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Lung Cancer: Basic Facts

We all have heard of lung cancer but how many of us are well aware of its symptoms? The lung cancer is one of the most perilous diseases that kill thousands of Americans every year and each year the number of cases are increasing. With the occurrences of lung cancer on the rise, it is essential that we learn about the basic factors leading to lung cancer and what should be the courses of action in case of lung cancer diagnosis. Here are the basic information regarding lung cancer that will help you to understand how and when it develops and how to steer clear of this killer disease.


Ovarian Cancer

Lung cancer is that condition of your lungs where an abnormal reproduction of cells takes place.

And it can happen in one or both of your lungs. Sometimes lumps of cancerous cells or the tumors invade the organs. Our lungs allow the oxygen from the air to pass into the bloodstream and carbon dioxide to eliminate from the system. Now any kind of lung disease including lung cancer impairs this function of lungs to transfer oxygen into blood and remove carbon dioxide from it. The result is many kinds of disorders relating to breathing trouble and cough.


Do you know what the most dreadful part of the lung cancer is? One rarely comes to suspect that he or she is suffering from lung cancer until it is too late and goes beyond any kind of treatment. This is because, signs and symptoms associated with lung cancer are never acute or alarming until the later stages of malignancy and it is often at this stage when someone starts to experience the typical symptoms of lung cancer. So it is recommended that if you ever experience any symptom even remotely related to lung cancer, rush to the doctor without delay so that in case of diagnosis of lung cancer you can avail the treatments as early as possible. The earlier the disease is diagnosed; greater are the chances of survival.


So what are the common symptoms of lung cancer? Nagging cough that seems never to end coupled with constant chest pain may be the warning of something being grossly wrong with your lungs. If you are suffering from recurring pneumonia or bronchitis, it may be an indication that you should immediately see an oncologist. The person displaying certain apathy for food followed by a remarkable weight loss may be an indication of lung cancer and the patients of lung cancer often complain of fatigue. However, swelling of neck and face is also one of the symptoms of lung cancer.


Remember lung cancer can be prevented if you give up smoking. So stay away from the cigars, cigarettes, pipes and other tobacco products. Also insist that the smokers should always smoke inside the smoking zone; do not allow the second hand smokes damage your lungs.


Barney Garcia writes about lung disease and lung cancer topics. Visit: Lung Cancer Articles and Lung Disease Articles


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Cancer mesothelioma - It is a born killer


What is mesothelioma?

The pericardium is the mesothelial tissue that surrounds and acts as a safeguard to the heart. The pleural mesothelium membrane covers the lungs and chest cavity and peritoneum is the mesothelial tissue that enfolds the organs in the abdominal cavity.


What is actually cancer mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that affects the mesothelium, a dual layered membrane with which our chest, lungs, abdomen and the heart is wrapped safely. Cancer Mesothelioma can damage any of these cells, although pleural mesothelioma is more common; it metastasizes and at an advanced stage the disease reach to the other parts of the body like the lymph nodes, lungs, chest wall, or abdominal organs.


How is cancer mesothelioma caused?

Though asbestos exposure is the primary reason in 70% to 80% of the cases, mesothelioma can be caused by other means, like exposure to the chemical zeolite that is also present in asbestos. Asbestos has become part of our daily life being in cement, brake linings, roof shingles, flooring products, textiles, and insulation. The asbestos fibers take their toll by going into our windpipe and settling in the internal organs causing the formation of carcinogenic tumors.


The overall scenario regarding cancer mesothelioma

Though there is a ban on certain asbestos products, around 1000 people in France and above 2000 people in the U.S are faced with this nightmare each year. Mostly, workers from shipyards, asbestos mines and mills are prone to this mishap, due to a constant exposure to asbestos. However, it takes 30 to 50 years for the disease to surface and show symptoms though they are not always accurate. Cancer mesothelioma is proving more than a menace and the average person live for 12-24 months; the earlier it is detected, the better is the cure process.


The recent picture

Today, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have put restrictions towards maintaining acceptable levels of asbestos exposure in the workplace. People who work with asbestos are geared up with individual protective equipment to lower their risk of exposure. Even the family members of the workers are prone to the disease, so they are advised to take a shower before leaving for home.


Diagnosis of cancer mesothelioma

Diagnosis commences with an assessment of the patient's medical history, as well as any history of asbestos exposure. A complete physical examination may be performed, including: - X-rays of the chest or abdomen - A CT (or CAT) scan or an MRI may also be useful. A CT scan is a sequence of comprehensive pictures of areas inside the body created by a computer linked to an X-ray machine - In an MRI, a strong magnet connected to a computer is used to draw meticulous pictures of areas affected by cancer mesothelioma inside the body. These pictures are viewed on a monitor and can also be printed - A biopsy regarding the taking out of a sample tissue for examination is needed to verify a diagnosis of mesothelioma. Types of biopsy depending on the location of the tumor are thoracoscopy, peritoneoscopy Lastly, the stage of the disease is important to the doctor for the correct diagnosis.


Cancer mesothelioma treatment

Treatment of cancer mesothelioma yields results depending on the site of the cancer, the phase of the disease, and the patient's physical condition. The usual treatments for cancer mesothelioma are surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Occasionally, these treatments are combined. Surgery is an effective way to remove tumor but the age of the person matters. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are good ways to ward off the symptoms. Often, high-end drugs are given to the patient to reduce the fluid formation in body.


Thus, it is better for the workers to get a medical check up at equal intervals and be aware of its symptoms. If a patient is diagnosed with cancer mesothelioma at the earliest stage, the treatments might do wonders for him.


Fred Lindell is a successful writer and publisher of health related issues, for more informative articles go to


The Facts About Mesothelioma Cancer

What is Mesothelioma Cancer?

Mesothelioma cancer is an extremely rare cancer form that is only found in the mesothelium. This form of malignancy generally affects those people who have been exposed to a situation where asbestos is present, typically those who have worked in buildings where it was used as a fire retardant..


Symptoms of cancer mesothelioma

- Feeling out of breath and pain in the chest due to an accretion of fluid in the pleura - Peritoneal mesothelioma comprises weight loss and abdominal pain and a bulging abdomen due to accumulation of fluid - Bowel obstruction, blood clotting abnormalities, anemia, and fever - Pain, trouble swallowing, or swelling of the neck or face However, a registered medical practitioner can diagnose you correctly.


What happens when a person has Mesothelioma Cancer?

This type of cancer directly affects the mesothelium and causes abnormal cells. These cells begin to divide rampantly. They invade and cause damage to all organs and tissues that are near the effected area. Mesothelioma cancer tends to spread fairly quickly throughout the body, as well.



This is the membrane that protects and covers many of the organs within your body. The membrane is made up of cells and is in separate layers. The first layer surrounds the organ extremely close and the second creates a protective sac around the organs.

Studies show that only 2,000 people each year are diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer in the U.S. Studies further show that men are more apt to contract this type of cancer than women. However, Mesothelioma Cancer knows no boundaries and can be found in both genders. Typically, the older the person is, the more at risk they are for developing Mesothelioma cancer.


Who is at risk for Mesothelioma Cancer?

Anyone who is exposed to asbestos in large quantities and for long periods of time are especially at risk for developing Mesothelioma cancer. It is impossible to say who exactly will develop Mesothelioma cancer because it has been found in those who had only very little exposure to asbestos and those who had no exposure at all, but lived with someone who had a good deal of exposure to them. The risk to those living with someone works in asbestos filled areas is high. Asbestos is brought home by the worker as dust on his or her hair or clothing.


Mesothelioma Cancer Symptoms

Mesothelioma cancer is a slow growing type of cancer. Some cases do not see any type of symptoms until thirty to fifty years after asbestos exposure.


Some symptoms can include:

Chest Pain Shortness of breath Sudden Weight Loss Pain in the abdominal region Abdominal swelling Bowel Obstruction Blood Clots Fever Anemia Trouble Swallowing Facial Swelling Neck Swelling


Treatment of Mesothelioma Cancer

There are a few different treatment options available for those diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer. The method of treatment will depend upon many different things such as the age, overall health, where the Mesothelioma cancer is located and the stage the Mesothelioma Cancer is in. The three typical types of treatment include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery. In some cases, treatments may be combined if it proves beneficial to the patient.


Heather Colman. Find more Mesothelioma cancer resources at


A Poem About My Father, Death From Cancer


My father died from lung cancer on January third, 2005. After entering a nursing facility for rehab, we soon discovered that he had stage four small-cell lung cancer. He lived for three and one-half weeks after his diagnosis. While January third never had any signficance before, it now holds signficance for me that I would never have imagined. The words to the poem describe how one often feels about the anniversary of a person's death.


Before this year, for as long as I recall,
January was a good month for me.

Though winter brought snow, and a deep-seated chill,
it was the beginning of the end you see.


For January meant winter, and winter means spring,
and spring is the beginning of life,
The death of the fall season, with its debris and decay,
marks the termination of struggle and strife.


January one was the day of beginnings,
hope filled the air all around,
Even as winter grew deeper, and the days grew shorter,
the promise of newness did abound.


January second denoted new years was past,
it was time to look up and move ahead.

But the end of new years now fills me with darkness,
thoughts of tomorrow now fill me with dread.


January third was once like any other,
until the third of this year that is now past.

For it was on that dark Monday that you up and left us,
a reminder that few things will last.


Before this year, for as long as I recall,
January was a good month for me.

Now the winter brings snow, and a deep-seated chill,
it is the beginning of the end you see.


For January means winter, and winter means spring,
but spring now seems so far away.

But every January third brings back memories of you,
and the pain we all shared on that day.


Roland Cavanaugh is on staff at a large church serving as the Pastor of Congregational Care and Sr. Adults. He has self-published a book about his late father, "For As Long As I Can." You can find ordering information at


Cancer and Cosmetics - The Chemical Connection


Everyday we are exposed to numerous pollutants and you would have to be incredibly deluded not to make some association between modern society and ill health. One of the most frightening things a person can hear is "You have cancer". Fortunately my recent scare proved benign but with 1 in 2 of all men and 1 in 3 of all women developing some form of cancer in their lifetime it's something many will experience. In 1901 it was 1 in 8000.


Cancer has become an epidemic with over 200 different types. Some will argue the increased incidence is due to the rise in life expectancy. Admittedly, we do live much longer now than 100 years ago but that alone does not explain the increase. Cancer is not an infectious disease and appears to be related to advances in our civilised life-style. Most scientists agree at least 80% of all cancers are related to toxins and carcinogens and in isolated communities where synthetic and toxic chemicals are uncommon and pollution is rare, so is cancer.


Research indicates that diet and life style play a major role in the prevention of cancer. It occurs when constant toxic exposure overwhelms the body's natural immune system and we lose the ability to purge them. The culmulative effect causes healthy cells to mutate and eventually leads to death. Unfortunately, chemicals are everywhere - in the foods we eat, our water, the products we use and the air we breathe. Nationally we are better fed than we have ever been and yet when it comes to vitamins and minerals we are incredibly malnourished. We would need to eat 8 oranges today to get the same amount of vitamin C our grandparents got from


1. Our over farmed soils are depleted of natural nutrients and the wide spread use of pesticides,insecticides and fertilisers as well as airborne industrial pollutants makes our crops a hazard to health. The body is an amazing machine but even the strongest immune system is hard pressed to battle the amount of chemicals we are faced with on a daily basis. Life style choices such as smoking and sun worship are two common causes of cancer despite all the health warnings. Not all smokers develop cancer but their likelihood of getting it increases with the number of years they have been smoking.


Similarly not everyone develops skin cancer but excessive exposure to intense sunlight and the the sun's A,B and C rays does damage the skin. The B rays cause sunburn on the surface of the skin and the A rays penetrate deeper damaging cells way below the surface. This can lead to wrinkles,a leathery texture and the potential to develop skin cancer. You should protect yourself from sun damage by limiting exposure, staying covered as much as possible and using a high quality NON-TOXIC lotion that blocks out the full spectrum of solar rays.


However, many over the counter sun block creams and lotions contain known carcinogens and toxic chemicals which build up over time and predispose sun bathers to melanoma. Health and beauty do not always go together. The skin is the largest eliminatory organ in the body. It is a two-way membrane. Toxins are eliminated through the skin via perspiration and absorbed into the body's systemic circulation, through hair follicles and sebaceous glands. One square inch of skin contains 65 hairs and 100 sebaceous glands. Unfortunately, impurities in the personal care products industry are not restricted however. It is stricter in Europe but in USA the FDA admit


"Cosmetics and their ingredients are not required to undergo approval before they are sold. Manufacturers can use any ingredients, except for 10 prohibited substances, without government review". This means if you put a chemical compound on your skin your body is likely to absorb it. You have a lot of hairs and sebaceous glands. Despite the known dangers associated with many of the ingredients in cosmetics, skin care and personal care products, some manufacturers continue to use them. This is because they are inexpensive and can be used to create products with a look, feel and smell that can be marketed successfully at huge profits.

Health is not an issue. A UK study discovered traces of methylparabens in breast cancer tumours. This synthetic chemical is commonly used in body creams, lotions, washes, anti-perspirants and deodorants.


The only way to ensure health and beauty really do go together is to seek 100% synthetic chemical free cosmetics and skin care products. Fortunately there is a company which produce a range made from purely natural ingredients Certified Organic to Food Standards. These are so safe you could even eat them although it's not to be recommended. Currently the only skin care products on the planet to have submitted to independent 3rd party certification, the active ingredients feed and nourish the skin with bio available nutrients.


With NO SYNTHETIC INGREDIENTS to cause health problems these Certified Organic Cosmetics and Skin Care prove that health and beauty can go together.


Now doesn't that give you peace of mind?

For more details on SAFE organic cosmetics and skin care products please see


Jean Shaw is the author of I'm Not Naughty - I'm Autistic - Jodi's Journey and Autism, Amalgam and Me - Jodi's Journey Continues. Details of her books and mercury poisoning helplines can be found at{a href=""}

Breast Cancer - A Death Sentence Caused By Neglect

The biggest majority of women who concern themselves over developing breast cancer are the ones who do not even bother to do a self examination (Not all) Self inspection of the breasts should be a main priority for every woman. Breast cancer caught in the early stages of growth will give better odds for the patient to control the disease with the help of today`s modern medicines and technology. Breast cancer is common among the female species and can be a death sentence if ignored. By neglecting yourself in this department with absent regular check ups then you can expect a painful road ahead - congested of heartache and pain for those close to you as well. Breast cancer is treatable, so now is the time to set a date in the diary for regular self breast examination.


Smoking is also the major cause of cancer. Other can lung cancer smoking can also cause other types of health complications such as emphysema, bronchitis, and heart disease. The chances of getting cancer can be due to any amount of tobacco intake. But of course, the more you smoke, the risks of getting cancer also is higher. A chain smoker is most likely to develop a cancer. Some young adults as young as 22 have already developed lung cancer due to chain smoking. Although one may still develop lung cancer without smoking, it chances of it happening is very slim. But when you stopped smoking, your body will eventually begin to repair itself and your lungs will begin to clear.


One of the first signs or symptoms of breast cancer is a lump in the breast. You will find that most breast lumps discovered early are rated as 9 out of 10 as being benign. Breast lumpiness can be that of breast change which usually becomes more obvious just before the start of a period, particularly in women over the age of 35 Also cysts/sacs of fluid is not uncommon in the breast tissue causing a feel of lumpiness. Fibroadenoma is a collection of fibrous glandular tissue which is more notably known to occur in younger women If you notice a change in the shape/size of the breast or a lump even thickening then always check this out with your doctor. Other signs to look out for is dimpling of the skin or nipple shape changing, for example, if the nipple turns in or sinks back into the breast. Blood-stained discharge from the nipple or an unusual blemish or rash around the surrounding area needs to be checked out.


A swelling or lump under your armpit can also be a sign. If you have found that you have any of the above symptoms then seek medical attention right away. Do not worry at this stage because breast lumps as such do not necessarily mean cancer. However the above mentioned inverted nipple or blood stained discharge etc can mean another type of ailment, either way these will need attention

The doctor will examine the breast and if necessary will refer you to a specialist for further checks. If the results from a mammogram or ultra sound shows a cyst, then to have it removed may entail draining it through a fine needle. If the lump is solid then treatment will be with the use of a very fine needle where a sample of tissue will be taken and tested for cancer cells.


This is a disease you can fight but once it spreads, then the breast cancer becomes a battlefield leaving you fighting for survival. Early detection can stop this war.


Dont fight this battle alone - talk to someone Want to feel

beautiful again

Educate Yourself On How Smoking Increase Lung Cancer Risks

Smoking as most people know is hazardous and can lead to lung cancer. Yet so many people still knowingly smoking is bad for health still indulge themselves with smoking. The image of lifestyle and being cool is apparently greater or more important than their health. Some people are ignorant to the facts while other are unaware of the real dangers of smoking. Some just develop it as a habit and the habit is extremely hard to break. Over the years, even the increase in tobacco prices, will not reduce the demand. It’s even taught in economics 101 that the demand for cigarettes is not relative to the change in prices. Cigarettes are available very conveniently which makes the habit harder to break.


Smoking is a cause for more than 90% of lung cancer cases. It is definitely worth your effort to quit if you do not want to die from lung cancer. Women face the same risks as men from developing lung cancer. Generally, most cases of lung cancers victims are men. However, the number of cases of lung cancer victims of being women is also high. In fact, there are more women who die from smoking-related lung cancer, compared to breast cancer. Second hand smokers can also develop lung cancer. This is because research has shown that second hand smoke is more hazardous than first hand smoke. So if you cherish your love ones and friend, quit smoking and do not smoke in front of them, as you are killing them.


Tony James is an ex-smoker for 15 years and is currently helping smokers to quit smoking with ease without the discomfort of cravings or withdrawal symptoms.


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Breast Cancer Happens - Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare cancer that happens in a very small percentage of women. It is an aggressive type of locally advanced cancer.


Breast Cancer Increases - It may not be the same case for all patients. With the increasing knowledge about the cures and treatment breast cancer can be treated very easily.

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Percentage Crude Protein - Proper nutrition is an area of confusion for most people. With all of the conflicting information in the media and all of the fad diets out there, it is hard to know how to eat right. Eating right comes down to eating the proper balance of the three main compounds that make up our food: carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
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Lung Cancer Stages - In approximately 25% of people with lung cancer, there are no symptoms and the cancer is detected during screening or a routine physical examination.


Total Global Amnesia - Everyone already knows that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle even if certain people choose not to exercise at all.


Alternative Cancer Treatments - Lung cancer forms in the tissues of your lungs generally in the cells which line your air passages.lung cancer is a very aggressive type of cancer and if not caught early enough can have a very poor outcome.


More coming soon!


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