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Depression Treatments And Symptoms Of Anxiety Depression

More than 17 million American people are affected by anxiety depression symptoms, so that the specialists have been calling this illness as psychiatric flu.


When the young people are concerned, the psychiatric factors are the ones that influence the anxiety depression symptoms. People have to be thought by the specialist how to deal with the stress factors and also they need to know how to improve their own capacity of handling these stressing factors. Almost the majority of the anxiety depression symptoms are very respondent to different treatments, especially to medication. As a modality of reducing stress, anyone can cut some hours from the work schedule program and a refusal of some social obligations. As for the more improved stress confrontation capacity, the patient is supposed to do a lot of relaxing exercises, more adequate sleeping hours and a healthy diet.

As an example, the depression medication treatment and that psychotherapy one have a rate success from 60 to 80%.

Finding an effective antidepressant drug is not an easy task, as every individual has one particular set of characteristics and therefore it is not possible a priori to establish which antidepressant will be that effective one. Beyond to depression medication, other treatments like psychotherapy, integrated therapy and depression medication, electro convulsion therapy and the therapy with light are today available. Each one of these approaches has detailed prescription lists.


There is a large number of anti depression drugs that can help remedy the harmful effects of the depressive symptoms but some of them have more side effects than others and this is the reason why they get dangerous. Considering from the price point of view, there are cheaper and more expensive anti depression drugs that can be used for treating this disease, but they may have severe side effects, such as: wither mouth, urine abstain, sedation and a lot of sexual problems. Talking about sexual mal functions, some drugs, which were recently discovered, characterize an important development regarding the sexual abnormality. Each medication used for treating the disease in question has a skimpy different profile of side effects, so it may be possible for one to try several solution treatments in order for the doctor to discover the most appropriate one.


Michael Rad is the webmaster of, a free informational resource hub dedicated to explaining depression and related treatments. Other health-related websites that you might be interested in include and


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Postpartum Depression (PPD)


What is PPD?

Clinicians and researchers use the term “postpartum depression,” or “PPD,” to refer to non-psychotic depression that occurs shortly after childbirth.


The symptoms are the same as in general depression, and must meet the same criteria for diagnosis.


Does it differ from other depressions?

Apart from the fact that it happens soon after childbirth, PPD is clinically no different from a depressive episode that occurs at any other time in a woman’s life. However, not surprisingly, the content of the symptoms of PPD often focuses on motherhood or infant care topics.


What causes it?

Although health professionals do not know what causes depression (and therefore PPD), they accept that there is no single cause. Physical, hormonal, social, psychological and emotional factors may all play a part in triggering the illness. This is known as the biopsychosocial model of depression, and is accepted by most researchers and clinicians. The factor or group of factors that trigger PPD vary from one individual to the other.


How common is it?

PPD is the most common complication of child-bearing. Although the rates given in individual studies vary greatly, a meta-analysis of 59 studies of more than 12,000 women found that PPD affects an average of 13 per cent of women (O’Hara & Swain, 1996).


When does it start?

The time period used to define “postpartum” varies, from immediately following childbirth to four weeks (according to formal diagnostic classification systems) after childbirth or up to a year, according to some research studies. Symptoms usually begin within the first four weeks postpartum, although they can start up to 12 months afterwards. However, service providers may not detect and treat PPD until much later. Often, questioning will reveal that the symptoms actually began much earlier than the woman had disclosed to a health care provider.


How do clinicians diagnose it?

A physician or licensed psychologist makes a formal diagnosis of depression. Professionals use numerous methods to elicit the information needed to make a diagnosis, including standardized clinical interviews. The clinician’s judgment is essential in deciding whether or not an individual’s symptoms meet diagnostic criteria, in terms of severity or duration of symptoms. The formal classification system used in North America is the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth edition, or DSM-IV (American Psychiatric Association, 1994).


To indicate an episode of PPD using DSM-IV criteria, the physician or psychologist would indicate that it is an episode of major depressive disorder with the specifier “postpartum onset” (which means that the symptoms occurred within four weeks of the woman’s having given birth).


Individuals must have exhibited either a depressed mood or a loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities (called anhedonia) continually, for a minimum of two weeks. In addition, they must have experienced other symptoms from a given list of seven, for a minimum of two weeks. A clinician will diagnose major depression if the individual has a low mood or anhedonia, plus four other symptoms (for a minimum of five symptoms). People with a low mood or anhedonia with fewer than four symptoms will receive a diagnosis of minor or moderate depression.


How can service providers rule out other causes?

It is imperative that the symptoms displayed a) represent a change from the individual’s normal functioning and b) cause impairment in everyday life. Through referral to the family doctor or another physician, as appropriate, providers should rule out other medical conditions that may cause similar symptoms and may be common in the postpartum period (e.g., thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, anemia, autoimmune diseases).


How long does it last?

The length of an episode varies from a number of weeks to a number of months. Some women say it can take up to a year for them to feel back to their normal selves. In a small number of cases, the episode may not remit and the women experience chronic episodes of depression.


Will it come back again?

Experiencing an episode of depression, at any time in life, increases the likelihood of experiencing further episodes. Research suggests that the minimum risk of experiencing a non–childbirth-related episode of illness is 25 per cent (Wisner et al., 2001) and the risk of having another postpartum episode may be as high as 40 per cent, with approximately 24 per cent of all recurrences occurring within the first two weeks postpartum (Wisner et al., 2004).


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Trapped By Depression?

If you have a sound sense of purpose for your life, it is more difficult for you to find yourself trapped by depression the hustle and bustle of today's workplace. The way to have this sound sense of purpose is to have an understanding of priorities, set your priorities, and maintain your priorities by setting reasonable life goals.

Depression is a state of unhappiness and hopelessness.

With depression, comes feelings of dejection, lack of energy, sleeplessness, and, sometimes, suicidal tendencies. Depression is a trap that can catch you in two different ways. First, it can wear on you when you do not know what your sense of purpose is. Second, when you have a purpose, but, for whatever reason, you have lost focus regarding your purpose in life.


When you do not know what your sense of purpose in life you have no direction for your life. At best this will leave you with feelings of uncertainty and at worst it will leave you with feelings of hopelessness. It is important that you pray about your purpose in life. That you seek out your personal gifts or talents and then develop them. As you both develop your skills and seek God's will, God will point you towards your niche in life. It is also important to set your priorities of God first, then your spouse & family, your job, your personal ministry, etc. This will help to keep you focused as you carry out God's purpose for your life.


When we lose focus in our lives, it is usually because we have, in some way, disregarded our priorities. God needs to be first among our priorities. His word says we are to love God with all of our heart and all of our might.


Our next priority should be our spouse (or if your single, your family). In both words and action, we need to keep them readily aware that they are loved, cherished and important. We most make "quality" time to pour ourselves into our spouse and our children lives. Next should be our jobs. Many would think that our personal ministry would come next, but that is not so. Our job is our means to support God's house with tithes/offerings and to support our families. We should do our jobs as if we are working for God himself. That means always seeking to personally grow and develop your talents.


Lastly you should find a place in God's house to serve others and give of yourself. When you open yourself to serve others, God will give you direction as to where to serve. You will get more out of it than you ever put into serving others.


There are forces in this world that will affect your thinking. Once this is done, Satan will seek to change your focus. If he can change your focus, he can affect your emotions. No longer are you pursuing your purpose through your priorities. The further and further you move from your purpose, the more it will bring negative emotions to surface. The negative emotions expose you to the abrasive nature of unhappiness and hopelessness. As unhappiness and hopelessness wear away at you, you begin to lose energy and the ability to find peace - to be at rest.


This is the trap of depression and it is something that many of us can slide into. Sometimes it's a slow slide and sometimes it is a rapid slide into depression, but if unchanged it can have a devastating effect upon not only you, but those who are close to you. So ask God for direction in your life. There is no woman or man, which God has not given a gift or talents to. You need to discover the marvelous talents he has given you. Then develop and grow them with a personal coach or mentor. Then set your priorities and life goals so that you have a positive focus for your life. There is a saying, " is hard to stop a good man that keeps on coming." Ladies - men, it is going to be hard to stop you if you maintain your purpose and priorities. If you are feeling lost, then set yourself free by setting priorities and goals for yourself. After doing so, stick with your priorities - your goals and you will find that you have escaped the trap of depression. Maintaining your focus with Godly purposes and priorities will greatly aid you in avoiding the snare of depression.


Stan Lewis is a Christian Leadership & Life Coach. If you liked this article, you should really check out his new “Thinking Style” assessment by Clicking Here - . If you would like a complimentary chat to talk about any issue, goal setting, or problems – Click here - Please take advantage of other FREEBIES by at . Questions about this article or you need assistance, please call me at 214-629-7217.

Free Tips On How To Reduce Depression

This article is all about beating depression. I am a person who suffered from long bouts of depression, however after deciding to change my whole outlook on life, I now have a much happier, successful and stress-free life. I will explain how I went about achieving this new life.


As I grew older and especially when I was in my early twenties, I used to always compare my life with other people I knew, for example my friends. It seemed to me that my life was so much more of a struggle than what their's was and that most of these people had so much more going for them and so much more to look forward to than I did.


I was not happy at the hand of cards I had been dealt and would regularly be down in the dumps, feeling sorry for myself. I had a number of issues in my life which had a major impact on my self-confidence and self-esteem, which would also lead me into depression. This issues including a weight problem, a stutter, a bald patch on my head and I am quite short in height compared to the average man.


I was in a regular state of depression and found it very difficult to pull my self out of it. The stress for example of socialising when you have a stutter and trying to gain employment would take a lot out of me. My hair started to turn grey when I was only twenty-one years of age.


I was not content at always being depressed and at the age of twenty-two, I decided to attempt to change my whole life. I had to have a whole new approach and a totally different thought process, in a nutshell I needed to chill out, think in a far more positive way and learn how to de-stress.


This was not going to be easy however it was essential to do. I started to read many self-help type books and books about eradicating depression. I learnt many things such as worrying about a situation makes it even harder, not easier and that in life all you can do is to try your best, therefore whatever the outcome you can feel proud that you gave it your best shot. It is also important to remember that we only live once and that that life could come to an end tomorrow, therefore we should treat every day as if it is the last and to enjoy ourselves.


The main change I made was that I started to think and compare my life to people I was reading about in the newspapers or watching on the television instead of comparing my life to my friends for example. From learning about countries in the third world and reading about certain disasters and terrorist acts, I realised what a fool I had been and that I was actually one of the lucky ones. If and when I start feeling down or depressed, I quickly switch on the news and it soon shakes me out of that temporary depressive state.


Steve Hill has a number of websites including:

The Truth About Depression

You’ve probably seen the commercials on television talking about the “you” you used to be before depression set in. Such commercials are generally aired by drug companies promoting an anti-depressant. But what these commercials fail to tell you is depression is common, and not everyone who feels down or blue is suffering from depression. You need to know the facts about depression before you and your doctor determine you are indeed suffering from this illness.


This integrated modality has one of its particular indications in the advanced shapes of depression. Some patients show the persistence of residual symptoms between an episode and the other and in the shapes in which depression medication or psychotherapy alone is not effective.


That’s right. Depression is a real mental illness that often requires anti-depressants or therapy to relieve symptoms. You can’t fix depression by yourself, and without treatment, you’ll likely face an uphill battle you probably aren’t going to win. More than 18 million people a year—or nine and a half percent of adults in America—are diagnosed with some sort of depressive illness such as depression.


The first thing you need to know are some of the symptoms that are common with depression. Symptoms include: feeling persistently sad or anxious, being overcome by hopelessness or pessimism, loss of interest in things you normally enjoy, having a lack of energy, feeling excessively tired, having difficulty making decisions or concentrating, insomnia, sleeping too much, excessive weight gain, excessive weight loss, irritability, restlessness and thoughts of suicide. If you’ve experienced any, most or all of these symptoms for a period of two weeks or more, you’re likely to be suffering from clinical depression.


What causes depression? In some instances, depression is genetic and is passed from generation to generation while others who suffer from depression will find there is no history of depression in their families. If you tend to have low-self esteem or you generally are pessimistic, you may be prone to depression. Many changes—such as death in the family, illness, financial difficulties and other stressors—can also be the root cause of depression.


Whatever the reason, it’s important to see a doctor to discuss treatment options. Once your doctor diagnoses depression and eliminates any other possible causes, you and he will determine the best treatment option for you. Antidepressants are often the most chosen form of therapy, and it’s important to know—no matter what antidepressant you go on, you must be sure you never just stop taking them. Simply stopping medication can have severe consequences.


If you take an anti-depressant, you may experience any of a series of side effects including dry mouth, constipation, bladder problems, dizziness, sexual problems, headache, nausea, nervousness and insomnia. If the side effects are too severe, seek your doctor’s advice.


The good news is, if you’re suffering from depression, you’re not alone. You can get help. There are people who understand and who can help you and your family learn to make things better. The key is to seek help, and before you know it you’ll be on the path to happier times.


Graeme Notega is a contributor to Healing Point, A One-Stop site for all depression info. For more information,go to:


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