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Skin Cancer

Whenever we hear the word 'cancer' we are apt to panic. The term itself has become an umbrella for many different forms of the disease including skin cancer. Skin cancer is a form of caner that affects the skin. There are several different types of skin cancer and some forms are more dangerous than others. The two most common types of skin cancer are basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Both of these types of skin cancer can be serious in terms of changing the appearance of the skin affected, but they are not likely to spread to any surrounding tissue in the body.

Before the advent of all of the sun screens that offer UV protection, many people would sit in the sun for hours.

Another type of skin cancer that is considered more serious is malignant melanoma. In terms of occurrence, this type of skin cancer is rarer than the others. However when it does occur early treatment is mandatory to ensure the greatest chance of survival. Skin cancer has become much more common in recent years. This is mainly due to the fact that medical research has indicated that exposure to the damaging rays of the sun can increase a person's chances of getting the disease, considerably.


In the case of basal cell carcinoma, the skin cancer will appear as a raised bump on the skin. Although not reddish in color, in some cases you will be able to see blood vessels within the growth. If you are suffering from squamous cell carcinoma than the growth will be reddish in color; it may also be in the form of an ulcer which doesn't heal. The most serious form of skin cancer, malignant melanoma, has a brownish or black color to them. Quite often they appear and you might consider it to be a new mole. It's important to realize that new moles do not grow on adults and if you notice a new growth that is dark in color it is most likely skin cancer.


Another indication that you have this most serious form of skin cancer is that an existing mole has changed. The shape of color of it may be different and in this case it's important that you seek out medical treatment as soon as possible. The minor forms of skin cancer normally require treatment by surgery. The affected area is removed during a surgical procedure. If you have a minor skin cancer your oncologist will explain the procedures and the risks involved to you.


If the skin cancer has gone untreated or you are suffering from malignant melanoma, the treatment is significantly different. Skin cancer in this situation may have spread to surrounding organs or into the lymphatic system.


Your oncologist is the person who is best qualified to explain and discuss all treatment options with you.


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Help Raise £7 million for Cancer Research


The 25th November 2005 marked the second anniversary of the death of Joanne Sutherland. The much loved spouse and mum-of-two young boys, who were just 3 and 5 then, was taken by cancer at age 36. Her death shocked those closest to her and took just seven months after the initial diagnosis. This sparked a burning desire to raise £7 million pounds for Cancer Research in her memory. £1 million pounds for each year Joanne and I spent together.


If you are a cancer patient or are close to someone who is, please, if nothing else, make use of the free resources detailed below.


In 2003, the year of Joanne's death, between the UK and the United States alone, around 600,000 people lost their lives to this killer disease. Exactly 154,547 people in the UK and over half a million in the States. You can help towards this and at the same time benefit in many ways yourself. How can you help raise £7 million for Cancer Research and transform your own life at the same time? Get the info at the bottom of this article. Colon cancer is a common cancer diagnosed in many people today and not just in the elderly. As I was soon to realize, in some cases this can be fatal. Joanne died from colon cancer, which was the primary source. The cancer then spread to her liver.


Is there anything you can do to try and prevent a similar situation?

7 Steps to Aid Cancer Prevention

1. Strange But True "Drink more Water"

Internationally renowned researcher and author Dr F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. says, "It is chronic unintentional dehydration that causes pain and disease, including cancer in the body" You should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day minimum.


2. The Budwig Diet

Whilst this may not be the most appetizing food to tickle your taste pallet, it does have backing from eminent people in the field. This is purely a combination of Flaxseed (Linseed) oil and cottage cheese. For more information you can visit The Cancer Cure Foundation website. Exact details of how to prepare and mix the ingredients are available. FREE.


3. If it does not feel right get it checked - Then Double Checked

When Joanne first went to the GP she was told that it was a kidney infection. It was not until the symptoms did not respond to the antibiotics prescribed and called for a return visit that possible colon cancer was then diagnosed. After further more in-depth tests, this second diagnoses was confirmed along with secondary liver cancer. Moral: Get it checked and if need be get a second opinion, sooner rather than later.


4. Brandon Bays - The Journey

Here is a fantastic and extraordinary woman who discovered a tumour the size of a basketball in her stomach. However through sheer guts, determination and a highly charged positive attitude she beat the tumor and now lives a healthy balanced life.


5. Are Some Soft Drinks Killing You?

This is a controversial issue. However, it is claimed that some soft drinks can kill and cause cancer. When you consider that some fizzy soft drinks are used to remove rust from battery terminals it makes you wonder what that will do to your insides. Go to any search engine and type in "killer cola" or similar keyword phrases and use your own judgment.


6. Stress & Depression

Studies have shown that stress and depression can cause certain forms of cancer. Emotional stress can weaken the immune system and disable its ability fight against cancerous cells. You can't be ecstatically happy every minute of every day. But, there are ways and means to reduce stress levels and cure depression. There is a multitude of great books and online info. It's just a case of finding the best information to suit your particular needs


7. General Diet and Exercise

There is enough media coverage for us all to know what foods are healthy and which ones are not. Try and avoid low nutritional and fatty type foods as much as possible.


Exercise does not mean you have to rush out and join a gym. Even a 30-minute brisk walk every day will help.

It does not matter where in the world you live cancer knows no boundaries or age limitations. Practically all research information is shared especially between the UK and the United States.

You can help towards irradiating this silent killer.


To find out more please visit

Find FREE resources for cancer prevention and cure at these sites


Sugar Fuels Cancer Cells

Unless you go to a naturopathic doctor, the treatment for cancer is chemo-therapy or radiation. Nary a word about nutrition, nutrition that can be a great help in curing or putting cancer into remission. More than 70 years ago, Otto Warburg, Ph.D. won the Nobel Prize in medicine when he discovered that cancer cells require glucose (sugar) for growth. Actually all cells require glucose for growth, but cancer cells need 4 to 5 times as much glucose than normal healthy cells. In fact, cancer cells are unable to multiply without glucose.

It seems astonishing to me that that simple knowledge hasn't become Rule Number One in the battle to cure cancer. STOP EATING SUGAR IMMEDIATELY!!!!!


Cancer Patients

Cancer cells multiply at an accelerated rate in their rush to grow tumors.

It stands to reason then, since all cells require energy to multiply, that cells multiplying at an accelerated rate would have the highest requirement for energy. Cutting off the energy source is similar to cutting off the blood supply, though not quite as drastic, it's a step well worth taking. Now don't misunderstand, we're not saying eliminate sugar and you'll cure cancer, what we are saying is that by eliminating sugar in the diet, you gave a great assist to whatever treatment is being given to curing the cancer or in putting it into remission. Another assist in the fight against cancer, is your white blood cells. It is your number one anti-cancer defense. White blood cells are primarily made from protein and for cancer patients it underscores the need to be eating protein rich foods on a regular basis such as organic whole milk, eggs, yogurt, almonds, and organic meats.


Additionally, research performed around the world in major medical centers have found that cruciferous vegetables which include broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, kohlrabi, watercress and cauliflower, contain a variety of cancer fighting chemicals. Vegetables of the lily family, notably garlic, leeks, shallots and onions boost cancer defenses through a variety of mechanisms. Enzymes such as superoxide dismutase, which is found in our Roibos Tea, is another strong defender against cancer. Eating healthy goes a long way in preventing and aiding in the cure of cancer. Eating unhealthy foods can defeat you and cause you to lose the battle.


Cleansing your arteries is another good step to follow as it will improve your blood flow. Improved blood flow will deliver more oxygen to your cells and increased oxygen is another way to help defeat cancer, because cancer cells do not do well in the presence of oxygen. Learn to eat healthy and you probably will never get cancer, but if you do have cancer, eating healthy as described above will give your doctor a major assist in curing you of the disease.


Ira Marxe is the CEO of Good Health Supplement and the manufacturer of a antioxidant product that contains the ingredient superoxide dismutase. Learn how you can fortify your immune system and fight off unwanted illnesses. For complete details, visit ....

New test to check on Skin Cancer danger

Sun-seekers concerned about the threat of skin cancer can now take a quick test to find out how badly they might have been damaged. The scientific test, whose launch comes as holiday-makers make their plans to top up their tans during warm Christmas breaks, can quickly determine how much damage sunbathers have inflicted on their skin over many years. Numerous campaigns have attempted to inform sun-seekers of the dangers from ultraviolet radiation linked with getting the perfect tan. Despite this, cases of skin cancer continue to rise with more than six thousand new cases of malignant melanoma, the most deadly type of skin cancer, diagnosed in the UK. Rates of skin cancer are going up rapidly among teenagers and young adults, with cases doubling in the last twenty years. Only last month the increased use of sunbeds and beach holidays were blamed for skin cancer becoming more common.


The new test, called Skin-physical, draws on work by skin cancer experts at Newcastle University, together with Canadian company Genesis Genomics. The Skin-Physical test is being offered via branches of the court house clinics. Patients who opt for the test will give a small sample of their skin from just above the elbow. The sample is sent off for the laboratory tests and the results are used to provide customised sun-safety advice, that is available within a couple of days. The advice the test can provide you with is such as the appropriate sun protection factor and star rating of sun cream patients should use and further advice on how to apply it.


It also informs patients about behaviour changes they should make to increase their sun protection and would allow them to enjoy the sun, but to enjoy it more safely.


Edward Bennett,
Online PR for Court House Clinic, Cosmetic Surgery.

Easing the Stress of Cancer 

It is the diagnosis that no one wants to hear. Despite years of research, the word "cancer" continues to strike fear into the hearts of men, women, and children. While the detection of cancer is no longer a death sentence, there is always the possibility that cancer will accelerate the end of one's life. With a diagnosis of cancer, one comes face-to-face with one's own mortality. There are a number of stressful aspects to a cancer diagnosis. Primary among these is the possibility that the cancer will be fatal. As a result, cancer can cause tremendous stress to one's interpersonal relationships. Your family and friends may be on edge, worrying that you might die. You may also be short-tempered because you're not certain how many more days you might have to live. You may be frustrated and anxious and may find it difficult to sleep.


Sun bathing was very popular and people would sit exposed to the sun rays oblivious to the fact that they might be setting themselves up for a case of skin cancer later in life. Research now suggests that each time a person receives sunburn or even a dark suntan they are increasing their risk of developing skin cancer by 50%. This is troubling to people who enjoyed basking in the sun when they were young. There are some things that a person can do to treat skin cancer early. One is to be aware of any and all markings on your body. This means regularly checking your skin, including your back, for any new growths or changes in moles. If you notice any ulcers on the skin that do not heal or any discoloration of the skin it's wise to seek out a professional opinion.


Cancer can also lead to a great deal of financial stress. There are bills for doctors, for treatments, for medication, for surgery. At times, the costs can seem staggering. While your health insurance might cover part of the expense, you yourself might have to shoulder the rest of the cost. If you were barely getting by before your diagnosis, you might find it especially difficult dealing with the financial aspect of cancer.


The process of chemotherapy itself can be highly stressful. To begin with, you will not feel as energetic as you usually are, leaving you with the stress of wondering how you will get everything done. Also, you may feel nauseated, making it difficult for you to complete your work at the office or your work at home. Finally, losing your hair to chemotherapy can be quite a stressful experience. You have to decide how to handle your baldness--whether you will invest in a wig, a scarf, or just "go natural." The baldness is particularly stressful for women, who tend to base a great deal of their self-image on how they look.


Realizing that cancer will put you under a great deal of stress is half the battle. Then, you must learn to deal effectively with your stress. For some cancer patients, this means engaging in relaxation exercises. For instance, you might envision that your white blood cells are eating up cancer cells. You might picture the cancer leaving your body, and your body being left healthy as a result. Or you might picture your cancer washing away to the sea. Such mind relaxation techniques can leave you with a more upbeat, enthusiastic attitude and can be highly beneficial in your recovery.


Another stress-reliever is spending some time reading inspirational works. Whether you draw your inspiration from Ronald Reagan or Mother Teresa, reading about how famous people overcame difficulties can help you as you battle your own demons. Such works can be greatly uplifting, giving you the courage and strength necessary to battle cancer heroically. You might also be able to reduce cancer-related stress by changing your diet. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can improve both your physical health and your mental outlook. In this way, you will be better able to handle the stresses of cancer treatment.


Yet another effective stress-reducing technique is to join a support group of cancer survivors. This can be tremendously beneficial to your overall well-being. You'll gain strength from listening to the experiences of other men and women who are facing the same challenges you are. And the fellowship that results from group meetings can aid you in your recovery.


There is no easy way to deal with the stress of cancer. It is a debilitating disease which can sap your physical strength and deplete your emotional reserves. It can leave you feeling battle-scarred and may, at times, lead to a feeling of hopelessness. The good news is that recovery rates are better than ever before--especially when the cancer is caught early. There is a good chance that you will be able to survive cancer, and your recovery could add years to your life. If at any time you find the stress of cancer to be overwhelming, make sure that you mention it to your doctor. He or she might be able to assist you with additional coping strategies that can help you deal with this devastating illness.


Tony Robinson is a husband, parent, webmaster and international author. Leading a full and busy lifestyle he is fully aware of the needs of a stress free life. For tips, techniques and further information visit


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