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Scientists Have Wondered Why Drinkers Suffer More Than Twice the Rate of Cancers

Scientists have wondered in the past why drinkers suffer more than twice the usual rate of breast, liver and digestive system cancers. Researchers from the US and Israel think they now know the answer: Tumors are more likely to spread after a bout of heavy drinking. Gayle Page of Ohio State University in Columbia and her colleagues injected rats with tumor cells that try to migrate to the lungs, but found out that these are destroyed by the immune system's natural killer cells. However, when the tumors were injected into rats given alcohol, they found that 40 times as many cancer cells lodged in the animal lungs.


Cancer Mesothelioma

The researchers said the effects of alcohol on natural killer cells have previously been underestimated, probably because the process of extracting the cells from the blood washes away the alcohol and gives the cells time to recover.

The researchers add, however that the risk was temporary: if the injection of tumor cells were delayed by 24 hours after the rats were given alcohol, the tumors were no more likely to lodge in the lungs than in rats who are sober. They said the increased risk appeared when the rats blood contained more than .2 percent alcohol.

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Pau D'arco Extract Vs. Cancer And HIV


Pau d'arco is a tree that grows in the Brazilian rainforest. In Brazil the tree is called Tahuari and has been used by the indigenous people in the rainforest as a cure-all. Pau d'arco has two constituents that have interest to medical science: Beta-lapachone and lapachol which are topoisomerases that have been proven in medical science to be anti-cancer agents. However, there is a dark side: They can have side-effects of severe nausea and anemia.


These two constituents in pau d'arco have been shown to help dramatically improve cancer patients with lung, breast, colon, prostate, malignant melanoma, HIV (level 1) and leukemia. However the nausea and anemia side effects have caused doubt in doctors' minds as to its effectiveness. Doctors have isolated two of pau d'arco's components and say they are great anti-cancer compounds but they are toxic at high levels. Herbalists believe in aiding and preserving nature, not changing it; therefore, they believe pau d'arco should be taken as an extract of a whole plant where it has no known toxicity levels, no nausea and no anemia - not as isolated compounds. It is naturally not as strong as taking 10 tons of plant material and extracting two of the hundreds of constituents and making it a concentrated pharmaceutical. However, taken as a tea or extract it has many wonderful benefits and someone with a serious illness, under a doctor's supervision, can take pau d'arco and see positive changes.


Maybe modern science will find a way to take out the components that cause side effects when you take highly concentrated forms of compounds isolated from pau d'arco. Scientists have discovered 3-allyl-beta-lapachone, a chemical relative to beta-lapachone, that has been found to have lower toxicity levels in cell culture tests, and might be proven to be more effective. However, more tests will need to be done so that doctors and scientists might be able to come up with an effective "cocktail," like they do for HIV and AIDS patients. This would create a combination to balance the side effects with other herbs that could reduce the nausea and anemia, and which has no contra-indications when taken with pau d'arco. For instance, there are two traditionally used herbal extracts that are effective when taken internally for severe nausea: Chamomile flower and nutmeg. Further, dandelion root has extremely high iron content and might help combat the anemia.


This research article was written to create awareness and provide consumers with a general overview of available scientific information. For further interested reading, there is a 152-page book called Pau D'Arco by Kenneth Jones that is recommended by the American Botanical Council. It is available from for $7.50.


Florapathics researches alternative health benefits of essential oils and herbal extracts for use in organic aromatherapy products. Get more information on pau d'arco extract.


Mesothelioma Lung Cancer - Asbestos Lawyers, Attorneys

Mesothelioma is a rare but deadly type of cancer usually caused by exposure to asbestos or asbestos-containing products. The mesothelium is a thin mucous membrane that covers most major organs, and provides the moisture the organs need to move properly. Lubrication allows organs to move in order to circulate blood in the heart, or infuse it with oxygen in the lungs, or process food properly in the gastrointestinal tract.


Pau d'arco has been shown to help with pain and cancer. Cancer patients found themselves in remission after a 3-8 of months of using pau d'arco with supervised medical care. Dr. Theodore Meyer learned of pau d'arco's benefits and used it on his patients, and reported that 5 of his terminal leukemia patients were completely cured. "Beta-lapachone keeps the chromosomes wound tight, and so the cell cannot make proteins. As a result, the cell stops growing. Because cancer cells grow and reproduce at a much faster rate then normal cells, they are more vulnerable to topoisomerase inhibition than are normal cells. Beta-lapachone also interferes with the replication of HIV-1, a virus that causes AIDS, thereby slowing the advancement of the disease."


There are several different kinds of mesothelioma, but by far the most common is pleural, or lung-related mesothelioma. As asbestos enters the body through respiration, the microscopic shards pierce the lungs and lodge in the delicate pleural mesothelium. The shards irritate and fester in the mesothelium, and over time will most likely develop into mesothelioma. Most cases of this cancer take decades before any symptoms begin to appear, but by the time they manifest they are too advanced to treat. Other kinds of mesothelioma include pericardial mesothelioma, which affects the lining around the stomach and digestive tract; and pericardial mesothelioma that affects the lining of the sac that contains the heart. Most mesothelioma prognoses are not positive; victims rarely live longer than five years after their first diagnosis, and most succumb between six and 12 months.


Many experts call mesothelioma the "silent epidemic", because virtually every person in the United States has been exposed to asbestos at some point in time. Asbestos is naturally heat and flame resistant, pliable, durable, and was made into everything from baby's clothing to brake pads to insulation to potting ceramics. Many of the current victims of the mesothelioma epidemic worked in or around military installations, as asbestos was a critical part of shipbuilding and other large scale manufacturing industries, but mesothelioma can strike anyone of any age.


Part of the tragedy of mesothelioma is that many asbestos companies or industries that used the material refused to acknowledge it is dangerous. Civilizations around the world used asbestos for thousands of years, and even peoples as early as the ancient Romans knew that people who worked with the mineral died of lung ailments. Even into the 20th and 21st century these companies denied or covered up the evidence that linked their product to not only mesothelioma, but lung cancer and asbestosis as well.


In order to address the mounting concerns about the legacy of asbestos, Senator Arlen Specter proposed a bill that would remove the ability of victims of mesothelioma to pursue legal settlements against the companies or industries that may be responsible. The government expects thousands of new cases of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases in the years to come, and so the bill will establish a $140 billion trust to compensate victims or their families. Ostensibly, this is to relieve the stress on the courts of thousands of lawsuits, but it in fact would severely limit the amount of financial restitution the companies would owe their victims. Furthermore it would disallow many types of asbestos suits, and would potentially extend legal proceedings far beyond the expected lifespan of the people afflicted with this deadly disease.


To learn more about hiring a mesothelioma lawyer or filing a mesothelioma lawsuit, please visit our website at This article may be freely reprinted as long as this resource box stays intact and all links remain active as hyperlinks.


Ovarian Cancer Treatments


The course of treatment for ovarian cancer is normally determined by the stage of the disease. We here classify the stages from I to IV based on the cancer's specific characteristics, and find out which course is suitable for which stage. By stage I, we mean the cancer is confined to a single ovary (stage IA) or both ovaries (stage IB). In stage IC, one or both ovaries can be affected, but the tumors are on the surface, or the capsule is ruptured, or tumor cells are found in abdominal fluid. Treatment for patients with stage IA and IB includes surgical removal of the uterus and both ovaries and fallopian tubes, partial removal of the omentum, and surgical staging of the lymph nodes and other tissues in the pelvis and abdomen. Patients with stage IA or B disease may not require further therapy after surgery. Higher risk patients with stage IC are generally treated with platinum-based chemotherapy to prevent a relapse.


Stage II means the cancer has spread to the uterus or fallopian tubes (stage IIA), or other areas within the pelvis (stage IIB), but is still confined to the pelvic area. Stage IIC means capsular involvement, rupture, or positive washings. Surgical management for patients in this stage involves a total hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, and removal of as much cancer in the pelvic area as possible, known as tumor debulking. Post-surgery chemotherapy is generally needed to eliminate residual cancer and prevent relapse.


Stage III means the cancer has spread beyond the pelvis to the omentum and other areas within the abdomen, or to the lymph nodes. Most patients in this stage undergo a total hysterectomy, and tumor debulking. Here again, post-surgery chemotherapy is needed to eliminate residual cancer.


Stage IV, the most advanced of all, means the cancer may have spread to the inside of the liver or spleen. In this stage, tumor debulking before chemotherapy may be occasionally performed.

In the case of recurrent ovarian cancer, chemotherapy is the mainstay of treatment, although it might not prevent subsequent relapses.


Ovarian Cancer provides detailed information on Ovarian Cancer, Ovarian Cancer Symptoms, Ovarian Cancer Treatments, Ovarian Cancer Stages and more. Ovarian Cancer is affiliated with Mesotherapy Before And After.


Mission Statement Drift/The Corporate Cancer


Mission Statement Drift/The Corporate Cancer.

Most if not all organisations these days have a published Mission Statement which should explain their reason for being. It is also true to say that most if not all organisations today suffer from 'Mission Statement Drift'.


Why is this? There could be any number of reasons.

However organisations suffering from this malaise are almost certain to have internal problems with communication and or interpersonal relationships. Their processes and procedures are also likely to be somewhat ragged. All companies large or small follow a corporate script, whether they are aware of it or not. The modern day corporate script has usually just evolved unnoticed as a consequence of the daily processes running within the organisation. Sadly corporate scripts directly devolved from the corporate mission statement seldom if ever exist. Why? Because most companies are blissfully unaware of the damaging effect of performing to an inappropriate corporate script If left unchecked and ignored an inappropriate corporate script may well develop into a commercial cancer which quietly eats away at the organisations' effectiveness.


Recognisable title examples of corporate scripts which have just evolved surreptitiously are those such as;

The Victorian melodrama.

The Victorian Mill Owner.

A farce.

The Greek Tragedy.

The Roman Empire.


Charge of the Light Brigade.

I'm alright Jack.

A thriller.

A 'who done it'?

A comedy of errors.


Some of the above may well be familiar to you. You may even have played a role in such a production yourself. It is obvious that the performers in these productions are all the corporate employees, from the longest serving employee to first day recruits; from the gate keeper to the CEO they all have their part to play and play it they do. The problem is that they are unaware of the fact that they are performing let alone to a script which is totally inappropriate and potentially damaging. The corporate script should of course devolve from the Mission Statement and its' subsequent corporate objectives. So, how should a company approach the task of rewriting their corporate script?


This is a task which will be beyond all but those CEO's and main board members most committed to the long term health and viability of the company for whom they presently have final accountability. The positive pay off for commencing such an arduous task will most likely not be felt for a few years. It is therefore a most unselfish task for a board to agree to embark upon. However if anyone would like to seriously consider writing a definitive corporate script which is in trim with their corporate mission statement then the following may be of assistance. Please feel free to contact me for any clarification or further information.


26 stage approach to developing an effective Corporate Script

1. Confirm the business you are in.

2. Confirm your market place.

3. Reaffirm your mission statement. 4. Map the mission statement in fine detail.

5. Identify and map the critical corporate objectives. 6. Identify and map the critical tasks to support the corporate objectives.

7. Group the tasks into job title roles.

8. Identify measure and map the competencies and performance attributes for each key job role title

9. Group job title roles into team roles.

10. Group team roles into divisional roles.

11. Match the mapped aggregated divisional competencies and performance attributes with the mapped detail of the corporate mission statement. 

12. Apply critical gap analysis to identify any areas of incongruity.

13. If you have an acceptable level of congruence with the corporate mission statement you have a corporate script.

14. Now it is time to cast the key job roles.

15. Identify measure and map the competencies and performance attributes of the total workforce.

16. Match the workforce with the job role titles.


17. Reaffirm the appropriateness of the team groupings by matching aggregated team competencies and performance attributes with team objectives. Apply critical gap analysis to identify any areas of incongruity. If there is an acceptable level of congruence with the team objectives the team structures are in trim.


18. Reaffirm the appropriateness of the divisional groupings by matching aggregated divisional competencies and performance attributes with divisional objectives. Apply critical gap analysis to identify any areas of incongruity. If there is an acceptable level of congruence with the divisional objectives the divisional structures are in trim.


19. Reaffirm the appropriateness of the total workforce by matching total aggregated competencies and performance attributes with corporate objectives. Apply critical gap analysis to identify any areas of incongruity. If there is an acceptable level of congruence with the corporate objectives the human element structure is in trim. If  not...............?


20. Monitor the corporate non-fiscal performance by continuously applying items 21-25.

21. Measure and match corporate objectives with your mission statement.

22. Measure and match divisional objectives with your corporate objectives.

23. Measure and match sub-team objectives with divisional objectives.

24. Measure and match actual aggregated sub-team member competencies and attributes with sub-team task driven competencies and attributes.

25. Measure and match team member competencies and attributes with their respective Job Title required Role Competencies and Attributes.  

26. Re-assess at least every 12 months. There are a number of ways in which the above tasks could be approached, for further guidance contact

You may also find the following links of value


Malcolm Milligan involved in Sales, Marketing and Human Resource issues for over 40 years. Personally helped many hundreds develop their careers in sales and sales management. A DISC behavioural profiling text writer and author of numerous articles on DISC profiling techniques. Author of 'How to Master Your Destiny' a home study personal development course available from http//

Getting a Mesothelima Lawyer to Fight Against Lung Cancer

It is said that mesothelioma is linked to lung cancer and it is a good idea to get the help that is deserved when someone feels like they have been diagnosed because of the work that they did for a living. There are many mesothelimo lawyers that are waiting to help you with your situation and will get you the settlement that you deserve.


There are many people that this disease affects. It will take its toll on the entire family. These lung cancer patients deserve to have the respect and the care that they deserve for all their duties while in the work force. It is important that these patients and their families have the necessary information that they deserve to be well informed about the entire process.


Malignant mesothelima is a rare form of lung cancer that is brought on by asbestos. The term mesothelioma is used to describe a cancer tumor, which involves the mesothelial cells of an organ; this is usually the lungs, heart, or the abdominal organs. When a person is diagnosed with this form of disease, a mesothelima lawyer will fight to give them the rights that they so deserve.


This example has been backed up by a recent survey conducted by the charity ‘Cancerbackup’ which reveals that nine in ten people struggle to get travel insurance if they have had cancer. Even if people are fit to travel, seven in ten are offered policies with sky high premiums or else refused insurance all together, the survey suggests. And so as a result of insurance problems, one in 20 people linked to cancer choose to travel without insurance. One in ten, as a result, cancel their trip.


A person this is diagnosed with this form of cancer will have a long hard struggle in front of them. For most people, they will not get any better and will have to live with this type of problem for the rest of their life. When someone has to go through that much pain and suffering in their life because their company did not tell them that they were in danger, they will deserve a settlement for their time and their pain.


A mesothelioma lawyer will fight for their patients to have all of their medical bills paid and to have a little extra money to help them with the rest of their life. This is an important procedure that will determine how well you settle out. You need to be confident in your attorney so that the facts can be presented and the client will have a fair and good case.


In some cases the patients will die before the case is settled. In these cases, the families of them will be entitled to the remaining settlement. They will have to live without their family member for the rest of their life due to this terrible form of cancer and they will deserve to be compensated well for that reason. A mesothelioma lawyer will help them fight for what their loved one wanted so much.

In the end, the money and the settlement cannot make what is wrong turn right. It is not going to bring back the loved one. However, it will be telling these companies that they did something wrong and that they did not get away with it. You will be fighting for rights of the workers and the responsibilities of the employers.


Ivar Rudi. Ivar suggests you find great market for less by shopping online today. For more information and resources about this subject check out: and also and

Getting Travel Insurance When You’ve Had Cancer

If you have been a person who has previously had cancer and wants to go on an overseas holiday, you may find that you have your work cut out for you when it comes to finding an affordable travel insurance policy. In fact, there are some insurance firms which will not offer any insurance at all to those who have had or do have cancer. Of the companies that do offer insurance, they sometimes charge you more than the cost of your flights. For instance, one company, Free Spirit, charges a 48-year-old woman who had breast cancer five years ago £248.70 for a 17-day worldwide policy. Compare this to someone without any health concerns where the insurance costs are as little as £20.


But there is now, perhaps, some hope. As a result of the survey conducted by ‘Cancerbackup’, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) is investigating whether companies are in fact discriminating against cancer sufferers. The association says it also wants to make sure the ‘Cancerbackup’ survey results have not put people off taking out travel insurance all together before going on holiday. A spokesperson for the charity Macmillan Cancer Support calls for this sort of probing saying: “The insurance industry needs to recognize that not all cancers are the same and treat people accordingly.”


Cancer as a disease itself is so grueling for people it is only natural many of them want to give themselves a relaxing overseas holiday when their treatment is finished. And rightly so says, one of the firms that does offer cancer suffers insurance – Medi Travelcover. A spokesperson for the company says the extra costs for the insurance are worth it because when someone is feeling low, a holiday can be just what they need. The company says it has sympathy with people who are refused travel insurance outright. “Being refused insurance can have a terrible impact on their morale”, the spokesperson says.


When it comes to life insurance or private medical insurance it is quite understandable how someone might be refused the opportunity to take out cover. But then it seems crazy that someone who has had cancer a long time ago cannot get any reasonably priced medical insurance for a straight forward holiday. The situation is likely to become more of an issue too, with one million people having been diagnosed with cancer sometime in their life. So it is no wonder the Association of British Insurers is now doing some probing about the situation – some might argue that the probing has not happened soon enough.


Websites which offer more information include the Cancerbackup website ( and Cancer Research website (


New articles based around insurance for UK residents.


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