen that are being treated for the following: depression, posttraumatic disorder or PTSD, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, premenstrual dysphoric disorder or PMDD and obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD.


Some commonly asked questions about Zoloft depression are the following:


How long does it take before the effect of Zoloft depression actually kicks in?

How important is it to follow the doctor's prescription for Zoloft depression?

To be frank, Zoloft depression is actually not for everyone, those patients who are taking pimozide or MAOIs are strictly discouraged from using Zoloft depression. Various side effects can stem from actually using Zoloft depression such as: diarrhea, nausea, sleepiness/insomnia, dry mouth and sexual side effects. Although according to studies, a lot of people actually didn't care about the side effects and still opted to continue on taking Zoloft depression.


Some good points to consider though is that Zoloft depression is actually in no way addicting unlike other medication and it is not in any way, can be associated with weight gain.


Since Zoloft depression actually comes in various dosages (25mg, 50mg and 100mg tablets), it is definitely best to consult your doctor first before taking any Zoloft depression tablet. This is one of the main reasons why Zoloft depression was actually created in various dosages, since each person is unique, one's need for Zoloft depression may actually differ from the other and that is why we need professional doctors to assess how much or how little of Zoloft depression does one actually need. Self medication has always been a problem of doctors since their patients usually just end up in worse state than usual whenever they self-medicate and conduct their own diagnosis.


Depending on a person's body makeup or ability to respond to treatments as well as one's willingness to actually help him or herself get better, the effects of Zoloft depression can be felt in as early as 2 weeks, just continue on following the doctors prescriptions as well as showing up for every therapy session, Zoloft depression will seriously work for you.


Feel Happier, Get Back Your Passion for Life and Boost Your Energy Levels 100% by Conquering Stress, Depression and Anxiety in Only 90 Days - Many Clients Report Noticeable Results in Just SEVEN DAYS...Visit for details.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Taking Manic Depression Seriously


Manic depression or Bipolar depression is actually considered as one of the worst type of depression that people usually suffer from.

Characterized by sudden and extreme changes in their mood, Manic depression is said to be called as such because manic = mania refers to the 'ups' while depression refers to the 'downs'.


A lot of people actually experience erratic changes in their moods, some times, these so-called mood swings may not just be caused by PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) or stress.


Doctors actually have diagnosed mood swings as a common symptom of depression.

But when these so-called mood swings have gone to utmost absurdity, from getting irked even by the littlest or simplest of thins like not getting your favorite ice cream flavor, this may not be just a sign of brattiness, but when getting irked means you'll cuss and swear on the ice cream vendor and throw absurd tantrums, this may already be the start of Manic depression.The so-called 'manic' or 'ups' in Manic depression is described as to be the times when a person suffering from Manic depression may experience overly high periods, consisting of heightened energy, a sudden outburst of euphoric mood, extreme irritability, thoughts racing as well as aggressive behavior.


According to therapists, someone suffering from Manic depression may have these so-called manic 'periods' wherein sudden outbursts of euphoric and elevated mood swings may actually go through this for as long as not just a day, in can actually go on for as long as one week, even longer than that.


When it comes to the so-called 'low' or 'down' periods, as its name suggests can actually bring someone who is suffering from Manic depression may experience very similar symptoms to those who are suffering from actual depression. People who are suffering from Manic depression may actually experience episodes showing a depressed state of mind - a feeling of worthlessness and being unloved may start to corrupt the individual's mind. Various symptoms, showing guilt, extreme sadness, anxiety attacks, feeling of not belonging, extreme pessimism and obvious loss for pleasure. According to therapists, an individual who is depressed. consistently for more than a week can officially be diagnosed as someone who is suffering from Manic depression.


In spite of being one of the most common, yet severe type of depressive disorder, Manic depression, according to doctors can actually be treated. There's no reason to worry too much about it, just follow the proper procedures that the therapist will instruct you to do, take the proper prescribed medications as well as the proper dosage in order to help you (or your friend or love one) overcome Manic depression before it becomes too late. Also, individuals who are suffering from Manic depression should always be able to see their therapists on a regular basis so as to be able to release their pent up emotions to some one who can interpret and understand what they're going to a lot better as compared to "normal" people.


Although positive results for a Manic depressive patient can still be achieved from natural alternatives, a proper and a more lasting relief from Manic depressive symptoms can still be best acquired through seeing cognitive behavior therapists. Contrary to some beliefs, when it comes to psychiatric treatments, psychiatrists, preferably cognitive behavior therapists are still the best ones to consult for Manic depression, as well as the ones who'll most probably be able to cure Manic depression.


Feel Happier, Get Back Your Passion for Life and Boost Your Energy Levels 100% by Conquering Stress, Depression and Anxiety in Only 90 Days - Many Clients Report Noticeable Results in Just SEVEN DAYS...Visit for details.


Facing Depression Head On


Always feeling under the weather?

Always not in the mood to be around others and have a good time?

If you're suffering from prolonged sadness for quite some time now, you should face these bouts of depression and get yourself diagnosed by a psychiatrist, they're doctors who can actually help you out with your problem.

Depression or prolonged sadness is actually quite common in the United States, around 9.5 percent of the American population actually suffer from this illness, however, not all of them get to be treated, thus, depression and its ill-effects continue to be a burden to some individuals.

This illness may seem quite simple to treat but in reality, it takes more than a little cheering up to actually cure depression. Constant visits to a cognitive behavior therapist is a must as well as taking all the prescribed medicines that the doctor will ask the patient to take - none of these exactly come cheap, but the amount of suffering that a person is going through because of depression is enough reason already for others to start taking notice and face depression head on.


Depression oftentimes can easily get in the way of an individual's daily activities and his or her's normal functions, one's zest for life can quickly and easily dissipate due to depression. And in place of an individual's sunny disposition is more or less a person who hates his or herself, having no self-confidence, trying to isolate one's self from the world and basically just not caring about living any more. More so, a person suffering from depression isn't the only one who's going to suffer from this destructive illness, his or her loved ones are sure to follow suit. By seeing the individual grow through such rough patches, basically not caring about anything or anyone anymore, it's highly likely that not only will depression one's relationship with one's self but with his or her loved ones too. Fortunately depression can now be cured, especially when diagnosed early, depressed individuals can actually be treated through therapy and medication, although it may be a bit costly, a person's good mental health is something that shouldn't be scrimped on. Cognitive behavioral talk or interpersonal talk are just some of the available psychosocial treatments that cognitive behavior therapists can offer to their patients, both actually prove to be able to produce fruitful and positive results.


Still, people tend to not recognize depression even it's right before their eyes, being honest with one's self is key to being able to cure such an illness. Never overlook the various symptoms, depressed individuals oftentimes exhibit uncharacteristic behaviors such as suddenly lacking interest in one's hobbies (or other stuff that he or she usually enjoys), sleeps too much or actually aren't able to get some shut-eye, suddenly becoming anti-social, talks a lot about death or being a worthless person. There are actually a lot more other symptoms but in case these already fit in your category or of someone that you know of, go to a reputable psychiatrist at once in order to see if the depression is still at an early stage or not. From here you'll be able to assess how the treatments will actually go. Depression shouldn't be something that people fear of, instead, people should just start taking charge of their lives and actually face this illness and fight it. Life is too beautiful a gift to waste and if one will spend the majority of his or her life just moping around about every single little thing then what kind of life would that be? Depression may not kill one's body but it'll certainly kills one's spirit if you'll let it. Don't be a victim.


Feel Happier, Get Back Your Passion for Life and Boost Your Energy Levels 100% by Conquering Stress, Depression and Anxiety in Only 90 Days - Many Clients Report Noticeable Results in Just SEVEN DAYS...Visit for details.


Elderly Care - Aged and Elderly Depression

Depression in the elderly is...unfortunately, a common occurrence due to loneliness, lack of family support or because of chronic illnesses. Very often depression in the aged is not reported and treated due to the social stigma attached with this condition or due to plain ignorance on part of the family of the elderly person. This not only doesn't help them, but can worsentheir condition and make them susceptible to other ailments...including sometimes suicide.


Also, elderly depression can occur due to the death of a spouse...which increases lonliness. Also, side-effects from certain medicines or due to certain long-term illnesses like diabetes and arthritis can have a profound effect on depression. The depression must be treated as soon as possible. Without fast treatment, it can lead to suicidal tendencies on part of the patient or death from premature heart attack, stroke and other serious diseases. One group known to be at risk from depression in the elderly include widowed women. Others at high risk are those not being able to cope with stress in their lives. Low self-confidence due to diseases like cancer and loss of limb causing disfigurement can easily lead to depression. Many elderly may have a family history of depression and get depressed due to apprehension of dying. Some elderly may have an addiction to alcohol or drugs contributing to their depression.


So, what can be done to help depression in the aged? Counseling and a therapy of antidepressants can help. (note: always see a licensed therapist and physican). The therapist will prescribe antidepressants if they feel they are required. During initial prescriptions of these drugs the patient has to be watched carefully as the side-effects and results of a reaction can be serious. These medicines show their effect over a period of time since they are given in small doses. In fact, it wouldn't hurt to have a medical alertalarm for the depressed person just in case they feel the need to contact emergency personnel.


Psychotherapy is very effective in dealing with depression in the elderly as the patient can share their feelings and insecurities with the therapist. This helps them to identify the main problem and initiates a curative process to overcome depression. Of course, a loving family can help tremendously. Depression is a sensitive issue which, can be treated with love and patience along with therapy and medication.


Ron Rougeaux has written articles which can be seen at his website at: Elderly Help Information and Resources concerning the elderly and aged on subjects of elderly care, abuse, retirement, medical needs, and much more...


Depression in the Legal Profession


I believe in knowledge and understanding and I believe in research. Many individuals choose their careers based on how much money they think they will make, how much respect they think they will get, and unfortunately, based on what other people think they should do. When selecting a career, it is essential to think about that job's impact on your mental and physical heath. On the job, everyone experiences the occasional "blue day" or a period of feeling "down." It also is normal to feel sadness or grief after a loss. Sadness is a part of life. But chronic feelings of sadness are not a normal part of life. Depression, a serious medical disorder, differs vastly from the transitory state of feeling "down in the dumps." Take the legal profession, I will be entering law school in September, but before that, I crucially examined every aspect of the career, so I had prior knowledge of what I was getting into. I was appalled by what I found. I guess mainly because I was ignorant of the field.


It's no secret that the legal profession attracts perfectionists and rewards perfectionism. Perfectionism drives us to excel in college, in law school, and on the job. But perfectionism has a dark side; it can produce "a chronic feeling that nothing is good enough." Perfectionists "are driven by an intense need to avoid failure.... They are unable to derive satisfaction from what ordinarily might be considered even superior performance. According to an article by Joan E. Mounteer, in a study of more than 100 occupations, lawyers had the highest rate of depression. In fact, lawyers are almost four times more likely to experience depression than the general population. Aside from depression, one in four lawyers also experience feelings of inadequacy and inferiority in personal relationships, as well as anxiety or social alienation, at much higher rates than the population at large. This caught me off guard and led me to question why depression is such a problem in the legal profession. According to the same article, First, the increase in the number of lawyers likely has led to increased competition and diminishing personal relationships with other lawyers.Second, new technology creates an unrelenting and faster work pace.


Also, the law is overwhelmingly complex today. Changing legal standards make it difficult to know how to advise clients, and courts render so many decisions that it is not easy to understand what the law actually is. The only certainty is that whatever the causes, lawyers suffer increased rates of burnout, disillusionment, and dissatisfaction, which can lead to attorney neglect of files, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or suicide.A major hurdle for depressed lawyers is to realize they are, in fact, depressed. Depression is insidious. Often, those who suffer from depression do not recognize it as such. This may be because those who have lived with suffering for so long are used to feeling depressed or are out of touch with their feelings--being depressed can have a numbing effect. Empirical research suggests that lawyers have personality characteristics that distinguish them from the general population. Some aspects of the lawyer personality can exacerbate depression and hinder acknowledgment that there may be a problem. For example, research on personality traits of lawyers reveals they have a low interest in emotional concerns and interpersonal matters; a disproportionate preference for "thinking" as opposed to "feeling"; a greater than normal incidence of psychological distress, including depression; and substance abuse problems.


Lawyers are trained to be rational and objective. This training, combined with the devaluation of emotional concerns and feelings, can become obstacles to seeking help. Due to their unique personality traits, lawyers may not recognize their own problem until the disciplinary committee comes knocking on the door. Lawyers also have more "masculine" traits, including being argumentative, competitive, aggressive, and dominant, any one of which can contribute to social isolation. Socially isolated lawyers may not have the peer or family support to help them become aware that they may be suffering from depression. Moreover, due to these masculine traits, lawyers may perceive their need for help as a character weakness, deny the problem, and sink deeper into depression's depths. As a female, one of my goals is to be a mother, yet when I found out that 44 percent of lawyers feel they don't have enough time to spend with their families, and 54 percent say they don't have enough time for themselves, I decided to put it off until later in my career. Recent surveys have indicated that lawyer dissatisfaction with the practice of law are on the increase.


This includes dissatisfaction arising from both mental and physical stress, with over 70% of those surveyed complaining of intolerable pressures and tensions daily. Emotional distress, whether arising in the context of the practice of law or elsewhere, has been linked to physical problems such as headaches, depression, heart trouble, sleep disturbances, and deterioration of interpersonal relationships as well as chemical dependency and substance abuse. Many lawyers abuse alcohol as a way to deal with their depression. I advise against it, but many do not think they have a problem. As a profession, we must remember that not all psychological problems are individual. The legal profession as a whole also is displaying symptoms of wide-spread fragmentation. Whether it is the dissolution and break up of long standing firms, the profession's loss of control over billing methods and procedures (and increasingly over how cases are managed), the manic spread of specialization, or the paranoid decay of collegiality and community, the situation clearly calls for serious and imaginative responses.


This is not to presuppose that the profession's fragmentation is not called for, or that the breakdown and restructuring may not be necessary. As is so often the case with psychological symptoms, inappropriate responses to a symptom can sometimes create more problems than the symptom itself. It is easy to put psychological affairs to one side during rough times. The paradox is that this is precisely when psychological contemplation is most needed and can be most insightful. I once had a person tell me that they wanted to see a therapist but didn't think they were strong enough emotionally to "handle it" at the time. They wanted to wait until they were "more together." It reminded me of someone wanting to wait until they were rescued before putting on a lifejacket. I do not intend to scare anyone away from the legal profession, as you know, not every lawyer is suicidial and not all of them are depressed alcoholics. Everyone is different and can react differently to pressure.


I guess the point of the article is to instill knowledge, know what you are getting into, know the facts of your career before you begin to study it. I know this, yet I will still be going to law school, but note, I acquired a journalism degree through distance learning, just in case I can't cope with the pressure. Always be prepared. I know that knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice, that is why I wrote this article, to give specific people information, so that their mental health can change or so that they can prevent mental decline. If you are a student do reaserch on your chosen career and if you are a professional (not necessarily a lawyer) coping with depression, get help, admit it and remember that your health is important


Sashakay Fairclough is 18 years old. She is a popular writer in Jamaica and has been writing for the past nine years. She will be starting law school in London in September 2006.

Protecting the Brain: Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Lyme, MS, ALS, Autism, and Depression

In the case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, MS, ALS, autism, Alzheimer's, lupus, Lyme Disease, inflammatory proteins called cytokines cross into the brain. They do so through weakened areas of the blood brain barrier (BBB). In the brain, they cause "brain fog," sleep disturbances, and increased pain, depression, and anxiety. Certain cytokines can deplete the brain of tryptophan, which is necessary in the production of serotonin.


Patients have been proven to respond well to treatments from Zoloft depression while doctors favor Zoloft depression's availability in various strengths, this way, someone who's suffering from depression doesn't have to settle for something else just cause they don't have the right dosage available, with Zoloft depression, it's hard to not get the right dosage for you.


Low serotonin levels can result in non-restorative sleep, depression, increased stress, increased appetite, increased pain perception because of an increase in Substance P, and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). The decrease in serotonin and increase of Substance P may result in low Growth Hormone (HGH) production, which is characteristic of Fibromyalgia.


This tryptophan deficiency is especially detrimental in those who suffer from depression, anxiety, Chronic Lyme, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia sufferers, who already struggle with low serotonin levels.


It is important to strengthen the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) against cytokine invasion. Cytokines will only cross the BBB in an area that it is weakened. Low levels of vitamin B, a deficiency of certain essential fatty acids, and a viral infection, like a cold or flu can weaken the blood brain barrier. A study published in June 2002, in the scientific journal Differentiation, reported new evidence that mobile phone radiation can also weaken the BBB against harmful substances. (Cordless phones pose the same risk, but to a lesser degree.)


Diet and dietary supplements can strengthen the brain's protective barrier (BBB) against cytokine invasion. Because vitamin C can strengthen capillaries and the blood brain barrier is made up of capillaries, it is reasonable to believe that vitamin C could provide the BBB with added protection. Additionally, animal studies show that flavonoids, like those found in blueberries, bilberries, and grape seeds can protect the blood brain barrier. These flavanoids can be purchased in supplement form. They are also anti-inflammatory, so they protect the brain by reducing cytokine levels and strengthening the BBB.


Heidi Whitaker is an author, popular speaker, and co-founder of Her books and seminars have given hope to thousands with autoimmunity. To download a free copy of her book "Conquering Autoimmunity" visit


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