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Depression Articles, Tips and Information

Depression after divorce

Living your life together with another person, for a short time, or for a long number of years, can leave your feeling empty if you are going through a divorce. Divorce is a reason why many men and women alike find their selves fighting depression. Depression is a problem when you rely on another person, and your marriage ends. Splitting up can be difficult. The changes in your life can feel as if they are overwhelming but with the right treatments, they don't have to be. You can find relief, and get over depression with a depression treatment that is recommended by your family doctor.

Breaking a relationship even after a short time can leave a person feeling empty.

Treatment for depression after divorce is one that doesn't have to be life long. This type of treatment could be short term, depending again, on the individual and their personality. If you are a strong willed person, and are finding that depression is seemingly overwhelming you, you can get a hold on it, and put your life back in order. Treatments for depression could include natural methods, therapy, rest and relaxation, group therapy, and even medications. Every person is a bit different in regards to changes in life, and how these changes are handled. If you are fighting off depression, you can use the various methods available to put your mind at ease, and to get on with your life after the relationship.


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Treatments for depression.
Depression is a serious disorder that could cause a person to lose control of their actions and end up harming themselves or others. Depression is a chemical imbalance within the brain and has some serious side effects like suicidal tendencies. With the right treatment plan, a person can successfully get over their depression and be the person they were before the depression turned their world upside down. When it comes to treatment there are two solutions.


Sometimes it is best if you combine meds with therapy.

One solution is to allow yourself to become medicated under the caution of a doctor. The second solution is to allow yourself to open up in therapy. This is usually recommended for those with severe depression and sometimes a person may even need to be admitted into a hospital for treatment.

Of course admitting a person into a hospital doesn't help them cure their depression. In fact, it could make the person become even more delusional. Being admitted to stabilize the person and allow them to be watched 24/7 in case they would want to harm themselves. This is very rare, but it is necessary for some people.

As for the medicines that a person with depression could be put on are antidepressants with medicines that are anti-suicidal too. The names of the drugs could be thousands of possible names since the FDA has released many drugs that allow a person to deal with their depression and behavior. Medicines are not used without some type of therapy, because the drugs will medicate a person to become controllable while the therapy allows a person to release their depression triggers.

For therapy you could go by yourself for one on one session or you could be part of a group therapy. You may even want to bring along a friend or family member to go with you, depending on your own insecurities. In therapy, they try to get to the root of the problem and see what triggered the depression and find ways on how to deal with the depression. Therapy is a great tool of expression. Everything that is said is said in confidentiality and is not repeated. It is a safe place.


Depression in Women

Depression is not gender specific and affects all different types of people when it comes to age, race, sex, and even social class. For women it is twice as more likely to affect them than men, but men are affected by depression. For the percentages of women to men who are depressed, the statistics would say that 24% of all women experience depression, while only fifteen percent of all men are affected by depression. Depression tends to also be more severe with women with one out of four women will be clinical depressed. Meaning, they will need to be hospitalized for their depression.

For women many things can cause depression, but it's mostly all hormonal changes.

A woman will become depressed when she begins to menstruate as an adolescent and a woman will experience depression again during menopause. Between the two hormonal states, a woman will be affected by depression numerous times. Usually, a woman will be affected by depression during the beginning of the menstruation cycle or period. This could affect a woman every month. As for menopause, women will experience a great depression because it is noted as the end of their youth. This is when many women begin taking antidepressants and seeking therapy.

Many women will suffer from depression because of other triggers. A pregnancy or miscarriage can cause depression in women as well as postpartum. Trauma like the loss of a child or a lover will also cause women to hide from those who love and need them.

Some women will handle their depression differently than others, but there is always one solution that usually helps women with their depression and the solution is therapy, talking, or bonding to a friend or loved one. Thought, therapy isn't the only solution, many Americans take medicine to reach the balance. If your mother or sister or loved one has been hit with a dramatic change in life or have been through some type of trauma, you may want to spend more time with them and let them know just how much you really care. Hopefully they will then want to seek help with their personal issues that they have had to deal with on their own.

Depression and Men

Did you know that over three million men in the United States suffer from depression?  Depression in males, unlikely to be heard of. Why?  The male image is one of being strong and "the rock", "the glue" that holds the family together. A man can suffer from depression and not be any less of a man. 

However, most men hide their depression by trying to cover their feelings up. They will cover up their depression with drugs, alcohol, sex, and work. Depression shows in men not as helpless or hopeless, but as angry, frustrated, and other aggressive feelings. Men are less likely to seek treatment than women and they are less likely to admit that they have a problem. Support by family and friends can still make a difference.

Men and their depression are more like a secret. Men hide their feelings because depression makes men feel inadequate, abnormal or less of a man. That's why many mothers or wives will say they never expected their loved one to committee suicide. Depression and men are a silent battle that barely makes a rumble until the battle is over. The drugs and the smiles and the carrying on and acting hide many of the typical signs of depression from showing. It's hard to pick up on the signs of depression if you are close to the person, and it's harder if they are trying to cover them up. It's not abnormal to be shocked from their actions.

However, you can help them seek treatment. If you notice that a loved one is showing any of the typical depression signs like oversleeping or not sleeping, tension/stressed, or uncontrollable anger (in the case of men) you should address the topic, but letting the person know that you care about them and that you are ready to listen to them when they are ready to talk. Don't push the issue or it may worsen things, but by saying I love you or I miss you, or I'm proud of you, it may mean the world to them. It may just be the reason why they seek help for their issues.

Depression and finding a new you inside!

Depression is all about your mind, your feelings, and your being. If you are not feeling whole, if you are not feeling happy as you once were in your life, it could be that you are under the effects of depression. Many don't even realize they are suffering with depression until their lives has changed so drastically that they don't know or realize just how to fix it all. If you are not feeling great, if you are not enjoying your life as you were just a few days again, you could be undergoing the transformation of depression.


There is no limited to those who could suffer with depression. The main symptoms that a person will notice involving depression are those of feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, and even unworthy of living. If you are feeling different after a major break up or divorce, this is because you are different, your life is different. If you feel that you just can't handle it anymore, that you need help, you most likely are suffering from depression. Depression is brought about often times, by major changes in life. If you are sure you are getting divorced, and you need a little assistance in handling the situation, you can seek help by visiting with your family doctor. . Ask friends and family members what they would recommend and always remember you are going to make it- you can over come this and it won't be long until you are feeling better again.

Think positive thoughts and put your best foot forward. We have most all heard that old expression and what it means is all about your state of mind. Think positive and the things in your life will appear or seem to be more positive. The changes in your life are only going to happen because you make them happen. No one else can do this for you. If you feel down, and unhappy only you can seek the treatment need to fix it, and to put your life back together to where you want it to be.

Depression can be treated in various methods and in various ways. One of the best things you can do is start talking more with your friends and family. You will find your support structure one that is strong, and that will give you answers that you may not even have thought about. Sometimes just talking with another person that knows you well, that knows about your situation and person needs is going to give you the best feelings in the world and will boost your ability to fight off depression alone.

If you feel that depression is weighing heavily on you and your frame of mind, you can seek treatment with your family doctor. Your doctor is one that knows you well, that knows your medical history and can talk to you about medications that may aid you in your quest to find a balanced ground. It is important to remember, that even as you start taking medications or seeking treatments, it can take from twenty to thirty days for medications to become constant in your blood and to balance your mind from bouts of depression. Depression can leave many feeling tired, overwhelmed, overcome by the day to day living, but with a bit of treatment, of medication, or therapy you can find your balance in life, and be happier for it.


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