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The Truth About Heart Disease And Cancer

Heart disease and cancer are closely intertwined due to the fact that cancer treatments put a risk for heart disease. Having cancer can predispose one to heart disease, the number one known killer. Not only does chemotherapy drugs affect the heart, but further research shows that cancer survivors are more likely to face heart and other cardiovascular diseases as these cancer therapy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, tend to be toxic to heart muscles and organs as well as killing not only cancer cells but also other cells in the body.

Another fact that links heart disease and cancer is that they are perhaps two of the most feared problems in modern society.

Although at present the number seen on these cases are small, it presents a large potential future risk. Women who have been treated for breast cancer may even be at a higher risk since the treatment takes place close to the heart. However, some solutions may be coming, as a clinical trial for the FDA approved new ExAblate system for treating non-cancerous uterine fibroids is being studied as a treatment for breast and other cancers. This system combines magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound that potentially makes it a more heart-friendly treatment for cancers and other tumors.


The research studied a member of the new class of enzymes called Mox1 and found that it serves as a growth promoter to cells that produce the reactive oxygen. This oxygen in turn causes a quicker than normal division of cells, which is seen in some forms of heart disease and most common in cancer. This abnormal cell growth results to a devastating effect in both diseases. In cancer it results to the formation of tumors, while in heart disease it results to the formation of plaques on vessel walls. The experiment on Mox1 involved the cloning of the Mox1 gene which was inserted to mice cells. It showed that once inserted, the cells started to divide more quickly taking on the characteristic of abnormal cells. Tumors resulted when these cells were inserted into mice.


Before this research, reactive oxygen was not known as a causative agent for cancer and through the research it demonstrated that reactive oxygen can be a cause of cancer and the Mox1 enzyme can produce the reactive oxygen. However, scientists also found out that by removing reactive oxygen from the cells will reverse the process. They are hopeful that this new findings will lead to a new way of treating the two.


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The Most Fatal Killer - Lung Cancer


Lung cancer is one of the most fatal cancers worldwide, causing up to three million deaths annually. Only one in ten patients diagnosed with this disease will survive the next five years. Although this was an illness that previously affected predominantly men, this disease rate for women has been increasing in the last few years because of the rising ratio of female to male smokers. In many developing countries, public education about the dangers of cigarette smoking and effective cessation programs has contributed to the slowly falling rate. Nevertheless, lung cancer still remains to be the most common form of cancer in men worldwide and the fifth most common form of cancer in women.


Interruption in the balance of this system causes an uncontrolled division of cells that eventually forms a mass known as a tumor.


This fatal disease like all other cancers, results from abnormality in the body's basic unit of life, the cell. Normally, the body maintains a system checks and balances on cell growth so that cells divide to produce new cells only when needed. Any of the tissues in the lung can become cancer, but most commonly, the cancer comes from the lining of the bronchi. Since this disease tends to spread very early in its course, it is very life-threatening and one of the most difficult cancers to treat. Although it can spread to any organ in the body, the adrenal glands, liver, brain, and bone, are the most common metastases.


Recent research point to the factor with the greatest impact on risk of lung cancer is long-term exposure to inhaled carcinogens. Most common of which is exposure to tobacco smoke. The occurrence of lung cancer is strongly linked with cigarette smoking, with about 90% of the disease arising as a result of tobacco used. The numbers of cigarettes smoke over time increases the risk. Among those who smoke two or more packs of cigarettes per day, one in seven will die of lung cancer. Passive smoking or inhalation of tobacco smoke from other smokers sharing or working quarters, is also an established risk factor for the development of the disease. Non-smokers who reside with a smoker have 24% increase risk for developing lung cancer compared with non-smokers. In the U.S. an estimated 3,000 deaths that occur each year are attributed to passive smoking.


Exposure to asbestos fiber, silicate fibers that can persist for a lifetime in lung tissue following exposure to asbestos, also increases the risk of the disease. Radon gas is also a known cause of the disease with an estimated 12% of deaths. Familial predisposition or genetic susceptibility is also one cause of this killer disease, studies have shown that the disease is more likely to occur I n both smoking and non-smoking relatives of those who have had this deadly illness than in the general population. The presence of certain lung diseases, particularly chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is associated with a slightly increased risk for development. Air pollution from vehicles, industry, and power plants, can raise the likelihood of developing the disease in exposed individuals.


What are the signs of lung cancer? The early stages of the disease may not have any symptoms, but as the tumor grows in size, it can produce a variety of symptoms that includes:


* cough (especially one that doesn't go away or gets worse in character)

* chest pain

* shortness of breath

* coughing up blood or bloody phlegm

* new onset hoarseness or wheezing

* recurrent problems with pneumonia or bronchitis

* weight loss

* loss of appetite

* fatigue

* bone pain

* dizziness or double vision

* numbness or tingling in your arms or legs

* turning yellow (jaundice)

Treatment of lung cancer can involve a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy as well as newer experimental methods, but prevention of the development of the disease through smoking cessation is most important.


Drug Classes for Breast Cancer Therapy

Various anticancer drugs are used nowadays to treat breast cancer.

Antimetabolites are drugs that act as "dummy" building blocks and are incorporated into the cells' DNA. When cells get ready to divide, a defect occurs in the process and causes them to die. Examples of this class of drugs used for breast cancer treatment are 5 fluorouracfil (5-FU) and methotrexate. 5-FU is a "false" building block for nucleic acids that are part of the genetic structure in the nucleus of the cell. 5-FU is a fluoropyrimidine carbamate class of drug. A new fluoropyrimidine drug has recently been developed known as capecitabine (brand name: Xeloda).


Celebrity Cancer Research

This drug can be administered orally and requires an intracellular enzyme to convert it to its active form.

Breast cancer cells contain an abundant amount of this enzyme than normal cells, giving capecitabine a selective advantage in destroying cancer cells over normal cells. Capecitabine is presently going through testing process and is not used in the adjuvant setting at present but may be available in the future. The other drug, methotrexate acts by inhibiting an enzyme that is important in providing a building block for DNA. The vitamin folic acid can antagonize this drug action, so this vitamin should while a cancer patient is on methotrexate.


Alkylating agents affect cancer cells in the same manner as radiation. Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan) is the most commonly used drug of this class. It is usually administered intravenously but can also be given orally on a daily basis. The intravenous form of the drug does not usually cause hair loss (alopecia), but the oral form may. This drug is very effective and is part of most regimens used for cancer adjuvant chemotherapy. Antineoplastic antibiotics are different from antibiotics used to treat infection in the sense that they are potent inhibitors of DNA replication. The most commonly used drug of this class in breast cancer therapy is doxorubicin (Adriamycin). Adriamycin is extremely active with breast cancer. A related drug, known as metoxantrone (Novantrone) is less frequently. Mitomycin, another drug in this class, is active with breast cancer but is not usually used in adjuvant regimens.


Cisplatin is a heavy metal also used to kill cancer cells. Its efficacy as an anticancer agent was discovered in the late 1970s when scientists were trying to pass electrical currents though Petri dishes of bacterial colonies to determine if the electronic activity inhibited bacterial growth. Interestingly, the bacteria around the platinum electrode died instantly. From this discovery, it was found that platinum leaked into the tissue media and was responsible for killing the bacteria. This observation made way to further investigations that demonstrated that platinum as a potent inhibitor of cell division and an excellent anticancer agent. Most recently, it has been used in ovary and breast cancer treatment with similar results. It has good anticancer activity and can be used in high doses with moderate adverse events.


During cell division, the chromosome line up and migrate to opposite poles on the nucleus of the cell. The apparatus for this process is called the mitotic spindle. Certain drugs block this process in cell division and cause the inability of cells to migrate. Vincistine is an example of this drug, as is a new drug called vinorelbine.


Antimicrotubule agents are unique agents that originated from the Pacific yaw tree. Examples of this class are paclitaxel and docetaxel. They are very potent in killing cancer cells. In a span of a few years, these drugs went from discovery to rapid testing in several cancer types, including breast cancer. Because of their impressive ability to kill cancer cells and a relatively acceptable degree of toxicity to normal cells, they are now part of many regimens for women who have a significant risk of metastatic breast cancer.


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Four Major Types Of Thyroid Cancer 

Death due to thyroid cancer is uncommon, because of the fact that thyroid cancer is usually an indolent disease, which tends to remain confined to the thyroid gland for many years. Thyroid cancer is fairly common, it accounts for about one percent of all cancers. This type of cancer usually responds well to treatment and many patients can be cured. Thyroid cancer is a cancer of the thyroid glands, a butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck below the Adam's apple. The thyroid makes and stores hormones that help regulate heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and the rate at which food is converted into energy. The thyroid uses and needs iodine to make several of its hormones. Thyroid hormones also help children grow and develop.


There are four major types of thyroid cancer:

Papillary Tumors These tumors develop in cells that produce thyroid hormones containing iodine. These cancer cells grow very slowly forming many tiny, mushroom-shaped patterns in the tumor. These tumors can be treated by doctors successfully even when the cells have spread to the nearby lymph nodes. This type of tumor accounts for about sixty percent of all thyroid cancers. Follicular Thyroid Tumors These tumors also develop in cells that produce iodine-containing hormones, and have a thin layer of tissue around them, called a capsule. Many follicular tumors are curable but can be difficult to control if the tumor invades blood vessels or grows through the capsule into the nearby structures of the neck.


Medullary Tumors These tumors affect thyroid cells that produce a hormone that does not contain iodine. These tumors grow slowly but are harder to control than papillary and follicular tumors. The cancer spreads to other parts of the body. Anaplastic Tumors These tumors are the fastest growing thyroid tumors. The cancer cells, which are extremely abnormal, spread rapidly to other parts of the body.


The most often symptom of this disease is a nodule in the thyroid region of the neck, but only five percent of these nodules are malignant. Sometimes the first sign is an enlarged lymph node. Other symptoms include hoarseness or difficulty speaking in a normal voice, swollen lymph nodes especially in the neck, difficulty swallowing or breathing, and pain in the throat or neck. However, an infection, a benign goiter, or another problem also could cause these symptoms. Anyone with these symptoms should see a doctor as soon as possible to be diagnosed and treated properly.


Surgery is the most common form of treatment for thyroid cancer that has not spread to distant parts of the body. A part or the entire thyroid and any other affected tissue, such as the lymph nodes is usually removed with this procedure. This procedure however may not be recommended when a patient is found to have thyroid cancer that has spread. Treatment usually includes some form of systematic therapy, a treatment that can kill or slow the growth of the cancer cells throughout the body, such as chemotherapy, radioactive iodine therapy, and/or hormone therapy.

Look Out For The Warning Signs Of Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is most common among males aged fifteen to forty years old, and it has one of the highest cure rates of all cancers. In about ninety percent who have testicular cancer, essentially one hundred percent if it has not spread. Even in a few cases where it has spread widely, chemotherapy offers a cure rate of at least fifty percent. The disease also sometimes called germ cell tumor, is a cancer that develops in a testicle (a part of the male reproductive system). Most of them are first found out by men themselves when they encounter a tumor when doing a testicular self-examination or by accident. The testicles are smooth, oval-shaped, and rather firm. For men who examine themselves regularly is familiar with the way their testicles feel and any changes in them should be reported to the doctor without delay.


Emory University in Atlanta, GA scientists shows new research which sheds light on a new class of enzymes that may be both active in both of the illnesses. This enzyme converts oxygen to a destructive form called reactive oxygen and shows to play a role in abnormal cell growth in both heart disease and cancer. This destructive form reactive oxygen has been connected with damage to cells as well as damage to DNA.


The precise cause of this disease is still unknown. Any man can develop testicular cancer but the disease accounts for only one percent of all cancers in men in the United States. In most other types of cancer in men, most affect older men (or children), but this cancer most often occurs in young post-adolescent men. This disease not contagious and no one can "catch" testicular cancer from another person. Research has shown that the risk is higher than average for boys born with their testicle in the lower abdomen rather than in the scrotum. If not corrected in early childhood, boys with this condition (called undescended testicles or cryptorchidism) has higher cancer risk. Other risk factors include congenital abnormalities, history of testicular cancer of the patient and in the family.


Warning Signs and Symptoms:

* A lump in either testicle;

* Any enlargement of a testicle;

* A feeling of heaviness in the scrotum;

* A dull ache in the lower abdomen or in the groin;

* A sudden collection of fluid in the scrotum;

* Pain or discomfort in a testicle or in the scrotum;

* Enlargement or tenderness of the breasts


These symptoms are not sure signs of cancer, and they can be caused by other conditions; however it is always important to see a doctor if any of these symptoms lasts as long as two weeks. If illnesses and diseases, particularly cancer is diagnosed early, the better chance for recovery.


The three basic types of treatment for the disease are surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

1.Surgery. This treatment involves removing the testicle through incision in the groin which is called radical inguinal orchiectomy. Men may be concerned of the surgery affecting their ability to have sexual intercourse or make them sterile, however a man having one healthy testicle can still have a normal erection and produce sperm, therefore an operation to remove one testicle does not make a man impotent and seldom interferes with fertility.


2.Radiation Therapy. This treatment involves the use of high-energy rays to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. It is a local therapy which means it affects cancer cells only in the treated area


. 3.Chemotherapy. This treatment uses anticancer drugs to kill cancer cells. When this type of treatment is given to a cancer patient, it is usually given as adjuvant therapy (after surgery) to destroy cancerous cells that may remain in the body.


It is natural to have many different and sometimes confusing emotions when a man learns that he has testicular cancer. Patients are usually better able to handle these feelings if they talk about their illness and share their feelings to family members and friends. Life can change for them and for people who care about them.


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