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Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

The symptoms of ovarian cancer come into notice mostly when it grows for some time and the cancer mass becomes large enough. Some women, however, may feel some symptoms, like pelvic pain, even in the early stages. As the symptoms are vague and are often similar to those of common benign conditions, the victims often tend to ignore them. Detection of ovarian cancer is difficult in its early stages because the two small, almond shaped organs are deep within the abdominal cavity, one on each side of the uterus.

If the symptoms persist in spite of normal procedures of diet change, exercise, or the use of laxatives, the patient should not delay in consulting a doctor.

Among the common initial symptoms are bloating, pressure, pain or discomfort caused by fluid buildup or masses within the abdominal cavity. Fluid may also accumulate around the lungs, causing breathing problems, in case the cancer spreads to the diaphragm. Because of the pressure on the stomach, one can also lose appetite or experience a feeling of fullness even after an extremely light meal. When the tumor begins exerting pressure on the bowel or bladder, the victim may experience nausea, vomiting, gas, diarrhea, constipation, or frequent urination. Some other symptoms, though not so frequent, are fever, vaginal bleeding and lower backache. One may also experience unexplained weight gain or loss, abnormal fatigue or changes in bowel habits.


If these vague symptoms persist over four to six weeks, it is wise to go for a thorough recto-vaginal examination. In recto-vaginal pelvic examination, the doctor simultaneously inserts one finger in the rectum and one in the vagina.


Ovarian Cancer provides detailed information on Ovarian Cancer, Ovarian Cancer Symptoms, Ovarian Cancer Treatments, Ovarian Cancer Stages and more. Ovarian Cancer is affiliated with Mesotherapy Before And After.


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Beta-sitosterol have Anti-Cancer Effects, Controlling Cholesterol, Boosts Immunity


What is Beta-sitosterol?
Beta-sitosterol is plant sterol found in almost all plants. It is one of the main subcomponents of a group of plant sterols known as phytosterols. It is white in colour and waxy in nature. It has a chemical structure that is very similar to cholesterol. High levels of Beta-sitosterol are found in rice bran, wheat germ, corn oils, and soybeans Beta-sitosterol is the most abundant phytosterol in the diet. (See Phytosterols.) It is also widely distributed in the plant kingdom and found in such botanicals as Serenoa repens (saw palmetto), Curcurbita pepo (pumpkin seed) and Pygeum africanum. These three botanicals are used in the herbal management of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). There is some belief that beta-sitosterol plays some role in the possible benefits of these herbs in BPH.


Beta-sitosterol itself is used as a medicine in Europe for BPH. INDICATIONS AND USAGE
Beta-sitosterol may be helpful in some with BPH.


Three studies reviewed used nonglucoside beta-sitosterols, and one used a preparation of pure beta-sitosterol-beta-d-glucoside.

A review of four double-blind, placebo-controlled studies that tested the efficacy of beta-sitosterol in men with symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia concluded that the phytosterol significantly improved urological symptoms and flow measure in those subjects. These trials included 519 men and lasted four to 26 weeks. The latter did not improve flow volume. The reviewers cautioned that, despite positive results to date, "the existing studies are limited by short treatment and lack of standardized beta-sitosterol preparations. Their long-term effectiveness, safety and ability to prevent the complications of benign prostatic hyperplasia are unknown.


The benefits of Beta Sitosterol are as follows:-

Beta-sitosterol Controlling Cholesterol
Beta-sitosterol has been known to reduce cholesterol levels over the last three decades. Its close chemical resemblance to cholesterol enables it to block the absorption of cholesterol by competitive inhibition. Although beta-sitosterol is not well absorbed by the body (5-10%), when consumed with cholesterol it effectively blocks cholesterol's absorption, resulting in lower serum cholesterol levels. Beta-sitosterol has also been shown to improve lipoprotein (HDL, LDL) profiles.


Beta-sitosterol Promoting Prostate Health
In preventing and treating prostrate problems like benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), herbs such as saw palmetto extract, Pygeum africanum, and stinging nettle and pumpkin seeds are recommended.


Beta-sitosterol Anti-Cancer Effects
Beta-sitosterol acts against cancer. It is found to reduce the growth of human prostate and colon cancer cells. It also acts against lymphocytic leukemia.


It appears that diets high in vegetables and fruits prevent cancer to a certain degree. Soybeans are superb sources of protein that reduces the risk of cancer too. Beta-sitosterol is one of the key compounds in soybeans that suppress carcinogenosis.


Beta-sitosterol Boosts Immunity
Beta-sitosterol may give a boost to competitive athletes who often suffer from immune suppression and reduced inflammatory response during their intense training periods and competitions.


Beta-sitosterol Normalizes Blood Sugar
Beta-sitosterol has been shown to normalize blood sugar and insulin levels in Type II diabetics by stimulating the release of insulin in the presence of non-stimulatory glucose concentrations, and inhibiting glucose-6-phosphatase. In the liver, the enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase is the primary pathway for conversion of dietary carbohydrates to blood sugar. Glucose-6-phosphatase dephosphorylates glucose-6-phosphate to yield free D-glucose. Free D-glucose passes into the blood, thus elevating blood sugar levels.

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Alcohol Stimulates Cancer Development


Alcohol Stimulates Cancer Development

by Dr Laurence Magne, publisher of Alternative Health Ebooks and Author of Cancer Free for Life

Researchers are now making a strong association between alcohol use and cancers of the esophagus, pharynx, and mouth, whereas another study links alcohol with liver, breast, and colorectal cancers. Together, these cancers kill more than 125,000 people annually in the United States. For the first time scientists have demonstrated how alcohol stimulates tumor growth.


Valuable Cancer Information

Their study, published in the January 15, 2005 issue of Cancer, says alcohol fuels the production of a growth factor that stimulates blood vessel development in tumors.

For almost a hundred years mounting evidence has linked alcohol use to an increased risk of cancers of the stomach, esophagus, liver, breast, and colon. Researchers were never able to explain how alcohol may cause cancer.

Theories suggests that the acetaldehyde found in alcohol, dietary imbalances, and impaired nutrient metabolism and the inability of the body to detoxify due to alcohol consumption, activation of precancerous enzymes, and suppression of the immune system.

<h3> 8 Times More Cancer Cells </h3>


The investigators found that compared to their control group, the subjects who had been exposed to high alcohol consumption experienced increases in tumor size, tumor blood vessel density, cancer cell infiltration of blood vessels. Tumor volume and vascular volume more than doubled. They had more than eight times the level of cancer cell invasion of blood vessels compared to the control group.


These findings support the hypothesis that alcohol represents an important mechanism of cancer progression associated with alcoholic beverage consumption. A recent study indicates that as few as two drinks per day can suppress any beneficial effects of a "correct" diet on decreasing risk of colon cancer. Although the study suggests that a diet high in folic acid, a B vitamin found in fresh fruits and vegetables, decreases the risk for colon cancer, it also warns that alcohol consumption may counter this protective action and increase the risk for colon cancer by reducing folic acid levels.


Suppression of immune response. Alcoholism has been associated with suppression of the immune system. Immune suppression makes chronic alcohol users more susceptible to various infectious diseases, and to cancer.

For more information go to

Dr Laurence Magne


Cancer and Planet Earth

Remember when it was safe to make ice cream from snow, drink from creeks in the wilderness, eat worms (you DID, didn’t you?!), and breathe the air? I suspect folks under 30 are wondering what fantasy world I’m talking about. That is profoundly sad to me because it means (1) that we have spoiled what was once a pristine planet, and (2) that some people have never experienced a world without poisoned land, water, and air.


Cancer and Planet Earth

“Cancer is now the leading cause of death for individuals under age 85”. Almost half of men, and more than one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in his or her lifetime. Some of the cancers that have increased rapidly in the last 20-30 years include melanoma, lymphomas, testicular, brain, and bone marrow cancers.1 These are terrible odds! Fortunately many cancers are survivable if diagnosed and treated early enough.


It is well-established that cancer “evolves from a complicated combination of multiple exposures.” 2 Which is why the origin of a cancer is not always easy to identify, and one reason that minimizing exposure to toxins is imperative. Another reason to minimize your toxic exposures where you can, is that many come to us insidiously, like thieves in the night, stealing our health and well-being stealthily and silently.


Involuntary vs. Voluntary Exposures: Involuntary exposures to carcinogens and other toxins are determined by where we live, play, work, and visit, and are essentially imposed upon us. For example: radon, arsenic, and other naturally occurring toxins in the soil and water; toxins in the materials of buildings where we live, work, study, or play; pollution from industry located in our air- and water-sheds—these are all imposed upon us and so out of our control.


By contrast, voluntary exposures could include dietary choices, smoking, hobbies, and household chemicals. [“Voluntary” is not as clear-cut as it first appears: for example, in the instance of children, poverty, and disability.] If we aren’t limiting at least the voluntary exposures, good health starts looking more like a crapshoot every day!


A philosophical and ethical question emerges here:

Are occupational exposures voluntary or involuntary? --And What is our responsibility? I have a very strong opinion about the responsibility of the individual, but I would love to know what you think about this issue. After you’ve pondered it, or even while you ponder it, please write and tell me your opinions and thoughts. Thanks! 1 Environmental & Occupational Causes of Cancer. Lowell Center for Sustainable Production 2 ibid


Cathy Verrét, Product Awareness Consulting, LLC 541-345-7084 (Eugene, Oregon) or e-mail: Visit our website: We’re happy to answer your questions about chemical health and safety, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and Hazard Communication


Can you be cancer free for life and drink alcohol?


Can you be cancer free for life and drink alcohol?

Are you at risk?

Cancer kills an estimated 526,000 Americans yearly, second only to heart disease. The most common cancers in the United States are cancer of the lung, large bowel, and breast. Rothman, K.J. in Preventive Medicine 9(2):174-179, 1980, found that there is now considerable evidence to suggest a connection between heavy alcohol consumption and increased risk for cancer, with an estimated 2 to 4 % of all cancer cases thought to be caused either directly or indirectly by alcohol. There is also a strong connection between alcohol use and cancers of the esophagus, pharynx, and mouth, whereas a more controversial association links alcohol with liver, breast, and colorectal cancers. The American Cancer Society found that together, these cancers kill more than 125,000 people annually in the United States.


Alcohol Will NOT Allow You To Be Cancer Free For Life

Research shows a link between the level of alcohol consumption and certain types of cancer. As alcohol consumption increases, so does risk of developing certain cancers, such as cancers of the upper digestive tract, the esophagus, the mouth, the pharynx, and the larynx. Other data link alcohol consumption and cancers of the liver, breast, and colon. An estimated 75 % of esophageal cancers in the United States are attributable to chronic, excessive alcohol consumption. Nearly 50 % of cancers of the mouth, pharynx, and larynx are associated with heavy drinking. People who drink large quantities of alcohol over time have an increased risk of these cancers as compared with abstainers. If they drink and smoke, the increase in risk is even more dramatic.



Prolonged, heavy drinking has been associated in many cases with primary liver cancer. However, it is liver cirrhosis, whether caused by alcohol or another factor, that is thought to induce the cancer. In the United States, liver cancer is relatively uncommon, afflicting approximately 2 people per 100,000, but excessive alcohol consumption is linked to as many as 36 percent of these cases. Alcohol CANNOT promote a cancer free for life.


Mechanisms of Alcohol-Related Cancers

Preliminary studies show that alcohol may affect cancer development at the genetic level by initiating and promoting cancer. Acetaldehyde, a product of alcohol metabolism, impairs a cell's natural ability to repair its DNA, resulting in a greater likelihood that mutations causing cancer will occur.


Alcohol assists in the development of cancer

Alcohol may act as a co-carcinogen by enhancing the cancer-provoking effects of other chemicals. The risk for mouth, tracheal, and esophageal cancer is 35 times greater for people who both smoke and drink than for people who neither smoke nor drink, implying a co-carcinogenic interaction between alcohol and tobacco-related carcinogens. Alcohol's cancer producing effect may be explained by its interaction with enzymes that normally help to detoxify substances that enter the body. Carcinogens such as those from tobacco and diet can become more potent as they pass through the esophagus, lungs, intestines, and liver and encounter the activated enzyme.



Chronic alcohol abuse may result in abnormalities in the way the body processes nutrients and promote certain types of cancer. Reduced levels of iron, zinc, vitamin E, and some of the B vitamins, common in heavy drinkers, have been experimentally associated with some cancers. Also, levels of vitamin A, hypothesized to have anticancer properties, are severely depressed in the liver and esophagus during chronic alcohol consumption. For a cancer free life, just watching your diet will not reduce your chances of developing cancer in your body.


A recent study indicates that as few as two drinks per day can suppress any beneficial effects of a "correct" diet on decreasing risk of colon cancer. Although the study suggests that a diet high in folic acid, a B vitamin found in fresh fruits and vegetables, decreases the risk for colon cancer, it also warns that alcohol consumption may counter this protective action and increase the risk for colon cancer by reducing folic acid levels.


Suppression of immune response

Alcoholism has been associated with suppression of the immune system. Immune suppression makes chronic alcohol users more susceptible to various infectious diseases, and to cancer. For your best chances to remain cancer free for life, you would be best to reduce your alcohol consumption to a minimum. This means a maximum of two alcoholic beverages NO MORE than 3 times a week.

<P align=justify>For more information go to

Dr Laurence Magne

Take Charge of Your Health To Be Cancer Free For Life

Take Charge of Your Health To Be Cancer Free For Life

Are you at risk?

If you want the results of being healthy to live Cancer Free For Life, you need to find the causes of health and follow them. You need to understand the reasons why you get sick and avoid those. Of course, this approach is in direct conflict with the more conventional philosophy of medicine that believes disease is a matter of bad luck, where people have "risks" of disease that only occur by chance.

Conventional medicine wants you to think that disease happens to you purely by chance and that you have no control over it. "It's just bad luck. There's a flu epidemic." But the reality is that disease (or a lack thereof) is entirely under your control. If you wish to be healthy and to remain Cancer Free For Life, there are certain things you can do that reliably and consistently produce a healthy outcome. And if you wish to be diseased, there are other things you can do to reliably and consistently produce disease.


As the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer are vague or silent, only a small percentage of cases are detected in the early stages. Symptoms begin to manifest themselves in the advanced stages, when tumor growth exerts pressure on the bladder and rectum, and fluid begins to form.


Researchers have found that there is a cancer personality and that there are personality traits of people who have cancer, and that there are traits unique to people who are super healthy, and have remained Cancer Free For Life. These are described in great detail in the second chapter of the book Cancer Free For Life, and there are clear steps and explanations for you to determine what personality you have, and how to change it.


This book is available on Visit us there.

It fascinates me that some people are more prone to cancer while others can remain Cancer Free For Life, even if they have cancer in their family for instance. Out of all of the research I've conducted in the past few years, the most astounding thing I've discovered is not one particular herb or nutritional supplement, but rather that the best and most powerful healing strategies, or what I call health habits, are available to you free of charge.


Some people drink grape juice or swallow massive doses of vitamin C; others pray, take herbal remedies, or simply cheer themselves on. These very diverse patients all have one thing in common, though. At a certain point in their disease, they suddenly knew, with complete certainty, that they were going to get better, as if the disease were simply a mirage, and they suddenly passed beyond it into a space where fear and despair and all sickness were nonexistent. The entered the place called perfect health and spontaneous remission. The found a place where they could be Cancer Free For Life. Was it spontaneous? Did it just <em>happen</em>?


I have spent these past years looking for what causes disease, and to find the healing mechanisms in the body. I have found that it is the same way that thousands of documented cases of people who recover from cancer, leukemia, arthritis and many other diseases use to put their disease 'in remission' and beat all the doctors' prognostis. I become fascinated with the healing system that doesn't appear in any medical books. I discovered there is a way to remain Cancer Free For Life.


Less than a third of old people show no sign of cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other generative disorders endemic to old age. Who heals the sick person anyway? And why are we not allowed to use the word "Cure"? Are people with extraordinary health super-humans, or do they have abilities we can all share and learn from? Imagine if we were taught simple disease prevention habits and strategies that cost absolutely nothing, are easy to obtain, and work to improve the health of everyone, regardless of genetic makeup or background.


All in one book, I have combined the results of the ancient healing techniques that have been forgotten. I share with you the aspects of quantum physics that I have discovered make us healthy. And it's not rocket science. I explain in clear terms how you can use them for your own life. This book is available for immediate downloading at . And as you may have guessed from the title of this book, it's all about ways that you can apply right away to take care of your health.


I must tell you right away that there is no such things as "miracle" shortcuts to health. There is no such thing as a magic weight loss pill. There is no such thing as results without effort. Where you find yourself today is the result of years of abuse to your body. You need to start changing that by making changes to your life. Cancer has been or can be your wake up call. Your life WILL change. There are some strategies that are far smarter than others. There are strategies that have a big payoff, versus others that have a small payoff.

Cancer Free For Life focuses on those strategies and methods that are available to you with the least amount of effort. It's not about taking shortcuts; it's about being efficient.


For more information go to

Dr Laurence Magne, publisher of Cancer Free for Life.


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