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Depression Articles, Tips and Information

Depression Busters! 9 Common Depression Triggers Most People Ignore

Depression affects 1 out of every 10 Americans, although most people with depression do not seek treatment. Depression has been tied to heredity, biological disorders, and traumatic events. Major depression is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. Bipolar disorder (also called manic-depression) is generally accepted as an inherited condition, although the disorder can develop without any previous hereditable conditions.

There are many environmental triggers for depression.

According to the US Surgeon General’s Office, depression has definite biological factors, and should not be taken lightly. However, some forms of depression are sparked by physical illness and environmental factors, such as anemia and hypothyroidism. Depression affects memory, sexual appetite, sleeping habits, and many other daily activities. Some common symptoms of depression are:


•Lethargy and lack of energy
•Loss of interest in sports, sex, and other activities
•Frequent Crying
•Thoughts of hopelessness or suicide
•Problems concentrating


Most people are unaware that simple allergies can trigger depression, and they suffer needlessly. Note the following 9 triggers and see if you can eliminate them from your life! Remember, if you are currently on anti-depressants; do not EVER “quit” taking them without the advice and guidance of your doctor.


1. Allergies:

many allergies are major triggers for depression. Even low-grade allergies, if left untreated, can cause depressive symptoms in the long-term. Food allergies are even worse, because many food allergies cannot be detected by conventional allergy tests. Food allergies can cause muscle pain, fatigue, low moods, and chronic infection. If you want to check and see if you have food allergies, try an “allergy diet” for one week, to see if your symptoms improve.

Eat only:
a.Vegetables and fruits (but no corn or citrus!)
b.Meats (but no lunchmeat, hot dogs, smoked or processed meat!—the preservatives in lunchmeats have even been shown to trigger massive migraines, depression, and serious allergic reactions in some people)
c.Certain whole grains; avoid wheat! (oats, brown rice, barley)


Re-examine your symptoms after a week, and see if you have improved. Also, if you suspect seasonal allergies to mold, pollen, dust, or other environmental factors, try taking an over the counter allergy medicine such as Claritin, or seek the advice of your doctor. Itchy eyes, sneezing, and lethargy are all common allergy symptoms.


2. Aerosols and Perfumes:

household aerosols, perfumes, and “air fresheners” are one of the leading causes of allergies and sinusitis in the US. People will purchase air fresheners and unknowingly subject themselves to headaches, depressive symptoms, allergies, and chronic sinus infections. According to the EPA, 95% of chemicals used in household fragrances are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum. They include benzene derivatives, chloroform, and other known toxins. If you suffer from asthma, depression, sinus infections, or other related disorders, ditch all perfumes and air fresheners. Even some natural fragrances, like pine turpentine (pine-scented cleaners) can cause reactions in some individuals. Switch to a fragrance-free detergent and fabric softener. Many of these toxins are also present in cosmetics. If possible, try all-natural cosmetics and cleaners. You may notice positive changes almost immediately.


3. Dieting:

dieting can cause depression, especially if it leads to nutrient deficiency. If you are dieting, make sure to take a good multi-vitamin. Try to make nutrient-rich food choices.


4. Dehydration:

watch your levels of dehydration. Even mild dehydration can cause sluggishness, confusion, and depressive feelings. If you rarely drink water, and instead drink diet sodas, coffee, or other diuretic beverages, you are doing your body a great disservice. Increasing your water intake between meals grants a multitude of health benefits, including fewer headaches, more energy, weight loss, less constipation, and better mental and motor function.


5. Sleep Deprivation:

lack of sleep is a major issue in the US. Most people need 8-10 hours of sleep every night, but studies suggest that most Americans live on much less. Sleep deprivation can lead to irritability and daytime exhaustion.


6. Prescription Medications:

many prescription medications cause depressive symptoms in some individuals. If you have depression, talk to your doctor about the possibility that your prescription medications are the culprit for your low moods. Some commonly prescribed drugs with possible depressive side effects are:


a. Anti-malarial drugs

b. Birth-control pills

c. Antihistamines

d. Antihypertensives (high blood pressure medications)

e. Anabolic steroids

f. Benzodiazepines (sleeping pills, used to treat insomnia)


Talk to your physician about possible side effects of your prescription medications. Sometimes a slight change in dosage or prescription can make a big difference in your mood!


7. Pregnancy:

childbirth and subsequent “baby blues” are common feelings for many women. Post-partum depression, a more serious condition, requires intervention and careful monitoring by a physician.


8. Weather-related depression:

also called seasonal affective disorder; a psychological condition that causes depression, fatigue, irritability, and insomnia. If you feel that you suffer from seasonal depression, talk to your doctor. Light therapy, tanning beds, and exposure to natural sunlight may help alleviate this condition.


9. Toxic Exposure:

environmental toxins are one of the leading causes of depression, fatigue, and chronic illness. Fatigue and low energy are the most common symptoms associated with chemical exposure. Common household chemicals, such as acetone, bleach, paint thinner, house paints, and toluene have been shown to cause fatigue and depressive episodes in many individuals. If you have recently moved into a new home, remodeled an office, or used pesticides (to kill termites, roaches, or fleas), you may be a victim of this chemically-related depression.


Depression is a serious illness that should not be ignored. If you feel that you have depression, seek medical advice as soon as possible. That being said, you may alleviate depressive symptoms significantly by examining your environment, changing your diet, and eliminating the use of certain chemicals and perfumes. Natural soaps, cleaners, and chemical-free cosmetics are all readily available on the market and are excellent alternatives to chemical cleaners and soaps. Allergy shots, mild sauna use (for detoxification) and nutritional support can be helpful when recovering from environmental toxins. With the help of your physician, you may be able to dramatically alleviate symptoms with some simple lifestyle changes.


Christine P Silva, BA, CRTP, lives in California with her husband, two children, and three spoiled cats. She earned her undergraduate degree from San Jose State University, and her advanced accounting certificate and California tax registration from Cosumnes River College. She is the founder of the Sacramento Volunteer Tax Preparation Clinic, a free service offering tax assistance to low income and Spanish-speaking taxpayers.


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Depression: Frankencense and Lavender: Young Living Essential Oils


I was introduced to Young Living Essential oils several years ago and found them to be highly aromatic and pleasant to smell.

I was drawn to the aromas very quickly largely because I enjoy beautiful aromas but also because these oils, unlike other oils I have tried are organically grown and carefully extracted to maintain the natural essential oil profile of the natural plant.


What I also learned from personal experience was the power of Young Living's Therapeutic Essential Oils.

Now by "power" here I am referring to my direct experience of having used many of these oils either separately or in combination.

One combination in particular is that of Young Living Frankincense and Lavender Essential Oils.


I have over the years suffered from periods of anxiety and depression and in my search for natural treatments I struck upon the combination above.


After applying 1-2 drops of Young Living Frankincense and 1-2 drops of Young Living Lavender on my forehead and neck I felt the remarkable cool melting away of any symptoms of anxiety or depression. My spirits were also uplifted by the amazing and powerful smell of this combination together.


This has so impressed me that I now recommend it to my clients who need to find a way out of their darkness.


Nick Arrizza M.D. is trained in medicine and psychiatry. He is an international healer and developer of the Mind Resonance Process(TM) (MRP)


Web Sites:


Elderly Care - Aged and Elderly Depression


Very often depression in the aged is not reported and treated due to the social stigma attached with this condition or due to plain ignorance on part of the family of the elderly person. This not only doesn't help them, but can worsen their condition and make them susceptible to other ailments... including sometimes suicide. Also, elderly depression can occur due to the death of a spouse...which increases lonliness. Also, side-effects from certain medicines or due to certain long-term illnesses like diabetes and arthritis can have a profound effect on depression. The depression must be treated as soon as possible.


It was quite an eye opener to me to realize what the natural plant oils actually smelled like. Our environment has in my view become so infiltrated with synthetic aromas that the body has become literally desensitized to these discordant aromas and we have lost our ability to truly discern what is Nature and what is not.


Without fast treatment, it can lead to suicidal tendencies on part of the patient or death from premature heart attack, stroke and other serious diseases. ne group known to be at risk from depression in the elderly include widowed women. Others at high risk are those not being able to cope with stress in their lives. Low self-confidence due to diseases like cancer and loss of limb causing disfigurement can easily lead to depression. Many elderly may have a family history of depression and get depressed due to apprehension of dying. Some elderly may have an addiction to alcohol or drugs contributing to their depression.


So, what can be done to help depression in the aged? Counseling and a therapy of antidepressants can help. (note: always see a licensed therapist and physican). The therapist will prescribe antidepressants if they feel they are required. During initial prescriptions of these drugs the patient has to be watched carefully as the side-effects and results of a reaction can be serious. These medicines show their effect over a period of time since they are given in small doses. In fact, it wouldn't hurt to have a medical alarm for the depressed person just in case they feel the need to contact emergency personnel.


Psychotherapy is very effective in dealing with depression in the elderly as the patient can share their feelings and insecurities with the therapist. This helps them to identify the main problem and initiates a curative process to overcome depression. Of course, a loving family can help tremendously. Depression is a sensitive issue which, can be treated with love and patience along with therapy and medication.


Ron Rougeaux has written articles which can be seen at his website at: concerning elderly people and the aged on subjects of elderly care, abuse, retirement, medical needs, and much more...


What Are The Common Symptoms Of Depression?

Major depressive disorder or depression as it is commonly known is a form of mental illness that leaves the patient in a gloomy state and also severely affects the appetite, work, relationships and all major aspects of life.

Some of the major symptoms are as follows:

Always undergoing feelings of sadness, irritability and tension

Loss of interest in activities of pleasure or lack of libido

Feeling fatigued even though you may not have done anything

Having appetite problems which may lead to increased or decreased diet

Changed sleeping habits, which could translate into too much sleep or too little of it

Always feeling restless or feeling slowed down

Lack of concentration and difficulty in making decisions

Feeling worthless, hopeless and experiencing emotions of guilt

Thinking of death and suicide

What are the common causes of Depression?

Depression is not caused by a single factor and is normally a result of one or more causes. These are not only changes in the state of mind but also physical changes in the brain. It is caused due to the imbalance of a certain kind of chemical in the brain that carries signals to the brain and nerves which are called neurotransmitters.

Some of the common causes of depression are given below:


Family History: Sometimes depression runs in the family and if the parents have depression the likelihood of the children also getting the same increases.


Trauma and Stress: Stressful things like death of a close one, losing a job or a break up can trigger depression. At the same time a change in lifestyle may also cause depression such as getting married or graduating from school or college.


Pessimism: People with low self esteem and who have a negative outlook on life have a much greater chance at getting depressed than cheerful and optimistic people.


Physical Illness: Sometimes the stress that comes when one undergoes physical illness like Cancer or AIDS puts the person under depression. They feel unable to cope with this change in their life and go into depression.


Other psychological Disorders: When people are suffering from other psychological diseases like schizophrenia, anxiety disorder and specially substance abuse the chances of getting a depression increase. Who is more likely to suffer from depression?


It is estimated that around 16% of Americans suffer from some form or the other of depression some time during their life. Although anyone can get depression the chances of women getting it is twice as much as men. This is partly because of the hormonal changes that women undergo in life such as menstruation, menopause and pregnancy.


While men are less likely to get depression than women the chances of them getting suicidal is four times as much as women. This is because many a time depression goes undiagnosed in men and they try to mask it through alcoholism and drug abuse worsening the situation further.


The maximum risk of not getting depression treated is with old people. This is because the people around them treat their change in behavior as normal ageing. However there are several factors in old age which can trigger depression like losing loved ones, living alone and being not as active as they once were.


How is depression treated?

Depression is suffered by 14 million Americans in any given year and it can be treated using medication and talk therapy. The key is to get diagnosed and seek help. Once this is done getting treated is the easier part. You should get in touch with a doctor to seek the therapy that will best respond to you and also suitable to your lifestyle. Two of the common treatments for depression that have helped a lot of people are WELLBUTRIN XL and PAXIL CR however it is imperative that you seek professional help. It is important to remember that therapy or medication will not work immediately and it will take time before you can feel the difference.


Kitty Barker - Kitty often writes for and with Depression-Assistance. You can also see more information on this subject at Symptoms Of Depression - should this link be inactive, you can paste this link to your browser -


What is Manic Depression?


Manic depression is that state of depression in which the patient suffers from mood swings which go between extreme elation and depression. So while one minute the patient may feel on top of the world the other minute there will be feelings of despair and helplessness. Although there are many factors that cause this kind of depression genetic reasons are the most prominent ones. This means that two thirds of the people suffering from manic depression have someone in their family also suffering from the same. It is not only the moods of the person that get affected by this but there are also physiological changes, there will be heightened activity at some time, sleeplessness at another and it also impacts once social rhythms and thinking abilities.


Varying forms of Manic Depression


Bipolar Depression

There are varying degrees of manic depression which means in some cases the ratio of a person being depressed may be 3:1 while in other cases it could be as great as 37:1. What this means is that a person who has a ration of 3:1 will spend three times as much time depressed than elated. Researchers are also if the opinion that the condition of depression that the patients of Manic depression feel is quite more than that of normal depression and indeed the chances of a person committing suicide is twice as much as someone who is suffering from only depression or unipolar depression as it is called.


Mixed Mania

Manic depression is also known to manifest itself in a Mixed state, this means that the people suffering from it will experience mania and depression at the same time. So they may experience agitation, anxiety, fatigue, guilt, impulsiveness, insomnia, irritability, morbid and/or suicidal ideation, panic, paranoia, pressured speech and rage all at the same time. A typical example would be someone tearful or even crying even when seemingly appearing very cheerful or excited. Such states are the most dangerous and are prone to induce the maximum chances of drug abuse and even suicides.


Medication through anti-depressants can do wonders. The only thing to keep in mind would be to take the help of specialists while getting treated for depression. Psychiatric help will be a definite advantage. A good specialist will warn you that antidepressant medication does not come without side effects. Therefore, it is necessary that there is medical monitoring during the course of the entire treatment. Psychotherapy and counseling also come of great rescue.


Rapid and utltradian cycles

Rapid cycling means that the individual tends to swing between one mood and the other quite frequently so while you may find them to be in a euphoric state at 10 in the morning as if the world belonged to them you can see them at 11 and feel that they are the most helpless people in this world, although such type of hour cycling is not known to afflict a lot of people there are fairly large number of cases who have greater cycles of a day or a month.


Famous people having manic depression

Although manic depression is a mental disorder and one must take all steps to ensure that one is treated of this condition there are several famous people who have had this kind of illness. And at the same time these people also attribute the reason for their creativity to having some sort of mania which helped them in the creative work they did. Indeed this is not to mean that you should not get yourself treated. If you were suffering from this disorder as it is a dangerous situation and many people like Kurt Cobain who was the lead singer of the rock band Nirvana have ended up committing suicide because they could not control it.


While most such celebrities have had turbulent life they were able to control it and live a more or less normal life. It would surprise most to know that it is thought that a large number of artists, writers and other celebrities like Vincent Van Gogh, Mark Twain, Axl Rose of Guns n Roses, Ozzy Ozbourne, Edgar Allen Poe, Isaac Newton, Florence Nightingale, Jimmi Hendrix, Ralph Waldo Emerson and even Winston Churchill were suffering from it.


In the end with proper treatment this illness can be controlled and taken care of and the list of successful people who have gone through their lives with this disorder should give the patients comfort that not only are they alone, people suffering from similar disease have lived happy and successful lives as well.


Kitty Barker - Kitty often writes for and with Depression-Assistance. You can also see more information on this subject at Manic Depression - should this link be inactive, you can paste this link to your browser -

Do I Suffer From Depression?

How do you feel when the weekend almost draws to a close?

And the new week begins on Monday with truck loads of work smiling your way. Popularly called “Monday Blues”, they are just that. Mere blues! Caused by simple emotional reasons.


Some days, you just feel drained and out. You feel you’ve lost it. Do you feel so persistently and frequently?

Time to get a grip! You might be one in 4 women or 10 men suffering from the most pounded word of today - Depression.


Depression – and the myths surrounding it!

Depression is a mental illness that causes continued feelings of sadness and hopelessness in a person (which persists for more than 2 weeks of time). It has not only got to do with moods and thoughts; it’s got to do with the body as well. Those who feel it do not wish to acknowledge it. They often attribute their mood swings to hardships, stress and other such emotional reasons.


Causes of depression

Depression is said to occur because of a combination of one or more of the following reasons:

Fluctuations in levels of certain hormones could cause depression.

There is a great deal of likelihood that depression gets passed on like legacy between generations.

The third and most important of all are the emotional hardships and stress that a person might have to go through. Examples could be loss of a loved one, divorce, loss of job and so on.

How does the illness manifest itself?

Below are some of the common signs of depression:

Fatigue and Tiredness – Inability to even move a muscle to an extent that it frets the ones around

Sudden gain or loss of weight (to an extent of 5% of body weight in a month’s time). Weight loss, for instance, can happen even if the person is not dieting or taking other such deliberate efforts. There could be loss of appetite also.

Suicidal tendencies or no desire to live

Perennial hopelessness and desperation - Feeling off mood and low in energy levels

Lack of sleep or excessive sleep everyday. Sleep could also be less peaceful due to interrupted dreams.

No enthusiasm – Lack of drive and passion to seek things that bring pleasure

Lessened concentration and inability to clearly set the mind on anything

Feeling of guilt for things beyond one’s control

While a lot of us experience such feelings sometimes, it is a warning if we go on like this for more than 2 weeks. This is said to be a case of clinical depression that requires medical intervention.


Depression disorder

Those with clinical depression would require immediate help. Sometimes, the illness may be so penetrated that it becomes a depression disorder. This occurs when the victims are in no position to even seek medical help on their own. Persistent efforts from family and friends might go waste when trying to get such people to even visit a doctor.


Is there a remedy?

Fortunately, cure exists for depression. Unfortunately, not many want to be cured. Of the total depressed, there are few who seek medical treatment. And few among those seek help from specialists. Sometimes depression might get diagnosed easily; But, appropriate medication (wrong medicines or wrong dosages) might not given.


Don’t give up or give them up!

For those of you with depression, it’s only a matter of time. Visit your trusted doctor and talk your problem out. Follow the prescribed treatment and you will see the world around you change – for the better!


And for those of you who live with loved ones suffering from depressive disorder, it is tough. But the key is to understand that despite concerted attempts by the victims to come out of their depressed state, they might not be able to. They simply cannot pull it off. Do not blame them; Do not alienate. Take them to the doc nearby. Help them overcome their rough patch!


Kitty Barker - Kitty often writes for and with Depression-Assistance. You can also see more information on this subject at Symptoms Of Depression - should this link be inactive, you can paste this link to your browser -


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Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis - As we all know that most cookies are made from wheat flour but unfortunately there are some people that have formed allergies to wheat gluten, well now what is wheat gluten, according to Dr Harris Steinman wheat gluten is the elastic, rubbery protein present in wheat, rye, barley and to a lesser degree in oats.


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