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Lower Your Cholesterol for a Healthier Life

Heart disease and Stroke rank highest as the nation's top health issues. Too much cholesterol in the blood often ignites heart disease and stroke. Diet changes and regular exercise can help prevent these problems from occurring if you take the time to plan for healthy living.

A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables with 5 or more servings per day are needed.

Altering eating habits to lose weight is unlike altering a diet based on a significant need. Dieting to lose weight will certainly improve health but if existing health problems already exist, such as high cholesterol, a diet to lower cholesterol is essential. Changes in your food intake specifically targeted toward lowering your cholesterol are needed. It doesn't mean you must give up the things you love to eat.


There are a number of items you should omit from your diet completely like potato chips and processed foods. The ingredients in these items will raise your cholesterol level tremendously. Dairy products should be avoided as well and foods that include them. Organ meats cause high cholesterol. Omit them from your diet.


You should also develop knowledge of proper food preparation. Proper preparation of food reserves the nutrients and ingredients for optimal health and destroys harmful bacteria. In order to lower your cholesterol, a change in diet is essential. Your physician may put you on medication if diet changes are not significant enough to lower your cholesterol.


Keep in mind; to save your life, changes need to occur. This isn't a diet for weight loss. It is a change in food choices, which will enable you to live a healthier, higher quality of life while lowering your cholesterol. You will significantly reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack by making these simple changes.


High cholesterol is a serious health problem. If you take action now, you could possibly avoid serious health risks in the future.


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The New and Improved Cholesterol Ratio


In the past, doctors have focused on the ratio of our good cholesterol (HDL) to our total cholesterol but, in today's medical community, there is growing consensus that a closer look at bad cholesterol (LDL) is our best management tool.


Total Cholesterol contains good cholesterol that protects our heart, known as High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) and bad cholesterol that is harmful to the heart, known as Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL).


Cholesterol, although a fat, is an essential nutrient for the body. It is made in the liver. The liver produces cholesterol in the necessary quantities for a healthy body, then revs up its production when we ingest a diet high in saturated fats and foods such as meats, dairy products and eggs. When the liver cannot efficiently dispose of the cholesterol excesses of a high fat diet, the excess cholesterol becomes bad cholesterol (LDL) and travels to the arteries of the heart and deposits itself there in the form of plaque. As the plaque accumulates, the walls of the arteries narrow and blood flow to the heart is restricted and eventually blocked.


The theory that "a higher ratio of something good to something bad is always better" is especially true for a healthy heart. This new standard compares our bad cholesterol (LDL) to our good cholesterol (HDL), rather than our good cholesterol to our total cholesterol.

Here are two examples, both using the same method, of how to arrive at the ratio of your bad cholesterol (LDL) to your good cholesterol (HDL):


*LDL of 129 divided by HDL of 40 = a ratio of 3.2 *LDL of 99 divided by HDL of 60 = a ratio of 1.7

The first ratio example of 3.2 indicates the lesser risk of having a heart attack or stroke as compared to the higher risks of up to 11.0. The lower the ratio the better. In general, a ratio of 3.5 or below is recommended.


The second ratio of 1.7 represents the recommended guidelines for optimal, or the best, levels of good and bad cholesterol, which is below 100 for LDL and above 59 for HDL. A ratio of 1.7 or any ratio below 3.3 is considered even better than a low risk.

Risk Levels for Heart Attach or Stroke due to blocked arteries:


*Considered a Low Risk: 3.3 to 4.4 *Considered an Average Risk: 4.4 to 7.1 *Considered a Moderate Risk: 7.1 to 11.0 *Considered a High Risk: 11.0

Consider these three questions:


*Is your blood pressure above healthy levels? *Do you smoke cigarettes? *Do you have a family history of heart disease?

If your answer is "yes" to any of the above, you may have additional risk factors for heart disease, even if your cholesterol risk-ratio is at optimal levels. While you can do nothing about family history, general medical advice urges us to get control of high blood pressure and quit smoking.


If you do not know your cholesterol numbers: total cholesterol, HDL and LDL, make an appointment to discuss your cholesterol ratios with your doctor and request a copy of your lab report for your files. Your physician's analysis is your best guide to cholesterol management.


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Are You Stressed? Watch Your Cholesterol Level!

Previous studies had revealed that stress is linked to increased heart rate and weakened immune systems. However, a recent research conducted by the University College of London has found that over the long term, stress may actually raise cholesterol blood levels for some people. This means the risk of heart disease may subsequently be increased.

You should develop healthy habits so as to have a balance of work, eating, exercise and relaxation.

The researchers cited three possible reasons why stress may raise cholesterol level:

1. Stress may encourage the body to produce more energy in the form of fatty acids and glucose. These substances require the liver to produce and secrete more LDL cholesterol so that they can be transported to the other tissues of the body.

2. Stress may interfere with the body's ability to rid itself of excess cholesterol.


3. Stress may trigger a number of inflammatory processes which also increase cholesterol production.

You should learn to control stress before it controls you. This is a common advice we are expected to receive. But how can we control our stress level?


Try to take everything in moderation - do not obsess over the details. You need to learn to manage your time effectively - prioritize, drop unnecessary tasks and do not procrastinate. Perhaps you can also start with simple, self-help methods such as yoga, mediation or visual imagery to improve your relaxation skills. There is no proven facts that any dietary supplement can help you with stress reduction, although some people have found that these are helpful.


If these do-it-yourself methods do not work for you, then you probably may need professional assistance in the form of counseling or psychotherapy to help you understand the causes and effects of your stress. Using alcohol or cigarettes to cope with stress is strictly avoided as these two approaches have proved to be bad for your heart. For people whose stress levels are bad enough to impact their ability to function effectively, there are also medications available. To prevent landing in such as state, you should seriously consider balance your life with sufficient rest, exercise and healthy eating to reduce your stress level!


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Heart Disease Prevention - 8 Simple Ways You Can Do Immediately, Goto:

Controlling your Cholesterol to Normal Range

How you should best control it if you have high cholesterol depends on how high it is and why it is so high in the first place. To bring the back to normal rang is not as easy as you think unless you plan properly. Visit your family doctor have checked your cholesterol. By doing this you will at least be aware of the risk of having high cholesterol. You may already know that you have it. You may just want to learn more about it. Either way, you will need to get a grip on your cholesterol and get informed about controlling it.

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You may know that cholesterol plays a significant and decisive role to heart disease. You probably already know that the primary cause of heart attack and stroke are clogged arteries, and blood clots because of those arteries traveling to either the heart or the brain, and that high cholesterol is what clogs the arteries. You likely already know that it is important to control high cholesterol before it gets to be high. If you don't.... now you do.


If you have high cholesterol, you are going to want to lower it. If you don't, you want to know how to avoid getting it in the first place. Your first step to control high cholesterol is to establish healthy eating habits, healthy exercise habits and smoking habits. When I say healthy habits there is a meaning to this. Always there is way to control mind to do thing right way. Control our mind your half way to success.


Healthy smoking habits are not smoking cigarettes and cigars that are healthy it is a fireplace with the vent open, meat or vegetables on the grill, or perhaps fireworks in July. Tobacco smokers have a single advantage over nonsmokers: if they quit they raise their HDL cholesterol levels very quickly, and that's a good thing. Healthy drinking habits are a little less crazy than smoking..


Healthy exercise habits mean regular aerobic exercise at least several times a week. This can be walking for 30 minutes, tennis, running, cycling, and volleyball. Whatever you enjoy doing and it gives you a good cardiovascular workout. Healthy eating habits are one of the best ways to control high cholesterol. If you do this it will give you higher HDL and, more importantly, much lower LDL. What these whole foods do place more emphasis on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes and less on animal products that are high in saturated fats and they focus less on processed foods. They could mean the difference from you having a heart strong enough body to maintain it properly. The second step is to have medicine on regular basis only on doctor's advice In order to immediately bring down the cholesterol to desirable level .


reduce cholesterol naturaly

The Scary Facts About Low Cholesterol

Here are some simple but accurate, quick to digest facts about the subject of low cholesterol.

We have probably been enlightened by a thousand books and articles regarding the harmful effects of a high cholesterol level and how to lower it down to a healthy range. But is a low cholesterol level as undesirable as a high cholesterol level?


Grain products like bread, cereal, rice, and pasta are also important. Choose 6 or more servings per day of grain products. Six ounces of your choice of Lean meat or poultry without the skin should be included. Choose fat-free and low fat milk. You should limit beans or peas and nuts or seeds. Baked or broiled fish should be limited to 2-3 servings per week. Use vegetable oils like olive oil or corn oil when preparing any foods. Use spices to enhance flavor of food instead of salt.


Experts believe that very low cholesterol levels may be symptoms of hyperthyroidism or an overactive thyroid gland, liver disease, malabsorption, malnutrition, hypocholesterolemia, and insufficient absorption of the nutrients from the intestines.


Extremely low cholesterol levels which are considered abnormal are known as hypocholesterolemia. There is an ongoing study that links this particular abnormality to tuberculosis. The study aims to consider the prospect of using cholesterol as a means for the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis.


Dutch experts recently conducted studies to gather more information as to whether or not low total blood cholesterol levels can raise the risk of depression in men. They have observed that men with low cholesterol levels display depressive symptoms of anger and hostility in contrast to the men with cholesterol levels within the normal range. Other recent studies have discovered that aside from the risk of depression, people with very low cholesterol levels are prone to anxiety, suicide, and hemorrhagic stroke. These studies further state that people with cholesterol level under 180mg/dL are two times more at risk to developing hemorrhagic stroke compared to those with levels at 230 mg/dL.


Research points out that the metabolism of serotonin, a substance that regulates a person's mood, may be influenced by cholesterol. As the study found out, the levels of serotonin is decreased in men having low cholesterol levels.


Some doctors believe though that getting your LDL way below the normal level is better. The reason why LDL should be the main focus in cholesterol lowering is that this particular lipid acts as the bad guy. They are the ones that accumulate on the walls of the blood vessels, forming a plaque over time which results in blockage of blood flow. Lowering your total blood cholesterol shouldn't be way beyond the normal level, as experts say, because your total cholesterol is not only made up of the bad (LDL) cholesterol, but the good (HDL) cholesterol as well.


So it's not a question of how low you should go. Checking your HDL level should be done as well. Increasing it will make it more effective in counteracting your bad cholesterol.


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