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Cholesterol Articles, Tips and Information

What is cholesterol? Should I be concerned about high cholesterol levels?


Cholesterol is a substance that is found in your blood stream. Most all of us realize that it is related to looking like a fatty substance in the blood, that can clog your blood and cause blood clots among other problems. What most of us forget is that each and every one of us have some amount of cholesterol in the blood stream. If you didn't have any cholesterol in your blood you body wouldn't function normally. Cholesterol is used to create additional cells in your body and have many reproducing uses for your body. If you have high cholesterol your are at risk for health problems


If you are eating a high amount of cholesterol in your daily diet, you might realize that you are also eating a lot of fats. The wrong diet filled with fatty foods will often lead to high cholesterol levels.


If you have been to your doctor, and you have had blood tests showing that you have high cholesterol, you need to learn more about how to cut your cholesterol so that over your life you have little other health problems. If you are eating a high amount of cholesterol in our daily diet, you might realize that you are also eating a lot of fats in your diets. The more fats you have the more cholesterol you will have in your blood stream.


To cut cholesterol, start reading the labels on every thing you are eating. If you see peanut butter, you will also see high cholesterol, if you see fats on the meats you eat, you will see higher cholesterol, if you see that you have a lot of butter in or on what you are eating you have a high amount of cholesterol in what you are eating. Cutting back on the amount of cholesterol you are eating, and watch what you are eating daily will aid you in cutting those numbers back to where you want them to be.


Another method of cutting you cholesterol is going to be found in adding exercise to your daily routine. Take a small walk every day. Clean the house, fold your clothes and sweep the floor, these are all methods of getting a little more exercise. Play with the kids, walk the dog, take the stairs instead of the elevator and you will get more exercise. Adding exercise is going to help your body digest foods, and will aid in lessening the stress in your body which overall is going to lower your cholesterol levels.


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We really do care about your health and happiness and are thrilled you are interested in our articles, but please always check with your doctor before trying something new!


About Cholesterol


Cholesterol is a problem that millions are facing every day of every year. Learning about cholesterol is the first step to understanding how you are going to handle this problem. High cholesterol does not mean that you are going to die, as long as you take the steps needed to get your cholesterol under control. Understanding and controlling your cholesterol is needed so you can back to focusing on the other things in life that are more important. If you know that there is high cholesterol in your family history we do suggest that you consult with your family doctor while you are concerned about this problem. In learning about cholesterol, you will also need to learn about your body and any other potential health problems you may face.


Cholesterol is going to be higher when you have high stress levels at your home or at your job.


Cholesterol is something that you really can't see. You are not going to know you have high cholesterol until you have a blood test done by your family doctor. What you should know about cholesterol is that it is not a poison in your blood, but something that actually does exist in every person as your body does produce cholesterol daily for your body to sustain living. Cholesterol levels in your blood are going to be higher when you eat foods that contain additional fats and cholesterol, but if you are overweight and you are not exercising your body could be producing more than enough cholesterol adding to your high levels.


Your cholesterol levels may be higher if you are overweight and you are not exercising. Cholesterol is not going to create problems with your heart, but if you add the being overweight and the not exercising to the equation you are at a much higher risk for suffering from heart problems.


The medical problems you face in life are going to be a mixture of what your body needs, and what you provide your body with. The more you exercise, and the more you watch your weight the better you are going to be health wise in the future. If you watch your fat in take and your additional cholesterol intake you are going to be that much further ahead in your healthy life than the person who is not.


Cholesterol Facts


The facts about cholesterol are sometimes not told straight out to people. If you want to get your cholesterol under control, you need to learn about the facts, and that is what we are going to talk about in this article. Cholesterol is often a 'bad' word when many doctors talk to you about it, but there are good and bad cholesterols, in the foods that you eat so watching what you eat and the types of fats and cholesterol you are eating, you can live a long and healthy life.


What you might not realize is that cholesterol is something that is needed in your body, and it is needed by all types of animals. There is many activities that will take a toll on the levels of cholesterol in your body and these things include the stress in your life, the physical activity that you pursue everyday and it is also going to be influenced somewhat by your genes, what your parents have handed down to you. If you have high cholesterol, lower the amounts of stress in your life and start exercising. These are two easy ways you can control the cholesterol in your body without medication.


High cholesterol is often thought that is it going to give you atherosclerosis, and that this will lead to heart disease. However, the fact is that just because you have high cholesterol does not mean that you are going to end up with heart disease. You can control your cholesterol and you can live a long and healthy life by controlling it. What you should know is that your body is going to produce cholesterol and it is going to absorb additional cholesterol in the foods that you eat. A diet that does not include cholesterol is not going to cut your cholesterol like one might think, but it can help you control it to a point. If you are not exercising you won't be able to release the cholesterol that your body produces.


If you find that your family has a history of high cholesterol, you do own it to yourself and your family to get a checkup once in a while. Even if you have never had a problem with your cholesterol in the past, a check up once in a while is going to keep you on top of what you might be facing in the future.


Medicating Cholesterol


High cholesterol does not have to be a major life-changing event. If you are experiencing high cholesterol and you are having a real problem getting your cholesterol under control medication may be the key for your personal needs. High cholesterol is brought about by a mixture of things, such as the additional stress in your life, being overweight, and not getting any exercise in your life. If you have seen your family doctor and you have had a blood test saying that you have high cholesterol, you first need to ask for all the answers before deciding to take medications.


The answers about high cholesterol are going to involve what are your additional choices besides medication. While there are never going to be any easy answers, you can try as many methods as you like, while under the supervision of your doctor. Having a doctor watch, your medical condition while you try alternative methods of lowering your cholesterol is going to give you a better overall glance at what is really working for your body. While some people find medications are right for their needs, other people are going to want to try the alternatives first.


A few types of medications used for controlling high cholesterol are mevacor, zocor, and lipitor. If your doctor recommends your taking any type of medication to lower your cholesterol, you will most likely find that one of these three medications is just what you will get. Often times, if a doctor feels that your cholesterol levels are a little high, they will offer you additional advice on exercise and dieting. While dieting is going to help control your cholesterol it is also important to remember that cholesterol is also made in your body everyday, and only exercise and medications are going to control that part of your high cholesterol levels.


If you are having a test done on your cholesterol levels, the doctor is going to talk to you about you LDL levels. Your doctor will explain the LDL levels. The LDL levels in your blood can be controlled and lowered by up to forty percent when using medications. If you are not overweight and you are exercising while watching the fat and cholesterol foods you are eating, and you still have out of control cholesterol, check with your doctor about the type of medication they recommend for your body.


High Cholesterol Medications


Medications for high cholesterol can control your health problems involving high cholesterol, and the cholesterols that your body is making daily. If you have been told that you have high cholesterol you can find help with your family doctor, and you can read about your alternatives online. Your body does make cholesterol everyday and if you are eating right, you are exercising and you are watching your weight, you will find that sometimes your cholesterol is not going to go down. With the use of medications, your cholesterol can be cut to a good healthier level that will leave you to worry about other things in life besides your cholesterol levels!


Great changes can be made with the use of medications to lower your cholesterol if you are finding that you have problems in lowering it yourself through any other means. The choice to use medications is one that is not taken lightly and should not be made overnight. You should try to cut cholesterols that you eat, and you should try to lose weight and to get more exercise in your life before jumping on any medication.


If you have little stress in your life, and you are not overweight, your doctor may explain why you should try the cholesterol lowering medications first. Every person and every person medical need is different. If you are ever in doubt as to what your medical provider is offering you in the form of information about the medication or your condition you should seek another opinion from another doctor and then you can weigh your options.


There are different types of medication that could be prescribed in efforts to lower your cholesterol. Some of these medications include Mevacor, Zocof, and Lipitor. These three types of medications are going to reduce the risk of blood clots that you could face with high cholesterol. There is also Questran, and Colestid, and Lopid, and Tricor that are used to lower your cholesterol levels. These are proven medications that will make the cholesterol in your body less available in a sense to your blood stream, which will lower the effects of high cholesterol for your body.


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