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While much of the information at Cure Help Health Tips can be beneficial and empowering, we'd just like to remind you that the suggestions found on this web site are intended for informational purposes only and are not medical advice.


Cholesterol Articles, Tips and Information

Cholesterol and Children

Cholesterol and children is a topic that you just don't hear much about. Teaching your children about eating right, from the start, from when they are young, is going to build great eating habits for years to come. Eating right is a learned process one that you will have to teach your children and your family so when they are faced with a greasy burger or a big salad, they will make the right choice for their own liking and their own health no matter what else every one else is eating at that time.  Children have choices in what they are eating every day in school so your educating them is going to help them for the long term and a healthy future.

For lower cholesterol foods you can feel good about serving your children and your entire family, look to juice bars, or sherbets, or sorbets, you can also serve dried cereals and cereal bars or even some types of fruit bars.

Children often need a little help in finding what is good to eat right now, when there are cakes and cookies in the cupboard. First keep a stock or oranges, apples, grapes, carrots, celery and all the other types of fruits and veggies that you can be chopped and carried by children while tasting good at the same time. These types things don't need dressings or extras with them to be a good snack that is low in cholesterol and good for teaching eating habits at the same time.

Looking for something that is going to really satisfy that growing child instead of cakes and cookies?  Slice up some ham or slice up some chicken that has been cooked for a meal you have had (that doesn't have fat on it) and put it on a salad or on crackers for a good small snack or even for lunch. You can cut up meats, and add a few pieces of carrots or tomatoes on the plate for a real healthy snack that will keep the energized all day long.

If you have a child that is a little more excited about foods and you want to teach that child that there are many foods they can have, they can try, and that they don't have to ask to have, you can include the use of: any type of bits of fruits that are fresh and chopped, raisins, grapes, pineapples, and oranges or grapefruits. You can also serve your children apples, apple slices, or dried fruit for a good healthy snack that is low in cholesterol. Read the labels and find out how much cholesterol is in each serving, to know if you should be serving or stocking these types of foods in your home.


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Family histories and Cholesterol

The medical history of your family is going to have some direct effect on your personal medical health. This is a contributing factor to the levels of cholesterol that your body is producing daily in your life. Every person is going to have some amount of cholesterol found in their blood. You need cholesterol in your blood to keep your body functioning as it should and for good health. If your levels of cholesterol are too high, it can also lead to additional medical problems. Your doctor will perform a cholesterol blood test to determine if you have high cholesterol or if you are at risk for future high cholesterol problems.

The foods you eat are going to contribute to your high cholesterol levels.  If you are eating on the run, eating foods without looking at the cholesterol and the fat levels in the foods you are eating you need to take a step back and practice reading what is on the labels of the boxes, the bags and the foods that you are eating.  Every thing you eat, and everything you purchase should have a label, telling you how much fat, and how much cholesterol is in the foods you love the most. Look for cholesterol free and fat free as a good start on your new cholesterol changing diet.

Smoking is another cause that will bring about higher cholesterol levels.  If you are smoking and your family has a history of high cholesterol you should be concerned enough to stop smoking and to have your cholesterol levels checked before it gets to be too late and you must take medications.  You can start controlling your high cholesterol levels by eating right and getting added exercise early on in life when it does matter most.

If high blood pressure runs in your family, you should also be aware that high blood pressure does seem to have an effect on cholesterol levels.  Because cholesterol is in your blood, and high blood pressure has to deal with your blood the two seemingly are connected but this is not proven or tested. If you have your blood pressure checked by your doctor, take that extra minute and have your cholesterol checked just to be on the safe side.

Not everyone who has heart problems or high blood pressure is going to find that they also have high cholesterol but it is always a good thing to check your history and have your doctor check you out.


Levels of Cholesterol in Your Body

Cholesterol is a fatty like liquid substance that will float around in your blood.  Cholesterol is a substance that is carried through your blood by protein particles that are also known as molecules. You really can't see cholesterol with the naked eye, but your doctor, who is trained in testing blood and in testing for high cholesterol levels will be able to tell you if you are border line, or if you are facing a rough patch to overcome high cholesterol.  If you are diagnosed with high cholesterol, it is not a highly problematic problem, but one that you can overcome. If you are determined to get over and change your diet, you can do this and lower your cholesterol for your healthy future.

Women have an additional factor to overcome when it comes to cholesterol levels being too high.  As women tend to age, and menopause sets in, the total cholesterol levels are going to be higher.  Men in general do have lower overall cholesterol created by their bodies, and women should realize that a good diet high in fiber and lower in cholesterol is going to be better for them in the long run.

The cholesterol that your body produces will combine with the cholesterol that is in your foods that you eat every day. If you find that you are having a struggle in keeping your cholesterol down, and your family doctor is suggesting that you consider taking medications to lower your cholesterol, you should know that you will also have to change your diet to keep your cholesterol down for overall better effects even with the use of medications.

There are many things that will affect if you are a candidate, or someone who is going to be at risk for having high cholesterol over your lifetime. Some of the conditions that going to be adding factors if you are going to have high cholesterol include how old you are.  The older that you get to be, the higher the cholesterol naturally produced in your body is.  Combine that with the foods you eat and the high cholesterol in the foods, and you will end up with cholesterol levels that could be dangerous for your health.

As you gain weight, your body is going to be prone to retaining and making cholesterols levels that are not considered to be low for your body. As you gain weight and you find your waistline getting a little bigger, you are at risk for having problems with high cholesterol in the future.  If you are over the age of forty, and you have a waist size that is over 36 you should at very least have your cholesterol levels checked to be sure you are not border line, and so that you can start to watch your cholesterol intake now before problems do start to happen.

If you are not physically active, your body is still producing cholesterol and this can lead to additional problems involving high cholesterol in the body.

Risk factors and cholesterol

Cholesterol is a ongoing problem for millions of people around the world. cholesterol is a ongoing problem when it clogs the arteries and causes additional health problem for the body. While many associate high cholesterol with having a heart attack high cholesterol is going to clog your arteries and cause the additional problems. There are many things that will influence if you will have high cholesterol or if you are at risk for having problems with high cholesterol would include your diet, what you are eating, your age, and your weight, your gender and to a point your genetics and any other diseases or medical conditions you may be suffering with, and it will also be dependent on your lifestyle, meaning if you exercise at all or if you have high levels of stress in your life.

Your diet is going to play a big part as factors contributing to cholesterol problems and high levels of cholesterol in your blood.  If you are eating foods that are high in saturated fats, and if you are eating foods that contain high levels of cholesterol (even if these are the same foods or if they are two different types of foods) you could be at right for having high cholesterol.  If you are eating lots of red meats, foods that originate from animals this could also affect your cholesterol being higher.

As you tend to get older, your cholesterol levels will also tend to rise naturally and if you are eating additional cholesterol in your diet, your cholesterol levels are going to rise.  Getting control of your cholesterol and the foods you eat in the beginning, as you are young is going to make a difference later on in life.  If you are just finding you have a slight problem with cholesterol you can fight back, get control over what you are eating and you can lower it.

Your age is not the only thing that will have an effect on your cholesterol levels. Your weight is also going to have an effect on your cholesterol levels. Your weight in the belly region, the added inches does seem to have an impact on those who are having problems with high cholesterol. If you have high cholesterol, and you have a thicker waist line, slim down to help yourself lower your cholesterol.

Lower Cholesterol

You need to pay close attention to your cholesterol level.  With the cholesterol levels you may need to watch what you are eating or take prescriptions to help get lower cholesterol number for your body.  The only way to find out if you have a good cholesterol number for your body is through you physician and the proper test. 

Once you find that you have lower cholesterol then you may just need to watch what you are taking in through the foods that you eat in every day life.  You would need to be careful not to eat food with a large amount of fat in or on it.  I may be better to eat foods that are healthier for you such as different fruits and vegetables so that you are able to keep your cholesterol at a safe level. 

In all of this it is better to keep in close touch with your family doctor so that they are able to monitor how you are doing with your cholesterol levels.  They will help you in your efforts to keep the levels where they need to be at for you to have fewer complications with it later in life. 

They may want to take some of the cholesterol medications if your cholesterol levels are real high to bring it down or you may just have to watch what you are eating in every day life if the cholesterol levels are not that high yet.  But if you do not watch what you are taking in from what you eat you could be setting yourself up for more complications in the future.

When you have your cholesterol levels in the healthy range you could actually be saving your own life in the long range.  When your cholesterol levels are up you could be setting yourself of for heart problem in the near future.  They could cause you to have heart attacks or stocks from all the clot build up that is in your blood stream from the high cholesterol.  The main thing to remember is that you would need to keep up with your yearly physicals so your doctor can keep a close eye on your cholesterol levels and keep you in good health.


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