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Lesbians Are Less Likely To Develop Cancer

London, UK

Women who engage in regular sexual activity with men are ten times more likely to developed Cervical Cancer compared to women who do not have men as sexual partners. It is not known what causes Cervical Cancer but certain lifestyles are known to show a direct correlation between contracting the disease and living disease free.


A woman has a higher risk of developing Cervical Cancer if she:

- Has had many Sexual Partners

- Started having sex early. I.e.: Before she was 18 years old.

- Has a partner who has had sexual contact with a woman with cervical cancer.

Women with very advanced cancers often require combinations of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Symptoms of Cervical Cancer Include:

Abnormal Bleeding, Heavy and long periods, General discomfort, strange Vaginal discharge. Cervical Cancer is generally detected through a Pap Smear test, doctors recommend woman go for a Pap Smear every year after they turn eighteen or become sexually active, Should a woman discover that she has Cervical Cancer, is can be treated in a number of ways: Laser surgery,Cryosurgery (Freezing of the Cancerous cells),LEEP (Removal of cells with a thin wire heated by electricity).


For example, a woman who has had cervical cancer should:

Not smoke

Avoid excessive alcohol use

Exercise as soon and as much as permissible

Choose a diet that includes low-fat, high-fibre foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains (Physicians may recommend a low- fibre diet for women who experience diarrhoea or cramping as a result of radiation therapy)


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Flax Seed: Does Omega-3 Reduce Cancer Risk


Primary Source of Omega-6

The primary sources of omega-6 are corn, soy, canola, safflower and sunflower oil; these oils are overabundant in the typical diet, which explains our excess omega-6 levels. Avoid or limit these oils. Omega-3, meanwhile, is typically found in flaxseed oil, walnut oil, and fish. However, flax seed oil is the best oil where Omega-3 and Omega-6 are balanced.


Also discussed will be the affects of our western diet on omega-3 levels and the latest research on the cardiovascular, heart, and the other health benefits of omega-3 compounds.


Benefits of Omega-3 Oil

In this Omega-3 benefits and facts section you will learn the basics about omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFA) from fish oils and their function in our bodies. In addition there is a section on vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 antioxidants - other critical nutrients that have a synergistic role with omega-3 fatty acids. You will also find out more about Flax Seed oil and its role in our overall health.


Relationship Between Omega-3 and Cancer

Cancer is less common in communities that eat large amounts of fish, and the reason is thought to be the presence in fish of the long chain omega-3 polyunsaturates. Japanese women, for example, eat a lot of fish, and have a very low rate of breast, cancer. Men who eat fish frequently have a lower risk of prostate cancer. Stomach and intestinal cancers also appear to be less common in fish eaters. It is difficult to be specific about this though, because in such studies, there are often several factors that are different, and which could explain the lower cancer incidence.


Omega-3 Reduce Cancer Risk

Laboratory studies have provided more support to the idea that the omega-3 polyunsaturates can reduce cancer risk. For example, tests have shown that cancer-treating drugs work more effectively when there is a good level of omega-3 polyunsaturates in the diet. In summary, it can be said that taking Omega 3 and Omega 6 supplements can help curb cancer causing cells. Many doctors recommend that their patients take Flax Seed oil as it contains a balanced ration between Omega-3 and Omega-6 oil.


Omega-3 fatty acids accumulate to a considerable extent in various sites including circulating blood platelets, the heart and serum phospholipid. The accumulation of EPA and DHA in platelets is associated with decreased platelet adhesiveness and aggregation and an overall reduction in thrombogenicity. Antiatherogenic effects of omega-3 fatty acids have also been shown in animal studies.


Omega-3 For Health

Omega-3 fatty acid, may protect against the accumulation of a protein believed to be linked to Alzheimer's disease, according to the results of a new animal study published in the March 2005 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience. This study specifically investigated one particular kind of omega 3 fatty acids - DHA Docosahexaenoic acid.


Fish Oil, Flax Seed Oil

Overall, strong evidence shows that fish oils have a strong, dose-dependent beneficial effect on triglyceride levels. There also is evidence of possible small beneficial effects on blood pressure and coronary artery restenosis after angioplasty, exercise capacity in patients with coronary atherosclerosis, and heart rate variability, particularly in patients with recent MI. Therefore, it is recommended that we have our daily does of Flax Seed oil as it contains high levels of Omega-3 oil that is essential to our health.


Omega 3 is essential for the function and structure of the brain and improve cognition, memory, moods and concentration. Do find out more about Flax Seed Benefits today!


Breast Cancer Treatment, learn all about it! by Nguang Nguek-Fluek


Women who have received a diagnosis for breast cancer usually follow some sort of treatment to cure it or at least keep it under control. The best breast cancer treatment option depends on several factors, such as the location and size of the tumor, the stage of the disease and the results of laboratory tests. Most breast cancer treatment options include a surgery as well. The common types of surgery are lumpectomy and mastectomy. Some women follow an additional treatment as well, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and medication, in order to stop the cancer from growing and spreading.


Cancer Information

Lumpectomy means removing the tumor in the breast through surgery.


Many women prefer this breast cancer treatment because it allows them to keep most of their breast. Lumpectomy is usually performed on Stage 0, Stage I or Stage II cancers and rarely on Stage III breast cancer. When combined with a six-week radiation therapy, it is referred to as "breast-conserving therapy".



Mastectomy is the removal of the whole breast through surgery and often some or all of the axillary lymph nodes as well. It is performed in Stage 0, I, II or III breast cancers and rarely on Stage IV breast cancer. Although this breast cancer treatment involves the removal of the entire breast, further reconstruction is generally possible.


Lymph Node Removal

This surgical procedure involves removing some or all of the underarm lymph nodes. It is usually performed on patients who have undergone a mastectomy to check whether the cancer has spread outside the breast or not. Sentinel node biopsy is a newer procedure which allows the removal of only the sentinel lymph node to evaluate cancer spread. A potential side effect of this breast cancer treatment is lymphedema (the chronic swelling of the patient's arm).



Chemotherapy is a breast cancer treatment with anticancer drugs, normally administered either orally or intravenously. It can be used alone or in combination with surgical treatments. The drug flows through the blood stream and is aimed to interfere with the DNA of cancer cells.



Radiation therapy is a type of breast cancer treatment that uses high-energy rays to end the growing and dividing of cancer cells. It deposits energy in the affected area, damaging the genetic material and stopping the growth of cancer cells. Though it damages normal cells as well, these are usually able to repair themselves after treatment.


Medication Therapy

There is a wide variety of drugs that can be used in breast cancer treatment, either alone or in combination with a surgical procedure. The most common medicine is tamoxifen, which blocks the estrogen in the breast, thus helping slow the growth and dividing of cancer cells. Other medications include Herceptin, Ellence, Taxol, Docetaxel and Aromasin and they are used to treat different forms of breast cancer.


With the fast developing of medical technologies, more and more breast cancers can be treated successfully. However, breast cancer is still a cause of death for a large number of women worldwide. Regular breast examination is essential to ensure you discover any possible disease in time and get a treatment to cure it.


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Breast Cancer, learn all about it! by Nguang Nguek-Fluek

Our bodies are made of small structures called cells, which can only be seen through a microscope. Several cells from tissues and organs, such as liver, brain, kidneys or lungs, each with a different function. Normally, our cells divide and multiply by themselves, ensuring the growth and repairing of body tissues. A disease can interfere with this normal cycle in a variety of ways.



Sometimes there is an abnormal cell growth, causing a tumor or a swelling. Tumors that do not extend to other areas are called benign. Once they are treated, sometimes through surgery, they do not cause other problems. Cancers are malignant tumors that begin in a similar way to benign tumors, but they spread to other organs and tissues. The area where malignant tumors are originated is called primary cancer. The further spread is known as secondary cancer or metastasis.


How Cancer Develops

Cancer starts developing from a single cell. A cell can turn cancerous in several ways: ? It starts to divide and doesn't have a safety catch to end the dividing process so it continues indefinitely. ? It becomes unable to identify damage to DNA or repair that damage, so it carries on living with it. ? It becomes unable to perceive neighboring cells and interact with them the normal way. The proteins that help control the dividing process sometimes become dysfunctional. This may lead to cells starting to behave atypically an and multiply incontrollable. When they are multiplying too much, they can form a lump, which is characteristic too many types of cancer, including breast cancer.


How Cancer Spreads

There are two transport systems that go through our body: the blood system and the lymphatic system. The lymph usually helps the body to fight infections. Breast cancer can sometimes spread to lymph nodes. Actually, the way these lymph nodes evolve is a good indicator for whether the cancer is likely to return or not. Breast cancer cells break away from the lump and move to surrounding tissues. Eventually, they are carried by the bloodstream and lymphatic system to other body parts. There they can develop into new tumors, which are called "secondaries" or "metastases".


Secondary Breast Cancer

Secondary cancer is the stage when breast cancer cells have moved to other body parts also and formed new tumors. It is also called metastasis. In breast cancer, the spread commonly occurs to liver, bones or lungs. The primary cancer is located in the breast. The secondary cancer is breast cancer as well, but it has evolved to invading other parts of the body and forming tumors there. When this happens, the cancer can no longer be cure. However, with good medication, it can be controlled for a long period of time.


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Signs of Breast Cancer, learn all about it! by Nguang Nguek-Fluek


Recognizing the signs of breast cancer is very important and can save your life. If the illness is discovered early, there is a high chance it is successfully treated and even cured. The main sign of breast cancer for both men and women is a lump. However, most lumps are not malignant. Often, these lumps are not painful. Other symptoms of breast cancer include: ? Unexpected bloody or clear nipple discharge ? Inverted nipple ? A change in breast size or shape ? Indentation or flattening of the breast skin ? Reddened or pitted skin, similar to an orange peel


Non-cancerous Breast Conditions There are several factors that can cause these symptoms other than breast cancer. In addition to the normal changes that take place during a menstrual cycle or pregnancy, there are also other frequent non-cancerous breast conditions, such as: FIBROCYSTIC CHANGES Fibrocystic changes can make your breast feel granular or ropy. This breast condition is extremely frequent, affecting at least half of all women. Fibrocystic changes are not usually a sign of breast cancer and don't increase the risk of developing breast cancer either. When the breast feels very lumpy, self-examining them can be quite difficult.


However, being familiar with what is normal and what is a reason of concern can help you detect new lumps easier. CYSTS Cysts filled with fluid are also frequent in women between the ages of 35 and 50. Their size varies from tiny ones to the size of an egg. These cysts are usually not a sign of breast cancer either. Their size sometimes increases until the menstruation and they disappear completely afterwards. They are less common in women who no longer have a menstrual cycle.


FIBROADENOMAS Fibroadenomas are benign tumors that are frequent in women during reproductive years. They are smooth and rubbery lumps with a clear shape and move under the skin when touched. Fibroadenomas are generally painless. They can change their size over time, becoming smaller or larger and sometimes disappearing completely. Though a physician can usually detect fibroadenomas through a clinical exam, a tissue sample may be necessary as well.


INFECTIONS Mastitis or breast infections are also frequent in women who have just stopped breast-feeding, but can also develop in women who have not been breast-feeding. The breast skins can be reddened, lumpy and warm and the underarm lymph nodes may also swell. Some women also feel ill and get fever. Mastitis is not a sign of breast cancer either, but it does require treatment. TRAUMa Sometimes a blow or bruise to your breast can also cause a lump. However, this is not a sign of breast cancer and doesn't increase the risk of getting the disease either. CALCIUM DEPOSITS Calcium deposits can develop anywhere in your breast and appear on a mammogram also. Most women have several calcium deposits of different sizes.


These microcalcifications are often caused by cellular debris, secretion from cells, inflammation, prior radiation or trauma. They are not caused by calcium supplements. Most calcium deposits are not a sign of breast cancer. However, some of them are precancerous or even cancer. Your physician will probably recommend further testing if any of them appears suspicious. If you discover a lump through breast self-examination and your haven't gone through menopause yet, there is no need to panic. You can wait until the menstrual cycle ends to consult a doctor, as most lumps will disappear until then. However, if breast changes persist for longer than a month, go to a doctor and have a breast exam as soon as possible.


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Overcoming Cancer With Natures Help

Fifteen Years ago I was diagnosed with Cancer. That horrible word we associate with death. At the time I was in what I would call the prime of my life. Thirty-eight years young, a son graduating Hi-School, and the Perfect Wife. Life in general was good and I had made so many lans for our future. Hearing the word Cancer and Having a Dr. look into your eyes and say "You Have Cancer" are two completely differant animals. To be quite honest, nothing can shake a man's soul and test a man's faith as much as an assault on his core belief's and his life's plans. Keeping this in mind I underwent two very serious surgery's and a very aggressive Chemo-campaign to kill this Cancer that had began to try and kill me.


It should be stated that when Cervical Cancer is treated their is a 85% - 90% Survival rate. Follow-up testing helps to determine whether the woman remains cancer-free or needs additional treatment. Healthy living habits also can speed the recovery process and reduce the likelihood that cancer will recur.


Over the course of my Chemo, I had much care and support from my family and at that time I thought in my own minds eye the Hospital and all of my Doctors were trying to kill me or that the chemo was going to fry me through and through so the staff could serve me up for a late night dinner.:) Literally, I was burning inside and out, what I might call, well done and ready to serve! At about my weakest hour God sent his angel of mercy to my door, that being a sister-in-law who was at the time a practicing nurse, and she recommended for me to start Juicing fruits and vegetables for my recovery time to be sped up.


Yea, Right!! During that time I would have tried anything to stop the intense burning feeling. My wife started me out on eight glass of carrots a day. As a refresher I ask her to start adding a few apples to the drink and even crushed Ice. Soon I found I was being so refreshed with apples and carrot's, we began adding oranges to this miracle healer. The effects were so immediate that i couldn't get enough of this Nature Drink! I began planning and preparing for these drinks as my chemo cycles were winding down and to my astonishment the pain and suffering from it was becoming a thing of the past.


We have since become addicted to these healthy miracle drinks and have made them a part of our everyday lives choosing to mix vegetables and fruits and will always be so thankful for Nature's Way of healing. This is not at all to brag, but at 53 years young, I do believe I'm the only old man on my block that can still bench press 300lb. There are many recipes to be found and God willing ever before you get sick, start now to improve your daily health with Nature's Nutrients and Vitamins. May God Bless and Keep You And Yours, Vernon Cook


Vernon Cook , 53 years young, and have great regard for those online who have the ability and knowledge to make a living online. My efforts are going well in this area and would love to teach others how to profit online.


Bone Cancer - When the bone cancer originates in the bone itself, it is categorised as primary bone cancer and when it spreads from a cancer elsewhere in the body it is known as secondary bone cancer.


Breast Cancer Happens - Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare cancer that happens in a very small percentage of women. It is an aggressive type of locally advanced cancer.


Breast Cancer Increases - It may not be the same case for all patients. With the increasing knowledge about the cures and treatment breast cancer can be treated very easily.

Weight Loss Efforts - Any food that we take into our bodies is composed of macronutrients, micronutrients and water. The macronutrients (macro = large) are protein, fat and carbohydrates; the micronutrients (micro = small) are vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Weight Loss Surgery - Anyone who has ever had to lose weight can attest to the enormous commitment the endeavor demands. Dropping pounds requires you to substantially alter your life style. Eating habits must be changed, physical activity must be incorporated and a general healthier approach to living must be embraced.
Bed Wetting Solution - If you have a bed wetting boy you may be frustrated with what is happening. There are many reasons why this may be happening to your child. It may be something that has nothing to do with what you think either. There are many children in the US that face problems with bed wetting. Most of these individuals will face a wide range of reasons why it is happening too.


Lung Cancer Prevention - In this article I am going to cover options for treating breast cancer, once it has been diagnosed. Unlike years ago when options for treatment were few and not very effective, today there are many options for treating breast cancer, many with excellent results and chances for full recovery, depending on the type of breast cancer and how advanced it is.


Reflux Homeopathic Remedy - Because prescription medications can sometimes have unwanted side effects, many people look for alternatives such as an acid reflux homeopathic remedy or an acid reflux herb. Like most prescription medications, a genuine acid reflux homeopathic remedy is not designed to be taken for long periods of time. Once symptoms are no longer present, use should be discontinued.


Adequate Stomach Acid - The body has an armory of ways to prevent acid reflux disease but if any of these are prevented from occurring the body has very few mechanisms left to alleviate the suffering that is associated with the chronic disease. Most reflux occurs during the daytime, but during the day the top halves of our body are upright meaning that the reflux automatically flows back down to the stomach and any problems are prevented.


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