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"Scottish Doctor, John Beard had a Cure for Cancer 100 Years Ago!"

Scottish embryologist, John Beard proposed as long ago as 1906 that pancreatic enzymes were the body's main bulwark against cancer. Having published "Enzyme Therapy of Cancer" in 1911,his work attracted a degree of medical attention until his death in 1923. These ideas then died away only to be occasionally awakened from their slumbers by complementary therapists looking for alternative and less intrusive treatments than those offered by the Medical mainstream.


Skin Cancer Risk

In the 1960s Beard's work resurfaced in Texas, when a dentist named William Kelley started treating cancer sufferers with proteolytic enzymes.

Kelley's work was highly controversial as it flew directly in the face of orthodox cancer medical care procedures that relied heavily on radiation treatment and chemotherapy. Thus he was castigated by the media and hassled by the authorities.


New York physician and ex-Cornell Medical School graduate Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez met the Texas dentist in 1981. Instead of confronting a demon as portrayed by the press, he met a self-effacing man who like Royal Rife before him only wanted his work to be evaluated by the Academic World of Medicine. Gonzalez thought this to be a reasonable request and set out to do something about it.


Although a mere medical student at the time he elicited the help of the then Sloan Kettering President, Robert Good. Good supported Gonzalez in his quest and he was allowed to conduct a thorough case review of Kelley's work as part of his own medical studies. Nicholas Gonzalez reviewed 10,000 patient records; He interviewed and evaluated 500 of Kelley's patients who had all been diagnosed with advanced cancers. He summarized his findings in a monograph completed in 1986. His overall conclusion was that Kelley's treatment procedure resulted in an above average survival rate, with many of the sufferers enjoying an apparent regression of their disease.


In a separate chapter he took 22 pancreatic cancer patients; this form of cancer has a very low survival rate. Statistically speaking there is a 0% likelihood of surviving 5 years. Twelve of these patients visited only once and then were persuaded to quit treatment due to the negative reactions of friends, family and physicians who branded Kelley as a charlatan. These he took as his control group. They demonstrated an average survival rate of 67 days. Another 7 members of the control only partially followed the Kelley treatment. They displayed a survival ratio of approximately 7 months.


However, and much more interestingly those who followed the treatment to the letter lived for an average of a stunning 9 years! This example serves as good demonstration of the folly of following the well-intentioned yet prejudiced advice of other people!


Nicholas Gonzalez is continuing work using these protocols dating back at least 100 years and hopes to be able to raise the interest and or money to have a full-scale scientific review conducted of the effectiveness of the enzyme treatment of cancer. The price of enzyme therapy comes out at between $5,000 and $6,000 per year, which in itself is a fraction of the cost of conventional medical care. Interested in this subject? Try this link for more of the same


Alister Bredee is a freelance writer, author, lecturer, trainer and Natural Health Practitioner. See also He lives in Thailand and can be contacted at:


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Cancer Cured for 40 years and counting


Although I have a website that features an eBook about a natural solution for erectile dysfunction, today I'd like to focus on something quite different. The following is a miraculous true story about a Harvard educated physician who graduated from Yale Medical School only to develop an incurable cancer of the brain. Dr. Robert Fishbein was only 29 years old when he was diagnosed. He pounded his head against his bathroom wall...the pain was so insanely intense.


Dr. Fishbein ended up going to a doctor who was considered to be a fraud by none other than the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The 'quack' was none other than Emanuel Revici, M.D. JAMA once included Revici as an example of what they referred to as "FRAUDS AND FABLES." JAMA hasn't recanted its opinion from 56 years ago. (January 8, 1949) In fact, in 1965 JAMA bolstered their earlier position with a report on Revici entitled "Negative Results."


(October 18) The funny thing is that the last time I spoke with him a few months ago, Dr. Fishbein, who was diagnosed in 1962, was still alive and still cancer free over forty years later. So it turns out that the so-called "FRAUD" was successful in curing Dr. Fishbein.


You might be wondering why I'm bringing this up. I wouldn't have if JAMA had ever retracted its opinion. For you see...Fishbein wasn't the only incurable cancer patient I interviewed that was treated by Revici who became cancer free. Actually, there were quite a few. As someone who has had the opportunity to meet so many people who were helped, it strikes me as downright odd when people rely on such things as surgery, chemo and radiation...often times with dire results. If only they knew...that's what I think whenever I hear about yet another cancer patient who has decided to settle for those risky and dangerous dark alleys...if only they knew!


So it's important to me that you know. If I can help one person, writing this will have been worth it. Late in Revici's career a board certified radiation oncologist by the name of Seymour Brenner, M.D., asserted that Revici had "cured many people who were otherwise considered to be incurable."


The Revici Medical clinic in Manhattan can be reached at (212) 252-1942. I have no financial interest in any way with the clinic.

You can decide for yourself whether JAMA or Dr. Seymour Brenner was correct.


Kelley Eidem is the author of "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer." His website is


"Cancer can be Cured," claims Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark N.D.

Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark N.D. is a Canadian researcher in the field of alternative and complementary medicine who claims "cancer can be cured!" She has written five books, three devoted to cancer to explain her amazing assertion. To put her money where her mouth is, she has opened a Clinic in Tijuana Mexico. "Century Nutrition", the name of the Mexican Clinic, is designed to treat cancer and AIDS patients who have been written off as "terminal cases" by orthodox medicine. In the last 15 years she has treated over 2,000 patients, most of them successfully. Others, less seriously ill are invited to follow the steps to wellness as outlined in her books.


One of his young children asked their mommy why daddy was hitting his head against the wall. After the biopsy was confirmed, he learned his remaining time on this earth would only be another two to four months. He wrote every medical expert he knew...and he knew quite a few. But none had the answer he hoped for...a cure.


She explains in her writings that specific diseases have precise vibrational ratios. If we increase our own vibrational frequency by clearing up the disease making pollutants in our bodies, this rate increases and we rise above the frequency of the disease. She describes how we can make a "zapper" cheaply from materials available from the local electrical store that will rid us of the parasites that go to make up a large part of this problem.


The "zapper" might be relatively simple but much of her current success revolves around a more complex device that she calls a "Synchrometer." This is used to discover the precise cause of the cancer or any other illness for that matter! This appliance is able to identify parasites and other toxic agents that go to make up the sickness. Once an exact cause has been identified it is relatively easy to fight the real root and not merely treat the symptom.


Her first book on the subject, "The Cure for All Cancers" examined the real causes of this enigma known as cancer. A Revised Version appeared in 1998. In this publication she looked closely at the make-up of cancerous tumors, particularly at the stage before they turned malignant. In her second cancer book, "The Cure for All Advanced Cancers", she gives lots of information about the ways of shrinking those masses we call cancerous growths. The most noteworthy feature of this publication is a "21 Day Program" designed to re-establish wellness. Her writings serve as "do it yourself guides". The directions are easy to understand and follow and allow the patient to take responsibility for his or her own health.


Don't be fooled, by no means does Dr. Clark advocate a simple pill which will rid you of your cancer! Cancer is made up of many constituents. It is necessary to treat all of the components, so a single tablet is unlikely to suffice. Some claim her treatments are very severe. Usually her regimen requires removing mercury from the mouth by way of a dental clean-up, a strict diet and avoidance of cosmetics including commercially available make-up, mouthwashes and deodorants. But surely such sacrifices are a small price to pay in order to overcome a life-threatening illness like cancer? Interested in this subject? Try this link for more of the same


Alister Bredee is a freelance writer, author, lecturer and trainer and Natural Health Practitioner. See also He lives in Thailand and can be contacted at:

"Dutch Doctor Pioneers Remarkable Cancer Cure Based on Extracts Taken from the Human Placenta".

Dutch born M.D. William H. Van Ewijk of "Autobiologics" is quick to point out that cancer is not necessarily the killer it is painted out to be. Founder of the "Placenta Research Foundation", until recently located in the Netherlands; he has pioneered some remarkable anti-cancer treatments based on extracts from a specific part of the human placenta.


Dr. Van Ewijk is of the opinion that cancer is a natural phenomenon and likens it to pregnancy. Because in pregnancy cells multiply and proliferate in much the same way as in that series of diseases we have come to call cancer. However, in the case of the latter this gestation appears "at the wrong time and in the wrong place." Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG, a hormone of pregnancy, is found, curiously enough at the surface of all cancer cells. As a result it has come to serve as a universal marker for this disease. The link between cancer and pregnancy is by no means new thinking and this is borne out by the older classic oncology textbooks.


The connection between cancer and pregnancy was first muted by Dr. Cohnheim way back in the mid-nineteenth century. At that time it was known as "the theory of embroynal rest". Dr Beard was a firm advocate of the hypothesis and it remained in medical acceptance well into the twentieth century. William Van Ewijk has taken the ideas of Russian Doctor, Victor Govallo, and developed them still further.


"Richard was imaging patients that were in the last stages of the disease," he pointed out. Monoclonal antibodies can be used as diagnostic agents in oncology, when they are radiolabeled with a marker that can be imaged by external detectors. "These patients had maybe four or five months to live. All of a sudden, a year later and they're still around." Baum urged Noujaim to investigate this further. Dr. Noujaim recalls him saying, "Something is happening here. I've seen hundreds of patients, but nothing like this." From this encouragement, Noujaim began formulating the potential mechanism of how this monoclonal antibody would work. His sharp mind chased the puzzling questions raised by Dr. Baum's observations.


The placenta, a word taken from Greek, is by far the most important organ of pregnancy. It is important because it provides protection and nourishment for the fetus during its stay in the womb. Being similar in constituency to the mother's white blood cells it acts as a filter for immune cells and other factors that go to bolster resistance against infection and disease. The placenta is also the site for many, many cellular factories that manufacture suppressor lymphocytes another great boon to the immune system.


Dr. Van Ewijk's treatment protocol involves taking a specific extract from the human placenta. Moreover, he has perfected an innovative product VG-1000. This is an immune system modifier designed to prevent and treat cancer. This non-toxic, organic product acts like a vaccine and unmasks cancerous cells as they mutate into life threatening malignancies.


Ina's X-rays showed cancerous signs on the liver and was diagnosed with Ardenocarcinoma in 1998. After a Liver de-tox and only 7 doses of the VG-1000 her right sided liver pain subsided and her overall feeling of weakness and malaise reduced. The following year, again following a liver de-tox, she took 2 doses of the remedy per week for 5 weeks. Since 2001 she has been taking 3-5 doses of VG-1000 per month and now lives quite normally without symptoms. She is just one of the many recorded successes Dr. Van Ewijk has had with his amazingly successful " IET" or "Immuno Embryo Therapy" treatments using extracts of the human placenta. Interested in this subject? Try this link for more of the same


Alister Bredee is a freelance writer, author, lecturer and trainer and Natural Health Practitioner. See also He lives in Thailand and can be contacted at:

Stimulating the Body's Defenses to Fight Ovarian Cancer

Comediennes such as Gilda Radner and Madeline Kahn, Oscar-winning actresses like Loretta Young and Sandy Dennis, singers Laura Nyro and Dinah Shore, actor Pierce Brosnan's wife Cassandra Harris, actress Jessica Tandy, former Connecticut governor Ella Grasso, and Martin Luther King's wife Coretta Scott King all died of ovarian cancer. It's not just celebrities, politicians or movie stars, who are stricken with ovarian cancer. One in every 55 U.S. women is at risk for ovarian cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates about 22,000 new cases of ovarian cancer will be diagnosed. More than 16,000 women will die because the symptoms are often subtle, and her doctor did not recognize the symptoms soon enough. It is the leading cause of death from gynecologic malignancies, and the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths among women.


Silent and undetected, this cancer often spreads beyond the ovary or ovaries into the abdominal cavity, or by the final stage, into other body organs such as the liver or lungs. Family doctors often fail to properly diagnose "The Silent Killer" until it is too late. Last August, University of California Davis researchers reported 40 percent of women told their doctors about their symptoms for as long as a year before they were correctly diagnosed. A British survey discovered 75 percent of family doctors believed symptoms are only present during the advanced stages of the cancer. By the time women are diagnosed for ovarian cancer, 40 to 50 percent of the patients are in the advanced stage, where there is little hope for survival.


Less than one-half the women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will live five years. About 10 to 14 percent live beyond five years after their diagnosis. Their choices have been limited, mainly reserved to variations of chemotherapy drugs or a new way to delivery the drug. The general public is often unaware of the side effects ovarian cancer patients suffer during chemotherapy. In mid March, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration criticized the safety profile of Eli Lilly's Gemzar for ovarian cancer patients, saying the 2.8 months increased survival seen in studies of patients taking the drug wasn't enough to offset the treatment's increased toxicity which included anemia, neutropenia (a blood disorder) and thrombocytopenia (reduced platelets in the blood).


Presently used first-line treatments for ovarian cancer patients include Cisplatin, with associated side effects such as nerve, kidney and/or ear damage, Carboplatin (side effects: nerve damage in the arms and/or legs, joint pain, and/or thrombocytopenia), Paclitaxel (neurotoxicity), or Melphalan, with side effects which include irreversible bone marrow failure, bone marrow suppression). A woman stricken with ovarian cancer faces first surgery, then chemotherapy. Recent widespread press heralding a new development in treating ovarian cancer, intra-abdominal or intraperitoneal chemotherapy, is just that: more chemotherapy.


The "belly bath," as it has been nicknamed by some television reporters, it has been highly praised because the treatment can extend life by about 16 months more than "regular" chemotherapy. The results were first published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine in December 2005. Most news reports failed to mention that only 40 percent of the women treated with the belly bath were able to complete all six cycles. Why? The therapy relies upon infusions of Paclitaxel and Cisplatin (see side effects in the previous paragraph). According to Dr. Robert Edwards, research director of the Magee-Women's Gynecologic Cancer in Pittsburgh, "Many women don't feel well enough to work for the duration of the intra-abdominal (therapy)." Some patients, such as Cindy Pakalnis of Marshall (Pennsylvania) have called the treatments "grueling."


The unsolved problem of chemotherapy is the reduction in the "quality of life." While some life extension has been proven, the patient's life deteriorates. Many patients struggle with balancing the loss in quality of life with the rigors of the therapy. Researchers are actively pursuing new directions that may some day provide new hope for the ovarian cancer patient. A University of Minnesota research study has suggested the use of thalidomide, which would be used in conjunction with chemotherapy, as a prospective means of increasing the likelihood of remission. Minnesota cancer researcher Dr. Levi Downs explained, "It prevents the tumor from making new blood vessels. Without new blood vessels, the tumor can't sufficiently feed new cells, so the cancer can't grow." His randomized trial was small with only 65 patients (only 28 took thalidomide), and more testing will certainly be required.


New Hope for Ovarian Cancer Patients?

One promising technology that has been developed over the past decade is OvaRex® MAb. It was developed by ViRexx Medical Corp., an Edmonton-based company, which trades on the American Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: REX) and on the Toronto Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: VIR). Now licensed to Unither Pharmaceuticals, a wholly owned subsidiary of United Therapeutics (NASDAQ: UTHR), OvaRex® MAb is currently undergoing two identical Phase III trials at about 64 research centers across the United States. One trial has completed enrollment, according to a mid December news release issued by ViRexx Medical Corp.


We spoke with ViRexx Medical Corp's Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Tyrrell who was the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta and the Director of the Glaxo Heritage Research Institute. "OvaRex® MAb is our lead candidate for the treatment of ovarian cancer, and is an intravenous infusion of a monoclonal antibody," he said. Monoclonal antibodies are a new breed of biotech drugs that are extremely specific; that is, each antibody binds to only one particular antigen. In the case of OvaRex® MAb, it is a monoclonal antibody that binds specifically to the CA-125 antigen. Dr. Tyrrell added, "The treatment doesn't take long, and is given every 4 weeks for the first 3 injections, and then once every 3 months until the patient relapses".


Dr. Tyrrell talked about the current Phase III studies, "The trials are ongoing. All of the patients have successfully completed their surgery and front-line chemotherapy and are now in what we call the 'watchful waiting' period. It is in this phase that we treat the patients with OvaRex® MAb with the hopes of increasing the time to disease relapse." He explained the recurrence rate is very high in the stage III / IV late forms of ovarian cancer, with a time to relapse of about 10.4 months. Patients who have turned to OvaRex hope to delay that relapse. Tyrrell noted, "In the original study, the average time to relapse was delayed by about 14 months. If we can achieve that difference or better in the current Phase III trials, it would be a major advance for the treatment of ovarian cancer." He expects an analysis of the current OvaRex® MAb studies to be completed by the second or third quarter of 2007.


What makes OvaRex® MAb different from other immunotherapeutic treatments is, instead of attacking the body's cancerous cells directly, the monoclonal antibody targets the cancerous antigen in circulation. Some believe it helps retrain the body's immune system to fight the ovarian cancer cells. The mechanism that reportedly has made OvaRex® MAb effective is how it alerts the body to recognize and fight the CA-125. ViRexx has addressed the "tolerance problem" a body suffers when it has become inflicted with a malignant tumor. The hypothesis behind the tolerance issue is that the body fails to recognize the CA-125 antigen as harmful. Introducing a foreign antibody, in this case the mouse antibody against CA125, the body's defense systems are awakened to the ovarian cancer cells. This begins a chain reaction alerting the immune system to battle the invading antibody CA125 complex.


The body's defense systems are reprogrammed to attack the CA-125 antigen and seek to destroy it. Along with that destruction comes the attempt of the immune response to eliminate the cancerous cells from the body. As with many pioneering scientific breakthroughs, serendipity is what lies behind the OvaRex® MAb story. As one technology was being developed, another - the murine monoclonal antibody treatment for ovarian cancer - came about by accident. We talked to its inventor, Dr. Antoine Noujaim, about the biotech drug's roots. "It came out of the imaging technology," the Professor Emeritus of the University of Alberta explained. In the early 1980s, biotech companies, such as Immunomedics and Cytomedics were researching tumors and using antibodies to image the tumors so they could be evaluated in a cancer patient's body. "I worked with Dr.


Mike Longenecker and we established a company called Biomira (Toronto: BRA) in 1984," Dr. Noujaim recalled. "We had a number of targets and then needed to make specific antibodies." Part of his effort was to target certain cancers, such as prostate, breast and ovarian cancer. "We developed antibodies against a mucin, which is really a glycopeptide," explained Dr. Noujaim. "It's a peptide that has a lot of sugars on it present in the ascitis fluid from ovarian cancer patients.


" That is how Dr. Noujaim and his team developed the very early antibody which is now used for OvaRex® MAb. "We sent some of these antibodies to Professor Richard Baum in Germany for imaging of ovarian cancer patients," Noujaim remembered. "Dr. Baum phoned back, after some time, and told me, 'The patients I was imaging here had advanced ovarian cancer and some of them seem to have done quite well after we gave them a couple of shots (of the B43.13 antibody, the clinical name for OvaRex® MAb) to image the tumor.' I thought he was joking with me." This is serendipity at work as Dr. Noujaim explained to us.


At this point of his recollections, Noujaim got excited, "Through sheer serendipity, we were using murine antibodies, not humanized antibodies. We were using foreign antibodies, a small amount of foreign antibodies." How in the world did Noujaim know to use murine (mouse) antibodies? "Because that was the easiest way to do the imaging at the time," he replied. "Before you make a chimeric (something derived from two different animal species) antibody, you start with a murine one. If that one works, you humanize the antibody." From this research, Noujaim founded a company called AltaRex, which was taken public in 1995. "We raised about $30 million and expanded the program." The serious effort to develop the antibodies began in 1996.


Having conducted trials in Canada and Europe, it was a "massive undertaking" Noujaim told us. "We had over 500 patients injected with the murine monoclonal antibody." He extrapolated beyond OvaRex® MAb, saying, "We've proven completely the mechanism of action on this, how it works. It is so unique it may apply to all of the other antibodies we have." Noujaim believes it can apply to breast, ovarian, prostate and pancreatic cancer. Indeed, BrevaRex® MAb for breast cancer and multiple myeloma patients has completed Phase 1 trials, and ProstaRex® MAb for prostate cancer patients is at the pre-clinical stage.


"Our studies to date may show that vaccines may slow the growth of the tumor with a very good safety profile," concluded Dr. Noujaim. Then he added something which bears investigating further, "There is the very original (ovarian cancer) patient who was injected in 1987. She's in Germany, and according to Dr. Baum she was still alive a year ago." That's nearly nine years later! "It's a matter of great pride for me that some people who received OvaRex® MAb are alive today," he said.


While the company has licensed, under a royalty agreement, the OvaRex® MAb technology to United Therapeutics, through that company's subsidiary, Unither Pharmaceuticals, ViRexx has retained rights to most member nations of the European Union and certain other countries. Key ones include France, the United Kingdom and the Benelux countries. ViRexx has also established strategic relationships with Dompé Farmaceutici, Medison Pharma, Ltd. and Genesis Pharma S.A. for certain European and Middle-East Countries.


James Finch contributes to and other publications. His archived articles may be found at Emails to James Finch are welcome and encouraged. Please send a message The entire unedited article, "Stimulating the Body's Defenses to Fight Cancer," can be viewed at Additional research about ViRexx Medical Corp, which is featur


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