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AHCC - Immune System Enhancer Helps Fight Cancer

When it comes to cancer prevention and treatment, your bodys first defense is your best. A type of white blood cell called Natural Killer cells, may hold the key to the growth and spread of cancers. First discovered in the 1980s, cells are recognized as the immune systems front-line defense against cancer, viruses and other pathogens. In healthy individuals, Natural Killer cells routinely kill cancers while tumors are microscopic and before they are detectable.

Made from a hybrid of mushrooms used in traditional Japanese medicine, AHCC also is sold in the U.S. under the brand name ImmPower.

Stimulating NK cell function and supporting the immune systems front-line defense has become one of the most promising avenues of cancer treatment and prevention. Since 1986, there have been 29 published scientific studies showing that the use of a proprietary natural compound called AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound), can increase natural Killer cell cancer killing function by several hundred times.

Tumor Necrosis Factor, a group of proteins that help destroy cancer cells by triggering apoptosis.
There are many studies that show the benefits of AHCC Active Hexose Correlated Compound, but the most impressive is also the most recent, a study of patients with liver cancer presented. A treatment group consisting of 70 patients received 3 grams of AHCC per day; the balance were a matched control group that had surgery only. The object of the study was to see how AHCC would effect the over-all survival of patients with liver cancer and the pattern of reoccurrence.


How AHCC works?
AHCC is not battling cancer or a cancerous tumor directly. It is strengthening the immune system, so it can do what it is supposed to do - destroy cancer cells! This helps explain why the compound is effective for more than just liver cancer. A 1995 study published in the International Journal of Immunology showed that AHCCs beneficial effects are not cancer type specific. Three prostate, three ovarian, two multiple myeloma and three breast cancer patients had their tumor associated antigen markers measured before, during and after taking AHCC.

Most cancer patients use natural therapies to complement conventional anti-cancer therapies, so a study published in the journal Anti-Cancer Drugs showing how AHCC worked in combination with a widely used form of oral chemotherapy is particularly important. This study demonstrated that AHCC enhanced the beneficial effects of the chemotherapy, while reducing detrimental side effects. This studys findings showed that AHCC combined with UFT (an oral form of 5-FU). The Japanese have traditionally used natural compounds from mushrooms to support the immune system. The makers of AHCC, Amino-Up Chemical Company of Sapporo, Japan, have improved on tradition by creating a proprietary hybrid of Shiitake and other types of medicinal mushrooms with historically proven health benefits.

The safety of this new compound has been well established, both by itself and in combination with other therapies. In fact, AHCC is used in more than 700 hospitals worldwide in their treatment of cancer patients. There is even an AHCC research association that meets every year in Sapporo. This group records the details of hundreds of case histories and small studies that are reviewed and published annually. Even after years of use, this natural extract caused no toxicity, adverse reactions, or unwanted side effects. Furthermore, the effects of (AHCC) Active Hexose Correlated Compound dont appear to decline with extended use. Patients have been followed for up to 8 years, and after discontinuing use, the immune system doesnt crash from exhaustion or hyperstimulation.


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Skin cancer and sun exposure whilst at work


As summer and the long days of prolonged hot sunshine is upon us once again, the natural instinct to remove items of clothing as the sun comes out is evident. But could your employer be liable if you suffer from skin cancer as a result of removing clothing and not being supplied skin protection cream or sun lotions?


Lung Cancer

However this does not mean that an employer in the future might be found liable if they do not protect their employee's welfare whilst at work.

An extensive search for court rulings in which an employer was held responsible for one of their staff contracting skin cancer whilst at work has provider no evidence and no case law provided. The risks created by the suns rays should never be ignored, but what is being said is that you as an employee are not completely responsible for your own skin protection and employers to some extent must take ownership of the associated risks.


Free sun protection creams and guidance information on the risks of sun exposure should be supplied to employees if they are exposed for considerable amounts of time in the sun, as an example lets think about external workers such as builders, external landscapers etc.


A suggestion if you are spending prolonged periods of time in the sun to protect yourself is to when ever possible wear long sleeved, loose fitting clothing. Not only will this protect your skin, it will also help to keep the body temperature down and also minimise the risk of a heat stroke. Your employer could supply light weight clothing which allows the body top breathe in all weathers or prohibit the removing of clothing for their own safety.


Advise on using sun barrier creams could be instigated and the rule to use these for skin protection mandatory whilst exposed to the sun. A sun protection of no less than Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 15 should be used as this will provide adequate protection.

Also advice on breaks that they should be taken in doors or in the shade out of the suns rays is another way protection can be offered. If temperatures are particularly hot then, your employer might want to consider being flexible with break allowances incorporating more frequent short rest breaks out of the sun. This time could be used to apply more protection barrier creams and to re hydrate by drinking more fresh cold drinking water.


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Travel Insurance -Insurers Discriminate Against Those Who Battle Cancer

Dealing with the ugly disease cancer is one of the most distressing things anyone can face in their lifetime. First the person has to come to terms with the fact that they have the life threatening illness, then they undergo a long and grueling process of chemotherapy which takes its toll not just on themselves but on their entire family. And then, once their chemotherapy treatment is over, there is always the chance that the cancer will again resurface.


So you can imagine how soul destroying it can be for those who, having battled the illness for some time, want to go on an overseas trip as a way to put their difficult experience behind them only to find that they are discriminated against when it comes to any travel insurance policy. You have a situation where some people who have had cancer are paying more for their travel insurance than for the cost of their flight. Many just take a gamble and travel without any cover because they cannot get insurance at all. A survey by the charity ‘Cancerbackup’ has revealed that nine in ten people who have cancer struggle to get travel insurance. Seven in ten find the attempts to get the insurance distressing. Inclusive in these results are the people who have suffered from cancer in the past and are now free of the disease.


The results also show that seven in ten people were fit to travel, yet were quoted with significantly high premiums or else flatly refuse the travel insurance all together. So, as a result of the insurer’s reluctance to offer a reasonable policy to cancer sufferers, one in 20 in the survey chose to simply travel anyway and one in ten decided to cancel their trip all together because travel insurance was not available to them.


Says a spokesperson for a well-known Cancer Support Charity: “The insurance industry needs to recognise that not all cancers are the same and treat people accordingly.” The charity predicts that because at least one million people have been given the bad news that they have the disease at some stage in their lifetime, the problem with travel insurance is one that is likely to get worse. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) will tell you that travel insurance is available for those who have had or currently suffer from cancer. But the problem is that this unavailable from the mainstream companies offering the cheap deals. Some specialist insurers will offer policies, but at a cost. For example, one company charges a 48-year-old woman who had breast cancer five years ago £248.70 for a 17-day worldwide policy. For someone without any health concerns the cost of the insurance is as little as £20.


A spokesperson for a large broker said, “The exta costs can be worth it because when someone is feeling low, a holiday can be just what they need. They sympathise with people being refused travel insurance outright. Being refused insurance can have a terrible impact on their morale”. The ABI says it will talk to Cancerbackup about the issue of travel insurance and whether those who have had cancer are treated unfairly. And they want to make sure that the results of the Cancerbackup survey do not put people off taking out travel insurance full stop.


Websites which offer more information include the Cancerbackup website ( and Cancer Research website (


Insurance detective provides articles based around insurance for uk residents.


Smoking Increases Lung Cancer Risks

It would almost seem like a given in this day and age that people would know and understand that smoking greatly increases the risk of lung cancer. Secondhand smoke has even been linked with increased lung cancer risks. Even were a person to never smoke a cigarette or be subjected to secondhand smoke, the possibility of lung cancer remains very real. But smoking cigarettes is nothing short of adding more bullets to a gun being used to play Russian Roulette--eventually, the odds of getting lung cancer will become impossible to ignore.


In a normal body, cells grow and divide in an orderly manner. However, this order can break down. When this collapse in order occurs, cells begin dividing and growing at will and chaos results. This resulting chaos and breakdown of normal cell growth is called cancer.

Normally, cancer will appear as a tumor, or perhaps even the dreaded "growth". In some cases, the cancer will remain isolated to a particular spot or organ. However, it is not entirely uncommon for cancer to spread beyond its initial area into other regions of the body or organs. Spreading cancer is also known as metastasis. Lung cancer has been known to spread into other organs of the body and speed the demise of the patient.


Tobacco is a known and proven carcinogen. A carcinogen is any cancer-causing agent. However, just because something is a carcinogen does not necessarily mean that coming into contact one like tobacco smoke will not guarantee lung cancer in your future. Scientists can, on the other hand, tell you how much more likely you are to get lung cancer if you continue to expose your body to tobacco smoke.


The risks of lung cancer due to tobacco smoke are too great to ignore. A person smoking one pack a day has increased their odds for getting lung cancer by 30 X's or more when compared to a nonsmoker. And, the more cigarettes you smoke every day, the greater those odds become. Plus, the number of years a person smokes continually increases their chances of developing lung cancer or other smoking-related diseases such as emphysema.


So, if someone were to quit smoking today after having done so for 10 years, how long do you think it would take for their risks of getting lung cancer to return to normal? Believe it or not, it takes 15 years after a person quits smoking for their odds to equal those of a nonsmoker of the same age--15 years!!


Lung cancer is a merciless killer of thousands of Americans each and every year. It generally takes decades of smoking to lead to the condition but it has been found in people in their 20's who smoked since they were teenagers. Worse still, lung cancer is a very painful condition that can truly make the last months of life a true burden to bear. While you can still develop lung cancer even if you never smoke, the odds for developing this painful disease increase dramatically when tobacco is part of your life. If you are a smoker, tomorrow may very well be too late to quit so make sure you kick the habit today or prepare to see lung cancer in your future tomorrow.


Lung Cancer Facts Hub is an information site that contains links, a directory and other Lung Cancer Information. It can be found at:

Surviving Prostate Cancer


Medical Science has improved considerably that surviving Prostate Cancer is not uncommon. However, surviving prostate cancer does not mean the end of the treatment path. Instead, there need to be continuous attention and treatment to follow through before a relapse occur. Chances for survival from prostate cancer are dependent on many different factors. Obviously, early diagnosis is the best case scenario. Nip it when it is still in State I or Stage II with a Gleason Score of less than seven and you are looking at optimum results using any of the three treatment options we've discussed: Watchful Waiting, Surgery or Radiation Therapy.


Among the benefits of using AHCC, as experienced by a majority of cancer patients in several human clinical trials, is substantial improvement in the functioning of macrophages, another type of cytotoxic white blood cell that clears debris from cell damage, directly attacks disease causing cells, and displays antigens which stimulate antibody production by B-cell white blood cells. AHCC also helps increase the production of specific cytokines, immune system chemical messengers, that include:
Interferon, which directly inhibits the replication of viruses and other parasites and increases natural Killer cell activity.


For a man who is over 70 there is a strong possibility that he might die of other natural causes rather than prostate cancer. The fact is that many men with localized Stage I or II prostate cancer ARE much more likely to die of something other than the cancer itself.

If a man with localized prostate cancer decides to take the Watchful Waiting treatment option, there is a 19% chance of metastases developing in his next 10 years For men with Stage III prostate cancer, the prognosis is 50-50 that the cancer will progress in the next 10 years and result in death. Stage IV prostate cancer is called metastatic prostate cancer and the most widely used treatment is hormonal which might stave off the disease for another two to three years. The likelihood of fatality within 10 years is very high.


Natural Treatment Options for Benign Prostate Hypertrophy

It may seem as though we have come full circle, but even if your diagnosis leaves you free of prostate cancer, you may still have Benign Prostate Hypertrophy. Rather than using hormonal or alpha blockers, many men have opted for a natural approach to avoid some of the unpleasant side effects of the drug therapy.


The two prescription drugs, inasteride (Proscar) and terazosin (Hytrin) make lots of money for drug companies because they are the only two approved by the FDA to prevent prostatic proliferation (the growth of new prostate cells that cause BPH in men over 50).

Before beginning an exploration of natural treatment options, it must be perfectly understood that there is no substitute for your physician. These options are presented as just that. . .options and you should consult your physician before undertaking any new treatment options whether medical or homeopathic.

There are many natural treatment options. Consult your physician or visit our websites for more information.


Ken Cheong contributes regularly to and You may distribute this article as long as you include a link to the websites mentioned


Lung Cancer Stages - In approximately 25% of people with lung cancer, there are no symptoms and the cancer is detected during screening or a routine physical examination.


Reduce Cancer Risk - It is not known what causes Cervical Cancer but certain lifestyles are known to show a direct correlation between contracting the disease and living disease free.


Against Skin Cancer - The risk of prostate cancer can be reduced by including sufficient tomato and tomato products in your diet. Similarly, fresh fruits and vegetables are also said to reduce the chances of occurrence of prostate cancer.

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Teeth Whitening Treatments - Tooth whitening, also called bleaching, is a process of lightening and removing stains from a tooth. This process bleaches the enamel and dentin, the principal mass of a tooth, and brightens the discolored teeth.


Symptoms Prostate Cancer - The food groups of dairy and most fats is eliminated, and sugars are strictly forbidden. Microwaves are not used to cook foods, and minimal cooking of foods is advised to maintain their nutritional and antioxidant value as much as possible.


Cancer Cells - Even though surgery may be an option, you may find the doctor suggesting this type of treatment either before surgery to help shrink the tumor or after the surgery to help eradicate any of the remaining cancerous cells.


Anxious Challenge Those - It is not easy to deal with your depression as a Christian. If you have such a problem, the first step is that you should talk to a professional who can get you started in the right path of getting better.


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