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Major Depression Treatment Options: Why Psychological Treatment Methods for Depression Can Work Better Than Antidepressants

Millions of people who are suffering from depression are currently taking antidepressant medication in an attempt to battle the condition. Oftentimes, doctors are quick to prescribe the medication -- in fact, many times, it's the first thing they do after diagnosing a patient.


One of the keys to understanding and treating depression is understanding what antidepressants really do: they tackle the symptoms of depression, not the roots. In many cases, psychotherapy and behavioral therapy are much more effective in treating depression and preventing relapse than medication is. Antidepressants can be useful, especially in cases where the symptoms are so intense that it prevents the patient from receiving any other kind of treatment. But even in those cases where major depression treatment is needed, antidepressants alone are rarely enough to permanently battle the condition -- they are just an effective way to temporarily relieve the patient's symptoms enough to allow him/her to receive proper treatment.

Some herbal remedies can be a good complement to therapy by helping to naturally relieve some of the symptoms of depression.

Antidepressants are used to treat chemical imbalance in the brain, but what many do not realize is that the chemical imbalance is usually a symptom of depression and not the cause. Even when treating the symptoms, antidepressants can be highly unpredictable. In one third of the cases, the medication is effective; in one third, it is partially effective, and in the remaining third, it is not effective at all. In many cases, even when the medication is working, the side effects are so unpleasant that the patient elects to stop using it. Also, antidepressants are not meant to be taken permanently. When a patient stops taking them, he/she is likely to relapse.


Depression is often better combated without any medication at all. Psychological treatment methods for depression -- especially certain kinds of psychotherapy -- have proven highly effective in treating the condition permanently. Good counseling will break down each patient's cycle of depression and help the patient identify unhealthy behaviors or thinking patterns and teach him/her how to change them. If there is a particular event that triggered the depression, counseling can help the patient work through that as well.


St. John's Wort is generally considered to be one of the most potent natural remedies for depression, and is so effective that it outsells prescription medications in some markets. Other popular choices for treating depression naturally include ginko biloba and passion flower.


In all cases, depression should be treated with the help of a professional. However, the more responsibility you take for learning about your condition, the better you'll understand your options, and the more participation you'll have in deciding which treatment is best for you. Remember to allow time for whichever treatment option you choose to take effect, and to speak up if you are uncomfortable. Eventually, you will find your path to better health.


Tess is a Homeopathic Practitioner/Herbalist who contributes to Native Remedies - where you can find Herbal Remedies for health conditions including natural treatments for anxiety and anxiety relief.


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Anxiety and Depression - the long wait for therapy.


With a number of effective, low-cost solutions available for issues like anxiety, depression, insomnia, phobia and stress, why do they still affect so many people?


Anxiety combined with depression is the most common form of mental health problem. Research by the Mental Health Foundation suggests that one in four of the adult population of the UK will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of the next year. The National Office of Statistics show that 7.7% of the population suffer from the combined effects of depression and anxiety at any one time. Additionally 3.1% suffer from anxiety and 2.1% from depression. That's a total nearing 14%. Not surprising then that Richard Layard, chair of the Mental Health Policy Group reports that "Crippling depression and chronic anxiety are the biggest causes of misery in Britain today. They are the great submerged problems, which shame keeps out of sight."


But that's simply not an option for those that need it most, as there are simply too few therapists available. Those people choosing the therapist option would have to wait at least nine months or more before getting an appointment. So if they want to avoid taking prescribed medicines, their options are limited to either private treatment which can be very expensive or 'remote therapy' from an online therapy site.


Perhaps this is why there has been a dramatic rise in the private or self-help alternatives available. The last couple of years have seen a dramatic growth of remote therapy sites providing for psychological issues ranging from anxiety, depression, insomnia, phobia and stress. Try it for yourself, just google 'psychotherapy, online, self help, UK' and you'll find sites like which have become very popular in the last few years. Produced by recognised therapists, the sessions are recorded onto mp3 of pdf format and can be downloaded for immediate private use. Although not having the benefit of face-to-face interaction with a therapist, they do have the advantage of being able to be used over and over again whenever needed. For example, imagine a nervous person having the benefit an Anxiety Therapy that has been downloaded onto their mp3 player that's instantly available for whenever an anxious moment surfaces. And it's not just about convenience these therapies are available for a fraction of the typical £750 fee charged for a course of treatment by a private behavioural therapist.


Other reasons why these remote therapies may have become increasingly mainstream is that they are anonymous, instantly available and surprisingly effective. Whatever the reason there is no denying that they very popular. Over the last year many of the self-help therapy sites have reported a 300% increase in download traffic. It's clear that self help therapy is fulfilling a need because even by NICE's own estimates it would take at least seven years to train all of the 10,000 therapists needed to fulfil the current demand.

It seems that for many that suffer with issues like anxiety or depression, this wait is just too long.


Jim Brackin contributes tips, help and advice on behaviour and psychology to variety of magazines like Cosmopolitan and Women's Own. He is the body language expert for Sky News (UK) and created which provides free online Psychometric and personality profiling.


CONQUERING DEPRESSION: How To Conquer Stress, Depression & Anxiety

"I'm so depressed. What can I do to get out of it?

Around 18 million US citizens suffer from stress, depression and anxiety every year and for many of them, understanding why they endure the torment is difficult to establish. As a marriage counselor and sex therapist, I have encountered many cases of depression, some mild, some in need of immediate cure.


The total cost of depression was estimated at £3 billion per year costing the NHS £420 million whilst only 2% of NHS expenditure was spent on tacking these problems. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) believe that people with anxiety and depression should be offered the choice of psychological therapy. This view is also backed by Richard Layard because in a study conducted by the Mental Health Foundation it was demonstrated that therapy is, in the short term, at least as effective as drugs and, in the long term, better at preventing relapse. No surprise then that the NICE guidelines recommend that everyone should have the therapy option made available.


For many people who suffer from depression, or stress or anxiety, the only way to find relief is by taking antidepressants. Sometimes they help, often they don't. Sometimes, it's hard to cope with life. During these times, the plate is already full. Don't pile the plate higher by making major, life-altering decisions. Postpone changes at work, relationship commitments, house moves etc. until the plate is less full and control has been regained.


Chris Green, author of the highly acclaimed CONQUERING STRESS!, lists 5 important steps:


1. Take regular breaks from the firing line. Working hard without regular breaks is a great way to build up stress and tension. Make sure you have at least one 15-minute break in the morning and one in the afternoon as well as at least 20 minutes for lunch. If possible, eat lunch away from your workstation. Equally, if you have a lot to deal with in your life right now, taking a day, or a weekend elsewhere - longer if you can - to get some breathing space will really help. Even just a day away from the firing line will enable you to get some distance from the problems and help you to gather your thoughts.


2. Regular exercise can help relieve stress, depression and anxiety. Exercise releases endorphins into your system and will give you a natural boost. It will also provide you with a break from brooding and dwelling upon problems and troubles - but only if you perform the right kind of exercises. Avoid: Exercises that allow you to brood (weight lifting, jogging, treadmills) and perform exercises that require your full concentration. Competitive sports such as squash, tennis, badminton and circuit training are all excellent examples. It is important that you do not brood when you exercise because although you will be benefiting physically, you are still stressing yourself mentally and the stress, depression and anxiety will worsen.


3. Stop beating yourself up. Self-deprecation is a huge part of stress, depression and anxiety. Each time you beat up on yourself, you will erode confidence and self-esteem. Never tell yourself you're useless, worthless, stupid, hopeless, boring, ugly, and a loser. Never convince yourself that other people hate you, that others find you difficult to be around and that you're better off being alone. You would never deem it acceptable to say such things to other people and you must deem it equally unacceptable to say them to yourself. These words and phrases are powerful and they will hurt you. Accept you're not perfect and that you make mistakes - just like everybody else does - and cut yourself some slack. From this day, make a pact with me to never indulge self-deprecation ever again. IT IS UNACCEPTABLE.


4. Isolation is another problem experienced by stress, depression and anxiety sufferers. OK, there will be times when you just want your own company. During such times, you can brood over and over again on problems and events and beat yourself up for hours on end. Not good. Instead, use isolation more positively. Occupy your mind by tackling a jigsaw puzzle, a logic problem, a crossword, read a book or perform a hobby such as painting, playing a musical instrument or whatever it is you have an interest in. In this way, isolation will help you to grow instead of causing you further pain.


5. Television, radio and newspapers can all supply you with a daily hit of negativity and help lower your mood. In the main, they concentrate on the negative side of life: crime, corruption, war, scandal and natural disasters and can give you a distorted view of reality. Not to mention the amount of image manipulation they subject you to. Give yourself a break from this negative drip feed and avoid them completely for one week. You may find, like I have, that they have no place in your life after that. Trust me, you won't miss them.


Former anxiety sufferer Chris Green is the author of "CONQUERING STRESS!", the internationally acclaimed program that will help you to permanently conquer stress, depression and anxiety without taking powerful drugs. For a FREE MINI COURSE, please CLICK HERE!


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Kathleen Falken has been a marriage counselor and sex therapist for over 25 years. To read more about modern marriage therapy, see SAVE MY MARRIAGE TODAY!

Depression Self Help

Depression is nothing new.

It is though a state of mind that affects most of us at some time or other, hopefully only fleetingly.

Why is it that what for one is a mild irritation is for another an earth shattering experience?


Finding out who you are and why you react to situations in a certain way is a helpful first step to protecting yourself against future attacks of depression.


Control what you allow to enter your brain and you control your future. One of the problems that affect us humans is a state of mind referred to as depression.


Exactly what is depression?

Why do we suddenly find ourselves stuck in a sea of inertia, unable to think positively, unable to hold on to positive thoughts, frozen in a zombie like state of inactivity?


Even experts disagree on the core causes of depression and the methods of treatment. Should they be palliative or something more uncompromising?


This is of course no help to us if we are immersed in the thickening fog of a bout of depression.

If we ever find ourselves in a state of depression we must find and build from within the strength, the motivation, the wish and the will to conquer this debilitating mind set.


First of all we have to accept that we alone allowed ourselves to drift into this parlous way of thinking.

The trigger could have been any one of a million reasons and may well have been an external event over which we had no control, however the antidote has to be found within us and is under our control.


The first thing we need to understand is that we are not alone.

Read the newspapers and watch TV and over and over again there are accounts of people we would probably regard as 'having everything' checking themselves into this or that clinic for help with some problem or other.

What for one person may be simply a mild set back can for another become the trigger which then sets off the internal self defeating process of the 'poor me' syndrome.


Why is it that a situation which is a mild irritation for one person can lead another to almost suicidal tendencies?

The answer is because we are all different in some way.


A visit to will help you to identify your personal style as a first step to better understanding yourself.


Once you understand why you react the way you do to certain situations you may then set about arranging your life so as to avoid those situations in the future or at least be better prepared to handle them when they do confront you.

Understanding yourself and why you react the way you do to situations with which you are faced is a prime initial requisite for self help with depression.


Learning, understanding and accepting that we can control what we allow to be accepted as fact by our brain is the next step. So often an initial perception turns out to be inaccurate. Generally speaking nothing is ever so bad or, as good as it may at first appear.

What is important is to understand that it is possible for us to move to a position where we take preventative steps to ensure that we stay clear of infectious negative thoughts in the future.


Negative thoughts are the seed pearls of depression. These negative thoughts and internal video recordings of past failure and disappointment clog up our brain. They lay there dormant just waiting for the right set of circumstances to explode into action and cloud our thinking.


The late Dr. Hall, a clinical psychologist of international renown devoted his life to helping people understand who they were and then encouraging them to take the necessary steps to become who they really wanted to be.


Doctor George Hall discovered that it is possible to install a brain filter which stops negatives from being accepted by the brain. Just as we may install a virus checker or a firewall on our PC or Lap top we can install the same preventative systems in our brain.

Dr. Hall developed a personal development course called 'Human Cybernetics' it was a blueprint to follow for those who really did want to self improve and fully develop their potential in life.


I was privileged to be a student of Dr. Hall in 1975 and the tutorials he led were life changing for those of us fortunate enough to be exposed to his teachings.


Dangerous self talk and replaying internal tapes of past failures and disappointments he always propounded to be the most debilitating of activities a human being could engage in as this activity served only to reinforce a negative self image.

Negative self talk must immediately be replaced by constructive self talk and optimistic visual imaginings. Those negative tapes and videos in the mind must be deleted and recorded over with new images of success and achievement.


There are many self help courses available today and one place worth a visit is http// there is a huge amount of helpful information freely available on this site.


You may also like to visit my own site http// where you are able to take a self-awareness questionnaire which is designed to help you focus on any deep seated negatives which may be holding you back from achieving your life dreams.

This questionnaire is free and so is the report which is likley to extend to over 10,000 words. This may then be used by you as a platform from which to launch your new beginnings.


There is also a free download on the site which gives an overview of Human Cybernetics.

Self help for depression is all about taking that first step to control your future thoughts and activity.

Decide today to take charge of your life and to live it as you want to and not as others would have you live it.

Whatever you do, do it for you!


Malcolm Milligan involved in Sales, Marketing and Human Resource issues for over 40 years. Personally helped many hundreds develop their careers in sales and sales management. A DISC behavioural profiling text writer and author of numerous articles on DISC profiling techniques. Author of 'How to Master Your Destiny' a home study personal development course available from http//

History of The Great Depression

The crisis began in the autumn of 1929 year. It is time of overproducing and low purchasing power. Most sever is the crisis in the USA. For 3 years production in USA reduced by half. The production of cars reduced 12 times. In about 50 years this is the fifth crisis in the capitalist world. In October 1930 year "New York Times" wrote: "people stand and wait, almost like forever, they wait for soup, work..., knowing that tomorrow they will wait again." In the beginning of 1933 year there were 17mil.


people unemployed in the USA, and those who worked were hired for 1 or 3 days at most. Those people and their families were almost the half of USA`s population. The crisis reached also the farm, the prices of agricultural production suddenly fell. For the farmers it was better to burn the corn than to sale it. During 1933 year the USA government started destroying animals and agricultural production, because they thought that this way the prices will raise.


The economic crises reached England, France and Germany. In England in 1931 year the unemployed were 3 million people. In France the crises lasted till 1936 year. The industry in Italy fell to 30%. German industry was loaded up to 30-35% of its limits. The quantity of unemployed during 1932 year reached 9 million people. In the beginning of 1933 year the economic crisis was in its peak. The capitalist world began to overcome this crisis really slow, but in 1937 year in the USA began a new economic crisis.

Information about the world's economic crisis.


The author of this article is a publisher in Economics & Politics.


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