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Cholesterol Articles, Tips and Information

Cholesterol Answers

Cholesterol is a major part of many peoples lives, when they find they have high cholesterol they worry too much. There are methods of controlling your cholesterol and there are many medications that can help to control your cholesterol levels. If you are finding that you have been told you have high cholesterol, and you are reading about treatments first, that is a good first step. Medications are not for everyone, but if you have been trying various other types of lowering methods for your out of control cholesterol, talk to your doctor again and consider going on the medications.

If you are eating various types of foods that are both low in fat and low in cholesterol, you need to find additional exercises you can complete to combat your cholesterol. 

High cholesterol is found in your blood. The cholesterol in your blood is somewhat made by your body and some of it is contributed to what you eat. If you are constantly eating the wrong types of foods, and you are eating foods that are high in fat, your cholesterol may be higher. If you are watching what you eat, and you are exercising and you find that your cholesterol is still high, meaning out of control high, medications may be needed.

Medications are going to control how much cholesterol your body makes.  Your body makes more cholesterol that you would eat normally. Cholesterol is also found higher in your body if you are known to having high stress levels, and if you have little physical activity in your life, and if you are overweight.  Those who are overweight, who have high stress and those who are not getting any type of physical activity, are those people who are at the highest risk for having to go on a medication for high cholesterol.

High cholesterol does not lead to heart problems.  Those who are overweight and not exercising and who are suffering with high cholesterol may find that they have heart problems, but it is all related to many things medically and not just the high cholesterol. If you are overweight, and you find that you are under too much stress, and you are not getting any type of exercise you may be at risk for heart problems.


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Low cholesterol Diet

There are many of ways to have a low cholesterol diet.  You could make sure when you go to do your grocery shopping that you buy lean meats and fat free foods.  However, really no matter what kind of foods that you are going to buy you would really have to watch how you are preparing your food.  You would want to make sure that you are not frying your food in grease for oil to prepare a meal.  That would come into the factor of watching how much fat is on the meat when you are buying beef and pork. 

The best way to prepare your food is when you go to cook a meal try to broil or steam some of the food.  If you would broil your meats instead of frying them, you would loose some of the fat that is on the meat instead of it sitting in the fat and grease to be cooked.  In another instance, if you were to steam your vegetables you would actually enhance the taste of the vegetables instead of loosing the taste in the juice of the caned vegetables that you buy on the store shelf. 

When you are watching what you are eating, the best bet is to watch the fat and calories intake that you are going to eat for that night dinner.  Even when you are out to eat, there are ways to watch what you are eating but that will take will power on your behalf.  In all actuality it will take a great deal of will power in watching what you are eating because there is a lot of temptation out there that you can eat and not think twice about it.


Good and Bad cholesterol

Cholesterol to many people around the world is considered to be a bad word, but really there is both good and bad cholesterol that every person is going to experience. Every person has some amount of cholesterol in their body, and if you don't you most likely have thin blood or bleeding disorders. Cholesterol can be good for your body and lead to a healthy life in to the future.  So let's learn a little more about cholesterol and how it can be both good and bad for your body.


The best kind of vegetables that you could buy is fresh ones but it that is not always suitable for you there is the option of buying frozen ones as well.  Even when you are going to purchase chicken it may be healthier to buy the skinless chicken so that you do not have the fat that is in the skin of the chicken. 

Inside the small particles that make up cholesterol there are additional little particles that are knows as molecules. These little molecules are also known as carrier particles, carrier molecules. The carrier particles are going to be made up of proteins that are found in the foods that you eat. Proteins are often found in meats and in nuts, and in similar type foods. Because cholesterol is a type of fat, and because fat can't dissolve in water, these carrier particles that are attached to the cholesterol

The particles that are in your blood will aid in the digestion and in the carrying of the cholesterol through your body.  The good carriers and the good cholesterol are known as the apportions and the bad cholesterol being carried by the proteins are also known as lipoproteins.

The high cholesterol levels are known to be associated with arteriosclerosis. If you have a higher level of cholesterol that is naturally processed and produced in the body, you are known to have high density lipoprotein. The higher levels of good cholesterols are going to help your blood flow easily through your body.  With high bad cholesterol, your blood doesn't flow as easily through your body, as it is thicker and can't move as easily.

Cholesterol in your blood is not always going to be high, and it is not always going to be high. You can control the bad cholesterol in your body by having it checked every year, by cutting back on the fats that are on the foods that you eat and by cutting back on the stress in your life. Adding exercise to your life, and adding medications as suggested by your doctor is going to give you the best overall effects for lowering your bad cholesterol.


Foods and cholesterol

The foods and cholesterol you eat have a direct relation on the cholesterol in your blood stream over the course of your lifetime.  If you find that your cholesterol has been rising you need to learn to change your diet and get a hold on those numbers as fast as you can. Making the change is going to be easy once you realize what foods are good for you and what foods cause your cholesterol to rise even more.

Eating on the run is always a problem and does lead to additional problems if you are seeking to lower your cholesterol and at least look more closely at what you are eating all the time.  Sandwiches are a big thing, when you are on the go and on the run. If you want to add some additional methods of lowering your cholesterol to your on the go diet, here are a few ideas for your use: be sure to use rye or wheat breads. White breads and white rolls are not going to help you in your quest to lower your cholesterol. If you have to eat lunchmeats or deli meats, look for and purchase meats that are fat free or at least low fat. This is going to give you better meals than the regular deli meats and the prepackaged lunch meats that are available just about everywhere.


No matter how you would look at it its better to get a professionals opinion when it would come to your health.  They will help you go down the right path for the high cholesterol and they will hope that you are going to take what they say and follow all directions that they give you to follow.  If you do not follow all the directions that they give you they will find out one way or another.  It might take a year for the results to come back on if you are following their suggested route but it will all come back to them.

If you are cooking meals, save the turkey or chicken that, you cook and cut them up into strips for sandwiches later.  You even freeze these types of meat and still have a great sandwich in just minutes.  In making all types of sandwiches, you are going to have to stay away from regular dressings and regular mayonnaise.  Try the fat free, calorie free or at least lower cholesterol types of dressings for your new diet.  Read the back of the label to learn exactly how much cholesterol is in that tablespoon you are adding to that sandwich.

If you want to have a variety in the sandwiches you are eating, try adding a bit of pita bread to the sandwiches you are eating and you will find adding all the vegetables to the sandwich is going to help you feel fuller and help cut your cholesterol at the same time.  Add onions and peppers wherever you can to add that extra taste without the added cholesterol to your diet.  All fruit jelly is going to be a great addition to wheat or rye bread even without the peanut butter and you try that sometime as well.


Cholesterol Treatment

There are a few different ways to cholesterol treatment.  One main and probable most popular way is through the doctor.  They have a large availability to the way that they can treat your cholesterol and in different forms.  They may have you begin with a regular diet and exercise if your level is not too high but it is does become so high that the regular diet and exercise is not working well they will prescribe a prescription to you that will help with the cholesterol level. 

Yet, to the surprise of most people even with the cholesterol medication you still need to have a regular diet and exercise on a regular basis.  You may be surprised on gust how well the three of them will work together and bring the high cholesterol down to in the normal range once again.  If it does not come down to the physicians satisfaction in a year they may increase your dose of medication or mainly just find out what you are doing that is making it stay up and not come down right. 

They will have you retested and they may even call the family to see if you are eating right and exercising properly to help bring it down correctly or if you are just doing as you were before you were diagnosed with high cholesterol.  The word of thought is that it is a good idea to listen to you doctor and follow what they say to the word because it will all come out in the end.


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