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While much of the information at Cure Help Health Tips can be beneficial and empowering, we'd just like to remind you that the suggestions found on this web site are intended for informational purposes only and are not medical advice.


Cholesterol Articles, Tips and Information

Cholesterol and Foods

Cholesterol is found in most all foods that have some type of meat or nut in them. If you are not looking at the ingredients in the foods that you are eating, you could be eating a high amount of cholesterol and not even realize it.  Reading labels on everything you are eating is going to be important for your future, and your health.  High cholesterol that is not taken care of can create a domino effect in your life, leading to additional blood problems, clots, and additional medical problems. You want to be healthy and enjoy the many years of your life, and controlling your cholesterol is going to be a good first step in this long and healthy life.

If you love to eat crackers, look to crackers that do not have peanut butter on them. 

What are some of the types of foods you should consider eating if you want to avoid all those bad cholesterols in your personal diet?  High fiber foods are going to be good for your change in diet.  This is going to include cereals and whole grain breads.  Look to wheat or rye instead of white breads.  If you like, add fruit to your diet.  If you like fruit juice is going to add some amount of fiber to your diet but fresh fruits is going to add more fiber to your diet than fruit juices will.  Look for real fruit juices and not artificially sweetened juices. Do you like to drink milk?  You should be drinking skim or 2% milk instead of drinking whole milk.  Whole milk has a lot of calories, and a lot of fat in it that is going to be harmful to your lower cholesterol diet.

Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is a touchy subject for many.  You could be one of the ones that end up with high cholesterol and would have to take a prescription to help bring it back down to a safer level.  If you do not bring it down to the safe cholesterol for your body, you could end up with more problems than just high cholesterol.  You could end up in the hospital with more serious complications that what you are ready for. 


With high cholesterol you actually have clots going trough you that may end up blocking an artery or vain that would cause you to much discomfort and with the outcome of going through an operation to try to open up the blockage. 

You may end up there with the signs of a stroke or hear attack.  That would not only be hard for you to go through but it would also be hard for your family to see you go through it as well. 

There is help out there and the main person that can help you out is you doctor.  They have the ability to give you the proper medication to help bring your cholesterol level down to where they should be for you.  By doing this it could save you a lot of pain in the future. 
You would defiantly need to listen to everything that your physician tells you so that you can help bring your cholesterol levels back down to where they need to be safely.  The worse thing to do is find out the hard way that you have a cholesterol problem. 

That may be when you end up in the hospital from heart complications that you were not aware of because you never went to the doctors for a check up when your were healthy.  The main advice that you could give or even receive is that you need to go to the doctor for a check up at least once a year and let them know if you have a family history of high cholesterol.  If you do have a family history of high cholesterol you may be subject to get it as well that is something that your physician would need to decide.


Lowering cholesterol

There are many different ideas about how to lower you cholesterol levels.  Really the best way is to get you physician's opinion on whether you would need to take the route with medications or if regular exercise and eating healthy would work for you.  There is one other way out there that is known on lowering cholesterol and that is with herbs.  You may have not heard much about it but it is out there. 

There is some of the physicians out there that will just prescribe a prescription for the high cholesterol and recommend that you do get regular exercise and eat healthier food to help bring your cholesterol levels down to where they normal range is. 

You would need to take what the physician tells you to heart on what you would have to do to get the cholesterol lowered because they would have a good idea about what would be to be done from experience and lots of schooling.  You would think that after all that schooling they would have some kind of an idea of what they are talking about and what they are doing about it.

If you are tested with a high cholesterol level they will more than likely have you tested at least once a year to see if the medication that is provided for you is doing what they want it to do.  Plus they would ask you if you are exercising like you should be and that would include eating right as well.  Believe it or not they will keep after you on what you are doing in your every day life to make sure that you are not making it worse.  So that you are working to make your life better than what it was. 

One mistake some make when they are trying to lower their cholesterol is that they go out and eat at places that cook with lots of grease and saturated fats.  We all know that it is not a good idea to eat food with lots of saturated fats or cooked in grease and oil.  That would just make it go up higher than usually.


Home cholesterol test

Are you aware that you can test your cholesterol at home now?  Well you can and the results may be real accurate but are you going to be sure if they are?  You can get results rather quickly and they are usually close unless you do not follow the directions.  You may even do the test wrong suck as not fasting or not taking the blood at the right time or place. 

You would have to be very careful on what you are planning to do to your self to get the results if you do not go to the doctors like you should.  Even if you do a home cholesterol test you would still need to get a hold of your physician and talk over the results with him or her.  They may still want to send you to get the blood drawn and have the lab do the test for them so they would feel more comfortable with the results that are given.

The only right things to do is go and talk to your family physician and see what is the best route for you to take.  Really if you think about why is it so hard for someone to go and talk to a doctor because when you think about it they are just a regular person like you and me and they are just there to help you stay in good health. And really they would know the best thing for you.

Why is it that people think that they are able to do everything on their own when there are plenty of people out there to help us out?  Sometime it is better for you to talk to someone that is certified to help you out instead of trying to make everything better on your own. You know, in your mind, that the best way to do a cholesterol test is through the doctor and it does not take long at all.  Plus you would get accurate results from the doctor as well.  You could out of curiosity do a home test and compare it with your doctors results to see just how accurate the home test systems are.


High cholesterol Foods

Some of the food that we eat in everyday life could actually be hurting us in the long run.  Some of the foods that we are consuming have a large intake of fat and that would put our cholesterol levels through the roof.  You need to start watching just what you are doing in your everyday life because it all may affect you in the long run. 


If you have to have crackers, and find they keep you away from all the snacks that are higher in cholesterol and fats, look to whole grain crackers that are going to help you keep your cholesterol in check. Your cholesterol can climb from those hidden things you don't even realize that contain cholesterol such as the nuts and peanut butter. Eating fruits that have the skins on them is going to be better for you then skinning a fruit, such as with an apple.

You would want to keep an eye on the fatty foods that you eat like the eggs that you may eat for breakfast.  Or that could include the bacon that you are going to have a BLT sandwich.  It is hard to decide just what you should eat any more with everything that is coming out about the food that we are eating all the time.  I think that you just need to take it in you own judgment and figure out just what you feel like eating for that day. 

You may think that if you don't watch what you eat all the time that you are going to die from it.   That is fine but you need to think about this one.  If you would get up to exercise at least once a day even for five minutes you could be saving yourself a lot of sorrow in the future about high cholesterol foods and heart diseases.  In all reality some look at exercise is the wonder drug for everyone because it does help you will your health and fitness.

That would even include those that could not exercise for long periods of time.  Plus this would include those that can exercise for long periods at one time.  If you were to exercise more often then would you really have to worry about just what you are eating all the time?  You may think so or you may not that is all up to on how you view the world around you in your life.  It would also include on how you see yourself in today's world because you do not see good then you need to get a little help in changing that point of view of yourself.  Every one should see themselves as the one that can make any change that is needed around them.


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