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Protecting Against the Dangers of Skin Cancer

Like all other forms of cancer, skin cancer is a scary thought. However, there are many obvious defenses you take against the dangers of skin cancer. The development of skin cancer may take many years and it may be a long time before the cancerous cells cause any significant damage, yet there is no better time to begin protecting yourself than the present. If you have very fair skin or have a history of skin cancer in your family it is of particular importance that you be cautious as you are more susceptible to the dangers posed by sun exposure.

If you attend tanning parlors frequently you are also increasing your risk of developing skin cancer.

While tanning out in the sun on a hot day can be quite relaxing, it can also be a potential invitation for cancerous cells. Thus minimizing your exposure to the sun during the time of day when the sun's ray are the most intense, being 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, is highly advised. If you cannot avoid being in the sun for an extended period of time then you should apply sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor of at least 15 to all areas of the body visible to the sun. Be sure to reapply every so often as well. Being sure to wear clothing that properly protects areas of the body that have been burned in previous years is advisable as well.


If you need Skin Care information or have articles on Skin Care, visit our Skin Care section for more in-depth resources. Free Article Distribution


Health needs to be earned!

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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Protecting Cats From Cancer


Cancer does not just affect human beings, cats can also be prone to the ill affects of this deadly disease. I have a cat who is called Pip and in this article I will be writing about my families experience in protecting her from cancer, which the vet has informed us, has ultimately saved and prolonged her life. Pip is a beautiful and loving cat and is very much part of our family. She is treated like our third child and has what we hope to be a very happy and comfortable life.


Pip herself is ninety-five percent white in colour, the other five percent is black.


I have been surrounded my animals for most of my life as my parents run an animal sanctuary in the Birmingham area of England. I have learnt quite a lot about these different animals and have a particular love of cats and dogs. I am aware that cats which are mainly white are basically at a higher risk of catching a type of skin cancer than other cats. In the summer Pip would always love to sunbathe, basking in the sun. I would ensure that I put sun cream on her, mainly around her ears and tried to encourage to sleep more in the shaded areas of our garden. Pip is however quite stubborn and insisted on resting out of the shade.


Over the years I would check Pip out at regular intervals and one day noticed that she had some little black spots in and around her ears. These spots had not been there the last time I had checked her over and therefore I decided to take her to the vets. I felt confident that everything would be fine but just wanted to make sure. The vet examined Pip and looked quite worried. He told us that Pip had a form of pre-cancer and that the only way that she would survive, in his opinion, would be to have her ears amputated.


This was very sad but we realised that in a way we had no choice. This all happened four years ago and Pip is still going strong today, unaware of how close she was to losing her life. The vet has stated that if I had not checked her out and brought her in to be examined that the cancer would have spread and that Pip would have only lived for around three to six months. My advice for anyone who has a cat as a pet, especially if they are white in colour, is to check the cat every week or so and if you spot anything out of the ordinary, to take them to the vets.


Stephen Hill helps to promote a number of websites including:

cancer therapy for cats

antiaging products

antiaging information


Cancer of the Urinary Bladder

Copyright 2006 Radoslaw Pilarski


Above all, occupational exposure to chemical compounds (among others from the group of aromatic amines) is considered to be the factor leading to falling ill with cancer of the urinary bladder. Smoking tobacco is also mentioned (cancerogenic substances found in tobacco smoke such as nitrosamines, as well as tryptophane metabolites excreted in the urine). An additional risk factor, which may contribute to the development of more aggressive forms of cancer of the urinary bladder is a long exposure to foreign bodies and infections (mainly Schistosoma haematobium, it concerns African and Small Asia countries, as well as medicines - cyclofosphamide) and small pelvis irradiation due to another tumors in that area. Genetic disturbances observed in the case of cancers of the urinary bladder are mainly the mutations within suppressor gene p53, oncogene erbB-2, p21, c-myc.


Colon Cancer Patients

One of the most frequent symptoms of cancer of the urinary bladder, which forces the patient to visit a doctor is haematuria, sometimes with clots.


With the advance of the tumor process disuric symptoms may take place, namely pain, bladder tenesmus, burning sensation during miction, sometimes temporary retention of urine. Pain in the lumbar area as well as features of urinary tracts infection may appear during a stasis of urine in the upper urinary tracts. The pain in pelvis and around groin as well as swelling of the lower extremities usually accompany further symptoms of the disease. The first 'signaling' symptoms are the pains caused by metastatic changes in bones.



Even one haematuria or earlier mentioned pain symptoms are an absolute indication for a patient to be examined in order to exclude the possibility of cancer of the bladder. Ultrasonography should be the first examination in the diagnosis of cancer of the urinary bladder, when the tumor change may be depicted, provided that it is big enough, the bladder is full and the place on the wall accessible during examination. In contrast examination unevenness of bladder contour, filling defects and rigidity of infiltrated wall may be observed depending on the value and the degree of infiltration.


When a suspicious change is detected in bladder, the character of the change should be explained as soon as possible by the means of histopathologic examination. Having done bimanual examination (in order to find any out of bladder changes) cystoscopy is done. During the examination, segments are taken for histopathologic examination. The urine cytology examination seems proper, nonetheless the negative result does not exclude the presence of a tumor process.


Apart from the above-mentioned examination, morphology, general urine examination, urography (the evaluation of urethers and kidneys) as well as small pelvis computer tomography (the evaluation of local infiltration and the invading stage of lymph nodes) are done. In the case of pain disorders, radiological examination and bone system scinigraphy seem advisable. Similarly to other tumors, chest RTG, gynecological examination in women and an evaluation of prostate's state in men are recommended.


From the prognosis perspective, determining the degree of histological tumor malignancy (basic prognostic factor apart from the state of primeval tumor determined according to TNM classification) seems vital. The following degrees of differentiation are distinguished: well-differentiated cancer (G1) - about 45% of detected cancers, moderately differentiated (G2), poorly differentiated (G3) and undifferentiated cancer (G4). The diagnostic value of BTA and NMP-22 markers is being checked and their determination does not constitute a norm as far as diagnostic methods are concerned.


Histological Classification

Epithelial tumors:

- transitional cell papilloma

- transitional cell papilloma infiltrating the bladder wall

- planoepithelial papilloma

- transitional cell carcinoma


- kinds of transitional cell carcinoma:

" with planoepithelial transformation

" with adenous transformation

" with planoepithelial and adenous transformation

- basal cell carcinoma

- adenocarcinoma

- anaplastic tumor


Non-epithelial tumors:

- adenoma

- fibroma

- myxoma

- myoma

- angioma

- lipoma

- pheochromocytoma

- sarcoma



In order to estimate the level of progression the TNM classification or modified system by Jewett and Marshall are applied.


TNM Classification

Pathological classification pT, pN corresponds to T, N clinical classification.


T - primary tumor

Tx - Primary tumour cannot be assessed T0 - No evidence of primary tumour

Tis - Carcinoma in situ, preinvasive tumor with focusal anaplasy (G1, G2, G3) within epithelium

Ta - Noninvasive papillary carcinoma

T1 - Tumor invades subepithelial connective tissue

T2 - Tumor invades muscle

T3 - Tumor deeply infiltrates a part of muscular coat not exceeding it (T3a) Tumor infiltrates the muscular coat (T3b) Tumor invades perivesical tissue

T3a - extracapsular extensions (unilateral)

T3b - extracapsular extensions (bilateral)

T3c - Seminal vesicles infiltration

T4 - Tumor invades other organs

T4a - Tumor invades the prostate, uterus, vagina

T4b - Tumor invades the pelvic wall, abdominal wall


N - regional lymph nodes

Nx - Regional lymph nodes cannot be assessed

N0 - No regional lymph node metastasis

N1- Regional lymph node metastasis

N2 - Metastasis in a single lymph node, >2 cm but ≤5 cm in greatest dimension; or multiple lymph nodes, ≤5 cm in greatest dimension

N3 - Metastasis in a lymph node, >5 cm in greatest dimension


M - distant metastases

MX - Distant metastases cannot be assessed

M0 - No distant metastases

M1- Distant metastases

M1a - lymph nodes other than regional

M1b - bone(s)

M1c - other organs


In Whitmor-Catalon's classification A, B, C, D degrees correspond to T1, T2, T3 and T4 respectively in TNM classification.


Classification by Jewett and Marshall

Stage 0:

No tumor found in the specimen superficial tumour not invading the submucosa carcinoma in situ

Stage A: superficial tumour invading the submucosa

Stage B: muscle invasive tumour Stage B1: superficial invasion (less than halfway) Stage B2: deep invasion (more than halfway) Stage C: invasion into the perivesical fat

Stage D: Extra vesical disease, further specified in

Stage D1: invasion of contiguous organ or regional lymph nodes metastases

Stage D2: Extra metastases to distant organs



The choice of treatment for patients suffering from urinary bladder cancer depends on the degree of progression according to TNM classification, the level of tumor's histological malignancy and the general state of the patient.


Surgical treatment

Transurethral resection of tumor (TURT)

This method is used in the case of surface changes

(Ta, T1, T2, as well as the multiple ones and when treating preinvasive tumor Tis, if the number of focuses is low and the atypy insignificant). TURT may be done also in the case of T3a tumors if the diameter of the base does not exceed 2 cm. In the case of advanced stages

(T3, T4 ) it is sometimes used as paliative treatment.


Partial resection of urinary bladder

It is applied when a 3 cm microscope margin of healthy tissue is possible in big, individual focuses of T2 tumor and in the early period of T3.


Complete resection of urinary bladder (cystectomy)

A two-stage surgery which consists in cutting out a bladder together with lymph nodes and recreating the possibility to drain the urine from the upper urinary tracts.


The operation concerns patients suffering from:

- poorly differentiated cancer (G3)

- early recurrence after treatment using other methods

- tumors invading the neck of urinary bladder, prostate urethra, bladder triangle when urine flow from kidneys is impeded

- extended and multifocal pre-invasive tumors

- bleeding from the bladder impossible to control


Cystectomy is also done among patients who underwent unsuccessful partial resection and after recurrences after radiotherapy.

Three ways of urine flow are applicable. One of them, known as the Bricker's is about creating ileal conduit for the urine to flow to a bag stuck to the skin. The second option is the creation of an intestinal cistern, which when full is emptied by the patient by self catheterization through a skin fistula. The most comfortable way is the creation of a surrogate urinary bladder linked to the urethra (a patient urinates moving his/her stomach muscles).



It is applied among patients who do not give their consent to the treatment or when a radical cystectomy is often impossible in their cases. Radiotherapy among patients in T2 to T4 progression stage creates a possibility of attaining a 5-year survival without disease recurrence among 35 to 45% of patients and a 5-year complete survival among 23-40%.


A 45 Gy dose is given for the pelvis and then a boost for bladder tumor is done up to 65 Gy dose. The introduction of conformal radiotherapy which consists in 3-dimensional planning system (3D CRT) into clinical practice in the recent years enables more effective application of radiotherapy in the radical treatment of urinary bladder cancer.



In the case of urinary bladder cancer it is applied mainly as palliative treatment or together with surgical methods or radiotherapy.

Inductive chemotherapy aims at reducing the size of tumor most often before the radiation.


Most often applied treatment schemes are:


Metotreksat 30 mg/m2 im Doksorubicine 30 mg/m2 iv Cisplatine 70mg/m2 iv Vinblastine 3mg/m2 iv The pause between the cycles 28 days



Metotreksat 30 mg/m2 im Cisplatine 70mg/m2 iv Vinblastine 3mg/m2 iv The pause between the cycles 28 days



Cyklofosfamide 650 mg/m2 iv Doksorubicine 50 mg/m2 iv Cisplatine 100mg/m2 iv The pause between the cycles 21 - 28 days


Paclitaxel (monotherapy)

Paclitaxel 250 mg/m2 iv 1 day, the cycles repeated every 21 days

Direct bladder treatment


Such a method is recommended in the cases of:

- tumors of T1 degree (multiple)

- multifocal changes of Ta type

- lesions of Tis character


Most often used drugs are: thipotepa, BCG vaccine, mitomycine, doksorubicine. BCG therapy of the surface tumor has been more effective so far than direct bladder chemotherapy, as it decreases the risk of regional recurrence and, what is more, decreases probability of undergoing the disease process at invasive cancer stage.



In the case of urinary bladder cancer the prognosis depends on the level of progression as well as the choice of optimal treatment and the internal state of patients. A percentage of 5-year cure most often oscillates around 50-70% as for the I and the II degree, and 20-30% as for the III degree. Longer survival periods are rarely reported in the IV degree.


Radoslaw Pilarski is a PhD candidate working on anticancer properties of Uncaria tomentosa - - at PAS, Poland. mLingua Worldwide Translations, Ltd. - - provides professional language translations.


Cancer and Mangosteen: Is Fruit the Key to Successful Treatment?


Many people are wondering if there is a link between cancer and mangosteen. The question is, "Can mangosteen be used to treat cancer?" The answer to that question, as of right now, is unknown. Numerous people are seeking natural means of treating cancer, such as Noni, but it remains unclear if these natural treatments are anything more than wishful thinking. Is it a mangosteen scam or does the fruit of the mangosteen tree actually treat cancer? Here is all of the information you need to know about mangosteen and its relation to cancer.



It is believed that the anti-oxidants in mangosteen can aid in cancer treatment and potentially prevent individuals from developing cancer. However, there is also an unfortunate side effect to mangosteen in this particular context: it is believed that mangosteen can be so potent that it actually weakens the effectiveness of chemotherapy. This, then, raises the question, "are human beings worse off by consuming mangosteen to fight cancer?" There is a lot of speculation that supports both sides.



Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that is grown in Africa, Asia, and other locations that are close to the equator. It is not feasible to grow it in the United States because the climate does not allow it and it is illegal to import fresh mangosteen. Therefore, in order to get the benefits of mangosteen, one must pursue other options.


One of the options available is ultra mangosteen, a compound that contains both mangosteen and goji. The other option is mangosteen puree, a juice made from the mangosteen fruit. The problem is that mangosteen rots very quickly, meaning that both of these products contain high amounts of preservatives to keep them fresh for shipping. It is these factors, the fact that you cannot get fresh mangosteen (as mangosteen products differ from consuming the fruit itself) and the preservatives that mangosteen products contain, that raise the speculation about its effectiveness as a cancer treatment.


How This All Relates to Cancer

Some people believe that the anti-oxidants in mangosteen products may be so powerful that they fight off chemo. Others believe that it could be the preservatives in these products that lessen the effectiveness of chemo. Finally, there are also people who believe that only eating the fruit itself will fight cancer, not products that contain its juices. Either way, no matter what testimonial or review you read on mangosteen, you should always discuss your use of mangosteen with you physician and never forgo your medication.


The best advice you can get about whether or not to purchase mangosteen is to consult your doctor and see what information they can provide you. Additionally, you should wait until more research and testing has been done on mangosteen before trying it for yourself. Though you may be depriving yourself of an excellent treatment option by stalling, you may also be saving yourself from gambling your life on an exotic fruit. You must decide for yourself what is right for you.


Mangosteen is here! If you haven't started using this amazing fruit which boasts the most antioxidants of any natural product on earth, come visit us to find out what you are missing:


Smoking Gun In Cancer Revealed; It's The Smoking Throat


OK, smoke fans, the facts are out once again. According to the new and pretty inarguable Cancer Atlas and the updated Tobacco Atlas, which were published by The American Cancer Society, if "Smoky, The Scare" gets his way, tobacco use is projected to kill a billion people in this century. (By the way, wouldn't it be more reassuring if the word "Prevention" was in the Society's name?) Now, that's what we call recreational population control. The figure amounts to ten times as many folks as smoking sent choking to the grave in the 20th century.


And ready for this? Tobacco use causes one in five cancer deaths, or a total of 1.4 million graveward bound souls a year. Now, here's the good and much underappreciated news: Dr. Judity Mackay, a senior policy adviser of the World Health Organization, tells us, "We know with cancer, if we take action now, we can save 2 million lives a year by 2020 and 6.5 million by 2040." So here's our bit to stop cancer in its tracks. And we're not going to pull any punches, because, if you still smoke, you obviously haven't listened to anybody yet, and we care about you too much not to give you our best shot. Here goes all the ways we know to annoy our friends who smoke with advice that is invariably resented but not always dismissed. In fact, we actually have two friends who stopped smoking after we had at them.


So let's light up with logic:

1. If you can't quit smoking, pursue your fetish when you're not around us.


2. We don't date people who smoke, because we don't want to die in their arms. It's not death we're afraid of; it's their breath and the way their clothes smell. We find both spiritually wilting, not to mention sexually.


3. Everybody loves you, but somebody you know is following you, everywhere you go, and this person wants to kill you, and do you know who this person is? The person in you who wants to smoke. The person in you who doesn't want you to smoke, while weaker right now, can be made strong enough to toss the sneak thief of your life out for good.


4. Do you know what people think every time you light up? Wow, what a dummy. Provoking this response is particularly incriminating if you think you're a genius.


5. Don't tell me you're so desperate for pleasure that just for the little buzz you can get from dragging all those carcinogens into your fragile body you're ready to die? How much do you like Lorillard and the other ciggy makers? So much you need to die for them?


6. Do you know that smoking is like rat poison? You ingest a little every day. You think you're fine. But actually your entire body is being poisoned. That's why you look yellow and your skin wrinkles prematurely. Actually, if you could do an autopsy on yourself while you're still alive, you'd find that all the organs in your body are shriveled up from the poisons. For instance, pathologists tell us that your organs, instead of being smooth and healthy, look more like prunes. But you keep dragging the junk in, because you think you're fine. Well, you're not. You're deadly ill. And then one day it happens. You go from being ill to being landfill.


7. Last, do you know that all the blood in your body races through your lungs every minute? That's right. It all keeps racing there to give off carbon dioxide and grab fresh oxygen. Then it races to the far corners of your body with the breath of life. Unfortunately, it also drags the carcinogens along for the ride. That's why, for instance, women who smoke often get breast cancer; breasts are very vascular and so they're a frequent drop-off point for the poison.


Worst of all, if you die, you can't read NewsLaugh anymore. Talk about sad. So stop it already.


Tom Attea, humorist and creator of, has had six shows produced Off-Broadway and has written comedy for TV. Critics have called his writing ""delightfully funny" and "witty" with "good, genuine laughs."

Reduce Breast Cancer By 45%!

A US study of 13,000 patients showed Tamoxifen reduced the rate of expected cancers from one in 130 to one in 236 - a cut of about 45%. The American researchers ended their trial early when they said the drug's benefits became overwhelmingly obvious.

Other studies found that tamoxifen AND chemotherapy improved survival improved survival rates by about 40-50% compared to taking one treatment or the other.


Should women taking tamoxifen avoid pregnancy?

Yes. Tamoxifen may make premenopausal women more fertile, but doctors advise women on tamoxifen to avoid pregnancy because animal studies have suggested that the use of tamoxifen in pregnancy can cause fetal harm. Women who have questions about fertility, birth control, or pregnancy should discuss their concerns with their doctor.


Does tamoxifen cause a woman to begin menopause?

Tamoxifen does not cause a woman to begin menopause, although it can cause some symptoms that are similar to those that may occur during menopause. In most premenopausal women taking tamoxifen, the ovaries continue to act normally and produce estrogen in the same or slightly increased amounts.


Do the benefits of tamoxifen in treating breast cancer outweigh its risks?

The benefits of tamoxifen as a treatment for breast cancer are firmly established and far outweigh the potential risks. Patients who are concerned about the risks and benefits of tamoxifen or any other medications are encouraged to discuss these concerns with their doctor.


Tamoxifen ( ta-MOX-i-fen) is a medicine that blocks the effects of the estrogen hormone in the body. It is used to treat breast cancer in women or men. It may also be used to treat other kinds of cancer, as determined by your doctor. Tamoxifen also may be used to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer in women who have a high risk of developing breast cancer. Women at high risk for developing breast cancer are at least 35 years of age and have a combination of risk factors that make their chance of developing breast cancer 1.67% or more over the next 5 years. Your doctor will help to determine your risk of developing breast cancer.


Tamoxifen has been proven to be the cure to Breast Cancer. We urge you to find out more about Tamoxifen at

How to Protect Yourself from Breast Cancer

Do you fear breast cancer? Many women do because it is such a killer! Surprisingly, men are not immune to this disease either.

If you received a diagnosis of breast cancer just 20 years ago, your chances of being a survivor would have been much less than they are today. That's because of the marvelous advance of medical research. There are a lot more options available now for treating malignant tumors than were available a few years ago. And more and more women are breast cancer survivors today.


Though the ultraviolet light emitted by a tanning bed is essentially artificial, it is no less dangerous than the light emitted by the sun. If anything the direct exposure received in a tanning bed has the potential to become more dangerous, especially since one can attend tanning parlors all year round. It is also vitally important for children to be especially well protected from the sun, as they are more susceptible to skin damage from ultraviolet light.


But you would like to know what your particular risks are for developing breast cancer, wouldn't you? Although no one knows exactly who is going to get breast cancer, there are risk factors that can be taken into consideration. You can do something about some of these risk factors, and other risk factors there's not much you can do about. -- except to be on your guard.


Here are the risk factors you can control:

1. Obesity

2. Drinking alcoholic beverages

3. Smoking

4. Taking estrogen with progesterone for menopausal symptoms

5. Using birth control pills

6. Lack of exercise

7. Choosing to feed your baby with a bottle instead of breast-feeding.


The following are risk factors over which you have no control:

1. Aging

2. Breast cancer in your immediate family

3. Starting your periods before the age of 12

4. Passing through menopause after the age of 50


So as you can see, there are risks you can do something about and risks that you can't do anything about. So why not start with what you can do? For example, choose to eat healthy foods instead of junk food. Stay away from alcoholic beverages and smoking. Exercise regularly.


For the risks you can do nothing about, you can use preventative measures. If your mother or and or another close relative had breast cancer, try to remember to schedule a yearly mammogram. And have a doctor examine your breasts once a year. Learn how to do breast exams once a month yourself and be faithful about checking your breasts on a regular basis. To even more accurately assess your personal risk for developing breast cancer, you can take a test that will let you know if you carry a mutated gene related to breast cancer.


Why not choose to reduce your risk factors by doing all you can to protect yourself from this deadly disease?


Learn how to protect yourself from breast cancer. Patricia Wagner writes about a variety of health and wellness issues to help you be healthier.


Skin Cancer Squamous - Firstly and the most important thing is that it shows that you care and that you are willing to give a little of your time or energy to try and educate more women as well as warn others and then just may be by carrying out this one small action you are contributing to saving the life of someone.


Skin Cancer Squamous - This article is about the use of Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) for people with cancer. IPT has been known about for many years as a kinder, gentler way of using standard chemotherapy drugs, selectively delivering them to the cancer cells, whilst leaving the body's immune system intact.


Stomach Cancer Risk - However, a recent major study concludes that long-term use of Prempro has significantly increased the risk of stroke, blood clots, Prempro ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, and breast cancer, while maximizing the risk for dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Body Fight Allergies - As more and more people take responsibility for their lives by taking an active interest in helping resolve their issues the list of ailments that self hypnosis can affect in a positive way increases.

Nutritional Multivitamin Supplement - As obesity continues to skyrocket in the United States for both children and adults, people are often wondering what they should be eating and what is good for them. Conflicting information on diets (protein, no protein, 'good' carbs, 'bad' carbs, trans-fats, etc.) continue to confuse most anyone who listens to the media.
Bed Wetting Solution - If you have a bed wetting boy you may be frustrated with what is happening. There are many reasons why this may be happening to your child. It may be something that has nothing to do with what you think either. There are many children in the US that face problems with bed wetting. Most of these individuals will face a wide range of reasons why it is happening too.


Cancer Society Estimates - For me, I've already decided that if I ever do get cancer, I will not seek out the conventional medical cancer interventions and treatments that are the society standard today.


Recurring Skin Infections - Does your dog suffer from skin problems and/or scratch constantly? Does he have hot spots or recurring skin infections? He may suffer from dog food allergies. Food allergies can appear in dogs any time in their lifespan, from puppyhood to senior. There are certain food ingredients that tend to be problematic. Among them are dairy products, chicken and chicken eggs, soy, corn, wheat, and even beef.


Celebrity Cancer Research - This is exciting news for millions of men who have to undergo aggressive treatment for advanced prostate cancer.


More coming soon!


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