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Depression Articles, Tips and Information

Depression Treatment

Mankind is indeed a social animal who has reached higher sophisticated levels than his animal cousins however, additional hurdles have come with this development. He has reached this phase by creating and building on his thoughts and ideas. He not only received the compensations with his progress but also picked up the negative aspects as a result of exposure to many diseases and life hurdles that frequently stand in the way of his progression. One of these is depression. Fortunately, depression is a curable disease and should be treated as early as possible. There are a natural and herbal remedy treatments for depression.

An example of depression is having an anxiety disorder that especially attacks the adult population.

No matter what the age or where we are from. Depression can be a mental disorder that prevails in its victim and may rebound at any moment. A person may also undergo a mental disorder that affects his mood. In some situations, he may have abnormal feelings or indeed stronger normal feelings, which fall in the category of calm. If a person is deeply affected with this disease then he will most likely feel uninspired to carry out or perform daily activities or he may become distant from his normal life and these can be considered as the symptoms of a depressive order. This in turn leads to personality disorder and leaves the victim void of any desire for self-improvement.


When man is suffering at the initial stage then it is sadness and gloom which is encountered. But this should not be left to run deeper as his condition may worsen. Moreover, it should now be clear that the victim should be treated at the initial stage. He may become upset about small things but this should not contribute as a major issue. In a nutshell, it can be treated and maintained but it is always best to use a reputable physician for reliable and correct treatment and the best outcomes.


The cause for depression is not known in great detail. In previous days, the main cause was thought to be that the victim was disturbed with pressuring thoughts and emotions. However, it is now known that other factors like biological, environmental and genes also contribute. Depression can also occur when a person is affected with a chronic disease that takes some period to cure. There is a chance of increased depression when the medication for this is inaffective.


One can say that he is affected with this disease when he has signs like tension, feeling sad, lack of interest in new things or habits or daily activities, feels tired unnecessarily, inactive in what would normally be stimulating, unable to concentrate, feels guilty about himself, attempts or thinks about suicide.


A person can come out of depression with the regular intake of prescribed medication which would of course come from a physician and can also be natural or herbal. The patient may also undergo counseling if needed. It can sometimes be better to turn your attention towards the natural or herbal treatments as they (most often) have less side effects.


The primary action to take is to consult a doctor as early as possible. The check ups that are needed should be regular as depression needs to be addressed at an early stage. Attention by close friends, relations and professionals goes a long way to a successful treatment of depression and these contributions should not be treated lightly.


Author: Kitty Barker - Kitty often writes for and with Depression-Assistance. You can also see more information on this subject at Depression Treatment - should this link be inactive, you can paste this link to your browser -


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Male Migraine and Depression


While it's true that my website pertains almost exclusively to house building, there remains a sentiment of human emotion, which lives in all of us that pushes me to accomplish difficult things.


I rarely talk about the strong, positive attributes we all need to do extraordinary things, but if I can offer even a small measure of assistance or comfort to someone that struggles then my words will have been worth it.


I learned to work hard taking care of the farm animals with my brothers. We inadvertently learned the value of hard work at such a young age. We have all carried this conditioning into our adult lives and it serves us well. Our parents taught us that hard work and integrity was better than a college education. Back in the 1960's that was probably true, so our parents didn't intentionally give us bad advice.


None of my brothers or sisters got good grades and we struggled just to get by. There was always work to be done and sometimes homework had to be put aside until the work was done. My teachers believed in using the paddle and negligence was worthy of discipline so I got paddled a lot for not doing my homework.


I think our parents probably knew that they wasn't raising a bunch of "little Einsteins" and saw no other recourse than to teach us the value of hard work. We enjoyed life though. I guess ignorance really is bliss.


I remember being very young when I started having headaches. I was probably four or five years old and my parents were reluctant to give me any medicine for the pain. I would get so sick with nausea, disorientation, and of course head and body pain.


I always felt ashamed to ask for help when I was in pain. To this day, I prefer to be alone when I'm sick. It was sort of an unspoken rule when I was growing up that sickness meant weakness.


I think perhaps that is why I prefer to be alone when I'm feeling emotional or physical pain. Along with migraine pain, I also quite often feel a deep sense of despair and hopelessness, which is now common knowledge. Migraine and Depression go hand-in-hand because of low levels of a brain chemical called Serotonin.


In my teenage years, I was often alone to deal with such emotions. People are usually unable to offer comfort to those who have brain chemical disorders by talking to them.


This is a difficult concept to understand, but it's completely true. Human beings are creatures of emotion, not logic. Everything we have learned, we have done it through a process of emotionally enhanced memory retention.


To help people better understand emotional breakdowns, I often use the expression, "We believe what we feel, not what we know."

That's why you hear people say, "I know I shouldn't be feeling sad but for some reason I still do." Migraine and Depression are usually connected and are often treated with the same medication.


In my late twenties, I started having these headaches every day. The medication got more expensive. I continued to try and find a cause for my headaches, but have never had any success.


Many years of pain, anxiety, and despair have taught me a lot about how humans process emotions. It has helped me be more understanding and tolerant. My mother said I'm much nicer and more humble because of all my headaches. I guess I've been worn down over time.


There have been many moments in life where migraine headaches have deprived me of great things. I have battled this intangible enemy almost all of my life. I used to live in fear of the next headache. A few years back I finally learned that it was an enemy I wouldn't be able to defeat, so I found a way to make peace with it.


I always used to feel guilty for being so undependable not only to family and friends, but also to employers and those who relied on me because I was sick so much. I felt so guilty of depriving my family of a better life because I was spending most of my income on medication. I felt defective as a person and always tried to downplay my condition.


It's hard to work through pain. It's easier to stay in bed when you're sick than to get up and go to work. When you're sick every day though, you have to make a choice. Many years ago, I had to decide if migraine was a condition that would rule me or I would rule it. It could have gone either way, but I decided to have a life instead.


The choice was more complicated than that. I don't know anyone that can work while being in so much pain along with nausea. That would be difficult and dangerous. I have to take a lot of medication. I take mostly Vasoconstrictors (Imitrex) which have unknown long term effects. I take some painkillers, but keep them limited to synthetic narcotics (Darvocet), which are less addictive. I am now forty-four years old and have liver and kidney problems, which are most likely, caused from the meds. So the trade-off is a shortened life, but it's a decision I made many years ago and I stand by it.


There have been many adversities in life, but they don't overwhelm me because I made the decision to rule my life and not let any part of life rule me. I have gained a sense of confidence and have noticed that the stresses in life are the worst migraine triggers of all. I understand that we can't get rid of all the trials in life, but we can definitely control our reactions to them.


Many of the things in my past have contributed to my character. Most of it is good. When difficult things in life present themselves to me, I always know everything will be fine. My sense of confidence is one of the things that helped me build my own house. It was hard and I didn't know much about house building, but I knew that once I made the decision to do it, that house would get finished.


Life isn't fair, it never will be. There are a lot of us in the world who can change our circumstances, but we have to change our mindset first. We have to realize that we put ourselves in to our current situation and nobody can get us out except ourselves. When we make that change in our thinking, we regain power over our future.


There are billions of ordinary people in the world. There are a handful of extraordinary people on this planet. The best people though, are ordinary people that do extraordinary things.


Larry Angell is the author of sweat equity, a house building resource book for homeowners. He helps low-income individuals secure financing and teaches them how to build homes of value. He is also a daily chronic migraine sufferer. He has been an active member of many migraine support groups and has participated in numerous types of headache research and testing.


Free Report From Harvard Medical School: UNDERSTANDING DEPRESSION


Harvard Medical School just published a special report titled Understanding Depression. Early recognition of the signs of depression is more common than in the past. New treatments, such as drugs targeted at specific changes in brain chemistry, can cut short otherwise crippling episodes. A variety of drugs and therapies can also be combined to boost the likelihood of a full remission. This report provides information on these and other helpful therapies. Reading it and sharing it with loved ones might help improve your life—or the life of someone close to you. And, because depression remains a leading cause of suicide, the information might even be lifesaving.


I grew up in the country on a farm where work was plentiful but money was not. Coming from a large family I often saw my parents shuffle expenses around to make ends meet. The moments we had together with our father were few because he had many jobs and church responsibilities. I recall those treasured memories as being unforgettably wonderful though.


I think that this report is very informative, provides easy-to-understand explanations about this baffling disease and discusses various treatments. I know first hand that knowledge is so crucial to coping with this mental illness. This valuable report was prepared by the editors of Harvard Health Publications


I am offering this fifty-page report FREE to purchasers of Out of the Black Hole: The Patient's Guide to Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Depression.

I hope that you will take advantage of this offer. It could change your life or the life of someone you love.


Charles Donovan was a patient in the FDA investigational trial of vagus nerve stimulation as a treatment for chronic or recurrent treatment-resistant depression. He was implanted with the vagus nerve stimulator in April of 2001. He chronicles his journey from the grips of depression thanks to vagus nerve stimulation therapy in his book:


Out of the Black Hole: The Patient's Guide to Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Depression

His all inclusive book prepares depression sufferers to make an informed decision about this ninety-minute out-patient procedure. It is a "must read" before you discuss this treatment with your psychiatrist. A prescription for the procedure is required from an M.D. and it is covered by most insurance plans.


He is the founder of the Web Site and Bulletin.


All About Clinical Depression

Depression, a mental illness that is often characterized by prolonged periods of sadness and melancholy, experts from the field of psychiatry say.


But just because one person is moping around and just generally hating the world around him or her, doesn't mean that it's already depression, but if this kind of behavior, the feeling of emptiness, loss of self-worth and absolutely no hope for happiness just goes on and on, then, yes, that individual is very much, indeed, depressed.


Still, there are various types of depression, from Manic or Bipolar depression - characterized by sudden and extreme changes in one's mood wherein one minute he or she is in an elevated state of euphoria while the next minute (day or week) he or she is feeling to be in a personal hell, Postpartum depression - characterized by a prolonged sadness and a feeling of emptiness by a new mother wherein physical stress during child birth, an uncertain sense of responsibility towards the new born baby can be just some of the possible factors why some new mother go through this, Dysthimia - characterized by a slight similarity with depression, although this time, it's been proven to be a lot less severe, but of course with any case, should be treated immediately.


Cyclothemia - characterized by a slight similarity with Manic or Bipolar depression wherein the individual suffering from this mental illness may occasionally suffer from severe changes in one's moods, Seasonal Affective Disorder - characterized by falling in a rut only during specific seasons (i.e. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall) studies however, prove that more people actually fall in to a rut more during the WInter and Fall seasons and lastly, Mood swings, wherein a person's mood may shift from happy to sad to angry in just a short time.


Clinical depression however, or as some might call as 'major' depression, is actually the medical term for depression. Actually clinical depression is more of a disorder rather than an illness since it basically covers only those who are suffering from symptoms related to depression. Clinical depression is how doctors usually refer to "depression" when giving a diagnose of their patient. It's basically just a medical term.


However, in spite of being an actual disorder, Clinical depression may well be treated. Doctors are actually highly optimistic that their patients who are suffering from Clinical disorder will be well on their way towards good mental health as long as they treated as soon as they have been diagnosed with Clinical depression. Patients who have been seeking for treatments for Clinical depression have proven to be quite successful in their quest, given that 80 percent of actual Clinical depression patients have been treated and has somewhat found relief from their disorder.


For those who may be seeking some answers for their Clinical depression related questions, the depression section of the health center is highly recommended, as well as books on psychiatry and the internet - which can offer a lot of helpful information with regards to Clinical depression although self-medication/treatment is highly disapproved of. Clinical depression may not pose as much as a threat as the other types of depression, but it is best to leave it to the hands of professionals who can safely attend to and cure this disorder.


Feel Happier, Get Back Your Passion for Life and Boost Your Energy Levels 100% by Conquering Stress, Depression and Anxiety in Only 90 Days - Many Clients Report Noticeable Results in Just SEVEN DAYS...Visit for details.


Facing Depression Head On


Always feeling under the weather? Always not in the mood to be around others and have a good time? If you’re suffering from prolonged sadness for quite some time now, you should face these bouts of depression and get yourself diagnosed by a psychiatrist, they’re doctors who can actually help you out with your problem.


Depression or prolonged sadness is actually quite common in the United States, around 9.5 percent of the American population actually suffer from this illness, however, not all of them get to be treated, thus, depression and its ill-effects continue to be a burden to some individuals. This illness may seem quite simple to treat but in reality, it takes more than a little cheering up to actually cure depression. Constant visits to a cognitive behavior therapist is a must as well as taking all the prescribed medicines that the doctor will ask the patient to take – none of these exactly come cheap, but the amount of suffering that a person is going through because of depression is enough reason already for others to start taking notice and face depression head on.


Depression oftentimes can easily get in the way of an individual’s daily activities and his or her’s normal functions, one’s zest for life can quickly and easily dissipate due to depression. And in place of an individual’s sunny disposition is more or less a person who hates his or herself, having no self-confidence, trying to isolate one’s self from the world and basically just not caring about living any more. More so, a person suffering from depression isn’t the only one who’s going to suffer from this destructive illness, his or her loved ones are sure to follow suit.


When it comes to the so-called 'low' or 'down' periods, as its name suggests can actually bring someone who is suffering from Manic depression may experience very similar symptoms to those who are suffering from actual depression. People who are suffering from Manic depression may actually experience episodes showing a depressed state of mind - a feeling of worthlessness and being unloved may start to corrupt the individual's mind. Various symptoms, showing guilt, extreme sadness, anxiety attacks, feeling of not belonging, extreme pessimism and obvious loss for pleasure. According to therapists, an individual who is depressed. consistently for more than a week can officially be diagnosed as someone who is suffering from Manic depression.


By seeing the individual grow through such rough patches, basically not caring about anything or anyone anymore, it’s highly likely that not only will depression one’s relationship with one’s self but with his or her loved ones too.


Fortunately depression can now be cured, especially when diagnosed early, depressed individuals can actually be treated through therapy and medication, although it may be a bit costly, a person’s good mental health is something that shouldn’t be scrimped on. Cognitive behavioral talk or interpersonal talk are just some of the available psychosocial treatments that cognitive behavior therapists can offer to their patients, both actually prove to be able to produce fruitful and positive results.


Still, people tend to not recognize depression even it’s right before their eyes, being honest with one’s self is key to being able to cure such an illness. Never overlook the various symptoms, depressed individuals oftentimes exhibit uncharacteristic behaviors such as suddenly lacking interest in one’s hobbies (or other stuff that he or she usually enjoys), sleeps too much or actually aren’t able to get some shut-eye, suddenly becoming anti-social, talks a lot about death or being a worthless person. There are actually a lot more other symptoms but in case these already fit in your category or of someone that you know of, go to a reputable psychiatrist at once in order to see if the depression is still at an early stage or not. From here you’ll be able to assess how the treatments will actually go. Depression shouldn’t be something that people fear of, instead, people should just start taking charge of their lives and actually face this illness and fight it. Life is too beautiful a gift to waste and if one will spend the majority of his or her life just moping around about every single little thing then what kind of life would that be? Depression may not kill one’s body but it’ll certainly kills one’s spirit if you’ll let it. Don’t be a victim.


Feel Happier, Get Back Your Passion for Life and Boost Your Energy Levels 100% by Conquering Stress, Depression and Anxiety in Only 90 Days - Many Clients Report Noticeable Results in Just SEVEN DAYS...Visit for details.

Taking Manic Depression Seriously

Manic depression or Bipolar depression is actually considered as one of the worst type of depression that people usually suffer from.

Characterized by sudden and extreme changes in their mood, Manic depression is said to be called as such because manic = mania refers to the 'ups' while depression refers to the 'downs'.


A lot of people actually experience erratic changes in their moods, some times, these so-called mood swings may not just be caused by PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) or stress. Doctors actually have diagnosed mood swings as a common symptom of depression. But when these so-called mood swings have gone to utmost absurdity, from getting irked even by the littlest or simplest of thins like not getting your favorite ice cream flavor, this may not be just a sign of brattiness, but when getting irked means you'll cuss and swear on the ice cream vendor and throw absurd tantrums, this may already be the start of Manic depression.The so-called 'manic' or 'ups' in Manic depression is described as to be the times when a person suffering from Manic depression may experience overly high periods, consisting of heightened energy, a sudden outburst of euphoric mood, extreme irritability, thoughts racing as well as aggressive behavior.


According to therapists, someone suffering from Manic depression may have these so-called manic 'periods' wherein sudden outbursts of euphoric and elevated mood swings may actually go through this for as long as not just a day, in can actually go on for as long as one week, even longer than that.


In spite of being one of the most common, yet severe type of depressive disorder, Manic depression, according to doctors can actually be treated. There's no reason to worry too much about it, just follow the proper procedures that the therapist will instruct you to do, take the proper prescribed medications as well as the proper dosage in order to help you (or your friend or love one) overcome Manic depression before it becomes too late. Also, individuals who are suffering from Manic depression should always be able to see their therapists on a regular basis so as to be able to release their pent up emotions to some one who can interpret and understand what they're going to a lot better as compared to "normal" people.


Although positive results for a Manic depressive patient can still be achieved from natural alternatives, a proper and a more lasting relief from Manic depressive symptoms can still be best acquired through seeing cognitive behavior therapists. Contrary to some beliefs, when it comes to psychiatric treatments, psychiatrists, preferably cognitive behavior therapists are still the best ones to consult for Manic depression, as well as the ones who'll most probably be able to cure Manic depression.


Feel Happier, Get Back Your Passion for Life and Boost Your Energy Levels 100% by Conquering Stress, Depression and Anxiety in Only 90 Days - Many Clients Report Noticeable Results in Just SEVEN DAYS...Visit for details.


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