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Cholesterol Articles, Tips and Information

The Importance of Low Cholesterol Food

Increasingly larger numbers of people suffer from heart disease as a consequence of high blood cholesterol levels. There are many factors that enable the accumulation of cholesterol inside the organism, but the major cause is considered to be unhealthy diet. Unhealthy diet and bad eating habits can considerably increase blood cholesterol levels.

Low cholesterol foods should replace foods that contain high quantities of cholesterol and saturated fat. Sweets contain simple carbohydrates which increase body fat deposits and facilitate the accumulation of body cholesterol.

Cholesterol is produced by the liver and it is required inside the body for fulfilling several roles: cellular protection, hormonal synthesis (testosterone and estrogen), vitamin synthesis and fat digestion. The organism needs very small quantities of cholesterol to sustain its normal activity and inappropriate diet can quickly enable cholesterol to accumulate in excess. The problem with cholesterol is that it can’t be dissolved by the body fluids and it is also difficult to eliminate. When in excess, cholesterol enters the bloodstream and deposits in different places inside the body. Cholesterol can form plaque inside arteries by adhering to the inner arterial walls, causing blockage. If cholesterol deposits inside the coronary arteries (heart arteries), there is a very high risk of heart disease.


A healthy diet and appropriate exercise are vital in reducing blood cholesterol levels. It is very important to eat properly, as high cholesterol food can quickly increase blood cholesterol levels. You should consume only low cholesterol foods and products that contain unsaturated fat. Many foods contain high levels of cholesterol: meats, eggs, dairy products, sweets. Also, foods that are rich in saturated fat can also facilitate the accumulation of cholesterol inside the body: organ meats, pork, poultry.


It is advised to consume at most 300 mg of cholesterol a day.

Considering the fact that a single egg contains around 300 mg of cholesterol, eating properly can be quite tricky. Not at all! You should note that only foods of animal origin contain cholesterol, while vegetal foods are cholesterol free. Although vegetables and fruits contain fat, they actually don’t have any cholesterol. Low cholesterol foods also contain less saturated fat and therefore they are a lot healthier for the organism.


It is very difficult to follow a diet based only on fruits and vegetables. To diversify your diet, you can consume low cholesterol foods such as: egg whites, lean meat, fish, chicken. Other low cholesterol foods are skim milk and low-fat yogurt. You should avoid eating fried foods, as they are very unhealthy. Bake or boil low cholesterol foods and eat plenty of vegetable soups. Home-cooked meals should be preferred over supermarket foods. However, if you don’t have time to cook for yourself every day, there are various low cholesterol food products available in supermarkets. It is important to understand that processed, low cholesterol foods available in convenience-stores can actually contain high quantities of saturated fat and they aren’t a very healthy option. Although you can consume such food products once in a while, your diet should be based mainly on healthy, cholesterol free or low cholesterol foods.


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


The Malign Effects of High Cholesterol


Statistics reveal that around 20 percent of people in the United States have abnormally high cholesterol. High cholesterol is a major factor of risk in heart disease and therefore it needs to be reduced to normal levels in order to maintain the health of the organism. In some people, high cholesterol levels can be lowered through the means of a healthy diet and proper physical exercise. However, people with genetic predispositions to heart disease and cholesterol accumulation sometimes also require medications for lowering blood cholesterol levels. Some people have high cholesterol levels due to liver hyperactivity or other internal dysfunctions. For this category of people, appropriate diet, frequent physical exercise and lifestyle improvements aren’t sufficient in normalizing blood cholesterol values.


There are many factors that facilitate the accumulation of cholesterol inside the bloodstream. Unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, smoking and alcohol abuse all contribute to cholesterol accumulation in the organism. However, age, gender and genetic heritage are also major factors that determine either overproduction or inappropriate elimination of blood cholesterol.


Cholesterol is needed inside the organism in very small quantities. In excess, the substance can cause a lot of damage to arteries, tissues and body organs, perturbing normal blood circulation. By clogging the coronary arteries, cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease. Cholesterol is a viscous substance produced by the liver. This substance has a very important role in synthesizing vitamin D. Cholesterol is also required for producing hormones (testosterone and estrogen) and bile salts that contribute to the digestion of fat.


The best thing to do when you have high cholesterol is to keep a good diet. Although diet alone can’t always overcome cholesterol problems, it can considerably reduce “bad cholesterol”. “Bad cholesterol” (low-density lipoprotein) is very harmful for the body and it is the major factor of risk in heart disease. By following a diet rich in complex carbohydrates, natural fibers and unsaturated fat you can normalize blood cholesterol levels. In order to reduce blood cholesterol levels, you should avoid foods that are rich in saturated fat (animal products) and include more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Fresh fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers that can help in decongesting the arteries filled with cholesterol deposits.


You should avoid smoking and alcohol, as they are known to facilitate the accumulation of cholesterol inside the body. People with high cholesterol levels should exercise regularly and lose extra pounds, as obesity is also a factor of risk in heart disease. High cholesterol levels are reversible and if nothing seems to be working for you, there are medical treatments that can improve your condition.


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Undesirable Effects of Excess Blood Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fatty, viscous substance produced by the liver. This substance has many purposes inside the body and in normal amounts it is benefic for the proper activity of the organism. Cholesterol has a very important role in protecting blood cells from damage, by covering their superficial membrane. The body also uses cholesterol in producing bile acids (which are vital in digestion of fat), vitamin D and hormones (testosterone and estrogen).


High cholesterol levels are usually characteristic to people with ages over 50. Women generally have lower blood cholesterol levels than men. However, post-menopausal women have higher blood cholesterol levels than young men. Genetic heritage also affects blood cholesterol levels and people with a family history of cardio-vascular diseases usually have high cholesterol and are very exposed to developing heart disease.


The body requires very small quantities of cholesterol to sustain its normal activity. When cholesterol is produced in excess, this substance accumulates in the bloodstream and deposits in different places of the organism. Excess cholesterol adheres to the interior walls of arteries, soft tissues and body organs, obstructing the normal blood flow. Like many other fats, cholesterol can’t be dissolved by the blood and therefore it can easily build up inside the body, causing a lot of harm. If cholesterol blocks the coronary arteries it can cause cardio-vascular diseases and even heart-attack.


Many people have high blood cholesterol levels and therefore they are exposed to heart disease. Age, gender and genetic heritage are all factors of risk in heart disease due to high blood cholesterol levels. Men are more predisposed to having abnormal blood cholesterol levels than women. People with ages over 50 also have cholesterol problems, as their bodies can’t eliminate the surplus substance. Overweight people, people with internal disorders and people with diabetes have high blood cholesterol levels due to overproduction of this substance inside the body.


Apart from internal dysfunctions that cause an overproduction of cholesterol, the excessive accumulation of this substance is also facilitated by other factors like inappropriate diet, lack of physical exercise, smoking and the consumption of alcohol. Inappropriate diet rich in saturated fats and simple carbohydrates greatly contributes to blood cholesterol build up. Foods like fatty meats (pork, poultry), organ meats (heart, liver, kidneys), fat dairy products (milk, cheese, butter), chocolate, peanuts considerably increase blood cholesterol levels. Smoking also causes a lot of harm to arteries and facilitates the accumulation of cholesterol in the bloodstream. Smoking is a major factor of risk in heart disease and many people who have abnormally high blood cholesterol levels are smokers. Alcohol abuse is also a factor of risk in heart disease, as it also raises blood cholesterol levels.


Whether high blood cholesterol is the consequence of internal dysfunctions or the consequence of unhealthy lifestyle and diet, it is important to take steps in normalizing its values. Avoid smoking, the consumption of alcohol and fatty foods if you have high blood cholesterol levels. An appropriate diet rich in unsaturated fat, complex carbohydrates and natural fibers can help eliminate blood cholesterol deposits and can also prevent its excess accumulation inside the body. Regular physical exercise is another good means of improving blood circulation and hence, decongesting the arteries clogged with cholesterol.


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Cholesterol: A Friend or Foe?


Cholesterol is said to be the fatty, waxy and lipid substance circulating in the bloodstream providing much needed fat to the body. Being the most important substance it not only produces sex hormones but also guards the arteries by providing a covering coat to them. Till now majority of the people and experts are confused whether to call cholesterol a friend or foe.


Cholesterol has proved its importance time and again but also never fails to show it’s after affects. According to the experts if the cholesterol is under control and to a certain level it is a boon in disguise but when it exceeds its limit it becomes a bane. Our body is capable enough to produce 85% of cholesterol leaving 15% to fulfill from meat and dairy products. Cholesterol always acts as a friend when it is in control and in certain limit. As it provides the body with the energy and heat required at the time of winters. Overall our body contains 150 grams of cholesterol making 0.2% of our total body weight, which constitutes to be the important body requirement. But some feel it as an enemy as they tend to have high level of cholesterol. High cholesterol is generally accompanied with array of heart diseases like heart attack, heart failure or even coronary heart disease.


There are many ways to reduce the cholesterol level like by consuming less oily food, cutting down the consumption of dairy and meat products and also going in for regular exercises and bodily movements. Primarily there are two types of cholesterols known as High Density Cholesterol and Low Density Cholesterol. It is wise to have higher density cholesterol in the body instead of lower density cholesterol as it is the doorway to many heart and liver related diseases. Generally doctors advice to zero on natural reduction of cholesterol instead of having medications as they are attached with many side effects which can be muscular malfunctioning, liver diseases and affecting digestive system too.


Seeing its positive and negative sides simultaneously it is very difficult to jump on to the conclusion that whether cholesterol is a friend or foe in disguise. It just depends upon the person and the level of cholesterol circulating in his body. So if a person is having high cholesterol then it is his enemy whereas if it’s on lower side it’s your perfect friend for life. Making you live a happy and healthy life.


The author is budding web content writer and has much experience in writing quality content for many websites. You can view his blog for more information.


Cholesterol Health Centers


Cholesterol word itself makes the chill run down the spine of many and gives them sleepless nights. Cholesterol is the most popular word within medical arena and many experts have defined it in various different forms. Cholesterol is the fatty, waxy and oily lipid substance found in the body. It circulates in the bloodstream and is carried in packages, which is known as lipoproteins. It performs various functions within the body like guarding the arteries, providing fat to the body and also producing hormones. Cholesterol is the essential substance required by the body but once it exceeds its certain limit it becomes a bane. High level cholesterol generally brings along various heart and liver related diseases. It also affect the brain functioning and tends to week the brain nerves.


By seeing the sudden increase in cholesterol related diseases many cholesterol reduction centers have popped up. They not only reduce the cholesterol but also cut down the growth of cholesterol in the body. Nowadays you can find many cholesterol centers on one straight road quoting they are the best. But use your judgment and instinct to select the best one which suits and matches your needs. Mostly cholesterol health centers makes you follow a strict diet as well as fixed exercise regime. They even provide you with guidelines to follow either you are at home or anywhere else. Generally they are tied up with many drug producing companies which give them a chance to create awareness regarding cholesterol and its related diseases. Cholesterol health centers also organize various camps and seminars for those who are unaware of cholesterol and its related effects.


Nowadays majority of cholesterol health centers have tied up with many experts and doctors so that correct information can be spread about cholesterol. They not only create awareness among you but also give you the detail and full-fledged information about it. Many cholesterol health centers organize regular exercise sessions so that exercises can be infused in your busy schedule. Apart of informing they also provide you with drugs and medicines which can prove beneficial in lowering down the cholesterol. They also full use of ayurvedic and herbal medicines so that you get a variety of options to choose from.


In short we can say that they don’t leave a single stone unturned in terms to provide you a healthy and disease free life. So if you’re having high cholesterol or even have a doubt over this then contact your cholesterol health center now else it can prove very fatal.


The author is budding web content writer and has much experience in writing quality content for many websites. You can view his blog for more information.

Do Cholesterol Levels Change With the Seasons?

Cholesterol is the fatty and waxy substance produced by the body in order to provide fat to the arteries and its surrounding walls. It also helps in producing the sex hormones along with keeping an eye over the artery functions. Very few know that your cholesterol level actually depends upon the season and weather of a year. It is quite surprising that cholesterol level is very low in the summer and autumn season as compared to winter season where it is sky high. This research has been confirmed by many experts by showing the significant decline in the cholesterol level during warm summers.


Studies have stated that winters generally witness increase in cholesterol mainly due to eating habits and food types. According to the human nature people generally intake more fats and fatty acids during the winters, just to gain heat, energy and that added fat. That’s why this season marks the high cholesterol. Same appears in the women too as they too tend to consume more food comprising of more fats and oils. Whereas in summers high cholesterol food is generally avoided as they generate more heat in the body.


Cholesterol is nothing but a waxy, lipid substance circulating in the human body providing fat and guarding the arteries. It not only produces sex hormones but also provide much required fat to the body. There has been a significant increase in the deaths related to cholesterol and its related diseases. Scientifically it has not been proved that why increased stress leads to high level of cholesterol. But yes it is true that cholesterol level increases by two to three percent during the stressful situations.


It has been noticed that during the summers there is significant decline in consumption of meat and fish products whereas they are hot food items in the winters. In summers the consumed cholesterol is burned and broken into pieces resulting in low level of cholesterol. Same appears in the autumn season as the cholesterol level is quite low from its normal level. That’s why doctors generally advice not to consume the food having high cholesterol in the winters. According to the statistics majority of people suffer from heart attacks and heart strokes in the winters only in comparison to summers.


It is always advisable to check your cholesterol level before the beginning of any season and during the season too keep a constant eye so that you are aware when to increase in cholesterol level and when to decrease. As per the doctors it is wise to do constant exercises and body movements in the winters so that the fat and cholesterol never gets settle at one part. It keeps you fit and fine with controlled cholesterol level. Also try to modify the diet during summers and winters as there are two different body requirements. Generally in summers body require less fat in contrast to winters when fat is essential in winters. But try to consume the fat in the controlled manner so that there is no excess.


So start modifying your diet now for the season if you want to have a happy and enjoyable season ahead.

The author is budding web content writer and has much experience in writing quality content for many websites. You can view his blog for more information.

Stress Can Cause High Cholesterol Levels

Nowadays in this fast paced world and changing lifestyle majority of the people are in the burden of stress. Stress has become an integral part of every human being and they try to find the ways to lower it down significantly. Being everyone stressed out, now it has become very important in how to react in these situations. Many people either fall prey to this stress or succumb to this ever raising tension. It has been noticed that people who are generally stressed out tend to develop various diseases like ulcers, chronic diseases and even heart diseases.


Researchers have concluded that people suffering from prolonged mental stress tend to produce more cholesterol in comparison to a normal man. And these are the persons who tend to get heart attack within the span of short time once their cholesterol level reaches sky high. People falling in this category are mainly advised to do some stress busting exercises and are told to eat more green and fresh vegetables teemed with less fat and oil in it. These people are generally taught to learn few quick and small stress busting tricks so that they can use it whenever they feel stressed out.


It has been witnessed that at the time of stress and tension people tend to smoke or drink more than usual which leads to increase in cholesterol level. So they are usually informed to avoid drinking and smoking at this point of time so that they don’t invite heart diseases with open arms. These days people feel stressed out in every situation whether its job stress, family tensions or even any financial crisis. It’s just that how to maintain to your mental status at that point of time is of prime concern.


So if you feel stressed out and tensed then instead of panicking go for some light exercises which can release your tension and can make you feel more relaxed and keeps your temperament cool.


The author is budding web content writer and has much experience in writing quality content for many websites. You can view his blog for more information.


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