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Depression Articles, Tips and Information

Depression: Can Dolphins Relieve Depression Symptoms?

There are various treatments for depression but this one can be not only original, but also effective. Swimming with dolphins can be an effective therapy for depression according to a research carried out in Honduras. It was known that these animals had healing properties for other diseases but not alleviating depression. Under support of biophilia theory, which shows how human health and wellbeing are dependent on our relationships with the natural environment, the research showed that swimming with dolphins is an effective treatment for mild to moderate depression.

The experts that led the study stated that effects caused by the animals were significantly greater than those of just the natural setting.

According to the British Medical Journal a randomised controlled study of animal facilitated therapy with dolphins in the treatment of depression.


The study was performed in Honduras with 30 patients diagnosed with mild or moderate depression. 50 per cent of them were assigned to the experimental group and the other 50 per cent to the control group.


Patients of the experimental group swam and snorkelled in the water with dolphins for one hour a day during a two-week period. Meanwhile, partients of the control group exercised the same water activities, but without dolphins, in order to control the influence of water and the natural setting.


Antidepressant drugs or psychotherapy were discontinued for all patients at least four weeks before the research and they were also not allowed to take drugs during the study. The average severity of the depressive symptoms was more reduced in the experimental group than in the control group.


They also explained that the emotions raised by the interaction with dolphins may explain the mammals' healing properties.


Participants from both groups reported lasting improvement and did not require treatment even three months after the study. Which This suggests that in patients with mild or moderate depression, using drugs or conventional psychotherapy may not be necessary when biophilic treatment with animals is used, they conclude.


Hector Milla, editor of :: :: visit for Depression Symptoms Information at , plus a full list of their articles at


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Work with the Internet to become a depression treatment professional!


Right now, thanks to the cyberspace, it's very easy to discover anything you desire about depression treatment. There were times you had to look into a dictionary in order to come across something appropriate to depression treatment - Do you remember?

I bet I hit the nail on the head, right?

As long as you know where to start you can get plenty of resources on depression treatment, because the Cyberspace is expanding with every single day.


So, when you are unfamiliar with depression treatment you would probably begin your search with one of the big search engines like Google, Yahoo or Ask Jeeves. The end of the story?

Search engines like Teoma will probably end up with more results on depression treatment than you could work with. As a result it's on you to get your hands on the decent resources and leave the mediocre web sites behind. Maybe you already came across so-called Portal sites: they deserve a visit and a valuable point to begin your research. Folks who have a lot of education about depression treatment come up with all the tips you ask for and you don't even have to pay for it!


Where would you like to go with your depression treatment questions?

A good idea to come up with proficient resources is to join a depression treatment Web group. The Web created chats and forums to let you correspond with depression treatment authorities. Once more, a search engine assists you to get started, just do a research on "depression treatment forum" or "depression treatment community".


Info products are another idea for people with limited time to research the Internet. Compiled in an ebook or video tutorial you'll get a lot of information you would have spend countless hours to find on the Cyberspace. So why not take the easy way?


One of the most amazing characteristics of new online resources is that you are able to swiftly and almost effortless find whatever you're hunting for about depression treatment. Now it's on you to discover all things you want about depression treatment!


Susan Lurker is a freelance publisher based in San Diego, California. She publishes articles and reports in various ezines and provides resources on depression at All Your Topics!


Helping a Loved One Cope with Postpartum Depression

It is not uncommon for women to have heavy mood swings just after pregnancy. If these swings are extremely
severe, they may be caused by Postpartum Depression (PPD). If it seems serious, consult a counselor or psychiatrist who
has experience with postpartum depression.


Another great method to find Useful depression treatment advice delivered by email is a so-called "electronic magazine". Only send a subscription email to the publisher or fill out a form on their home page and you get started! An electronic magazine is typically a free service, but sometimes you have to pay for it. If you've paid for a depression treatment service, you can anticipate very specialized material in return. If you become a guru about depression treatment by yourself, create a membership site will be an excellent way to earn an additional paycheck.

Many people do not understand that postpartum depression is a physical disorder. It is not something that people
can simply snap out of. A depressed mother can no more snap out of postpartum depression than you could snap
out of the flu or bronchitis.

Although there is not a surefire cure for postpartum depression, there is a lot that you can do to make the new
mom feel as comfortable as possible. Support and encouragement are invaluable. Encourage her to consider
support groups. Social isolation will intensify postpartum depression. Remind her that the illness is only temporary
and she will get better.

General fatigue is a common sign of postpartum depression, and is often accompanied by a lack of motivation, inability to concentrate, loss of memory, and lowered interest in sex and activities that were previously enjoyed. Assist mom with this by helping her to develop a to-do list or schedule of tasks. At this point in time, you may need to take on nearly all baby related tasks. You can even help out with breast feeding, especially for those late night snacks. Get out of bed and get the baby, bring him to the
mother and help him to latch on and switch sides when he's done with one. Throughout it all, mom can remain
only semi-conscious, and will certainly thank you in the morning.

Postpartum depression can lead to tension and anxiety which can cause headaches, neck pain, and chest tightness. Mom may also start feeling panicked or worried all the time. There are many things that she can do to relieve this tension. Suggest walking, swimming, yoga and meditation, massage, or hot compresses on the neck and shoulders. If she develops insomnia, try a warm bath before bed, a sleeping mask or earplugs, or a light snack and warm milk to help her sleep.

A combination of the postpartum depression, tension, and insomnia can easily lead a mother into distorted thinking
and cause her to become unreasonable. She may resent your attempt at helping her or get angry for no reason. Keep in mind that it is the changes in her body that are making her act that way. Try not to take her criticism personally. Even if she is being unreasonable, do not argue with her. Avoid blaming her attitude on her hormones if that makes her angry. Some women cannot stand the accusation that they are not in control of their emotions. If you begin feeling worried that you can't handle what's happening, do not hesitate to seek counseling for yourself.
Support people often need help too.


Susan Tanner is a wife and mother of three. She is also the editor of Pregnancy-Guide is an online community for mothers to find support and valuable information. Please visit Pregnancy-Guide at

Tips for Helping Remove Anxiety, Depression and Stress Over Lost Loved Ones During The Holidays

Tips for Helping Remove Anxiety, Depression and Stress Over Lost Loved Ones During The Holidays

During the Holidays, when family and closeness is a premium on everyone's mind, there are those of us who do not have loved ones in our lives, as they have departed. In my years as a Medical Intuitive and Intuitive Energy Healer, the holidays bring an increased amount of physical and emotional malaise to people due to the fact that depression sets into our psyche if our world is less than we want, and that imbalanced energy, in turn, triggers the body to respond and manifest physical "illness".


Below is a compilation of situations that help you alleviate your "lost love" scars, and offers ideas on how to turn your anxiety, depression, stress and pain into positive attitudes and actions by being another person's joy. Let's address your environment. You might have the biggest space in your office, the fanciest house on your street, but your world is still empty. For every room that is empty in your house, take presents to a home that only has one room. For office space that leaves you asking "is this all there is?", go meet the employees who work pay check to paycheck and take them out to lunch, or take the time to get to know that person that you pass everyday and don't even know their name. It may not seem important to you, but you will have enriched the life of another individual by listening to what they have to say, by validating their existence, or by showing that you care about what is going on in their life, environment and home. You can dispel your emptiness by filling up their life with your care.


How about family "problems" that starts with your husband or wife. Perhaps during this tense social season, y'all fight over whose family to visit or which party to attend. Orphans have no family choices, so give to those where you have pain.............. BE a family for an orphan, so that you add a family life where life was taken from others. Then your family will be a healing unit, and will hopefully give you a new perspective. Take the widow or widower to lunch or invite them to your celebrations, help create happiness and inspire giggles where there is isolation and depression.


The fact that folic acid supplements may encourage the effects of antidepressants, as suggested previous research, is supported by Bjelland. Results published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, may support the suggestion that folate may prevent depression, acording to the expert.


And don't forget those who had hopes of a "family" that never came to pass, as their loved one was lost to an auto accident, a war, or through disease. Their hearts are dying a thousand times in memory of what "could have been" during this holiday season. Not only did they loose a loved one, they also lost the hope they had, and the opportunity to experience their dream before it became a reality. Try to include these folks in your holiday plans, even though they protest....... it will help them re enter social functions, and remind their soul that there is life, and hope and dreams after death.


Then there are the children who lost parents. The following is taken from the book the "Heavenly Express for MY Daddy". It's a child's conversation with her Mother after the loss of her Father. Mommy, "Can we hear him when he talks to us?"

"Sit very still, be very quiet, and listen with your heart. You can always hear Daddy in your heart. You will hear his laughter, and how much he misses you...."


"How will we ever hug each other again?"

"That's easy, put both of your hands on your heart, and close your eyes, and you can feel Daddy's hug. It feels like pouring a warm shower of love all over your body." "How can I talk to him or get his advice?"

"You can talk out loud to him, or thru your heart. Just because you can't see his Soul, doesn't mean he's not there. Daddy is like the sun. When you can't see it, you always know it's still there! Daddy will ALWAYS be there to listen to whatever you have to say and to give you advice, no matter what! Your Daddy's special answers are just for you, and are delivered directly thru YOUR heart" Suggest to those that lost parents to ask their deceased parents about those holidays quandaries through their heart and suggest that they share holiday comments too!!! Being on the other side of the veils will not hamper that parental advice at all! When a person is missing the special warm hugs and love that only a grandmother or grandfather can give, suggest that they Dress up as Mrs.


Claus, and go hug every child that is an orphan, and not only has no grandmother, but has no mother................ Suggest they go to an oncology ward, or nursing home and just hug people who others have not hugged. I visited my 101-year-old grandmother, and met her 96-year-old friend Rose. After I hugged Rose, she said that was the first hug she had received in the 10 years after her husband died. The last hug she received was from her her husband's funeral............ SO go hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MANY need just a hug to turn their day or life around.


And don't forget the deceased pets, which are part of the extended family. Take the presents that you were going to give Muffy, Fluffy or Horace and give it to the Humane Society, animal rescue or the local pet shelter. Although you may still be grieving, your gift will create joy for a living pet or animal, and add to their life. Pets grieve too. Perhaps your contribution will even help a pet keep on keeping on, until they are chosen to be part of a family. When you take your pain, and turn it into doing something nice for someone else, your attention shifts away from you, and the heartfelt gratitude you receive from others, if only for a split second, takes away your pain, personal anxiety, stress and depression. So, make your heart scars less heavy, and your love stars a little brighter for the lives of someone less fortunate than you. Feel free to reprint this article in its original format.


Contact Information: Brent Atwater Medical Intuitive, Distance Energy Healing ATL, GA Phone: 404.242.9022 USA NC Phone: 910.692.5206 USA


Website: Email:


Brent Atwater: Medical Intuitive, Distance Healer: Her global Medical Intuitive & Distance Healing has been studied by & or documented at Duke, the ARE, & for pets by the NCSU's Veterinary school. ARTIST: An artist (30+), Brent is a pioneer in healing art by scientifically documenting the Healing benefits of Paintings that Heal™. Her art was featured on "PBS". At 16, the NC Museum of Art chose her painting for their pe

Depression: Vitamin Supplements May Help to Stop Depression

New research in depression causes found out that supplements could help to stop this disease in depressed people that might have problems metabolizing the B vitamin folate. According to Dr. Ingvar Bjelland of the University of Bergen, vitamins are important, not only for the physical health, but for the mental health as well.


The researcher explains that folate might play an important role in depression, as the body may need the B vitamin in order to build substances in the brain because a lack of these substances may cause different mental disorders, including depression.


Depression arises more commonly in people who has high levels of the amino acid homocysteine in their blood and in those who have a form of a gene that encodes a protein involved in processing folate, under results of an investigation performed in Norway.

It is known that folic acid (the form of folate found in supplements) aid in breaking down homocysteine, whic is a normal byproduct of metabolism. Therefore, Dr. Bjelland explains that the lack of folate and/or a disturbed folate metabolism may partially cause depression in some people.


Researcher's findings state that people who has relatively high levels of homocysteine in their blood were almost twice as likely to be depressed, in comparison to people with the lowest blood levels of homocysteine.


Bjelland obtained his findings after scanning blood samples from 5,948 people between the ages of 46 and 49, and screening them for depression and anxiety.


Article written by Hector Milla, editor of :: :: visit for Depression Symptoms Information at , plus a full list of their articles at . Thanks for use this article in your website or ezine keeping a live link.


Hector Milla, editor of :: :: visit for Depression Symptoms Information at , plus a full list of their articles at


More coming soon!


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