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Depression from a Spiritual Perspective

This article about the intense subject of depression anticipates two ways of reaction. The question is: Will it be - in your case - shock or relief?


When you read about depression, you will encounter many passages like the following:

"These brain chemicals--in varying amounts--are responsible for our emotional state. Depression happens, when these chemical messages aren't delivered correctly between brain cells, disrupting communication."

The matter of depression must be totally reevaluated from this new perspective.

What could be probably wrong with that statement?

It is based on the unquestioned belief that human beings are machines. Although this assumption is widespread, it is simply not a fact. Machines are built, operated and cared for by conscious human beings. In an analogous way our body and mind exist because of our existence as conscious beings.

It is not matter, which builds consciousness, but it is consciousness, which forms matter. That is actually our observation everywhere.


Of course there is an interlink between the two planes. Emotional states can definitely be influenced by certain chemical substances. But there is some substantial loss of information, as the "positive" state induced by chemicals cannot be compared with a natural positive state derived from the firm foundation in the conviction that life is wonderful.


Here we have arrived at a crucial point.

Depression is not caused by chemicals in the brain, but rather causes chemicals in the brain. Depression is a state of mind, wherein the affected human being has lost his/her connection to the original quality of life, which is bliss, knowledge and eternity.


Neither will medication help to overcome depression, nor superficial psychological treatment. The only way to help the depression sufferer is by unalloyed love, which is rare in this world. This sort of love will not further push him into the state of a helpless and powerless victim, but will empower him to take his fate into his own hands.


In this way the person suffering with depression will be given the chance to see live from a new perspective. He will learn to love himself despite of any shortcomings, because - by feeling appreciated and loved - he will come to love his real spiritual personality, which is always beyond the polarity of material despair and happiness. When he finds shelter in the ultimate quality of pure consciousness, which is unconditional love, he will feel the natural bliss of life.


Consequently this article ends with a request to doctors and psychologists: Become unconditional lovers! All other cures are temporary, like shifting a hurting heavy weight from one shoulder to the other. If you want to solve the root problem, you have to solve it first and foremost in yourself.


For more information on the different types and symptoms of depression and on depression treatment, including natural remedies and powerful alternative healing methods, go to Overcome Depression Site.


Friedrich Asen is a personal and spiritual development expert, counsellor, coach and author since more than 20 years. If you looking for high quality information, powerful tips and the world's best resources on abundance, mental and physical health, relationships and spirituality, go to his site at Personal Development Guide


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Depression - Disorderly Conduct


People tend to sense uncertainty to the real meaning behind the word depression, trying to determine the difference between a depressive illness to that of a miserable mood can be tricky at times. In the medical world doctors use the word depression in different terms. Symptoms of a depressive illness and gloomy dismal feelings are very much like a duplicated source therefore a solid excuse for any confusion.


Depression is a common ailment and is treatable.


Almost anyone can suffer from depression some people see this illness as a sign of weakness, how far from the truth that is. Someone who may have in the past experienced a bout of depression can expect the risk of a repeat dose.


Approx 5/10 per cent of the population has had or are suffering from depression. They say women are more susceptible to suffer than that of the male species.


People intend to question themselves or that of others as to why more are prone to this illness than that of other people. Has it anything to do with an individual's personality.


Personality types differ greatly but this has nothing to do with why certain people in particular develop the illness. How ever there are slight risk factors that have been known (genetic factors inherited) from parents or their parents.


Mystery lurks behind why some people suffer from this illness but there are ways of identifying why it may have developed in others. Stressful events like bereavement, losing a job or even moving house can riddle you with depression.


Depression, can strike at any time just like that of the common cold. And it is clear how the brain pattern changes when a person is depressed. Modern scans of the brain have deciphered just how hard the brain works and has found that certain parts like the front do not work as expected. It is also found that a patient has higher than what you would call normal levels of stress hormones.

Feelings experienced with depressive illness can stay with the patient for weeks sometimes running into months.


Disorderly Conduct of the brain.

This is a psychological disorder which is hard to understand due to the trail of physical side effects one being total exhaustion. Other known facts are, depressed people dream up to three times more that of the non sufferer.


Major discoveries in psychology has given us hope in having a better understanding of what depression is all about. With the outcome of recent research there are now answers to questions that have baffled a great many in the past


Standing your ground by facing up to what may be the cause behind your discomfort is a step in the right direction. If the death of a loved etc has caused the pain/sorrow then the cure is time, time heals so they say. For every venomous predator namely diseases etc that takes you as prey, remember there is an antidote.


If you have any concerns about yourself or that of another person please talk to your local GP.


My health page you may find useful. The more knowledge you have on depression will help you understand the illness. Be sure to look into all remedies and cures available


Music And Depression

What is music?

All sounds are comprised of sound waves. What distinguishes music from other sound waves is the manner in which the sound waves vibrate and decrease from loud to soft. Dropping a metal pan on the floor presents jarring, erratic vibrations. Striking a note on a piano chord presents a softer more uniform and smooth transition from loud to soft. Obviously, a musical note is going to be much more pleasant to the ear. There's an old adage about how "music sooths the savage beast." Not only is this true, it is actually an understatement. Music plays such a profound part of our lives, that we will barely scratch the surface here, but let's give it an overview.

All of us grew up with certain songs or instrumentals that strike a chord that reverberates through our entire being.

For example, when I hear "A Summer Place," it immediately carries me back to summer months in the fifties. The experience is so profound that I can remember the feel of the sun on my face, the smell of hot dogs cooked over an open fire and the laughter of friends and family. There is a theory that certain notes or chords resonate with a vibration that is particularly harmonious to specific people.


Have you ever heard a song that gave you "goose bumps?"

If so, then you give validation to this theory. When this occurs, the music has a profound affect on the subconscious. Add intense emotion to the equation and you have one powerful, indelible, blueprint on your subconscious that will follow you the rest of your life.


For example, let's say that you receive news of the death of a loved one while a specific piece of music is playing on the radio. That particular music may have a lasting impression. Years later, for no apparent reason, you may find yourself immediately thrown into a state of depression upon hearing that same tune. The same can be true of "positive" feelings as described in the story above.

The subliminal effect of music is a proven fact. How often do you find yourself humming a fragment of a tune that you can't identify only to discover that it's a new "commercial" message you heard on your television. The advertising industry pays huge amounts of money to conduct research into why and how music works on the subconscious mind. This is also the reason why you see the recent trend by large companies to reconstitute classics originally performed by some of the greats of stage and screen.


Just for fun, the next time you find yourself humming a tune, try and remember when, where and under what circumstances you heard it for the very first time. The exercise will probably help you to better understand how past events have shaped your musical preferences. And, I'll wager that the next time you hear "A Summer Place," you will remember reading this article.


If you are mad, worried or unhappy it may be depression. Visit with host, Sintilia Miecevole and get the facts on how to live with this condition and how to manage it. Be sure to visit


Depression: Nutritional Supplement May Ease Depression


According to a conclusion of a Massachusetts General Hospital research, nutritional supplement may help to ease depression along with common antidepressants in depressed patients who haven't responded to single-drug treatment.


Under the findings of the study, a new treatment based in nutritional supplement SAMe and an antidepressant improved or relieved symptoms in most of patients that suffer from depression. Researchers explain that there is a substance called SAMe (S-Adenosy-L-Methionine), which is found in every human cell and is commonly used as a dietary supplement.


This substance was used in 30 people included in the study. They were depressed patients diagnosed with different antidepressants such as Prozac, Effexor and Paxil for their treatments for a six-week period.


A total of 50 per cent of patients had significant improvement in their symptoms and 43 per cent had complete remission of their depression at the end of the study.


Patients started by taking 400 milligrams of the SAMe substance two times a day. Then, after two weeks, the dose of SAMe was doubled to 800 milligrams two times a day.


Although researchers noted that the study had different limitations, results were really interesting, since it was a small research and it lacked from a control group, besides that the subjects knew that they were taking an active dose of SAMe.


It is important to note that the only way that Science can obtain knowledge about the world, diseases such as depression and on facts that can be proved has been especially examination and testing. Hence the importance of studies like the above mentioned.


Article written by Hector Milla, editor of :: :: visit for Depression Treatments Information at , at Depression Therapy Treatment at . Thanks for using this article in your website or ezine keeping a live link.


Hector Milla, editor of :: :: visit for Depression Treatments Information at , at Depression Therapy Treatment at <a href


Talking to Others About Your Depression


Letting other people know that you are depressed can be a hard thing for many to do. It is only our natural tendency to keep things bottled up inside for safety. But talking with other trusted loved ones can greatly reduce the great weight placed on us from depression symptoms. As obvious as your depression may be to you, it may not be so easily seen by others.


The person you start discussing your situation with might immediately become alarmed and think that you are suicidal. While suicide thinking is certainly elevated in those that experience depression this is not always the case. It is more than likely that you are not suicidal so explain that to them. Explain to the symptoms of depression and what makes you experience them, and that they don't just go away overnight or by themselves.


Let the person know that there are options out there available to you to help you with your depression, but its not a fast and simple recovery. More than likely you will get the emotional support you need from the person, and hopefully you will be feeling a little bit better after doing so.


For more information on Depression please visit our website at

Depression: Also Man Can Be Affected By Depression

Family life can be destroyed by a serious depression as well as the life of the ill person. Most people with a depressive disease do not look for treatment when they suffer depression, because they do not want to be treated or even because they are not aware of their disease. The most important thing is that depression -- even the extremely severe -- may be treated.


Experts in mental health note that many people tend to get depressed over holiday season and many of them may present suicidal behavior. Hence, it is quite important to be watchful of depressed family members, especially if they also begin heavy alcohol consumption.


According to experts it is always helpful to encourage the depressed person to be with other people, such as friends and neighbours. It is also useful to reach out to others and do not let the person feels alone.


But it is quite difficult to do this when the depressed person is a man. It is difficult for them to admit they are depressed and still less they need help from someone else. Therefore, it is important to know this, since statistics show that depression puts men at risk for suicide.


The problem is quite clearly illustrated by numbers. Half as many men as women seek psychotherapy. Half as many men as women are diagnosed with depression. However, men commit suicide up to eight times more often than women.

That is why the book "Men and Depression: Clinical and Empirical Perspectives" helps doctors to identify and treat mood disorders in their male patients, addressing an issue that has been neglected by researchers and therapists.


The authors of this new book are Frederic Rabinowitz, professor of psychology at the University of Redlands, and Sam Cochran, director of clinical services at the University of Iowa.


Article written by Hector Milla, editor of :: :: visit for {a href=""}Depression Treatments Information at {a href=""} , plus a full list of their articles may be found at . Thanks for using this article in your website or ezine keeping a live link.


Article written by Hector Milla, editor of :: :: visit for {a href=""}Depression Treatments Information at {a href=""} , you may see their las article :: <a href="

How to get started with depression treatment

If you're sourcing information on depression treatment, things got considerably simpler since the takeoff of the cyberspace. Do you remember the time as you had to consult a dictionary when you wanted to get anything relevant to depression treatment?

Do you want to go back in time?

I don't think so. Now there's loads of material available due to the fact that the Internet community is getting bigger and bigger with each minute. The only thing we need is a place to begin.


It is not a fact that brain chemicals are responsible for our emotional state, but vice versa. Our emotional state leads to the production of certain chemicals in our brain and body.


So, when you are new to depression treatment you would likely begin your search with one of the well-known search engines like MSN. The end of the story?

The search engines will likely return more facts on depression treatment than you could work with. The consequence is that it's your job to find the gems and leave the cheap sites behind. Probably you have already heard about Portal sites: they deserve a closer look and a great point to begin your analysis. Nobody wants to spend more money than necessary: a good amount of specialists on depression treatment are offering their experience and all you might looking for!


Whom would you like to consult with your problems about depression treatment?

Internet groups or communities are an excellent method to get depression treatment-related infomation. The Cyberspace created chats and forums to let you get in touch with depression treatment professionals. Let Google operate for you and start a research on "depression treatment forum" or "depression treatment group". You'll end up with expert results!


If you need to get your depression treatment tips delivered by email, a "ezine" would probably be an excellent option. Similar to a newspaper, you have to subscribe to a newsletter first. Sometimes you have to pay a small fee to the publisher, but usually an electronic magazine is free. Due to the fact that there's a lot of free depression treatment tips available on the Internet, you may anticipate a very qualified expert for your money. When you develop into an expert about depression treatment by yourself, publishing an ezine can be a great method to earn an additional paycheck.


For those who don't feel like reasearching sources on depression treatment, info products are probably an excellent choice. If you're willing spend some bucks and you don't feel like to research the Internet, go and purchase an ebook or expert interview on CD or even DVD. So why not take the easy way?


One of the most astonishing features of modern online resources is that you are able to quickly and rapidly get your hands on whatsoever you're shopping for about depression treatment. Well, now it's your turn: don't hesitate and develop into a depression treatment expert!


Sue-Ann Reyna is a freelance publisher based in Dallas, Texas. She publishes articles and reports in various ezines and provides depression treatment resources on Depression Facts.


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