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Depression Articles, Tips and Information

Useful Information About Depression

A depressive disorder is a mental disparity exemplified by a pessimistic sense of insufficiency. A person commonly suffers from feelings of gloom and sadness, downturns in mood, despair, feelings of low self-esteem, guilt, self-pity, and loneliness.

Researchers have shown that physical changes in the body take place along with mental changes.

Depression is not just a temporary or situational sadness, but a persistent and pervasive feeling of melancholy or hopelessness that is often associated with weight loss or gain, sleep disturbances, constipation, disturbances of sexual function, and feelings of remorse or self-blame. It also results into withdrawal from interpersonal contact, psychomotor retardation and continuous agitation.


Different types of depression include:

Major Depression

Postpartum or Postnatal Depression

Bipolar Disorder or Manic Depression

Cyclothymic Disorder

Dysthymic Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder


One out of 10 people suffer from this disorder. There are many causes of depression. Some types of depression do seem to run in families for generations, suggesting a biological susceptibility. This seems to be the case with bipolar depression and severe major depression.


Medical illnesses such as stroke, heart attack, cancer, Parkinson's disease, and hormonal disorders can cause depressive illness, making the sick person unconcerned and reluctant to care for his or her physical needs. Also, a serious loss in life, difficult relationship, financial problems, or any stressful change in life patterns can prompt a depressive episode. Very often, it is a combination of genetic, psychological, and environmental factors. Nevertheless, whether inherited or not, major depressive disorders are often associated with changes in brain structures or brain function.


Diagnostic methods include physical examination, checking medical history, detailed questioning, and psychological testing. It will call for an assessment of a complete history of symptoms, a mental status examination to determine if speech, thought patterns or memory has been affected, and also treatment through several types of medications used to treat depressive disorders.


Depression provides detailed information on Depression, Depression Treatment, Manic Depression, Postpartum Depression and more. Depression is affiliated with Signs Of Clinical Depression.


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


How To Be Worry Free And Overcome Depression


Reduced to a simple form, just what is worry?

It’s only an unhealthy and destructive habit of negative thinking. Note the word ‘habit’.

That means you were not born with it but rather acquired this attitude from repetition and practice.


The following steps should be used to deal with anxiety depression and its main symptom, worry. When used wisely and effectively, you will inevitably be successful at these natural depression help techniques.


1. Fill up the mind with powerful thoughts of faith and success to fill up the vacuum now left in the mind. You become a worrier by practicing it; you can be worry-free by practicing the opposite. Fill up the mind with powerful thoughts of faith and success to fill up the vacuum now left in the mind.


2. Practice Mind-drainage:

Empty your mind of pessimistic and negative thoughts, especially before going to and after waking up from sleep. This mind-draining strategy cannot be overemphasized as I will let you know, if you fear something for a long period of time, it may actually come to pass. “For the thing which I feared has come upon me…” (Job 3:25)


3. Never participate in a worry conversation. Induce your conversation with faith and worry-free statements.


4. Say positive things about those things you previously spoke negatively of.


5. Make friends with optimistic people, practice prayer and meditation.


All in all, do not be discouraged for you can break your worry habits and have relief from its hold on you, consequently making you more prone to overcoming depression.


Believe in yourself for you’re empowered to win!

In Friendship,

Foras Aje


Foras Aje is an independent researcher and co-founder of BodyHealthSoul LLC. He invites you to visit his blog for more tips on Depression Treatment and Self-Help Today.


Botox Cures Depression In Patients?

Every once in a while, the medical profession comes up with something truly surprising. In this case, it is the new finding that Botox may cure depression.


Now, some physicians have declared that most people are ill or sick because of ‘dammed-up anxiety and worry’. Moreover, a chronic worrier is very unlikely to live long. These considered, it goes without saying that breaking the worry habit is something that must be undertaken and as soon as possible.


Botox Cures Depression in Patients?

In the world of elective medical treatment, Botox has proven to be one of the more popular treatment courses. Given as an injection, this otherwise nasty stuff has proven to reduce or eliminate wrinkles in the facial area. Given the fact Botox injections are a fraction of the cost of a facelift, the procedure has met with massive popularity. Now, it may really explode on to the scene.


Over the years, medical professionals have noticed that patients getting Botox injections report being happier. Perhaps due to ego, most doctors simply thought they had done a good job and the patient’s happiness was a psychological result of feeling better about their appearance. A recent study, however, suggests there is more to the sensation of happiness than just the perception of one’s appearance.


Recently, a pilot study was undertaken to analyze the relationship of Botox injections and depression. The study involved 10 patients that were diagnosed with depression. They were then given a course of Botox injections per usual custom and standards of the medical treatment. 90 percent of the patients reported that their depression lifted after the treatments, a rather stunning result.


Medical professionals are drawing a number of general conclusions from the study. First, it appears facial expressions may have a direct correlation to mood. In the study, the injections were used to eliminate frown lines. Second, a discussion of the subject resulted in the surprising realization for doctors that many patients undergoing Botox injections have admitted they are doing so to feel better, not improve their appearance.


So, should you rush out and get Botox injections if you are depressed? Well, such injections carry little risk, so it probably will not hurt to do so. What you must realize, however, is a study of 10 people is not of sufficient size to draw any solid conclusions. Botox injections may help depression, then again they may not. The only way to really know is to conduct a study of a much larger number of people.


Could Botox be the cure to systematic depression in patients? The first impressions are good, but much more clinical analysis is needed.


Ricardo de Silva is with Plastic Surgeon Practices - a directory of plastic surgeons. Visit us to read more plastic surgery articles.


Bipolar Depression


The criteria for diagnosis for depression specify that a person is in a depressed mood and/or experience loss of interest or pleasure for two weeks or more. Five or more of the following symptoms may be experienced by the person most of the day almost everyday, such as depressed mood (irritable, feels sad or empty, appears tearful), markedly decreased interest or pleasure in activities he previously enjoyed, significant weight loss or weight gain, insomnia or hypersomnia, psychomotor agitation or retardation, fatigue or loss of energy, feelings of worthlessness or excessive and inappropriate guilt (which may be delusional), diminished ability to think, concentrate and decide, and recurrent thoughts of death, suicidal ideation without a specific plan or a suicide attempt.


The symptoms can cause significant distress or impairment in social and occupational functioning. It is important to note that the symptoms are not caused by effects of any substance taken by the patient. Moreover, the symptoms cannot be accounted for by recent events such as bereavement after losing a loved-one, calamity, or losing a job, house, and the like, (Depression is normal after these events but should last less than two weeks).


The key symptoms of depression are a depressed mood and loss of interest and/or pleasure. The depression one feels is worse than the usual feelings of anguish and grief. The depressed person feels hopeless and worthless. He feels anxious. Others have difficulty crying or have many unprovoked crying spells. Others may just be plain passive and indifferent. Almost all depressed patients have reduced energy and they may find tasks at home, work or school too burdensome.


They have difficulty finishing their work and may find no motivation to start anything new. A depressed patient may also complain of changes in his sleep pattern (e.g. trouble in sleeping or waking up in the morning or multiple awakenings at night, during which he contemplates on his situation). The depressed person may also complain of aches and pains that have no real physical causes. A majority of depressed patients have tried to kill themselves or thought about it.


Bipolar provides detailed information on Bipolar, Bipolar Symptoms, Bipolar Depression, Bipolar Tests and more. Bipolar is affiliated with Teen Bipolar Disorder.


Do You Want to Know Antidote to Depression?


Today we are living in highly competitive world. We dream to have everything big. Big house, big car, big bank balance, big friendly circle and so on. When we have to achieve big we have to be ready for big struggle. Big struggle means we have to make ourselves capable of doing lots of hard work, keeping immense patience, using wisdom and having untiring faith.


In this competitive world nothing is certain. Sometimes our hard work, patience, wisdom and faith just go in vain as a result we get in the trap of depression. Every body has different method of combating with depression. Some people even take anti-depression pills which have side effects. I know one antidote to depression which does have only positive effects on a person. Do you want to know what it is?


Whenever you are depressed go to park and see children playing. Analyse them. You will come to know that children are expert in the art of living (and without training). In spite of having failures they happily move ahead in life. They do not weep over their failure like elders. They keep themselves busy in learning, improving and developing. This is the best lesson we can learn from children. After realising this truth play with children. Their innocent talking, pure heart and unconditional love will make your tensed nerves relaxed. Your depression will fly away and again you will be ready to face new challenges of life with more confidence, hope, enthusiasm and optimism.


In your comment you advised me to write at address. This email is just to confirm your email address. Please also mention on which article you wrote this comment. Thanks


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Depression During Pregnancy - What Would You Do If You Knew

If you knew, or suspected, that anti depression meds could cause serious breathing or cardiac malformation in your growing fetus, would you take a psychiatric medication or stimulant?


If you knew, or suspected, that the research supporting use of mood-altering drugs as a palliative for pregnancy depression reflected biased scientists "in the pocket" of the very drug companies profiting from these medications, then would you take it?


How much more of an emotional roller-coaster is considered enough when considering female hormone issues? If the wild mood swings of month-in-month-out PMS are not enough, then add pregnancy depression to the mix.


It's not easy being a woman. Since post puberty you've been bombarded with messages about "female hormones" issues. PMS incites especially dramatic mood shifts in younger women. Other medications interfere with ovulation. Birth control meds throw in another bio-chemical hammer.


Getting pregnant? This special time in a woman's life time actually drags along the full cast and dance troupe of possible emotions, with pregnancy depression and associated fears and anxiety topping the list of "bad visitors".


What's Creating Depression In Pregnancy?

Common theory has held that pregnancy creates a wholly new "hormonal mix" that typically "protects" women during pregnancy. However, a number of women are "falling through the cracks" and don't conform to this theory. So, what's contributing to depression in pregnancy? Usual suspects include hormones, stress, health, money matters, kids and husbands, a recent period of infertility.


How Do You Spot Pregnancy Depression?

You know the feeling. You feel increasingly helpless, as though you don't matter. Nothing seems to matter. Sleep is difficult. You're irritable, quick to temper and equally quick to cry. Energy levels catapult from high to low, and you're permanently restless. Food and diet just don't make sense, no matter what anyone suggests. And then the darkest thoughts begin to trickle towards the front of your mind...hurting your baby...even hurting yourself and suicidal tendencies.


Teen Anorexia - Cause Of Teen Depression.

Self esteem and body image reflect leading edge aspects of the mind-body duality that can easily bump off the rails in the teen years leading to many forms of anxiety depression behavior. No surprise that young kids would be vulnerable to feelings of inadequacy, doubts, plus succumb to pressure from peers as to how they should look and act and whether they're attractive enough. Throw in the cascade of puberty hormones, perceived pressure to perform at school, uncertainty about future goals and adult life and you have an explosive mix.


What About Women Already Taking Anti Depression Medication Before Pregnancy?

Mixed signals emerge from the scientific community regarding depression pregnancy and its relationship to pre-existing use of anti depression medications like valium, xanax, prozac and others in the class of drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. These designer drugs interfere with your brain's neural chemistry, targeting specific synapses, and altering signals. Result? Your brain functions differently, and your mood is altered.


* Risk To Baby.

The "person" perhaps most vulnerable to psychiatric meds is the unborn fetus. Risks to the pregnant mom's baby include potentially fatal breathing disorders, seizures, risk of cardiac malformation and more.

Think for a moment as though you're newly pregnant, feeling low and then you hear from your physician that you should take pregnancy depression medications that would result in a 600% increase in pulmonary breathing hypertension for your child...would you take the drug?


Understanding Warning Labels, Risks For First Second Third Trimester.

If you're pregnant and if you're beginning to read "warning labels" on anti depression meds, then you need to step back slowly and ask yourself whether this makes sense. You'll see advice and statistical risk percentages for each of the trimester periods of your pregnancy...but how do you "personalize" those data into a meaningful decision? If you can't explain a drug-taking decision, then you ought to re-consider taking that med.


Mothers Relapsing When Stopping Anti Depression Meds.

TV ads campaigned with claims that "'ll relapse unless you continue your medications according to latest research findings". Yet, the "thought" scientific community of allegedly objective academic scientists responsible for the research findings turns out to have significant conflict-of-interest issues, since many of the researchers are paid consultants to the very drug companies manufacturing the anti depression medications as reported in mid 2006.


Explore additional info regarding depression in pregnancy, and natural options for managing your brain health and moods while promoting natural rest and life cycles.


Natural Strategies For Brain Health:



Author Robin Derry is publisher for a specialty information site that gives solutions to health, household, sport, travel and legal needs.

Teen Eating Disorder And Anxiety Depression Causes

Body image confusion running amuck? A seemingly "perfectionist" orientation to the smallest details? When does this apparent detail-and-goal orientation by your child "cross the danger line" into obsessive compulsive behavior and accompanying teen eating disorder?


Eating disorders, and their deeper complex of potential causes, constitute the greatest mortality risk of our present crop of diagnosed and labeled psychiatric illnesses. An eating disorder in teen family members is utterly serious, and potentially life-threatening unless parents can orchestrate an intervention combining counseling therapy and some mix of anxiety medicine or anxiety herb remedies.


What Parents Need To Watch For - Early Sign Of Teen Anorexia.

Anxiety depression symptoms evolve subtly, and combined with children's natural penchant for "secretiveness", are virtually impossible to initially detect.


* Physical Signs.

However, what you look for in your child are physical signs such as below-average weight for her age group and body size.


* Eating Habits.

Your son or daughter may have a history of battling you over meals and food types. However, when their growing perfectionist and thin-body obsession is applied to foods, you'll hardly know what to do. Suddenly, all sorts of foods are "banned" by your child as she focuses narrowly on new-found foods that are "better for me". Parents, go at you own peril because you're at the outset of a rapidly expanding food phobia, and an underlying swirl of mental confusion, anxiety, fear, low self esteem and more.


* Speaking Patterns - Black And White Reality Markers.

A hallmark mental sign of teen eating disorder is the growing demarcation applied to many ideas, where your child is cut-and-dried in her judgments. Increasingly strong convictions and a deterministic attitude allow her to judge everything in good-versus-bad terms. She'll also obsess about having "the wrong body shape"..." I'm getting fat" even while she's below weight.


* Medical Risk Issues And Symptoms Of Teen Anorexia.

Look for an increase in headaches, reduction or absence of regular monthly menstruation, cold insensitivity, bowel irregularity and constipation, dizziness and overall fatigue. She's wasting away, and can't stop herself.


Intervention Strategies For Parents To Know About.

You need to act smart, and carefully in order to put a brake on a dangerous teen eating disorder. In most eating disorder cases including teen anorexia family dynamics and "family history" point to the need for 3rd party outside professional guidance, along with some form of chemistry intervention.


* Natural Anxiety Herb Remedies - Negligible Side Effects.

Mood-altering synapse-disrupting chemicals are strong stuff and should be administered to teens with a light hand, on a fully qualified basis. For hundreds of years, and even supported by modern clinical research, herbs such as St. John's Wort have been shown to be as effective in triggering positive mood shift as well known brand drugs such as Valium...however without any side effects. Other anxiety herb remedies include rhodiola, ginseng and south pacific kava.


Other supporting nutrients that trigger the brain's secretion of serotonin and its mellowing "feel good" properties include zinc, selenium and members of the B vitamin complex including B6 and B12, along with Vitamins D and C.


* Anxiety Disorder Medications.

Millions of Americans ingest stimulants, amphetamines, mild tranquilizers, so-called anti depressants, even anti convulsants in order to address the potentially underlying causes of teen eating disorder and the associated phobias, obsessive compulsive behavior, and fears and anxiety. Parents beware that many of these same palliatives pose risks to your teen: addiction, withdrawal difficulties, confusion, rebound anxiety panic attacks, physical discomfort including muscle cramping, blurred vision, diarrhea, and more.


Look into additional info regarding teen eating disorder, and natural options for managing your child’s brain health and moods while promoting natural rest and life cycles.


Natural Nutrients To Treat Eating Disorder:



Author Robin Derry is publisher for a specialty information site that gives solutions to health, household, sport, travel and legal needs.


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