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Additional depression treatments

Treatments for depression will vary not only by the person, but also on the condition that the person is suffering from. Some can be traumatizing, suffering depression. Others, pregnancy, divorce or even the hormonal changes in life can lead to depression. Depression is all about you, your mind, your well being, and how you feel about your life and everything in it. If you are battling with depression it is important to realize you are not alone, that you can overcome these feelings, and you can get back on your 'feet' again so you feel great, and have a positive outlook on your life all around.

Yet another treatment for depression involves talking about your problems.

Treatments for depression include medications. A large variety of medications can be used to treat depression, to balance the chemicals in the brain, and to help one overcome this problem quickly.

Herbal and natural treatments for depression are on the rise. If you are battling with depression, and you find that therapy is not helping you, and you don't want to take medications, you can turn to herbal and natural treatments. Natural treatments include the use of St Johns Wort, SAM, and Omega 3. Naturopathic persons and naturopathic stores are going to be the sources where you can learn more about these natural healing matters and how it does help some people. Remember, no one treatment is going to be the same for everyone. Depending on the severity and the type of your depression, you will find one treatment for you will work 'better' than others. However, the important thing is that you continue your quest for a healthy life and feeling using depression treatments.

If you are seeing a therapist, it could be recommended that you also use medications. If you are taking medications, you may be suggested to take therapy and ease yourself out of depression. If you are taking medications, you should always tell your doctor or pharmacist before taking any herbal or natural products in case the two interact with each other. Sometimes people find that medications and natural medications do not mix well, and you won't feel or notice the full benefits of any type of depression treatment.



We really do care about your health and happiness and are thrilled you are interested in our articles, but please always check with your doctor before trying something new!


Depression in Children.

Most people think that depression is only for those who lose a loved one or for those who have a series of unfortunate events. For most cases, trauma is a reason why depression will affect a person. However, trauma affects those of all ages, including children. It should be no surprise that children suffer from depression also. The youngest case of depression ending with suicide is five years old. A five your old were that sad, could you imagine a depressed five years old? 


With one bit of criticism, a child could break down and become unreachable.

As many as one out of every thirty-three children are affected by depression. It's hard to tell what causes depression in children, but every aspect of a child or teens life affects their state of mind. Children try so hard to find a place of their own and have friends that it could seriously destroy their mental health with just one comment.

Parents need to know that your child isn't depressed because you are a bad parent. You child could be depressed for many reasons and death of family or friends is usually the root of the cause. Some signs that your child may be depressed at absences from school, isolation, change in behavior, and headaches. Of course, they could have the typical signs like overeating, eating too little or not sleeping or oversleeping.

There are so many signs that your child or teen could be depressed that you may not even pick up on it. It doesn't make you a bad parent. Life goes fast and we tend to notice the things that we don't really want to see. The only way to find out how your child feels is to ask them how they feel. Be active in your child or teen's life. Do activities together and have some time set aside to talk about the trauma of being a kid in day's world. Don't pry, but let your son or daughter know that you are there for them and that you love them dearly. By letting, them know that you are there to talk to; they are more likely to want to open up.


Helping a family member or loved one deal with depression

Depression is not something that is going to go away without first facing it. Facing depression can be a critical step in the healing process.  Many reasons exist about why a person would feel depressed, with a few including: a break up, a death in the family, changes in jobs, changes in lifestyle, changes in a persons hormones, a miscarriage, infidelity in the marriage and so many other reasons. Some types of depression are medically related, being brought about by memories, reaching a certain age, or the family history that involves depression.

Depression is a state of mind, one that only can be faced by the person that it is affecting.

The support of everyone and every thing around the person who is suffering with depression can be a very solid start in overcoming depression. If you feel that someone you love or know is battling with depression, the first thing that you can do is just be there for them. Help the person realize that you love them no matter what, even no matter what they feel is that bad in their life at the moment.

Those who are dealing and suffering with depression need to realize or be told what the problem is. If no one is going to say or talk about depression aloud, the problem can't be faced, can't be tackled. As a person who has depression realizes they need help, and that they need to rely on others to feel better about their selves and their situations, this can be a solid step to looking towards and for treatment. Treatment for depression could include natural methods, acpuncture, it could include the use of medications, or therapy in one on one format, or in group therapy.

All types of depression are different. For the person who is suffering with depression due to a break up of a marriage or a long term relationship, one has to work through these types of feelings to become self reliant again, to feel whole and confident. This type of situation could require medication but generally for the short term. Talking about the problems, and learning from the situation, the person will become stronger, sorting through and talking about their feelings. Depression does not have to be a life changing event, one that is going to stay with you forever, but it can be a burden at the time that is occurring. Face depression, and be there for the person who is fighting within their selves to feel better, and to feel whole again. Talk with the person, and give them the support they need during this time.


Symptoms of Bipolar depression

Depression does not mean that you are sad or feeling blue.  Depression is when your life takes a change and you find things that were once easy for you, difficult. Depression will cause a person to be unable to make simple decisions and affect a person's entire life. Many people who have depression will sleep a lot or they could have burst of emotions for no apparent reason. They may just begin to cry or laugh and not be able to stop. People who are bipolar tend to have mood swings often and fluctuate in feelings through out the day.

One minute a person can be smiling and the next they could be crying. Bipolar is associated with depression because a person will be begin to drift off as a side effect of the disorder. Being bipolar means, you can't control the way you feel and the lack of control is what brings on the depression.

There are several changes in a person that any loved one or close friend could pick up on. You will notice a change in the person's active level as well as their energy level, both depleting. A decreased level of energy is normal when it comes to depression. It could start off because of the lack of options to do something, but the body will begin to slow down and eventually a feeling of great wear will begin to surface during daily activities. Fatigue, of course, is a sign of depression. It has passed the degree of decreased energy and the person now will feel physically unable to do anything. Sleep worsens the condition and the daily activities will seem overwhelming. 

A person with bipolar depression may have a good day and feel like they can run a marathon and then the next day or even an hour later feel too weak to move. The body will go to extremes and there is no middle ground when it comes to bipolar depression.  A person may experience a more serious symptom like lethargy. The person won't be cationic, but they will just seem uninterested in life or any activities.

The mind will begin to feel heavy and the person's mental health could get worse if they reach a stage of lethargy. Lethargy will take over a person's life and they will fail to respond to their daily activities or responsibilities like work. Another way to detect bipolar depression is if signs of insomnia or hypersomnia is evident. Insomnia is the lack of sleep; a person will find it difficult. Hypersomnia is the opposite and a person could sleep more than twenty hours a day.


What parents can do

If you find yourself questioning the mental health of your child, you may want to ask yourself if you should be worried. You need to seek the advise of a doctor and then talk to your child to find out what is going on. If it's a false alarm, you child will know that they are loved and you are only looking out for them, but you could end up saving your child because of being nosey.


In talking about your depression, and what is bothering you, you can over come depression and move on with other things in your life. Depression does not have to be a burden all of your life. Depression is a state that you can work through, and get through.

The first thing that a parent must do is distinguished between sadness or typical teenage moods and depression. If you notice a pattern with their moodiness then it is most likely a hormonal thing, but if you seem to notice that, their mood is not changing and it's been weeks, you may want to think about seeking medical advice.  Don't take your child with you the first time you go to a therapist for advice. If there isn't a problem then the child could react negatively and won't trust you.

If you suspect that they are depressed all you can do is let them know that you are there for them and that you love them and will support them through anything. You don't need to ask any questions, but just state that you're worried or concerned. You should not judge anything that they do. If they are depressed, it could just be one little innocent comment that pushes them over the edge. You should also encourage them to be more sociable if you notice that they are pulling away from friends and family. You may not only want to seek a therapist to consult, but locate a support group so that you will be able to able to judge the situation without the rose-colored glasses.

Some ways to treat teenage depression family therapy, group therapy, behavioral therapy, exercise, creative expression, volunteer work, medication, hospitalization, boot camp.  Therapy is the best way to go, because at that time in a person's life they need someone to talk to that isn't biased. They need that third person.

Exercise is for mild cases. By giving them encouragement to seek out new things, it could help their feelings of restlessness. Encourage your child to use a positive outlet known as art. Have them write, paint, act out the feelings that are inside. People helping people makes others feel good and it could help your child's depression too. Medication, hospitalization, and special schools of boot camps are the last resorts.

Try medication, if that doesn't work then they may need to leave their environment. If you feel that your child is self-destructive, they need to watched and admitted. The special schools are recommended because they get the child out of their environment and develop confidence and learn coping skills.


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